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To Cherish and Protect Part Six

InuYasha was furious. The rat youkai infestation was a pain to deal with. There were multiple rat leaders, and it took both him and Miroku a few hours, but the stupid rat demons were finally overcome. When InuYasha returned to speak with Kagome, he found Sango waiting outside pacing in front of Kaeda’s hut. Kagome’s basket of herbs was sitting by the door, but the young miko was nowhere to be found. He asked where the girl was at, but Sango tried to delay him by asking how the rat youkai fight went. He growled, and she finally answered. InuYasha was all-out pissed. How dare the girl go with his bastard of a brother without him? How dare she goes, period?

That is where they were located now. InuYasha, Sango, and Miroku traveled to Lord Sesshomaru’s castle to fetch the girl. As soon as he broke through the huge front doors, a strange scent penetrated him. It made his eyes bleed red and the blue marks slowly appear upon his face as he bellowed out his cursed brother’s name.

Sesshomaru came out of the room and down the hallway before stopping at the curve staircase. His outfit was a complete shamble which surprised both the monk and demon slayer the most. The tai-youkai was missing his armor. Plus, his white haori was open revealing his bare chest.

Miroku and Sango looked at each other with confused looks before the monk nodded. Sango took Kirara, the two-tailed demon cat, and quickly jumped up the rail and disappeared down the hallway that Sesshomaru came from. InuYasha took no notice of the event. His eyes were fixed on the tai-youkai in front of him. The scent he first smelled was coming quite stronger from the demon lord, but it was also laced with another aroma. It was the scent of the young miko.

Sango arrived in the spare room Sesshomaru had left. Sitting upon the bed in a confuse state was the young miko. Her shirt was sliced down the middle. Her green skirt had huge rips down the side while her undergarments were nowhere to be seen. Right away, Sango knew what had happened or at least what was going to happen in the room.

Sango ran over to the young woman and helped Kagome get wrapped in a blanket that was upon the ground. “We need to get out of here fast. When InuYasha sees you like this, the scene is going to get ugly fast.”

Kagome followed the demon slayer out, but the damage was already done. Sesshomaru glanced back at the young miko as both his and her scent overwhelm the hanyou. InuYasha growled before jumping up to where the girls were standing. InuYasha quickly removed the fire-rat haori and pulled the blanket away. The sight of the miko caused his eyes to flash dangerously red. Quickly, placing the haori around the shocked girl, he picked her up into his arms and ran out of the castle with Miroku and Sango following behind. If anyone looked back, they would have seen a strange, almost warm look in the tai-youkai’s eyes before he turned away.

InuYasha ran through the forest trying to distant himself from his brother’s castle. His grip on the miko was tight. The smell of his brother over her skin was causing it hard for him to concentrate and keep in control. Ever since the night of the new moon, his demon side has been clawing at him to be release. It wanted to make the young miko its bitch forever even if that meant in the worse possible way. InuYasha held his demon side back each time, but with the current event and the scent of his brother cloaking the young woman, that control was getting harder to keep.

The group had arrived at the outskirts of Kaeda’s village. InuYasha’s control was weakening. He knew it and was ashamed by it too. Maybe if he made it to the river. He could have her remove the smell in the stream before something happen that could not be reversed. “Go ahead to the village. We’ll meet you there,” said InuYasha as he turned to run in the opposite direction.

“InuYasha, wait! Is that such a good idea to go alone?” yelled Miroku as his eyes went wide on the hanyou’s quick decision. Both Miroku and Sango knew the hanyou was having trouble keeping his demon side under control. They didn’t want any harm to come to either InuYasha or Kagome.

InuYasha’s voice carried back to the monk, “I don’t have fucking time. Just trust me on this.”

The hanyou ran at top speed. Kagome kept pushing at him trying to get him to stop. Nothing she did worked on him. His grip on her was painful, his claws digging into her thigh, as he held on to her with one hand. His other hand was gripping the Tetsusaiga in a such a strong grip that she could see blood slowly dripping down the weapon.

InuYasha stopped, dropping the girl roughly upon the ground. They were only a short distance away from the water. The stream was on the other side of some rocks. “Get in the water, now!” Kagome’s eyes were wide with fright. His control was lacking even with the death grip on the sword.

Kagome slowly backed away and then turned to ran. She didn’t make it far, though. She was pushed down to the ground hard. A few rocks scraped against her face and hands. She began to tremble in fear as she heard the sound of metal hitting a rock over at the side. Shaking, Kagome turned her head to the location of the sound. It was the Tetsusaiga that was thrown. The sword was now laying upon the ground away from the Kagome and InuYasha.

Kagome swallowed hard as she saw the shadow of the hanyou cover her. Claws began to slowly trace her legs. They stopped where the haori covered her the most. A deep, dark growl penetrated the area as she closed her eyes. One long clawed hand reached for her shoulder and roughly rolled her over. Kagome opened her eyes to stare at purple stripes upon the face, long fangs and claws, and blood red eyes. The hanyou was no more. She was face to face with InuYasha as a full demon.

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