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To Cherish and Protect Part Four

InuYasha and Kagome returned back to the inn. A dead silence was over the pair as Kagome walked in quickly to pack her things. InuYasha stated that they were leaving right away. Miroku and Sango had already asked around the village earlier about the youkai infestation. Turns out, the scorpion youkai was the main problem.

The group traveled mostly in silence over the two days back to Kaeda’s village. Shippo was happy to see them return and quickly ran to Kagome. She caught the ball of fur and gave him a hug before following the old miko and the others into the hut. A small discussion regarding the journey was talked about before everyone departed for separate directions. Kagome left to find some herbs for the old miko. Nobody knew where InuYasha went, but they had an idea. Sango and Miroku remained in the hut with Kaeda.

Kaeda handed both the demon slayer and monk a cup of tea before taking a seat by the fire. “Ye journey seemed successful, but I fear not all went well.”

Sango looked at Miroku before nodding, “We were attacked during the new moon. A certain event has caused a huge rift between Kagome and InuYasha.”

“A certain event?”

Sango nodded, “I tried my hardest explaining, but I don’t think explaining work. I can understand Kagome’s reasoning. What she lost is not something she can retrieve back. However, I also understand InuYasha’s reasoning too.”

Kaeda looked at the demon slayer with a confusing look. “What event happen between the girl and the hanyou,” she asked.

“They slept together during the new moon, and the following morning, he washed her completely.”

“He slept with her as in she is his mate?” Kaeda’s eyes were wide with shock. This was an event that she didn’t expect to happen between the young miko and hanyou.

Miroku shook his head as he glanced down at his cup. “They are not mates since it happened during the new moon, but it doesn’t matter anyways. InuYasha is pretty set that it won’t happen again.”

“Why do you think that,” asked Kaeda as she refilled her cup.

Miroku sighed. “He is concerned that Kagome would become more a of a target because of him. Plus, he didn’t want to tie her down.”

Kaeda nodded, “That does cause a bit of a problem.”

“It does. Worse, Kagome has made the decision to go home.”

Silence filled the room. Kaeda understood both point of views. Any woman would be robbed of something that couldn’t be returned. That part is destroying Kagome, but knowing that it was a rejection from the hanyou and a conclusion that it wouldn’t happen again, that alone was destroying her more. However, even if InuYasha had a good reason, sometimes his reasons are a little too much. Can this fragile relationship be fixed before something permanent happens?


InuYasha sat up in the trees a short distance away from the modern girl. Even if she was avoiding him now, he was still going to keep his promise on protecting her. Ever since her powers were blocked, he became a bit more protective over the young miko. She went home for some time to take those silly test of hers, but it was also an excuse for him to see her in a safe protected area. As he told her before, that night was one of the best he had and he regrets that it cannot happen again, but to have her free and protected, that matter the most to him.

“Kagome?” InuYasha’s ears popped up when the voice of the demon slayer entered the area. He watched as Sango approached the girl and whispered into her ear. It was hard for him hear even with his hanyou hearing, but as he watched, he noticed Kagome gathering her basket of herbs and follow the demon slayer back to the village. He was curious what was going on and decided to follow the women back making sure to stay far enough away.

Miroku was waiting outside. He was talking with the old miko as both girls walked up. Kagome handed the basket to Miroku before following Sango and Kaeda into the hut. Miroku sat in front of the door as if he was preventing people from entering or leaving. InuYasha dropped down from the tree and approached the hut. The girls didn’t sound like they were taking as he walked forward.

Miroku opened his eyes and jumped up causing the hanyou to stop. “InuYasha, will you walk with me?” InuYasha wanted to see what the women were up to, but agreed to follow the monk.

InuYasha and Miroku walked a short distance away from the village. Miroku took a seat against a fallen log while InuYasha stood leaning against a tree. “Any reason you brought me here? I couldn’t hear what they were talking about,” said InuYasha as he started to tap his claws against his arm.

“Patience, InuYasha. I’m not here to lecture you. We are just giving the women a chance to talk.”

“About what?” He bit out quickly.

Miroku chuckled, “Anything and everything.”

InuYasha clinched his hands, “You told the old woman, didn’t you?” Miroku shrugged. “Fuck, does everyone have to know?”

“Settle down. Not everyone knows. Sango and I were just worried. You saw how Kagome was on the journey back. Are you not worried that she might leave for good and not return?”

InuYasha released a deep sigh as he let his head fall back against the tree. The journey back was uneventful and very quiet. Kagome let InuYasha carry her part of the way, but other than that, she stayed near the demon slayer. He even stopped by a hot spring, but the modern girl didn’t take a chance for a bath. There were conversations during each resting period. However, they didn’t discuss much before the group went silent. There were also two times when Kagome went alone to refill water containers. InuYasha thought those would be times he could talk with the girl, but she only falsely smiled at him and said she was okay before returning back to the others. InuYasha wanted to grab her, drag her away, and show her how much both of them were not alright. He wanted her to be his forever, but each time as he watched her retreating back, InuYasha knew what he was doing was for the best. She would be safe, not tied down to a weak half-breed.

Miroku and InuYasha sat in silence before the hanyou noticed the demon slayer walking through the trees to them. Miroku smiled at the woman as she sat down near him. “How was the conversation?” He asked as Sango leaned back against the tree.

“Uneventful. She isn’t changing her mind,” replied Sango as she closed her eyes.

“When does she plan to leave?”

Sango opened her eyes and stared at the hanyou. InuYasha just swallowed hard as the demon slayer responded, “In the morning, and InuYasha?”


“Kagome doesn’t plan on returning.” With that Sango sat back and closed her eyes once more.

InuYasha cursed silently. The girl was leaving because of him. He clinched his fist and silently growled. She promised to stay, but because of one slipup that he did with her safety in mind, he was about to lose her forever. His heart ached. As much as he did it to protect her, he couldn’t deny it. He had strong feelings for the modern girl even before he slept with her. Maybe, just maybe, he was taking this whole protection and not being tied down to him a little too far.

InuYasha was about to go find Kagome when a young villager man came running in. A plague of rat youkai was attacking the crops and the village houses on the outskirts. InuYasha and Miroku were needed. InuYasha rolled his eyes while Miroku laughed, but both soon followed the villager. Sango just shrugged and returned to the village to wait with Kagome and Kaeda.

Kagome was sitting outside the hut organizing the herbs. Sango had just sat down by her when a strong demonic force approached the village. InuYasha’s older brother, Sesshomaru, had arrived.

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