Imagine in Words

Childish Actions

Summary: Callie has continued to disobey the one rule that the Autobot leader had laid out: do not make weapons using Cybertronian technology or alloy. With this all, rumors have been spread that she keeps acting like a child and he is only worried about her as a parent. When Callie questions everything and finally decides that nothing will be the same, Prime takes a drastic stand proving that she no child to him and he is not her parent only for certain consequences to befall them both.

Rated M (Implied Sexual content, Implied Rape, violence, and language)

Callie twisted out of Major Lennox’s arm. Her hazel eyes narrowed upon the man as she watched another weapon taken away. Already, Prime had her grounded. She couldn’t leave base without someone with her, and that barely happened. Today, though, she practiced using her abilities when Lennox dropped in.

“He already said no,” yelled Lennox as he picked up each weapon and placed it inside the box. Callie trailed her eyes upon each weapon. Her heart clenched knowing that all the work she did meant nothing.

With a strangle cry, Callie ran passed the major and into the huge opening of the Hangar. She stopped in the middle, her head hung low as tears dropped upon the concrete floor. She heard the approach of metallic footprints. They stopped directly behind her. The quick breath of air pushed her brown waves over her shoulder as the metal titan dropped down to one knee.

Callie’s body tensed and shivered when a single metal digit traced across her shoulder and down her back. Callie slapped it away and quickly turned. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, stood kneeling before her. Callie closed her hands into small fists at her side. She sniffled back another sob as she rose her head to stare into the sky-blue eyes of the commander.

“This is all your fault,” she accused the commander. She watched as his optical brows rose in confusion. “Everything I do with my abilities is to help you, so I don’t lose you. It’s not fair.”

“Callie –”

“Don’t.” interrupted Callie as she quickly turned away from the red and blue mech. “Don’t say a word. I don’t want anything to do with you, not if I am going to be treated like a child.”

Callie didn’t stay to hear what the commander had to say. She quickly ran out of the hangar towards the only spot she felt safe enough to hide and cry.

The ocean’s waves battled against the oncoming storm as it continued to build in the horizon. The sun had begun its decent across the sky forcing different colors to trace across the land. Callie sat upon the warm sand, the water pushing over her feet. She dropped her arms to wrap them around her legs. Tears burned within her eyes but wouldn’t fall. She had cried enough when the first few times this had happened. Why waste the tears now?

Since Optimus took Callie under his wing as her guardian, he had been quite protective of her. She constantly had someone at her side making sure she stayed safe. It drove Callie insane. Callie wasn’t a child. She turned twenty-three just last month.

Everyone walked on eggshells around Callie. They knew of her past, what had happened to her before the Autobots found her. Two years it had taken for Callie to even trust the Autobots. In those two years, she had developed feelings for the commander of the Autobots. Only six months ago, Optimus told Callie that he felt the same.

Within those six months, Callie kept developing her abilities. She helped Ratchet repair the Autobots that returned from missions. She watched with pain etched across her face that she had to quickly hide when Prime returned damaged and needing repairs. In her heart, she thought making the weapons would help them in the fight.

Her abilities helped them a few times when she spotted traps made of the same material she could combine. After witnessing one trap get triggered near her and Prime stepping in to take the blow, Callie knew she couldn’t sit on the sideline. She had to help.

Callie picked up a rock and threw into the ocean. The tears that burned within her eyes ran like little streams, dropping onto the warm sand below. She turned to look over her shoulder as she heard the familiar diesel engine as it approached the secluded beach. Callie watched as the custom Peterbilt parked on the cliff that overlooked the beach. Her eyes narrowed when the driver’s door opened.

Black boots landed hard upon the rough ground. A hand gripped the handle of the door before slamming it shut. Prime stood in his human holoform, a black t-shirt and dark denims. His brown hair blew against the sea breeze as the storm continued to roll towards shore. She watched as his bright blue eyes trailed across the beach before landing upon her.

Callie turned roughly away. She heard as Prime jumped down, landing roughly in the sand behind her. His boots crunched against the rough terrain as he approached her sitting form. He stopped at her side, his hands held behind his back clasped in tight fists.

Callie looked up at the man and caught eye contact with him. She turned away with a huff. Prime sighed forcing Callie to turn towards him. “You did not mean what you said before, did you?” asked the commander.

Callie watched as he stood straight and tall. He didn’t turn to stare at her. He only asked the one question, one that meant so much between them and held a very deep answer. “I don’t know,” she softly breathed as she pushed herself to her feet.

Callie walked back towards the cliff. She heard as Prime turned towards her. Callie stopped. “Would it matter? Most people think I am too young for you. This would solve both our problems.”

This wasn’t the first time their age gap brought questions. Callie’s age differed by almost ten years younger to Prime’s human holoform. He taught her how to trust once more. Small movements of him caring opened her mind to give humans and even Cybertronians a second chance. She never wanted to let go the feelings of love and safety that Prime gave her. She also learned what a huge hanger over felt like the next day especially after she tried getting into bed with him.

“I made those weapons to protect you,” whispered Callie. She brought her hand to wrap around her hanging arm. “Seeing you in battle, knowing what could happen to you, I didn’t want see something like that.”

Prime walked to stand behind Callie. He reached for her hand forcing her to turn about and face him. His blue eyes wondered across her face, looking for any indication of where the topic was leading. “I worry for you each time we take you out on a mission,” his voice soft and gentle. He brought a hand to trace the back against the side of Callie’s face. “You have my spark, Callie, and for me to lose you, it would be worse than death itself.”

Callie’s heart picked up in speed. She rolled her bottom lip in. Turning away from Prime quickly, tears flew from her face as she slapped the Holoform’s hand away. “You don’t mean it, though,” cried Callie. Smooth words coming from the commander. He could talk to anyone and convince them of anything. “You treat me like a child in front of everyone.”

Prime’s eyes brighten as he clenched his hand. “Only because you act like one when things do not go your way,” retorted Prime, his voice held an edge and bits of frustration. “Callie, I am fighting a war longer than you have been alive. I made my rules simple.”

“Those rules shouldn’t fall on me, though. You can’t stop my ability.” Callie turned away from the holoform raising her hands to run her fingers through her hair.

Optimus grabbed Callie’s arm forcing her to turn towards him. His eyes narrowed at her forcing Callie to widen her own. “Use your ability as Ratchet taught you. Do not go against my rules.”

Callie growled deeply in her voice as she yanked her hand away. Back peddling, she shook her head. “You cannot stop me, Optimus.” She shook her head in reply to the commander. “I will protect those who I love. If I am child because of my actions, well I guess that gives everyone the correct answer. We do not belong with each other.”

Callie quickly turned, wrapping her arms around her waist, and walked back up the small slope of land. She continued on the path, walking away from the idling truck. A few of the soldiers saw her return back to base. Ironhide stood next to Lennox. Both looked at each other trying to figure out what happened down at the beach.

Everyone that saw the young woman returned watched as she disappeared around the corner towards the human’s barracks just as Optimus Prime returned in full bipedal form. His optics roamed the base before he slowly closed them. Turning his back to the base, he stood staring out at the ocean watching as the storm slowly approached.

Callie slammed the door closed before sliding against it. She fell to the ground bringing her knees to her chest. Her sobs wrecked her body as silence welcomed her like a hug from a mother. The breeze blew through the window, blowing the white curtain. The smell of rain drifted throughout. Callie continued to cry as the setting sun’s light danced across the sky. When the first roll of thunder echoed throughout, Callie pushed to her feet and used her arm to wipe the tears away.

Pulling the door open, Callie marched down the hallway to exit out of the human’s barrack. Soldiers ran around preparing for the storm. Ironhide and Sideswipe helped move objects inside the hangars. The sun’s evening glow of purple, red, and orange danced across the land as dark clouds continued to roll over the base. Thunder echoed within the clouds as Callie looked upon the open tarmac. Her hazel eyes landed upon the Autobot commander. He stood facing away, his arms clamped tightly behind him.

“Did you say something to the Autobot commander?” asked Emma, one of Callie’s female human friends. Emma knew about Callie and the commander’s relationship and always questioned her about it especially with the species and age difference. She wasn’t against it, just a bit worried for the young woman.

Callie scoffed. “If you are going to agree with what he said, then you have no need to talk with me.”

Emma walked to stand in front of the young woman, placing her hands upon her hips. “No wonder whispers regarding you are happening on base. You are acting like a child. Why would Optimus Prime want anything to do with a child?”

Callie gasped. Her eyes darted over Emma’s face before looking over her shoulder towards the back of the Autobot commander. “You have no idea what he asks me to do. He wants me to ignore my abilities when everyone knows they could benefit.”

“Your abilities create Cybertronian alloy,” replied Emma as she pointed at Callie. “Prime made sure that none of their technology was supposed to be shared and you kept breaking that rule each time. It is a childish act.”

“Childish,” cried out Callie. She turned around and huffed loudly before dragging her fingers through her hair. “If I am so damn childish, why does he need me? Everyone thinks I am too young for him. Maybe I did what was best.”

Emma ground her teeth before grabbing Callie’s arm. She pulled the woman to face her before dragging her hand across Callie’s face with a loud smack. “He goes to you because he loves you. Your action right now is what makes you childish. Just follow his damn rule. It’s plain and simple.”

Callie held her hand against her face, her eyes widen with shock. She watched as Emma turned away and walked towards the other soldiers, helping them with the boxes that needed moved. Her eyes trailed towards the open tarmac and the standing Autobot commander. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she saw Prime’s narrow look as he stared her down.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Callie slowly marched towards the tall red and blue mech. Prime’s optics remained strong and narrow as Callie stopped before him. “Can we talk?” she asked softly. “Somewhere private, please.”

Prime nodded before converting himself back into his alternate mode. The passenger door opened allowing Callie to climb in. The seat belt snapped over her form just as the door closed. Prime turned around upon the tarmac and drove towards the back of the base. A few empty hangars stood in the distance. The sun reflected across the metal as it continued its slow decent into the horizon.

Prime rolled into one of the hangars and released the air upon his breaks coming to a stop. Callie looked towards the radio watching as the dim yellow light sprung to life. “What did you want to talk about?” His voice held no happy tone. It was almost void of everything.

Callie shook her head as she undid the seatbelt and popped the door open. “Not like this. Holoform, please?”

Callie hopped down from the Peterbilt and closed the door. She heard as the driver’s side did the same before boots hitting concrete echoed throughout the hangar. Callie turned to lean against the semi, crossing her arms across her chest. Prime stopped before her, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Emma made me realize something,” started Callie. She didn’t look at the holoform. Her eyes were looking outside the hangar watching as the storm continued on its way. “I just don’t know what to honestly think of it.”

Prime sighed as he raked his hands through his dark locks. “Callie, I have seen both mech and femmes die within this war. I have seen good humans die because of this war. I made my rules, plain and simple.”

“My weapons are as strong as Ironhide’s, Sideswipe’s, and even yours. They could benefit everyone that is on the field.” Callie glanced at the holoform. His eyes narrowed at her dangerously.

“Another reason why that rule is in place,” growled Prime. His hands were tight fists at his side. “If someone from the human government knew you could make our technology, what position would that put me in?”

Callie turned and raised her fists, slamming them against the side of the semi. She didn’t notice the flinch from the holoform as she cried out, “Ignore the damn government. They wouldn’t know what is right for them if it stood in front of them. You can’t keep me caged like a child.”

“I do it to protect you,” yelled Prime. He reached out and grabbed Callie’s arm forcing her to turn about and face him. “Damn it, Callie. I do not want you on the field using anything Cybertronian related. I want you safe.”

“As a parent keeps their child,” Callie snorted as she turned her head to the side. “Everyone is right, aren’t they? You see me as a child.”

Optimus growled as he rolled his eyes. Dropping Callie’s hand, he turned to walk away and pace throughout the hangar. Callie dropped to sit upon the metal step, her hand cupping her chin. Callie, at first, thought Prime saw her as an adult especially after the small intimate contact started between them.

Then again, Callie recalled the night. She had a bit too much to drink and provoked the commander into the action. While his voice kept asking her if this was what she wanted and he remained ever so gentle and prevented anything that could cause permanent damage. No wonder people thought of her as a child.

Callie watched as Prime disappeared around his alternate form. Standing, she walked the length of the vehicle before stepping out of the hangar. Thunder rolled and rain started to fall. Tears that burned within her eyes mixed with the water as she continued her march. She disappeared around some of the smaller hangars before entering one of the abandon office buildings. White sheets covered most of the objects with wooden beams blocking the windows.

The lightening flashed brightening one of the rooms. A pile of tarps and old blankets sat against the wall. Callie walked over and fell to her knees. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and held in the sobs that were trying to take over. Falling to her side and curling her legs in, she listened to the storm as her eyes burned. Sleep claimed her eventually, her eyes closing shut.

Optimus stopped on the other side of his alternate mode and raked a hand through his hair. Did he see Callie as a child? Most of the humans spoke rumors regarding her age. Did they even realize that as a Cybertronian he was almost nine million years old? Age was only a number for his kind. Still, though, the thought of what Callie kept pushing him with, that is what made him think of her as a child, a child that he constantly had to lecture.

Callie wasn’t a soldier, but she wasn’t a normal citizen. Callie’s ability formed Cybertronian alloy which greatly benefit Ratchet on repairs. Prime didn’t need her making weapons especially when those weapons could have the potential of causing more problems especially with the human government.

Still, though. Prime could see exactly what Callie was saying. He loved the young woman quite strongly. She had his spark. Just having her out there on the fields a few times tore at him. He was afraid the Decepticons would learn about her meaning to him. Callie had no idea the danger that could put both him and herself in. He made his rule not just to avoid conflict with the human government but to protect her life at the same time.

Deciding that holding in this anger wasn’t something a Prime needed, he walked around the nose of the Semi to find that the young woman was no longer in the hangar. Rain fell in sheets with flashes of lightening. Prime dismissed the holoform and transformed.

Walking into the rain, he glanced around the military base. Almost completely black with just a few remaining lights casting shadows upon the base, Optimus noticed that the woman was nowhere in sight. Cycling his vents, Prime turned and walked back to the Autobot’s hangar. Maybe after a night of recharge, the woman would be in better spirits. If not, well maybe it was for the best that he keeps her at a certain distance. Keeping her protected was better than any other result.

Morning shined brightly through the huge window of the abandon building. Callie raised a hand to block the bright sunlight. She rolled moving to bring her knees to her chest. Nightmares plagued her most of the night. She wanted to believe that Optimus was right, that she didn’t need to use her abilities other than repairing and helping when Ratchet needed it. However, just the thought of something happening to the Autobot commander pulled at her heart.

Callie pushed forward and stood on wobbly legs. Her body was exhausted from the night. She walked out of the building and look towards the hangar. It was empty, Prime’s alternate form no longer within the small building. Callie turned away and followed the small roads back to the human barracks, her friend Emma stepping out.

“Where were you?” asked Emma as she leaned against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest. “Did you make up with the commander?”

“No, and I think you are right. He does see me as a child, someone that he needs to protect.” Callie walked past Emma. Emma turned and followed her.

Soldiers walked past them, exiting the door, but the girls continued their path towards the section they lived in. “I didn’t want to be right. I thought he loved you, but maybe the love that you were feeling is that of a parent with a child.”

Callie stopped at her door and leaned against it, her hand resting at her back. “I almost slept with him, Emma.” spoke Callie, her eyes looking at her friends before dropping to the ground. “The night of the party, I got so drunk and actually went to him.”

“So? Nothing happened, right. No one can blame you.”

Callie rolled her eyes. “You don’t get it. He is the only one that understands me. I love him, but he only sees me as a child. He got his wish. I will follow his stupid rule.”

Callie didn’t wait for a reply. She walked into her room and shut the door, the lock clicking into place.

Optimus watched as Ironhide trained with the younger bots. Bumblebee tried getting Ironhide mad enough that he would stop, but only ended up laughing when Sideswipe gave the drop on the weapon specialist. Prime smiled, glad that his team was enjoying the little bit of peace they had.

Turning towards the many hangars, Prime’s smile disappeared. No word has been said regarding Callie. He tried speaking with the Major earlier, but he didn’t know what happened with the young woman. Today he had meetings to attend. He didn’t have time to actually worry about the young woman even if his spark burned with worry.

Nodding towards his weapon specialist, Prime stepped away from the Autobot’s hangar and made his way towards Communication Central. Upon his walk, he noticed a young woman, Emma if he remembered right, running towards him.

“Commander Prime, Sir, any chance I could have a word with you?” asked the young woman as she stopped, her hand giving him a salute.

“At ease soldier. What can I help you with?” Prime dropped down to one knee, leveling himself so that the woman wouldn’t have to stare so far up.

Emma rubbed her arm as she glanced back at the hangar. Prime followed her look before turning back towards the woman. “It’s about Callie.”

“Is she alright?”

Emma shrugged, “I don’t know, sir. She spoke about following your rules. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, though.”

Prime narrowed his optics, “Why do you say that?”

“It’s probably not my place, but she mentioned about her being a child to you. I think that was the push.”

Prime raised his head to look towards the hangars and barracks. “Thank you Emma for letting me know.”

The young woman nodded before turning away and running. Prime returned to his full height, a complex thought upon his processors. Callie took the meaning of him seeing her as a child completely wrong. However, in that process, she finally conceded and was going to stop making weapons. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? It was one question Optimus didn’t have an answer for.

Two weeks have passed since Callie decided to follow the rules. Each morning, she would make her way to Ratchet and help him with repairs. Slowly, the young woman was learning the mechanical parts of even some of the vehicles. Eventually, she figured her skills wouldn’t be needed as much.

Two C-17s dropped down, landing with a strong bounce and pulling to a stop a short distance from all the hangars. The large maws opened and soldiers started walking down. Callie watched as the Autobots within their alternate forms rolled out of the plane. Ironhide transformed with a few welding spots needing to be fixed, but it was Optimus that looked worse.

Callie backed into the medical bay. She stared forming metals together creating the Cybertronian alloy Ratchet would need to repair the Autobots. She sat them to the side before tracing her hand against the materials. Creating enough for the repairs, Callie stepped out of the med bay just as Ironhide and Prime walked in.

Callie didn’t see the worry look that Ratchet had upon his face as Prime walked in and took a seat. She continued her path towards Communication Central, one goal in mind. Major Lennox was standing at the bottom of the catwalk speaking with a few soldier. When he saw Callie, he turned towards the young woman.

“I want to leave base,” demanded Callie. Her hands were tightly clenched as tears burned within her eyes.

Lennox sighed, “You know that isn’t possible, not with the Decepticons still out there.”

Callie shook her head. “I don’t care,” complained the young woman. “I can protect myself. People see me as a child, well this child wants out. I will leave with or without your help.”

Lennox was about to say something when metallic footsteps entered the huge hangar. It stopped behind the young woman forcing the Major to stare up. “Callie, we need to talk,” spoke Prime, his deep baritone voice leaving no room for argument.

Callie watched as Prime laid his servo flat across the ground. She looked up into the optics of the commander before rolling her eyes. She heard the light rumble that raced through the Prime’s body before metal digits wrapped around her small form, lifting her from the ground.

Callie sat in Prime’s grip, arms crossed over her chest. She felt the heat from his body, the frustration that he was giving off. “I am not speaking to you, Prime.” Callie threw out as Prime walked out of the hangar and towards an unknown direction. “I am following your rules just as you told me too.”

Prime stopped outside the hangar, dropping is cold blue optics to the woman within his servo. “You have taken this whole child, parent business too far. This ends now.”

“Why?” she demanded. “This is what you wanted, right? You wanted to protect me like a parent does a child, so I am doing as you requested.”

Prime growled, his servo raising the young woman to be level with his optics. “I NEVER wanted to see you as MY child,” he bellowed, his optics flashing brightly.

Callie stared back with wide eyes. Prime ex-vented before continuing his walk. He walked around the hangars moving towards the single lone hangar that him and Callie had talked previously in. He saw the abandon office building to the side realizing that is where the young woman had ran to and hid in for that night.

Callie watched as she was set down upon the ground before Optimus stepped back and converted into the familiar Peterbilt before the driver’s door opened. Callie watched as Prime’s human holoform approached her, arms clasped tightly beside him. She could sense even from the distance she was standing, Prime was beyond pissed.

Callie turned, her arms crossing over her chest. This is what he wanted. He wanted to stop her from protecting the people she loved, well he got his answer. Callie decided to focus on only the repairs that Ratchet demanded of her. She didn’t even stay to watch the Cybertronian alloy be used. Why should she? Once the alloy was made, she wasn’t need anymore.

Callie heard the whispers regarding her action. She knew people questioned why the Autobots even put up with a young woman that was going to disobey each time. If anything, no one knew the relationship Callie actually had or at least she used to have with the Autobot leader. Now things just felt like a lecture. She gets in trouble doing what was required of her and now is being told what she did was wrong just like a parent to a child.

Prime marched to the woman and grabbed her upper arm, pulling her towards the abandon offices. He pushed her through the door and through the hallway towards one of the bigger rooms. Callie pulled her arm out of his grip and turned, her hand smacking across his face, the sound echoing within the room.

Optimus growled forcing Callie to gasp. She slowly stepped back and pressed her body against the wall. “Do you know the situation you have put me in?” Callie watched as Prime stared, his hands flexing at his side. “As a Cybertronian but more as the Autobot leader and Prime, I should ignore this all.”

“Then do it.” Callie shot back. “Forget about me. I want out. I don’t want to stay where my abilities are not needed, and where people treat me like a child.”

Prime stopped before Callie. Her eyes flickered to his watching the different emotions roll through. He slowly leaned towards her forcing her to raise her chin, his hands placed at his hips in tight fists. “You will do no fragging such thing.”

“Why?” cried Callie. She pushed against the human holoform causing Prime to stagger back a bit. “People question it all the time.” Callie threw her arm around the room. “I am over ten years younger than you. Robbing the cradle much, don’t you think? I hear it all. Where do you think the child rumors started?”

“They only started because you started doing childish acts,” retorted Prime. He approached the young woman once more forcing her to glare up into his eyes. “If you only stopped for a second to think about everything I did for you, you would know I have been courting you.”

“Courting me?” Callie laughed. She walked away and shook her head. “Some affection. I am always getting lectured by you. Do your job. Listen to your leaders. Stop messing around.” Callie stopped at the doorway, her hand resting on the frame. She dropped her head and sniffled as tears began building in her eyes. “No. You were never returning the feelings I have. Sure, you cared but only as a parent does for a child.”

Callie walked out of the abandon building and around the rumbling Peterbilt. She didn’t hear as air compressed and released through the semi or how the engine picked up in speed before stopping all the way. Callie continued walking, her arms wrapped around waist and tears slowly falling down her face.

Prime dismissed the holoform and quickly transformed, reaching out and grabbing the woman. He transformed around her as she gasped sharply. His seat belts wrapped around her small form, pressing her against the seat. “We Cybertronians take courting extremely seriously. In no other way was I seeing you as a child,” spoke Prime’s deep, baritone voice. “No, Callie. You are definitely not a child in my optics.”

Callie pushed against the seat belt forcing the locking mechanism to finally snap free. She pulled at the door handle before finally slapping her hand against the window. Prime roared, his engines burning to life as he sped out of the base. The speed forced Callie to fall on her back, the seat belts resuming their position over her form.

Optimus drove down the highway, anger still apparent within his metal frame. Heat blasted through his vents before cool air sucked it out. Callie had rolled away, putting her back towards the dashboard. She wrapped her arms around herself and slowly succumbed to sleep by the rocking motion of the Peterbilt.

Prime never once saw Callie as a child. Sure, people whispered behind her back on why he even put up with her, but no one knew what Callie went through. Violated by three Decepticons, learning to trust both humans and Cybertronians, learning to control her powers when any type of metal could be transformed into their living metal. It was a lot on a young human’s shoulder. Optimus understood the burden too well.

As Callie opened up and started spending time with Optimus, something started to develop between them. He never wanted to open his spark. Once loving and then losing, it was almost too much for him. He never wanted to go through that once more. It was Callie that showed that even if one love dies another can appear even during times of war.

Slowly Prime was opening his heart again. He watched as she smiled at him, how no matter the distance she allowed him to carry her. Her pheromones were intoxicating when he was near her that one day when he placed a chaste kiss using his metal dermas upon her forehead, she had turned and returned the same. It was right there that he started the marking process and began courting her. He could see a life with her, a human woman that captured his spark.

Optimus pulled to a stop, the open fields were surrounded by the high mountains. He transformed, cradling the young woman close to his chest. He walked carefully through the fields stopping where a waterfall fell into a small pool of crystal-clear water. Tracing a single finger down the young woman’s back, he watched as she rolled before pushing up on her hands.

Prime dropped down to one knee, setting the young woman upon the ground. Callie looked around, watching as the water splashed against the rocks forcing the small ripples to dance across the small pool. She walked forward and dropped upon a rock, tracing her hand throughout the water, watching the little life that existed.

The transformation as Prime converted to his Peterbilt form pulled Callie’s thoughts to look over her shoulder. She watched as the driver’s side door open and Prime stepped down in his human holoform. His eyes stayed focused on her as he closed the door and began his approach. Callie narrowed her eyes before returning to the small water life below.

Callie felt as Prime stopped behind her. He dropped to his knees and draped his hands over Callie’s shoulder, pulling her back flushed against him. “You have no idea how intoxicating you smell, how even my patience was starting to grow thin.” His voice was warm against the side of her neck. She shivered against the feeling.

Callie breathed deeply as she closed her eyes. Opening them, she stared at the falling water. “Our age is so different, not just in your human holoform but as your Cybertronian species itself. I didn’t think you saw me anymore than a child, especially with how you treated me.”

“I never once lost interest in you, Callie,” spoke Optimus. He brought a hand to cup her face, turning her towards him. Her eyes glisten with tears as she stared into ocean blue. “Not once.”

Callie’s eyes widen as Prime pressed his lips against hers. The rushing sound of the waterfall and the gentle breeze that blew through the trees were the only sound as Optimus wrapped his arms around Callie’s neck, turning her towards him, his mouth sweeping across her own as his tongue pecked against her bottom lip.

Callie closed her eyes and allowed him to deepen the kiss, his hands dropping from her neck to dig within her brown hair. She heard him groan as he rolled to lean upon his knees. He pulled her flush against him as she pressed her lips harder against his own.

When breathing became an issue, Callie turned her head away, his mouth ghosting her cheek with soft pecks as he trailed them down the side her neck, stopping at her raging pulse. He whispered against it, sending a shiver throughout her body, “If I saw you as a child, would I be wanting you?”

Callie eyes flickered to the fluffy white clouds and clear blue sky. His lips lingered against her pulse as his lone hand rubbed against her waist just at the hem of her shirt. She gasped shortly as his thumb brushed against her bare, feverish skin.

Optimus sat back upon his legs, spreading them and bringing Callie in between. He wrapped his arms around her waist, his thumbs ghosting against the skin that was shown when her shirt rose. “Each small touch that I did in my full bipedal form was a simple mark, the beginning of courtship for my race. You opened up my spark when I never thought I would have that feeling once more.”

Prime leaned his forehead against Callie, brown staring into blue. “I want you, Callie. I want you as my sparkmate.”

Callie’s mouth hung open, her tongue darting out to moisten her bottom lip. She trailed her eyes over Prime’s looking for any clear sign that this was a dream, that he still thought of her as a child. It frustrated her and confused her at the same time. He was showering her with love, but she knew once they returned, it would still be the same. She still wouldn’t be able to make any weapon with her abilities to protect him.

“O… Optimus.” Callie’s voice was hoarse from the kiss and almost breathless. “This still doesn’t change anything.” Callie pushed back to sit upon her own knees. She raised a hand to brush her hair from her shoulder, her eyes flickering to the water before returning to cool blue. “I still won’t be able to make the weapons to protect the one I love.”

Optimus dropped his head, his hands resting on his thighs. “I know,” he replied gently. “It is hard for me to relinquish this one rule. I have seen how humans use technology for war. Our own would cause catastrophic danger just as it tore our world apart. I am doing it with the best interest of humankind in mind.”

Callie swallowed hard before tracing her tongue over her lips. Moving to a knee, Callie placed a chaste kiss upon Prime’s head, “That’s why I will leave. I cannot watch the people I love go to battle when I have that chance of protecting them. I am sorry, Optimus.”

Callie stood and walked away. She walked around the idling Peterbilt before crossing through the open field back to the long black highway, the yellow broken lines leading in both directions. She folded her hands around her upper arms and began the long track back to base never hearing if Prime left the location by the small pond and waterfall.

It was nightfall when Callie walked through the barricade gate. Lennox came running towards Callie, looking over her shoulder towards the open highway. Callie only shook her head while Lennox sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Ironhide drove up next to the humans. He transformed and looked between Callie and the highway before transforming back into the Topkick and speeding down the highway.

Callie continued walking, Lennox at her side. No one spoke a word. Already she saw soldiers both men and women along with the Autobots looking at her. She heard the whispers forcing her to hold her arms tighter and tears to prick her eyes. Eventually, Lennox wrapped a arm around the young woman as both disappeared into human barracks.

“Callie, what happened?” asked the Major. Callie was seated upon a small cot within the human barrack. Lennox brought a cup of water to the young woman, but she ignored it.

“I rather not talk about it,” spoke the young woman. She turned upon the small bed, pulling her knees to her chest and leaning her arms against her knees. “Tomorrow, have someone take me back to the States. I am leaving.”

Lennox nodded and stood. He looked over at the young woman for only a few seconds before he walked out of the building.

The Major watched as Ironhide drove back onto base with Prime bringing up the rear. Both transformed and walked towards the Autobot’s hangar. Lennox staring running towards them and watched as Ironhide disappeared before turning, two purple cubes in his hand. He handed one to Prime before moving to sit upon the ground, his metal back leaning against the hangar’s metal.

Optimus stood leaning against the door frame. He sipped the cube before turning his optics to the Major. “Callie is in the human barracks. She has requested to be taken back to the States,” spoke the Major as he stopped before the Autobot leader.

Optimus ex-vented before taking a drink of the high-grade, “Let them. She believes that nothing will change even when I am trying to protect her.”

“She is scared, Prime,” replied Lennox as he stood leaning on one leg, one hand resting on his hip. “A young woman who had five years taken away from her brutely. Only within the last six months has she opened up. True, her weapons are using your technology, but I have not seen one leave her hand.”

“I still made my rules. If the government saw me letting Callie using our technology as a weapon, what would stop them from forcing all their soldiers to use it. I will not have a repeat on Earth just as Cybertron was destroyed.”

Lennox dropped his head and shook it, a deep sigh escaping her lips, “Honestly Optimus, I do not believe that would be the case.”

Lennox turned and walked away from the Autobot hangar. Ironhide raised an optical ridge towards the commander. Prime narrowed his optics at the weapon specialist before draining the rest of his cube. Crushing it within his servo, Optimus stepped away from the hangar and made his way towards the sandy beach, sitting upon the cliff and watching as the waves battled against the shore.

A small airplane sat in the middle of the runaway, the propellers on both side spending quickly. The pilot stood outside, arms crossed as he waited for the passengers. Callie dragged everything within the brown backpack. Her eyes roamed over the small workstation she had within the medical bay. Ratchet stood leaning against his own, arms crossed and optics draw together.

When Callie woke in the morning, Lennox was already at her side. He told her the rules for leaving the base. She wasn’t allowed to say a single thing. She wasn’t allowed to contact them. When she stepped on the plane, her life on Diego Garcia was over. Callie knew what she was doing.

Giving the Autobot medic a sad smile, she walked out of the medbay. Lennox stood outside, his arms crossed. He dropped them and helped Callie carry her other bag towards the waiting plane. Ironhide stood next to it, fully transformed. His optics were narrowed as he shook his head. Callie didn’t even lift her head. She gave her bag to the pilot and followed him to the small door.

Optimus stood leaning against the door frame of the Autobot hangar, arms crossed over his massive chest. His optics watched as the pilot helped Callie into the small plane. Ironhide had drove to find him when Callie returned to base. He fought with the weapon specialist saying that he should have never opened his spark. His focus was on the war with Decepticons. He could no longer let feelings and other emotions get in the way. He was a Prime, a leader.

Optimus watched as the door to the plane was closed before the pilot walked to the other side. Small words were said between the major and the pilot before Lennox ducked his head and ran away from the plane. It turned on its wheels before driving down the runway. Prime stepped away from the hangar and watched as the plane gain altitude before flying over the base and towards the States. With an ex-vent, he closed his optics, his spark breaking once more.

Five months have passed since Callie arrived back in the States. She moved to the east coast, finding a small apartment and job doing small metal work. No one knew the difference between her metal and any other type of metal. She created small creations, selling them at a certain price. She even helped mechanics with small bit of vehicle work. It was enough for her to survive day to day.

The sun was starting to set as Callie walked back to her apartment. Thunder rumbled in the distance, dark clouds floating through the sky casting the orange and red colors below it. Callie unlocked the door and stepped inside. Her screen door was open to her small patio. The breeze brought the scent of rain in as she dropped her bag near the small kitchen. She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water before walking towards her bedroom. The curtains blew against the open window as Callie drank the water before she grabbed a change of clothing and disappeared within the bathroom.

It was hard at first moving on. Childish acts kept playing across her mind. What she did was childish. Prime almost propose to her and she threw it in his face saying that she didn’t care. As the water ran down her face, Callie stood staring at the tile floor. No, it wasn’t because she didn’t care. No, she cared too much, loved the Autobot leader too much to listen to him when she knew how to protect the people she loved.

Callie stepped out of the shower and dressed. Using the smaller towel, she dried her hair. Moving to her screen door, she opened it and stepped out, the towel still in her hand. The sun’s orange and red color burned against the ground as lightening danced in the horizon. When she arrived in the States, Callie made a small weapon and kept it hidden in her apartment.

With her hair dried, Callie grabbed her bag and walked out of her apartment, locking the door. She skipped down the stairs and turned down the small street, heading towards the central part of town. She never noticed the sound of a strange engine or the transformation. When sharp metal claws reached for her, Callie’s eyes widen in fright as dark blood optics stared at her before transforming and placing her in the cockpit. The jostling from the Decepticon forced Callie to succumb to darkness.

Callie groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, the harsh light causing her to squint them. She was inside an abandon warehouse strapped down to a metal table. Outside, the sound of battle vibrated against the many glass windows, shaking them with the force. She heard the growls as Decepticons fought back against the any. Callie wiggled her hands, leather straps held her down. Her eyes flickered across the room. The warehouse contained rusted machines and farm equipment. She watched as a metal door was slammed open and a certain Decepticon walked in, a smirk dancing across his metal face.

Megatron stopped at Callie’s side. He traced a single long claw down Callie’s face, a trickle of blood bubbling to the surface. Another loud blast shook the windows, some cracking and crashing small bits of glass upon the concrete floor. Megatron growled before turning away from the young woman. Callie watched as the huge metal door was opened and soon closed as Megatron left the room.

Callie looked towards the leather wraps. She followed them to the side where metal held the leather to the table. Her hand pressed to the table, the ability snaking towards the metal, twisting it and turning it. She felt it snap from the table, the leather wraps growing loose. Callie repeated it to the other side before she slipped the wraps off.

It was the first time Callie saw her body. Her legs were scraped with many tales of long claws damaging her delicate skin. Blood stained the metal table. Her arms were sore along with her legs. She saw the amount of blood pooling around her lower body, mostly between her legs. Again, pain flickered through her body, but she pushed through it removing the leather straps and rolling off the metal slab.

Callie’s legs felt like jelly as she walked over to some scrap metal. Using her ability, she combined each piece and twisted them, forming a small ion blaster. Holding onto the old machines, she slowly made her way to the human size door. A blast outside forced the door to fall to the ground. She stepped outside into bright sunlight watching as the Decepticons fought a losing battle.

Callie’s eyes widen. She saw the sight as Optimus Prime stood in the middle, one energon blade along with an energon axe before him. He sliced and cleaved through Decepticons as if they were butter. His battle mask hid all emotions, but his optics burned bright white. Prime wasn’t fighting with honor or nobility. No, he was fighting with pain and anger.

Callie stopped by a lone tree. She brought up her ion blaster and aimed it at a Decepticon that was approaching Prime from behind. Lining the shot, she fired. An orange blast shot through the Decepticon just as Optimus turned, his axe cleaving the Decepticon’s head completely off its metal body. Optimus’ optics roamed quickly before landing on the single tree, his eyes widening before blinking slowly.

Callie heard as he roared. With the speed known from battle, he changed his energon blade to a blaster, pointing it any of the Decepticons that stood in his way. He called out a name, Lennox, and pointed. Callie watched as soldiers dressed in military gear ran in her direction.

“Oh my gosh, Callie!” exclaimed the Major as he stopped by the young woman’s side. Ratchet was near his side in seconds. He used his scanner before dropping his optics to the major. Ratchet only nodded letting Lennox know what exactly happened. “How, Callie?”

Tears pricked Callie’s eyes as she dropped down to the ground, her arms wrapping around her stomach. It twisted and turned before she crawled away to wretch everything and anything remaining. Her small weapon laid where she crashed, Ratchet dropping his eyes to it. Lennox shook his head as he helped the young woman back to sit near the tree. She reached for the small gun, pulling it to her chest.

“We saw the blast that destroyed the Decepticon behind Prime. Was that you doing it?” Callie nodded before showing the small weapon. It looked like a small handgun, but everyone knew that she had made a small compound ion blaster. “How did you arrive in this situation again?”

Callie shook her head, “I don’t know. I stepped out of my apartment and the rest is a blur. They hurt me Lennox that much I know.”

“I warned you that the Decepticons were still loose. You have ties to the Autobots which is a perfect reason for them to snag you.”

Callie nodded, “I know and I am sorry. I am just thankful that you arrived here.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank Optimus. He noticed something was off and made the decision to come to the States.”

Callie glanced to the Autobot leader. He was still destroying Decepticons, his battle mask hiding his emotions. His optics caught her sight, and she saw the anger and pain within them. He roared, racing out and destroying the remaining Decepticons. Megatron had already escaped and the rest of the Autobots were cleaning up the mess.

Callie watched as Prime stood, one hand holding his gun at his side along with his axe dragging against the ground. She watched as both fell to the ground before Prime dropped to his knees. Callie stood and slowly made her way towards the Autobot leader. Standing before him, she tilted her chin up to look him in the eye.

Tears pooled and fell as she mouth one full sentence to him, “I am so sorry, Prime.”

Optimus fell forward, his servos wrapping around the young woman. He pulled her to his chest, his body shaking. Callie sobbed against the warm metal, her hands gripping against any piece of Prime’s body.

Callie woke to silence. Her eyes slowly opened to glance around the room. It was medical bay upon the military base. She heard the small sounds of someone messing with a few tools. She arched her head and saw Ratchet walking into the room, stopping by his workstation. He leaned against it, both servos laid flat against the metal surface.

“Ratchet?” Callie’s voice was rough. She coughed forcing the mech to turned towards her. He picked up a small tray that held a cup of water on it and placed it before the young woman. She quickly drank the cold liquid. “How long?”

“Three days,” replied the Autobot medic. “We returned after the battle. Your injuries finally caught up to you. Again, I am sorry, Callie, for what has happened to you.”

“Thank you, Ratchet,” spoke the young woman a wry smile across her face. “Have you seen Optimus?”

Ratchet nodded his head, “He came by this morning before heading in for a debriefing. Why, Callie, did you decide to leave?”

Callie’s eyes roamed to the close door of the medical bay. She dropped them to her hands clasped together as they laid upon her lap. “In everyone’s eyes, I am a child especially to Prime. I felt like my abilities were not used to their highest potential. He mentioned something about courting me, but in truth, was he really just doing it to protect me?”

Ratchet ex-vented as he stepped back to lean against a metal table, his metallic arms crossing over his chest. “Callie, courtship is extremely important to us,” spoke the medic, his optics narrowing upon the young woman. “When we find a potential mate, we mark them instigating the start of a bond. In human terms, he was proposing to you and eventually would marry you in similar sense except without the whole marriage thing you humans go through.”

“He doesn’t love me, Ratchet. He only protects and cares for me like a parent does for a child.”

Ratchet shook his head, “No, Callie. Prime wouldn’t be doing anything with you if that was the case. He has too much on his shoulders right now with the war to focus on a child.”

“Then why do I feel like one,” whispered the young woman.

Ratchet took a step towards Callie. He bent down to be eye-to-optic with the young woman, “Because of your actions. You fight against everyone when certain rules were placed with certain reasons. No one is exempted, not even you.”

Callie stayed in the medbay for two weeks. Ratchet wanted to monitor her and make sure her recovery was better this time around. Eventually, she was given the okay to leave. Callie had returned her things to the small room within the human barracks and took up her job on creating the living metal for Ratchet.

Optimus would stop occasionally and stare at the young woman before continuing with his duties. There seemed to be a strain between the Autobot leader and young woman, but most knew that Callie was just trying to stay out of trouble.

Eventually, one day when Callie was by the beach watching as the waves crashed against the rocks, sand pulled and pushed against the water, she heard as a custom Peterbilt engine pulled to a stop. Callie watched as the driver’s door was opened and Prime stepped down. He followed the small path towards the beach, stopping at Callie’s side.

“Are you feeling better,” asked the commander, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared out over the water. Callie nodded. “Good. You had me so scared when I saw the condition you were in.”

“I thought leaving would make it easier for us both.”

Prime turned and narrowed his eyes at the young woman, “And you never thought of the consequences with the Decepticons still on Earth?”

“I honestly thought I wouldn’t be miss. Ratchet doesn’t need me. He has plenty of Cybertronian metal.” Callie’s voice was quiet as she wrapped her arms around her legs. “And everyone thought me as a child, so I didn’t want to be a bother.”

“Frag, Callie,” cursed the Autobot leader. He stepped forward and dragged his hands through his hair before turning on the woman. “I told you, I do not see you as a child. I love you.”

“But that love could be seen as a parent loving a child.” Callie stood, dusting the sand from her legs. She walked up to Prime and stared him in the eyes. “I am right, am I?”

Optimus breathed deeply and reached out a hand, cupping the side of Callie’s face, “You are wrong. If I did, would I be doing this?”

Prime tipped Callie’s face up and pressed his lips to her own. Her eyes widen as he dug his hands into her hair, his lips gliding against her own. She gasped softly, her lips parting just enough for him to deepen the kiss. When breathing became an issue, he separated to lean his forehead against her own.

“I am asking again, Callie. Become my sparkmate.” Prime cupped her face and stared into her eyes. “I love you.”

Tears pooled and fell like never ending rivers. Optimus gently rubbed his thumbs against the liquid as she nodded, whispering, “Yes. Yes. I love you.”

Prime smiled before sealing his lips against her own. Passion ignited between him, his hands wrapping tightly against the young woman. Wrapping his arms around Callie, he picked her up never breaking away from the kiss.

Optimus walked the short distance to his alternate mode. He opened door, sitting Callie upon the passenger seat. She leaned forward, her hand cupping the side of his face. He turned pressing a chaste kiss upon her palm before climbing inside the semi and closing the door.

Callie woke to the quiet rumbling of the Peterbilt. A muscular arm was wrapped tightly around her waist, holding her flush against a bare chest. Callie rolled pulling the sheet over her body. Prime was still sound asleep or in recharge. Callie smiled as the memories danced across her mind.

Optimus never saw her as a child. He was only concerned for her safety. He never wanted to lose her, not when she held his spark. That night Optimus bonded with Callie. In human reference, she was now his wife and in result, married to him.

Childish action lead to miscommunication. A simple love turned towards deep affection. Morning rolled over the beach as two people stayed wrapped within each other’s arms, their love for each other stronger than ever.


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