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To Cherish and Protect Part Ten

InuYasha sat up on a thick branch of an old tree. Many thoughts ran through his head. He wasn’t sure on when to return back to the village. He knew they still had a quest to finish, but after the recent events, he wasn’t sure of anything. However, one thought kept going through his mind. It was the young miko and the smile she had on her face in her time period. Upon realizing that she was safe and happy, he figured staying away was no longer needed.

InuYasha jumped from tree to tree and headed back to the village. When he arrived at the outskirts of Kaeda’s village, he was surprised by the distinct smell that was drifting through the gentle breeze. Jumping into a nearby tree, he approached the village cautiously. Her voice was the first thing he heard and caused him to freeze.

His heart ached when he heard that the modern girl was only back to say goodbye to her friends. However, it was the monk’s conversation that gave him some bit of hope. Miroku explained in a quick summary the danger and reasons behind each event. Even with everything that had happened, his friends still trusted him. It was there that InuYasha made his decision. It didn’t matter with the consequences if someone knew about him and Kagome. He only had one thing on his mind. He cared too much about the young miko to lose her forever.

Dropping from the tree he was hidden in, InuYasha landed softly behind the modern girl. She slowly turned to face him, a peculiar look upon her face. Both were surprised to see each other. She stood, breathing deeply as he recalled the conversation the monk had with her. He wanted to run to her, but he wasn’t sure how she would react. Instead, he stood his ground.

Kagome released a deep breath that she was holding. Her heart wasn’t sure if it could take much more of the pain she had received. However, as she stared at the hanyou, she couldn’t deny it. Even if what they felt couldn’t be expressed through passion, she at least knew the truth. However, was that enough? Kagome turned towards the monk. He stood with his arms crossed, a firm look on his face. Everything he said was true. No matter what, they still trusted their hanyou friend.

Kagome swallowed hard and walked over to the hanyou. He blinked his golden eyes slowly and watched her with careful movements. Kagome reached her hand out and laid it against the side the of his face. Tears began to tickle her eyes as she watched a gentle smile dance across his face. He quickly pulled her into his arms, against his chest. It didn’t matter what happen in the past. Kagome knew that much. She had to do what everyone has been telling her. She needed to follow her heart and trust the hanyou she loved.


They moved together as one. She felt as if she could reach the stars in the sky. He gritted his teeth together as he pushed, sweat dripping across his bare skin. She gasped once more, her hands clenching against his shoulders as he moved within her.

InuYasha held onto Kagome as the smell of her tears hit him. He glanced down to see a smile upon her face. It was almost too good to be true. He watched as the monk walked over to him and patted him on the back. “We might not understand everything that goes through your head, but we do know that we can trust you no matter what.” With that, he turned to follow the demon slayer into the hut.

Dropping his head, he trailed wet, warm kisses against her soft skin. She arched her back as he moved once more sending her eyes towards the heavens and the starlight sky. She gripped him upon his strong arms, her blunt nails digging into the wet, slick skin.

InuYasha followed Kagome into the hut. Kaeda was happy to know the girl wasn’t planning to leave them for good. The young miko still had her doubts, though. InuYasha could see that and understood. The damage he created during one night was enough that he could have lost her forever. That was something InuYasha now knew he didn’t want to have happen. As much as his friends trusted him, he had to trust them. He had to believe that when Kagome tells him that she doesn’t care what he is but who he is, she is telling him the truth.

Sitting back and pulling her towards him, he shifted into a different position burying himself even deeper inside. She gasped and threw her head back as his mouth trailed another row of sweet kisses down to one of her breasts. He used his claws to trace against her warm, bare skin, teasing her with each touch. He moved within her by lifting her body and bringing it back down against him. Another smooth thrust sent her mouth wide open as her head fell back.

The sun was starting to set. Kagome had moved to a small corner of the hut to prepare for the night. InuYasha walked over and reached for her hand. “Come outside with me.” He asked gently. She nodded and followed. “I want to show you something.” He picked her up and ran through the forest.

InuYasha stopped at a small cliff enclosed area. A waterfall was pouring into a small pool of water below. Kagome turned to look at him. She was about to say something, but he stopped her. He pulled her against him and kissed her. She gasped upon the sudden, brave action, but began returning the passionate kiss. When they both broke for air, a strange look was in the hanyou’s golden eyes. “I can’t lose you. I now know how foolish I was. I need to cherish and protect not push away. Can you ever forgive me?”

Kagome smiled as she placed her hand upon the hanyou’s face. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply before opening them. “Oh, InuYasha, you never lost me. I love you, and that will never change.”

The hanyou needed nothing more. He pulled the young woman against him and kissed her with a strong passion that he knew even with the dangers that might follow, this girl was it. She was the one he wanted as his mate. He lifted her into his arms and jumped down onto a lush, mossy area. She continued to kiss him, tracing her hands over his clothed body. He removed the sword and pulled the haori open and off, laying the material behind the young miko.

To cherish and protect, it doesn’t always mean that you need to keep your distance. Sometimes, with love, you need to take the risk. You need to cherish what you have and protect it even more. InuYasha knew that more than ever as he took the young miko as his mate. There would be danger, especially with the upcoming battle with Naraku, but that didn’t mean he should give up. He would cherish each moment and protect even more. He also knew she would do the same.

He gently laid her down upon the lush moss. One soft movement, he was claiming her soul as she claimed his. Another deep thrust, their hearts were beating as one. And, with the final push releasing the last mark, he was making her his as she had already done with him.

InuYasha collapsed upon the young woman. Kagome kissed him upon the forehead as he rolled bringing her upon his chest, closer to his heart. A delicate smile was on her face. He returned the same. To cherish and protect, he now knew the meaning behind such simple words. With one more loving kiss, he pulled the fire-rat haori over his mate and followed her into a peaceful sleep, a smile of contentment and happiness on both, miko and hanyou.


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