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To Cherish and Protect Part Seven

To Cherish and Protect
Part Seven

InuYasha had no control over himself. Kagome swallowed as she watched him begin once more tracing her body with his claws. She tried pushing away, but he dug his claws into her legs. She cried out before he slapped her across the face leaving three claw marks upon her cheeks. Tears started to stream down her face, but the hanyou-now-full demon went on without noticing.

Kagome had one last idea. Gripping the ground, she prepared herself to say the only word that might save her. “Si…” She was slapped once more as a claw hand came across her mouth.

“Not this time, bitch!” Kagome eyes went wide. He pulled the sash from his hakamas and tied it around her mouth, shoving some inside. She tried bringing her hands up to remove it, but he grabbed them, scratching them with his claws, and growled.

The hanyou turned full demon went back to tracing her legs. He stopped at where the haori was held shut. Ripping it open, his eyes flashed even deeper in color. His cursed brother’s scent covered her bare skin. It almost penetrated her whole body. Her shirt was sliced down the middle leaving her breasts completely bare to him. He dropped his head and began attacking the mounds of flesh. He did anything possible to remove the scent. However, that was not the only spot the scent was coming from.

He followed his nose. It stopped at the waistband of the strange, green skirt. InuYasha closed his eyes before dropping down between the girl’s legs. He growled deep. The scent was the strongest here. He opened his eyes. Another deep, dark, threatening growl echoed into the area. She was completely bare underneath. That bastard of a brother was going to take the bitch as his own when she already belonged to him. Well, not anymore.

The hanyou turned full demon stood. He pulled at his white undershirt and quickly removed it, throwing the material upon the ground. He used his claws to remove the remaining clothing upon the young miko causing her body to receive more marks by his sharp claws. Tears covered her face as she shook her head. He ignored her completely. Leaning upon his knees, he gripped the hakamas and began to remove them. He didn’t wait or comfort the young woman. He moved off her legs to sit between them and position himself at her maiden entrance.

Kagome knew this was her only chance. She silently apologized and brought her knee from under his leg, positioning it between both of his legs. She quickly extended her leg out and kicked him right in the groin. He rolled away with a deadly hiss. His facial expression scared her as she rolled away and pulled at the sash covering her mouth. This time she didn’t fail at saying the word not once but multiple times. “Sit boy!” The hanyou plunged into the small hole created by the word. Kagome took this chance to grab his white undershirt and run.

Miroku was pacing in front of Kaeda’s hut when Kagome came running through. He called out her name, “Kagome!” She didn’t stop. Sango and Kaeda walked out of the hut and watched as the girl tripped and fell. Both Miroku and Sango ran to the woman.

Kagome sat on her hands and knees. Sango gasped at the sight of the young miko. Flesh blood ran down her thighs at multiple spots. Even a blood spot pooled at her side against the white shirt. Upon her face were scratches and three claw marks. Kagome sat, breathing hard. Her eyes were wide and body shook from fear. Sango reached for her, but she flinched pushing herself farther away from the demon slayer. Sango only looked at Miroku with a sad and confused look upon her face.

Miroku turned the direction Kagome came from and took off running. He had a faint idea what the hanyou had plan, but something major must of went wrong. He went around a tree and through a pair of thick bushes before stopping. The red fire-rat haori was lying near a hole in the ground. To the side, Miroku noticed the Tetsusaiga. He quickly grabbed it and threw the sword into the hole. A very distinct and familiar ow was the response he heard.

“InuYasha, are you okay?” asked the monk as he bent down upon one knee. The stream was on the other side of some rocks. Miroku could only guess that they never made it.

The hanyou pulled himself up. In his hands was the sash to his hakamas and the Tetsusaiga, both gripped tightly. “Where’s Kagome?” He asked in a groggy state.

“Back at the village. What happen here?”

“Fuck,” cursed InuYasha as he took a seat upon the ground near the monk. “We didn’t make it to the stream. Is she okay?”

Miroku swallowed hard as he glanced down at his hands, “Hard to say. In your full demon state, it looks like she was beaten by you.”

“Damn. I knew I was losing control. At least, she stopped it before it went too far.”

Miroku slowly nodded, “That might be true, but now more damage has been done.”

InuYasha glanced up at the sky and sighed. All because of what happen during the new moon, everything was falling apart. His relationship with Kagome was slowly being destroyed. What reason does the girl have to stay in this time period besides finishing the quest of destroying Naraku? Nothing. Everything they have been through and have become, it was fragile, but it was something that they both cherished. Now, InuYasha doesn’t know what they have left or if it could even be saved if there was something to save.

Standing up, InuYasha fixed his clothing and shoved the Tetsusaiga into his pants before turning and walking away. He only stopped to address the monk before running. “Keep Kagome near you at all times. We both need some space. And don’t come fucking looking for me either.” With that, he was gone leaving a confused monk behind.

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