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To Cherish and Protect Part Five

“InuYasha isn’t here,” said Kagome never looking up from her task of sorting through the herbs.

“I’m not here for him. Rin has asked for you, and I need your assistance with the matter,” said Lord Sesshomaru as he approached the young woman.

Sango crossed her arms and stared at the tai-youkai, “Why would you need Kagome for help?”

The demon lord threw Sango a cold, dangerous look. “The miko seems to understand certain things, and this subject is a delicate matter that the young miko needs to explain. I for one will not be explaining these matters.”

Kagome placed the herb basket near the hut and stood, nodding to the tai-youkai. “I understand the situation. I will go. Sango, can you let the others know where I went?”

“I will,” said Sango. “But, I don’t think InuYasha will like the idea of you going alone.”

“He doesn’t have to. He lost his rights after what happen.” With that, Kagome jumped on the two-headed dragon and followed the tai-youkai back to his lands.

Kagome traveled with Sesshomaru back to his castle. They arrived in the late afternoon. He explained that Rin was located in the garden, and he would retrieve them both when supper was ready. Kagome talked to the young girl about the changes that would happen as she grew. At first, Rin was scared that Lord Sesshomaru would send her away to a human village, but Kagome assured the small child that nothing like that would happen. The tai-youkai, even though he seemed cold on the outside, cared greatly for the small girl.

That conversation was a couple of hours ago. Sesshomaru went to retrieve the two women and found Kagome asleep within the demon wild flowers of the garden. Rin had run off to play leaving the young miko alone. He was currently carrying her to a spare room when she began to snuggle against him. At first, the tai-youkai wasn’t sure how to react to the strange actions from the miko. Over time, as he watched the young child grow, he was starting to open his heart more. Before Kagura passed away, his feelings were once again changing. He could see himself with the wind sorceress. With these changes, he was starting to understand a bit more about his father’s fascination with humans and the idea of settling down.

Kagome moved against him once more as he gently laid her upon the bed. Her eyes started to flutter open and a delicate smile graced her face. Sesshomaru wasn’t sure what the girl was smiling about and was shocked even more when she pushed herself up and carefully kissed his lips. Something snapped inside the tai-youkai from that sudden small movement. The pressure of her lips as she shyly traced her tongue against his own lips open something deep inside him. It was a strange desire, an urge to provide something that he never thought of before.

Tracing his claws down the side of the miko’s face, the tai-youkai kissed the young woman back. She moaned a soft sound as her eyes closed completely. Sesshomaru never considered a human mate before. At first, he didn’t understand the fascination his father or the pathetic half-breed of a brother had for them. However, after having the small girl around for some time, there seemed to be something else that was affecting him. He was starting to understand, and with having a powerful miko as his mate, no one would step in Lord Sesshomaru’s way.

Sesshomaru moved onto the bed to hover over the young woman. He took over the kiss by nibbling against her bottom lip. She opened and allowed her tongue to escape. He used this against her, though, and devoured her away with an intense, deep kiss. The young miko started to reach for him, but he growled causing her to cease all movement. He moved his claws down her neck and over her shoulders. She gasped against his lips and began to arch her body against him allowing her shirt to rise and his claws to trace her bare skin.

Sesshomaru growled against the girl’s lips. The smooth touch of her skin drove him to want to know more about the young miko below him. He dragged his fangs against her neck, nipping against the delicate skin. He used a claw to tear the front of her shirt causing the material to fall away. He swallowed hard as his hand cupped her breast, teasing the soft skin. Her eyes started to flutter open once more, but he growled and returned to kissing her with profound kisses.

After a few seconds, Sesshomaru broke the kiss to lean away from the young woman and began to remove his armor. It fell with a soft sound before he pulled the white haori open and undid the sash that held his hakama’s up.  He then returned to the girl, kissing her with deep, sizzling kisses that caused her to arch her bare skin against his hard chest.

He broke the kiss once more to trail his lips down her neck, nipping his way to one of her breast. He teased her with his tongue as he shrugged his haori off allowing the material to pool around them. Trailing his claws, he brought his hand against her bare leg. She hissed and turned. He nipped below her chin before trailing another round of wet kisses over her body to the hem of her skirt. His claws dragged up her legs, ripping the green skirt. Using two claws, he caught the edge of her white panties and slowly dragged them down. She arched her body against each teasing movement giving the tai-youkai a full view of young miko below him.

Sesshomaru knew it was time. Leaning forward, he grasped the miko’s lips into a solid, needy kiss. He used one claw to trace her heated core before leaning his body up and removing his hakamas. He was positioned in seconds. Just one push and she would be his mate forever.

“Sesshomaru!” The hanyou’s voice echoed across the castle and into the room. Kagome’s eyes flew open as the tai-youkai jumped away, straightening his hakamas. “Get down here, you bastard!” The tai-youkai stared with a strange look in his eyes at the young miko before disappearing out of the room. Kagome only sat upon the bed. Her heart was racing while fear and confusion radiated off her feverish body.

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