Imagine in Words

Tempting Weapon

Summary: Callie’s past comes to haunt her when a Decepticon is caught doing the worse possible crime, Deciding to break the rule again, Callie uses a weapon that she created to go against Optimus Prime and bring the Con down. The process forces a consequence that almost changes her relationship with the commander. However, one tempting act might cause everything to be forgiven.  Takes place after “Trigger of Trust”

Warning: Rated M (human/human sexual content)

I haven’t been this angry in years. Forced to remain behind because of my abilities didn’t seem like the right idea. No, it was far worse. I was caught once again with a weapon that I had made using the alloy I could combine. Worse off, I witness the worse possible crime that any human or mech could accomplished. The anger that radiated off me from not being able to do anything pushed me farther that I almost took metal from the very mechs that I was friends with to destroy the horrible monster.

“You will stay. I cannot watch you and focus. Remain here,” commanded the Autobot Commander as his team left through the ground bridge forcing me to remain.

Optimus Prime had no control over me. I had freedom to walk out of the base and into the small city of Tranquility, Nevada. It wasn’t like the team was going far. I knew exactly where they were heading. I saw the coordinates that Ratchet had programmed. While he wasn’t facing the console, I planned to activate the ground bridge and follow them.

After Prime’s conversation regarding what I almost did and the control of my abilities, I went behind his back, betraying his trust, and made myself another weapon. Major William Lennox wasn’t happy about what I did, but he understood. Ever since Ratchet was able to complete a ground bridge on the base, the Autobots and NEST were able to stop Decepticons all over the United States especially since Megatron was in hiding. This Decepticon, though, no one had a track on him until he committed that awful crime.

I watched as Ratchet stepped away from the controls of the ground bridge. Lennox eyed me as I turned to walk back to the workshop near the back. Suiting up, I dragged on black jeans, a tight black long sleeve shirt, and dark boots. I pulled my hair into a high pony before wrapping it around and tucking in some hair pins. I grabbed a black wool hat and tucked it over my hair, hiding myself in almost black clothing.

My bag sat to the side with the weapon hidden in. I practiced it a few times during the nights when I first had it made. I knew how it worked, and I was ready to use it. I needed to use it. Slapping the bag over my shoulder, I walked back to the central station where the ground bridge controls laid.

“You are really going?” asked Lennox. He stood with his arms crossed, a displeased look upon his face. He treated me like a child even though I was already an adult. I knew he cared for me, but honestly, I didn’t need another person smothering me.

Shaking my head, I walked by him. “I already told you. That Decepticon, no one saw exactly what I saw. He will die by my hand.”

“You are going to get yourself killed. Prime already destroyed your first weapon. He doesn’t want you on field. You are his mate and he wants you safe.”

I stopped and turned. My hands fell to my hips as I glared at Major Lennox. “I don’t give a damn is Optimus is pissed at me. He didn’t witness that scum rape that woman and then kill her along with the whole family.”

Lennox dropped his head. He breathed deeply while shaking his head. “I know. It reminded you too much of your past, but this one fight isn’t going to turn out well for you.”

“Well, just look past it. You are not in charge of me and neither is Prime. I love the Big Bot, but I won’t be a prisoner when my abilities can help.”

I stormed off from the Major, my boots clicking across the metal tiles. Ratchet had stepped away from the console that activated the ground bridge. I pushed the lever up and the colors of green and yellow appeared within the metal circle. Taking a few steps, I turned and ran into the ground bridge knowing exactly where it would open and what I needed to do.

There was already a battle happening when the ground bridge closed behind me. I ran quickly towards the fallen buildings. One had half of its side destroyed with stairs leading to the roof. I quickly ran up and took off running, jumping from the ledge.

Optimus stood to one side. He had both of his Energon blades out. This Decepticon wasn’t alone. At least seven other protoforms were attacking, keeping Sideswipe and Ironhide busy. The Decepticon that I wanted to kill stood behind everyone. It kept shooting large cannon shots towards Prime. Optimus rolled away, avoiding each shot but it prevented him from getting any closer. That is where my weapon would come in handy.

I smirked as I stopped upon the final building. There was enough lip for me to lay upon and set the weapon up. It was similar to the small one I made the first time. I remember that weapon, too. I made it because I was upset that after triggering a trap, Optimus still ended up hurt. Not anymore. I will not sit on the sideline. I will help.

Dragging my bag in front, I pulled out the narrow cannon. It used energon pills that took some thought into creating. They represent bullets for a rifle gun. The weapon laid on a small tripod. I loaded the rounds and sat the optic on top. I adjusted everything before looking through the lens.

I saw as Ironhide got pinned by one of the protoforms. I took aim and shot the optic of the protoform. It blasted through destroying the head and letting Ironhide stand. He looked around the for the direction of the shot, but I knew how I was dressed, he wouldn’t be able to find him.

I had ten rounds with me. I fired at the protoforms that haven’t attacked Sideswipes and Ironhide. Once more both Autobots tried to connect the direction, even calling towards Optimus that there was friendly fire. I watched as Optimus optics narrowed near my direction. Laying flat against the lip of the roof, I hid my body. There was too much shadow in my direction that I was positive that Prime wouldn’t see me.

I waited for a few minutes before lifting my head. He had turned away and was approaching the Decepticon that I wanted to kill. Lining my lens up, I watched as Prime charged. No! He was going to kill the ‘Con before I had a chance. I fired a warning shot, the round zipping right past him. Prime stopped and turned quickly. I didn’t have time. I fired another. It hit the dirt only a short couple of feet away from Prime. Optimus leaped to the side and narrowed his eyes once more towards my direction.

I knew then as his optics narrowed and widen and then narrow once more, a thin line forming upon his face before I noticed him grounding his dentas together that he had found me. I didn’t care. I looked through the lens and found the Decepticon. I fired not once but three times. Once in the chest and one in each optic. The Decepticon roared with pain as Prime turned towards it. He brought his Energon blade out and sliced the Decepticon in half by jabbing his blade into the central where the spark was housed and straight across.

Prime’s shoulders rolled down as his helm fell forward. I watched through the lens as his servos clinched the handles of his Energon blades tightly. He quickly turned on his pedes and raised one of them and threw it with all his strength. It landed in the building behind me causing a sharp scream to escape my lips.

“Callie Andrews, get down here right now,” called out Optimus Prime. His voice lined with venom as anger rolled off his frame. Even Sideswipes and Ironhide were nervous at his side.

I swallowed hard and quickly store everything in my bag. The building I was on had a fire escape that took me to the floor. I jumped on it and took it quickly to the ground. Grabbing the Walkman out of my bag, I pulled up the frequency for Ratchet.

“Ratchet, ground bridge to my coordinates. I left the base but I need to return, quickly.”

There was no response on the Walkman. I kept running, following the sides of the building. Finally, I heard a grumpy medic answer my call. However, as I kept running, I heard the heavy metal of pedes chasing in my direction. I knew if Optimus wanted to, he could catch me instantly. Luckily, I was weaving between buildings before I saw the ground bridge open.

Optimus was charging at full speed. His optics burned bright blue as his battle mask remained over his face, hiding all emotions. His remaining Energon Blade swung back and forth as he ran towards me. My heart was pounding. I quickly picked up my speed and ran towards the ground bridge. Prime was right behind me. I felt as digit on his servo came close to catching me just as the ground bridge swallowed me up.

“Slag, Callie. What were you thinking?” yelled Ratchet as I fell upon the metal floor, my bag sliding forward. My weapon rolled out, and Ratchet took a step back. He knew right away what I had created.

“Ratchet, ground bridge now,” demanded Prime over the communication panel. I swallowed hard and grabbed my bag, shoving the weapon in. I was unable to leave, though. Ratchet grabbed my bag just as he keyed the coordinates in.

The ground bridge reactivated and thundering sounds of three Cybertronians bounced across the metal walls of the huge Hangar. I twisted against Ratchet’s hold forcing him to drop me. My weapon, though, it remained in Ratchet’s hand. Dropping to the floor, I quickly took off just as Optimus stopped by Ratchet’s side.

“She made another one,” spoke Ratchet in a dead tone.

Optimus took the weapon. He narrowed his optics as he looked at the long tube and the remaining Energon bullet. Curling his servo, he snapped the weapon in two. The one piece fell with a loud sound upon the ground. The other was thrown harshly across the hangar, scraping across the floor before landing against the wall.

Ironhide watched behind the tall mech. Optimus dropped his servos to his side, both clenching tightly. He marched away from the communication center and noticed Major Lennox standing near a long hallway.

“Where did Callie go?” asked Prime. His voice held heat as he stared at the Major. Lennox just pointed over his shoulder towards the barracks. Stepping to the side, Lennox watched as Prime marched down the long hallway toward the living corridors for both the Autobots and Humans.


I didn’t stay long in the small bunk that was considered my room. Grabbing another bag, I threw in all the clothing I had. I grabbed bottles of water from my mini fridge and tossed them along with all the dry food I could carry. I was out the room quicker than I could think.

My vehicle stood in one hangar that many didn’t venture in. It was the automotive hangar. It held small planes, motorcycles, and Hummers. Basically, it was all the vehicles including tanks that didn’t transform. My hand shook has I unlocked my Jeep. I threw the bag in and quickly climbed. The vehicle roared to life as I flicked on its lights.

I drove out the hangar and towards the gates of the base. I didn’t want to hear what was happening in the main hangar. I didn’t want to face Optimus. I might be his Sparkmate, but that doesn’t mean I would wait around and be an obedient wife if that is what I am to him. Right now, though, fear pushed me to run.

I have never been scared of the Autobots. Okay that is lie. Yes, I have been scared of them. When they first found me, I wasn’t sure who they were. I screamed and cried afraid that my death was sure to follow. It was Optimus Prime that relaxed my fears. It was Megatron that reminded me that Cybertronians were strong beings and even they had tempers just like humans. I knew Prime held his temper in check. He had too. He was a leader. I also knew from Ironhide the stories regarding Optimus. Eventually everyone breaks down and releases their anger. Prime had only done it two times. Both were during his fights with Megatron.

The gate opened at the edge of base. I quickly turned the Jeep onto the asphalt and press my petal to the gas. I needed to get as far as I could from the base. I don’t know if Optimus has any way of tracking me. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. It didn’t matter. I was planning on driving all day and all night if I had too. I wasn’t planning on running away forever. I just needed to give him time to cool off.

I guess with all this focus on running I didn’t notice how fast a certain Peterbilt could drive. The base was only a few miles away from a huge airport. Planes took off and landed constantly. I thought for sure the mechanical noises of an engine running belonged to one of the planes. I guess I should have been paying better attention to what I was hearing.

It went to quick. I saw through my side mirror the custom red and blue Peterbilt as it picked up speed and bumped its fender against the side of the Jeep. The touch forced me to hard turn the vehicle onto a dirt road and to a complete stop. I slammed my hand against the steering wheel as the Peterbilt rolled to a stop by my side.

The passenger window rolled down. I noticed the dull yellow reflecting off the dark seats. “Get out now,” growled Prime. His voiced sounded like poison dripping from a blade. He was pissed.

“Leave me alone, Prime. You have better things to deal with,” I returned as I crossed my arms over my chest. I wasn’t going to allow him to lecture me like some kid. I was supposed to be his mate, the one he loved, not a child.

I heard as the window rolled up. I watched from a side as the driver’s side door popped upon and the sound of boots hitting dirt reached my ears. I knew who it was. I figure this was my chance to drive away. I turned the key only to hear the engine spit and die. Fuck! I was stuck.

Grabbing my bag, I jumped out of the Jeep and turned to run in the opposite direction. I didn’t get far. An arm grabbed my elbow roughly. I was pulled back and roughly thrown against the side of the semi. Blue eyes stared into my own as eyebrows framed a face that had pure anger upon it.

Optimus stood before me in his human Holoform. Muscles twitched as he held me against the semi. He was dressed in a black button up short sleeve shirt. Only three of the top buttons were undone allowing a bit of sun kissed skin to peak through. His narrow hips were hugged by dark blue jeans. I swallowed hard as I tried to direct my eyes to the landscape instead of the man before me.

“You disobeyed me,” he growled. His grip on my elbow tightened as he dragged me down the side of the Peterbilt. Grabbing the handle, he pulled the passenger door open. Releasing my elbow, his large hands dropped to my waist. He lifted me and pushed me into the dark cabin, shutting the door quickly behind me.

Optimus dismissed the Holoform just as the doors locked and seat belt clicked over my body, pressing me against the material of the bench seat. I heard as he revved the engine. The gear shift rolled forward and the vehicle began moving. He quickly turned around and drove on the highway. Back at the gate of the base, he rolled down the driver’s side window and mention to the soldier regarding my vehicle. I watched as the seat belt grabbed my keys and threw them out the window before he rolled the window back up and drove towards the main hangar.

Major Lennox stood with his arms crossed as Prime drove to a stop. His Holoform once more appeared at the passenger side. He opened the door and reached in to grab my arm. I tried to kick him and back towards the driver’s side. The lock clicked as Prime climbed into the cabin. He wrapped his arms around my legs and dragged me out before lifting me over his shoulder.

“You should have listen, Callie,” spoke Lennox as he shook his head. He signaled Prime to follow him. His alternate mode rolled in as his Holoform carried me over the shoulder in the direction Lennox headed.

Towards one side of the main hangar held small rooms with only a bed and toilet. These were chambers for prisoners of war. While none of the room actually held prisoners, the rooms were still use in the same way. Lennox pulled a ring of keys and opened one of the doors. Optimus walked in and dropped me upon the thin mattress. He walked out never looking in my direction once. I tried running quickly, but Lennox shut the door. The lock clicked in place. Prime didn’t stop walking. He continued towards his alternate mode before allowing the Holoform to disappear.

I watched through the small window as the Peterbilt broke apart. Prime stood in his full bipedal form facing away from me. I watched as he walked out of the hangar without even glancing towards me.


Three days, damn it.

Lennox and Prime kept me in this small room for three fucking days. I threw the metal cup against the wall. It was from the lunch that Epps slid under the small flap. I cursed at him saying I didn’t want it, but Prime’s holoform was standing on the other side demanding that I eat. I was pissed at him. I knew why he was mad at me, but still, he didn’t have to lock me up. In all my years of knowing the Autobots, I never felt so much humiliation and disappointment from the one I called mate.

At the end of the third day, Lennox finally unlocked the door. He stood within the frame arms crossed over his chest. “Final warning, Callie,” spoke Lennox in a deadly serious tone. “You are not to make anymore weapons or disobey direct orders from the Autobot Commander. If this happens again, you will be removed from the base and forced to forget any relationship or knowledge with NEST and the Cybertronians, no matter what.”

I swallowed hard and nodded. Lennox stepped to the side allowing me to leave the small room. I saw Optimus standing before the catwalk talking with some of the soldiers and someone on the huge monitor. He looked at me over his shoulder, his optics narrowing before returning to the conversation. I draped an arm over my shoulder while wrapping the other around my waist. Slowly, I made my way back to the human corridors and my own room.

I slammed the door shut and slid down, wrapping my arms around raised knees. Tears burned against my eyes and fell, leaving wet spots on my jeans. I didn’t care. I did what I thought was right. I made a weapon to help the Autobots and soldiers. I couldn’t just be left in the shadows using my abilities to repair. I wanted to make a difference in this war, especially for the mech that I loved.

I watched as the sun began to set in the small window. Last time I was out, I bought some curtains. There was thunder in the distance signally a storm approaching. I watched at the curtain blew against the soft breeze, the smell of rain upon it. I truly felt like a child in a room of towering titans and big adults.

I heard as the rain pounded the metal roofs. The curtain blew against the breeze. I slept uneasily. The nightmare of when I violated raced through my head. While Prime was able to remove it when I slept with him the first time, it still didn’t take away the truth. I was raped when I was younger and not just by one person. No, three men trapped me in the basement of an old building and violated my body multiple times before I finally figured out my powers and broke free.

I sat up as a blast of thunder echoed throughout the base. Cold sweat clung to my form as I wrapped the blanket around my body. I moved to the edge and stood up. Dressed in soft loose shorts and spaghetti strap tee, I opened the door to my room and walked down the darken hallway. The brightness for the lightening lit the hallway as I made my way towards the entrance.

Rain fell like sheets as thunder echoed. The sound, the feel of the water against my skin, it all reminded me that I was human, that I had survived that horrible event. I moved my leg to stand in a split. I brought my arm over to trace down my leg before rolling it under. I danced in the rain, letting it flow down my body and remove all the nightmares that woke me.

Thunder rolled and lightening flashed. I danced against it, pretending that it was my tune. I turned and reached out, pulling my arm back to me. I dropped to lean back and arch. Finally, I stood. My shoulders hunched forward and head held down. My body rocked with the sobs as tears fell to mix with the rainwater that dripped from my hair.

I heard the sound of an engine as it parked behind me. I didn’t turn to see who it was. I felt huge hands with a few wrinkles mixed in wrap around my shoulder. I looked up to see an elder man in his upper fifties with grey stripes of hair racing through dark black. His green shirt laid hidden under a white medical coat where the Autobot symbol rested upon the pocket.

I turned in Ratchet’s arms and cried against his chest. He wrapped me within his arms, pulling back to his alternate mode: the green medical Hummer. He pulled a blanket from inside and wrapped it around me. I knew we weren’t alone. I felt his presence when I stepped outside. His alternate mode stood in the shadows under trees preventing the rain from pouring heavily upon the Peterbilt semi.

Ratchet rubbed the water from my skin before slowly walking with me back to the human corridors. He bid me goodnight as I disappeared down the hallway and back to my room. I crawled under my blankets and fell into a non-nightmare sleep.


The next few days were not any better. Ratchet needed my help in the medical bay. The odd ball twins decided to use themselves as wrecking balls. It was already the third time this month that I created metal platings to fix the twins’ armor. Ratchet wasn’t too happy, but the twins loved to annoy him.

Optimus was called away for a mission and a meeting in Washington. I tried waiting for him, hoping to apologize, but when he returned, he just walked away from me. Ratchet shook his head. It was just not the right time for me to see him.

I was still considered the mate of Prime. When important people arrived, I had to stand on the catwalk and be addressed as ma’am. I hated it. It was too formal, especially when I had no real connection the Autobot Commander. I only slept with him, a one-night-stand kind of experience or at least what I thought it was. He explained that marriage was done through sparkbonding, something I am sure he will never want with me now.

Ratchet took that chance to sit down with me after everyone had left and we were alone. “Callie, you are still Optimus’ Sparkmate. It means more to us than you, but it is the step to becoming his bonded mate.”

“Why would he want me that, after betraying him like I just did?”

Ratchet sighed as his servo dropped to lean against the metal workbench. “Prime is just frustrated. He put those rules in place for a reason. Humans are not ready for our technology. He figured the one person he opened his Spark to would understand his reasoning.”

I jumped down from the small workbench and sighed deeply. “You just made your point, Ratchet. Maybe I should take up the option of leaving the base for good.”

“And cause more trouble than waiting out and seeing what happens?”

I shrugged my shoulder and walked out of the Medical Bay. Optimus Prime stood staring at me. I figured he heard most of the conversation. He tried smiling towards me, but I knew within his spark he still felt the betray that I caused. Maybe it was time that I actually tried to prove to him that I never meant to betray him. I just needed to do what I felt was right.

I walked back into the Medical Bay. Ratchet was back at work. He heard me as I kicked the metal leg of the table. “Do you need something Callie?” asked Ratchet as he turned to look at me.

“Is there any chance you could have Optimus meet me in his quarters?”

Ratchet raised his eyebrows as he looked down at the woman. “Why are you asking me that?”

I shovel my feet as I turn to lean against the metal leg. “You talk to him more than I. Please, just do it.” I don’t wait for a response. I know that my courage isn’t going to last.

Running back to my room, I find my favorite liquor drink. I mix myself on drink and quickly drown it in seconds. It won’t make me drunk, but it will still my nervous for what I had plan. I stripped out of my clothing and quickly jump into the shower. I used the shaver quickly over my body as I lather the soap over my skin. It felt good from the heat of Nevada’s summer, but I had other ideas.

Stepping out, I pulled on the sexy deep navy thong that I bought last time I went to town. My favorite red lacy bra with spaghetti straps sat near it. I only wore this color combination one time: the first time I slept with Optimus. I stopped over to a small box. Inside contain a silky black spaghetti strap shirt with lace on the hem. It hung low giving the top of my breast perfect view. Sitting beside the shirt with tight black leggings. I don’t usually wear leggings unless I have an oversize sweatshirt, but I knew these would be perfect. I grabbed my favorite cardigan: It was white and fluffy, but perfect for me to cover the clothing. I quickly dressed and ran out of my room.

The hallway towards the Autobots recharging room was empty. My heart began to slow as I walked to the last room. It opened which I was actually surprised about, but maybe it was because of who I was. Anyways, Prime wasn’t in the room which made it perfect. I knew how to use the console by his door to change the lights. Now all I had to do was wait.

Thirty minutes later, I heard the heavy metal as it echoed throughout the hallway. The door slid open and Optimus Prime walked into his room. His optics glowed a beautiful sea blue upon the room before landing upon my form. I sat upon my knees, my hands resting upon my thighs. I was dipping forward enough that the swell of my breasts shined under the intense stare he was giving me.

I heard the vents cycle as Prime turned towards the console. The green light turned red before he turned to face away from me. “What are you doing here?” He asked in a harsh whisper.

“Can you transform? I rather speak face to face, if possible, please?” I asked in a gentle tone. I heard as the vents cycled once more before he collapsed in on himself converting to his alternate mode: a custom Peterbilt.

Surprisingly enough, his room was big enough to house the semi. He drove over to the side of the room opposite of his berth before the driver’s door opened and his human Holoform stepped down. He closed the door and leaned against it. Dressed once more in a button up black shirt with just a few buttons unbutton and dark blue jeans that encased his narrow hips, Prime looked all out sexy as he crossed his arms.

Swallowing hard, I curled my hand and beckon him to walk forward. He narrowed his eyes but took a few steps towards me, stopping a couple feet from me. I saw how his eyes roamed my body. The cardigan sat bunched around my elbows. One strap of the silky top had rolled down. My tongue darted out to moisten my bottom lip, the taste of the liquor still upon my lip. Slowly, I moved one leg out. Arching my foot, I flexed my leg as I guided my body off the berth and towards the metal floor. My other foot followed the same movements. I saw as Prime’s eyes darken as he watched the muscles upon my legs flex against the leggings. I slowly brought my hand up to trail down my neck and over the top of my breasts, a sigh escaping my lips.

I was thankful for the liquor in my system. My courage would have died. I know how to flirt with Prime and tease him back, but to be an actual seductress and perform a strip tease, that was a whole different story.

I brought my legs back to the edge of the berth, arching my feet and pushing up. I arched my back allowing the cardigan to fall away and the silky shirt to fall back against my breast, the deep red bra peeking through. It was his colors, and I knew this bra was a favorite. I slowly stretched out my leg as I moved to stand upon my feet. The cardigan pooled against my waist. I dropped my arms allowing the material to fall to the ground.

The one strap of the silky top followed down to my wrist. I rose my head to stare at Optimus. I could see him swallowing hard as I brought my hand up to the remaining strap. I rolled it down. The silky shirt fell to my waist displaying the deep red bra. Barely any of it covered my breasts. My nipples already peaked and hard. I brought a hand up to cup them before dropping my hands to my waist.

I slowly trailed my hand down my leg, bending forward. It gave Prime a perfect view of my breasts. I stood slowly only to grab the hem of the leggings. Inch by slowly inch, I rolled the material around. It sat against my ankles as I turned around to reach for my cardigan. I heard a hard hiss and groan from the man behind me as he saw the dark navy-blue thong, once more in his colors.

I kicked the leggings off and removed the shirt, dropping both beside the huge metal berth. Slowly, I pulled the cardigan back on and made my way towards the Peterbilt. I grabbed the handle and pulled it open. The heat was so thick inside the cabin as Optimus’ Holoform turned to face me.

I turned to lean my body against the semi. I felt it rumble against me as air compressed and released. I didn’t hear as Prime walked up behind me and grabbed my hand. My body was crushed against the metal as his lips tackled my neck. His hand came around to cup my breast, one finger toying and pinching the harden peak. I moaned against the feeling.

“Trying to earn forgiveness.” His voice was hot and heavy as rubbed his hips against my ass. “It’s working. Get in now.”

I laughed against his command. I must have been a few seconds to slow. His hand grabbed my waist forcing me closer to the semi. The heat of the semi was a stark contrast to the air around us. His callus fingers danced around my hip to the strap of the thong. He inched closer to the small bundle of ringlets before curling his finger against warm, wet lips. My body arched against him as he groaned against my neck.

He let his hands linger for a few seconds longer before he was lifting my body, compelling me into the cabin, and back to the sleeping mattress. My body hit the cool sheets just as Prime dropped to his knees. His fingers grabbed the straps of my thong and slowly pulled it down my body. He kissed the inside of my thigh, the back of my knee, and finally my ankles. His eyes stared into mine as he slowly stood.

Optimus grabbed the shirt in the middle and pulled it apart, the buttons snapping. He rolled his shoulder and allowed the material to fall the ground. His belt came next. He quickly pulled it through. He stared at it for a few minutes, a smirk dancing across his face. I had a smile of my own as I knew exactly what he was thinking. I rolled my legs and grabbed my breast. The belt dropped to the ground and his jeans were roughly taken off.

His body was over mine in seconds. The heat leaving a delicious layer of goosebumps along my skin. I don’t know if Optimus knew much about my past. He always treated me like I was glass. I heard Cybertronian interfacing was brutal and rough but deeply passionate. I don’t know if I will ever experience that but appreciate everything that he does give me.

His fingers rolled the straps of bra down before he moved them to the back and snapped them apart. Automatically his hands rolled over the mounds of flesh as his lips trailed against my neck. He met me in a hungry kiss. My tongue darted out to meet his before he took over, dominating the kiss. I felt as he scoped out the inside of my mouth as his hands continued to fondle the mounds before trailing south.

A gasped against his lips as a start coldness entered my body. He curled his fingers forcing me to arch against him. He broke from the kiss to trail over my neck, leaving heat with every touch down to suck against the skin between neck and shoulder. I rolled my hips, hoping to remove an ache that was slowly building. He curled once more and I was seeing stars, the black dots across my eyes as my body tingled with the sensation of absolute pleasure.

Optimus chuckled as he moved to straddle me. He set his legs between my own and leaned upon his elbows. His eyes were dark with lust as sweat clanged to our bodies. He dropped his large hand to my knee, lifting it. My eyes clenched close just as I felt the movement, the joining as one. He stopped to lean his forehead against me.

“Relax,” he spoke softly against my lips. “You need to relax and breathe.” He gentle movements pulled against my body. I felt something snap within me as I raised to reach him, my body slowly adjusting to the feeling of being complete.

That was all he needed. The dark ocean disappeared as the sun rose over the horizon. The storm disappeared replacing a rainbow. The fire burned the blacken earth forming new life. Each drive brought new heights, new feelings as he continued take my senses on a ride of intense pleasure. It was the key to a doorway that opened the bright white light. It was the storm being parted by the warm sun. It was everything that I needed: oneness and love.

The small windows were open as a breeze blew through. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I could see the setting sun. Again, the scent of rain blew upon the breeze. I was wrapped in a white sheet. Optimus’ Holoform laid upon his stomach; arms crossed under his head. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be deep in recharge. I was actually surprised by the Holoforms. They were accurate, that much I knew, and almost 100% human. How he moved the semi outside his room towards the sunlight still shocked me by how much a Cybertronian could do.

Optimus groaned as he rolled to lean upon his elbows. The sheet fell low, wrapping around his hips and giving me a pretty good view of last night’s action. He had a teasing smirk on his face as he leaned over me to kiss deeply and passionately.

“Did you recharge well?” He asked. His voice was hoarse as he turned to lay against on his arms. His other came to rest over his stomach. I nodded as I wrapped the white sheet around my body a bit tighter. “That’s good.”

We were silent for a few moments before I finally had to ask, “How did you move your real self outside the room?”

Optimus chuckled before reaching over to me. He curled his hand within my long brunette before pulling me forward and placing a chaste kiss upon my forehead. “Our rooms have huge sliding doors if we ever needed to get outside. I drove out while you were in recharge.”

I nodded before wrapping my arms around him. Optimus pulled me upon his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around me. “I am sorry,” I said against his chest. I could hear the rumble of his Spark within his chest. I felt the warmth of his love within the cabin.

“I know you are. You just scare me sometimes. I need you more than you realize.” Optimus lifted his head to look into my eyes. One of his arms was angled behind him as his other rested upon my hip.

I swallowed hard and pushed forward to seal my lips against his. “I won’t have it happen again, but please you must understand me. That Decepticon reminded me of your past.”

Optimus hummed a bit as he leaned back to rest against his arm. His hand tightened against the material on my back. “I know. Ratchet told me the extensive damage that was done to you when we first found you.”

“Then you know my reason on why I had to do it.”

Optimus shook his head, “Not if it involves you in danger. I need you alive and safe. You are my Sparkmate and eventually, I will want you more than that. Please, don’t do it again.”

My heart swelled upon hearing how much he cared for me. Laying my head upon his chest, I spoke softly, “I won’t, Optimus. I love you too much to lose you.”

“And I love you, my sweetspark.”


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