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Trigger of Trust

Summary: When Optimus becomes injured during battle, Callie takes into her hand to forge a weapon using her ability of combining alloy to form Cybertronian metal. This causes a rift between Prime and Callie for he had one rule. This broken trust, could it be just the push Callie needs?

Warning: M (mech/human sexual content)

Things have smoothed out after the last Decepticon attack. Almost everyone came back to base with minor scratches except for one mech. Callie sighed deeply as she looked across the hangar towards the Med Bay. It was her fault that he was there, laying across the huge metal examination table. It was her fault that he had a huge wound across his abdomen.

“It wasn’t your fault,” spoke Major Lennox as he took a seat on one of the many crates near the young woman.

Callie dropped her head and shook it lightly. “Why do I feel so guilty? If only I had followed instructions, he wouldn’t be in that room.”

Lennox reached and arm around the young woman, pulling her into a one-arm hug. “You noticed the trap before any of us could. True, it put you in direct path, but if that trap hadn’t been sprung, we could have lost everyone.”

“Still, he is going to be mad at me.”

“Maybe,” shrugged Lennox, “but still, you were the one to find the trap.”

Callie watched as Lennox walked back to the communication central. She kept looking in the direction of the Med Bay, hoping that Ratchet would walk out and say everything was fine. Since the attack and arriving back at base, Callie didn’t step inside the room, afraid of what she might see or even say.

Ever since she arrived as a member of NEST due to a rare ability of fusing certain metal together into something similar to Cybertronian alloy, Callie always felt welcome within the team. People didn’t shield away from her ability but helped her embrace it. It especially helped when a certain Autobot Commander started paying attention to her, too.

Their conversations over the alloy that she could make helped her develop a friendship with the stoic mech. Over time, the companionship they developed began to become something more, or at least to Callie it felt like that. He was always worried about her, concerned for her wellbeing more than his own. She remembered when she caught a small cold, and he began fussing over her. He demanded that Ratchet figure out what was wrong with her. Never have any of the Autobots seen their leader so frustrated over a small cold.

Jumping down from the crate she had been sitting on, Callie made her way over to the Med Bay. Ratchet was leaning against the metal worktable while Optimus Prime laid upon the medical bed. His eyes or at least his optics were dark. Both metal hands were resting against his large chassis. The wound afflicted on Prime’s body was almost non-existent.

“Ratchet,” called Callie to the Chief Medical Officer. “Is Prime going to be alright?”

Ratchet turned from his table and looked to the ground where the small voice called his name. Slowly, he dropped down his hand to the ground allowing Callie to step on to it. He dropped her off by Prime’s side before taking a seat upon the bench.

“He will make a full recovery, so don’t fret yourself for being the cause.”

Callie looked at the peaceful look of the Autobot leader. “I don’t think I will ever forget the look upon his face when I sprung the trap.”

“According to Ironhide, he showed fear for the first time in eons. He was willing to risk his life to save you, no concerns about anything else.”

Callie’s eyes dropped from looking at the Autobot leader to stare upon the ground. It was enough her position in the team required her to work in the background, but when she saw that trap and no one else noticed it. It wasn’t a matter of staying safe, but a matter of trying to protect the ones she cares about.

“I need to go,” spoke Callie softly as she dropped down from the medical bed and walked out of the room.

Callie continued walking towards the workshop that was situated in the back. This was the location that allowed her to work with metal, configuring and changing things that would help out NEST or even repair the Autobots. Instead, though, she had another idea. She didn’t want to be on the sidelines anymore. She had a skill that could potentially help the Autobots in their war. Grabbing a few pieces of the alloy, Callie began shifting them and bending them against their will. The metal heated and changed, extending its length, and curling around to form what she needed.

Callie continued working on this piece each day after her daily duties were performed. Each day as Optimus laid in the medical bay recovering from the attack reminded Callie what she was doing and why she was doing it.

After a week, news was heard that Prime was awake and healed. He was out of the Med Bay catching up on everything that had happen, but he was also looking for a certain femme. Callie sat back in her chair staring at the accomplished piece. It was a small blaster that heated the metal inside its chamber. It used some of the Cybertronian elements to make it work. It was her first weapon.

Grabbing the weapon, Callie dashed out of her workshop and headed towards the shooting range. She didn’t notice that a certain mech saw her and had a concern look within his optics as he noticed the object within her hand.

Optimus followed Callie at a distance to the shooting range. He watched as Callie grabbed some rubber gloves before stepping before a block of cement. She pulled the metal object around and lined it up. With a small leaver, he watched as heat cycle through it and small blast echoed out of its chamber, destroying the object in its path.

Prime clenched his hand into a tight fist as his optics darkened to almost a midnight blue. Marching over to the young woman, he reached down for the object in hand. Callie looked up, shocked to see Optimus standing over her with her weapon in his hand.

“Waa…” cried Callie as she backed away to lean against the cement block. “Give that back,” she demanded.

Optimus opened his hand to look at the object. It was a weapon, but what made him angry was the technology to use the weapon. He crushed the object into his hand, the pieces breaking away easy. Callie’s eyes widen as tears developed into her eyes. She dropped to the ground as the pieces fell away.

“Optimus, why?” she demanded through tears. Her weapon. Her piece of metal that she made with her own two hands, destroyed.

Turning away from the femme, Prime began walking back to the hangars with a single sentence echoing back: “Never again.”

Callie remained on the ground as Autobot Commander made his way back to base. She watched as Ironhide stopped by his side and glanced her direction. Prime continued his way while Ironhide walked towards Callie.

“Are you alright, Callie?” asked the Weapon Specialist.

Callie banged her hands across the ground, ignoring the sharp pieces of metal as it cut into her hand. “He didn’t have to destroy it. I made it for me to use.”

“What did you make?”

Callie looked up at Ironhide with tears in her eyes, “A weapon, one I could use in field instead of being on the sideline.”

Ironhide looked back at the hangar before turning towards the young femme. “Did you use our technology to make it?” Callie nodded. “No wonder.”

“No wonder what?”

“Callie, you broke one major rule Prime put down when we all joined NEST. We were never going to allow humans any use of our technology or weaponry. You making a weapon just broke that rule.”

Callie sobbed as she wrapped her arms around her chest. “I did it to protect him. He took the hit when I triggered the trap. I can’t lose him, Ironhide. I love him too much.”

Ironhide wrapped a metal hand around the young femme, allowing her to lean back against the cold metal. “We understand that, but Prime has been very strict about that. However, if he heard your reasoning, maybe he could figure you.”

Callie allowed Ironhide to carry her back to the main hanger. Optimus was standing at communication central talking with Major Lennox. He glanced over to where Callie and Ironhide was for a brief second before turning away and continuing his conversation. Optimus trusted Callie to never use her ability to make a weapon. Now, he wasn’t sure what to think about the young femme.

When Callie triggered that trap, his Spark beat to abnormal rate. He thought he was witnessing another femme leaving him after his feelings finally made sense to him. Instead, he jumped in the way, protecting her with his whole body and taking the hit from the Decepticon. It never made any sense why he felt so protective of this human organic until that moment.

Ironhide walked out of the hallway leading to the barracks of both humans and Autobots. He nodded at Prime before transforming and driving out. Prime’s optics never left the hallway, knowing that a certain femme, one that he was finally understanding the emotions running through his frame, resided.

Bidding the Major a good evening, Optimus turned towards the hallway and made his way towards the young femme’s chambers. Outside the door, he could hear as the young woman sobbed away quietly by herself. It made his Spark hurt knowing that she didn’t understand exactly his reason for destroying the weapon or even pushing away from her. Maybe it was time she knew the real reason.

Callie sat upon the bed, arms wrapped around her legs as tears pooled and dripped upon the mattress. Ironhide had carried her to her room saying that he had patrol to do before disappearing. Callie saw the look upon Prime’s face as they both walked into the main hangar. It hurt to know that she only did it to protect him, that she was scared to lose him.

As Callie buried her head between her knees and gripped hard as another sob wrecked through her body, she didn’t hear the transformations of a certain mech. However, she did hear the soft knocks on the other side. Callie wasn’t in any mood to speak with whoever was on the other side and tried ignoring the soft knocks.

However, after a few minutes of trying the ignore it, she heard as the lock was overrode. The door slid open allowing a brief amount of light to shine within the room. It was a human at the door, but it was not one of the humans she thought would come check on her. This wasn’t the first time she saw Prime’s human holoform avatar, but each time she saw him, it left her surprised.

“I think it is time for you and me to have a talk,” spoke Optimus as he turned to hit the button that closed the door but also locked it, too.

“I’m sorry,” blurted Callie, surprised even by her quick response.

Optimus chuckled as he walked towards the young femme. He stopped before her, crossing his arms across his chest. He was dressed in a tight black V-neck t-shirt with a short sleeve button up with colors of dark blue and fades of red over the black shirt along with dark blue jeans and black dress boots.

“I’m sure you are,” he said as the laugh left his voice. “Did Ironhide explain anything to you?” Prime’s question wasn’t one of jokes and teases, but of a serious type. He needed her to know exactly what she did wrong before anything else can progress.

Callie nodded as she wrapped her arms tighter around her legs. She rested her cheek against her knees and stared at the wall within her room. “I never meant to break any laws. I just…” She stopped as tears burned in her eyes. She closed them allowing the salty water to flow down her cheek. “I just wanted to protect you.”

Prime dropped his arms and moved to sit upon the bed. Reaching up, he cupped the side of Callie’s face forcing her to look up at him before speaking gently, “It was my trust in you that you would never use your ability to make a weapon. I understand your fear. I was so scared when you triggered that trap.”

Callie dropped her legs and turned to face holoform forcing his hand to drop away. “Then you know why I did it. I can’t lose you,” she spoke quickly before lowering her head and whispering the last few words. “I love you.”

The Autobot Commander’s Spark leaped in his chest upon hearing the small confession. With knowledge he has read and even witness from other human couples, Optimus wrapped one arm around the neck of the young femme, pulling her towards him. Callie gasped as his mouth collided with her own. The emotional feeling as it ran through both was colliding like a rushing waterfall splashing over the edge to rough rocks below.

Callie moved to kneel upon her knees as she traced her hand upon the holoform’s face, a soft moan escaping from his lips as he pulled her closer to him. Optimus wrapped his arms tightly around the young femme as his tongue traced her bottom lip, seeking what he didn’t know. Upon that touch, though, Callie opened and the emotions behind it, the feelings danced around as the kiss deepen.

Callie’s hands dropped to gripped Prime’s shirt as she pushed herself against him allowing him to continue to deepen the kiss. The feeling as his tongue swept within her mouth as hers tried to do battle, it pooled an even deeper feeling through her skin and straight to her bones. She slowly dragged her hands down across his chest and over to where his Spark beat erratically. He moaned against the warm touch before wrapping his arms around her waist.

Prime broke away from the kiss to slowly drag his mouth down the side of her neck. The taste, it was almost too much. It felt like the purest High Grade that he could never get enough of. Wrapping her tightly within his arms, he turned laying her upon the bed. Before him, he never saw a more beautiful femme than the one that he was currently leaning over. Callie’s lips were swollen a deep red along with her beautiful cheeks being flushed the exact same color. Her eyes, a beautiful deep brown, were hooded as moisture clung to her bangs.

Prime’s Spark grew upon the sight. There was a strange feeling running through, one that he was sure wouldn’t be developed or even released because of his position among the Autobots. However, at this moment, he wished to throw caution to the wind. Live in the moment and not focus on the consequences until a much later time. With that knowledge, he recalled what he had learned and leaned forward once more, allowing his body to hug closely to the femme below him.

Heat. It was the only word he could think of as his body trembled at the small contact. It felt like melted Energon as it flowed through his body giving him life. He dropped his hips watching as Callie arched against him, seeking more of the blissful heat. Her eyes widening as held her head within his hands.

“Callie,” he whispered, his voice heavy. “I cannot lose you. I… I burn just as you’ve said you do for me. Please…. be my Sparkmate. Burn for me as I do for you.”

Tears formed within Callie’s eyes and began rolling down her cheeks as she softly nodded her head. Optimus brought his hand up to cup her face wiping away the salty trails as his lips reconnected with her own. The passion as it rolled between each other was strong. It pulsed like its own Spark or heart supplying the needed life through ones body.

Following the knowledge he knows, Prime’s hand traced down the side of Callie’s face, slowly leaving a burning path as his hand seek the warmth of skin. It was fire against his fingers as the tips touched against the smooth, delicate skin beneath the loose fabric. He heard as she hissed against his lips along with soft moan. It was music to his ears, music he wanted to hear again. Dropping his lips away, he sucked and nipped against the skin of her shoulder forcing a shiver to flow through her body and an arch that caressed against his form causing a deep groan to escape his own lips.

Callie watched with hooded eyes the expression, the amount of depth of emotions that swirled within the deep cerulean eyes of the man above her. Both breathing heavy, even if the holoform does not need it, as eyes kept contact, an unknown territory that both were wanting to venture into together.

Arms broke free to drag down shoulders forcing Prime to arch as his mouth dropped once more to nibble against her own. Callie continued before reaching for his shirt pulling and rolling. Her hands leaving a trail of heat that he didn’t want to leave. Breaking to kneel back, Optimus quickly rolled out of the outer shirt before dragging the black shirt over his head. He watched carefully as Callie’s eyes widen upon sight, her breathing hitching for only a few seconds.

Callie leaned forward and looked into the eyes of Prime before tracing her hands down his well-built chest. She leaned forward placing a kiss against the spot where his Spark rumbled strongly behind. Leaning back, she rolled her arms to reach for her own shirt before she felt his hands covering her own. He helped her lift her shirt over her head before wrapping his arms tightly around her waist, pulling her flush against him.

It was a strange feeling as it made his Spark soar. To feel her against him with one less barrier. His mouth found hers once more as he laid her gently upon the soft material of the bed. His hands traced against her skin as he kissed her deeply and strongly trying to let her know how it feels, how it was affecting him, how he was enjoying each moment with her.

Callie rolled, allowing the last material covering her chest to fall away. Bare to each other, heat danced across their skin. It felt like the rising of the sun as each touch was gentle forcing her to arch against the feeling as warm fingers caressed delicately across. Her legs traced slowly as fingers dived down, feeling as each muscle moved within each touch. Before long, she felt as he leaned away. The sounds of metal from a belt buckle were echoed across the room along with a snap and zipper. It was only seconds that felt like hours before she felt those same hands removing the snap along her own body.

The shiver that danced across each form tickled the senses and drove each feeling higher. Reaching behind and slowly positioning, Callie watched as Prime stared into her eyes questioning and asking the same question before. Tears rolled down the corner of her eyes that even now he was being the wise commander making sure that she was okay before moving forward. She nodded before wrapping her arm around his neck pulling him towards her with a searing kiss. In the quick movement, he pushed.

Callie tried breaking away from the kiss as pain danced across her lower body. Optimus broke only to whisper into her ear, “I need you to relax, Callie.” He kept repeating the same thing, “Relax” before it finally calmed her body down allowing the pain to slowly disappear into a warm sensation that tickled across her skin.

It felt like bliss as he held for that second waiting for the right movement that he needed. The heat singed against him as his Spark thumped and strengthen upon the surrounding feeling. One shift and that was all it took. A thousand nerves exploded, shooting through his system to his Spark before it rebounded back to the lower ache deep inside. The steady rhythm of their bodies contradicted the erratic rhythm of her beating heart and thrumming of his Spark. The rush of their kiss was dictated by pulsing sensation, by the united feel of completeness. She mumbled nonsense words against his mouth, lost in the silence as each move pushed them farther to the bright abyss.

The darkness felt as if it was coming to an end. Each movement dragging bits and pieces away. His Spark felt so bright against his chest. She was his, and he was hers. Their mouths met when arched formed against each other. The feeling as tongues battle for control, as tears leaked from her eyes, as soft moans and deep groans echoed each thrust. It was a battle upon the strength of ones feelings, but it was coming close to that blissful ending. Her movements along with her breathing began to come in short lengths along with a tight grip. It wasn’t long as the final thread was finally in place, as the key was entered into the whole, and bright light of enteral nirvana danced across them both forcing her to lean back and him to collapse.

With a roll, Optimus moved to the side of Callie before turning and wrapping arm around the young woman. Her face was covered in moisture as her heavy eyes tried to stay in contact with his own. He was actually surprised that the holoform was still holding, but it didn’t matter. If the holoform flickered away, he would just reset it and be by her side once more.

Callie raised her hand trace down his face. Prime quickly caught it, placing a warm kiss against her palm. She dropped it to lay against his chest as he wrapped her tighter in his arm. “Sleep, Callie. I will be here when you awake.” He reached for her blanket and pulled it around them both. Callie rolled more into him, using his arm as a pillow.

Before she finally drifted to that well earned exhaustion, she whispered one phrase: “I love you.” Optimus Prime smiled as he left a chaste kiss upon her forehead, muttering the same three words.


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