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A New Beginning Part 2

Summary: Callie had been waiting for almost 2 years for Prime to return from the mission. During the wait, Callie started a friends-with-benefits with one of the soldiers: Eric. It wasn’t what she wanted and she knew Prime would be angry with her upon his return, but she basically said, ‘Fuck it.’ The wait was beginning to have its affect. However, when Prime does return. It doesn’t go easy for her. His punishment is exactly what she wanted.

Warning: M (mech/human sparkbonding/sexual content)

Callie wrapped the sheet around her lithe body. Today marked two years since Optimus Prime left with Ratchet and Ironhide to the mainland for an extended mission. The wait was slowly starting to take its toll on her. Each news regarding the small skirmishes and extended period kept reminding her that this is what she forced herself into.

A soft groan filled the room. Callie glanced over her shoulder at the man as he rolled onto his stomach, the sheet pooling around his bare hips. Eric was a good replacement even if it wasn’t truly what she wanted. The young man, four years older than her, knew how to please her. His touch brought a strong range of ecstasy each night that she laid with him.

The remaining Autobots, Sideswipe, Arcee, and Bumblebee, were not too fond of Callie’s actions. They knew she was the intended to Optimus, something that they took quite serious on Cybertron. An intended was the next step to bonding. The Autobots could only hope that Prime returns soon before Callie decides to leave with the soldier.

Another month passed. Some of the soldiers were given permission to return to the states to see families. Eric was one of those soldiers. He wanted Callie to travel with him and meet his younger sister along with his parents. At first, Callie was against the idea, but after waiting so long for Prime to return, she slowly decided to give Eric a try.

The Autobots tried their hardest to convince Callie to not get herself involved with humans. She was Prime’s intend. They knew she interfaced with him in bipedal Holoform. That made her mark that much stronger, but it also initiated the bonding process.

While Sideswipe and Bumblebee had no other ways to explain it, Arcee remembered her previous bondmate: Cliffjumper. She sat with Callie one day and explained about the mark. Callie argued with Arcee that she was human and not a Cybertronian. It was different for her. There was no permanent mark upon her. Again, Arcee explained that the mark would not be visible for her, but other Cybertronians would know.

Callie ended the conversation with a shout saying that Prime has been gone too long. She couldn’t wait.

It was the day before Eric was to leave for the mainland when Callie heard the sound of a large C-17 approaching the base. It was pretty normal especially around this time. A short rain shower had already passed leaving the tarmac wet. Callie watched out the window of the human’s barrack as the plane descended, popping its wheels as it landed hard against the ground. Water splashed as the breaks were initiated. The plane rounded before coming to a complete stop.

There was another plane, much smaller than the C-17. It landed beside the C-17. Callie watched as the maw opened. Major William Lennox walked out with the other soldiers, backpacks and weapons upon their back. Callie’s eyes widen upon understanding what was happening.

Callie ran out of the barrack and stopped right outside the door. The maw on C-17 lowered to the ground. The first vehicle to emerge was a white and yellow medical hummer followed by a black GMC Topkick. Both rolled out and transformed into their bipedal forms of Ratchet and Ironhide.

Callie watched as Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and Arcee raced over to welcome them back. Their voices were harsh whispers as an update regarding the last two years was explained. Callie gulped as Ratchet and Ironhide turned their helms in her direction. Eventually, her attention upon them was removed when Eric stopped by her side.

Callie tried to pay attention to Eric, but the noise belonging to a familiar diesel engine roared within the C-17 before rolling forward and down the ramp. Again, Callie swallowed hard as the Peterbilt with a blue body and red flames continued towards the other Autobots. Ratchet and Ironhide were still looking in Callie’s direction when Optimus Prime transformed into his full bipedal form. Once completed, Ratchet and Ironhide turned towards him.

Prime’s optics narrowed as Ratchet spoke to him followed by Ironhide and Arcee. Callie watched as his optics rolled to Eric before widening and then narrowing once more. Sweat began to grace Callie’s face. Her hands felt warm as her heart started to pick up pace. Callie looked over at Eric. His face showed confusion. She wanted to apologize and explain, but panic raced through her skin forcing her to turn and hastily walk away.

Callie heard as Prime called out her name. It was more of a growl than anything. She picked up speed and ran around the barracks towards the open field that lined the base. She didn’t stop even upon hearing as the Prime converted into the Peterbilt and took off in her direction. His alt mode wasn’t actually built for the terrain of the fields so he transformed back into bipedal form and continued towards the woman.

Prime watched as Callie ran, slipping across the wet grass. The field opened to low hills that raced down to sandy beaches and blue ocean water. Grey clouds covered the sky while gentle rumbles of thunder echoed around the area. He continued walking towards her even as she slid down the small hill and began racing across the sand, following the shore.

Callie knew Prime was behind her. She tried losing him through the sand knowing that all Cybertronians hated getting sand stuck in their joints. He only followed the rolling hills knowing that she would eventually return, and she did. The hills brought her on the open fields once more. He was ready, though. With one grip of his servos, he was able to grab Callie within his metal hands.

“No more running, Callie,” spoke Prime, extremely calm compared to what she thought he might feel like. “We need to talk.” There was no argument with his tone. He transformed around her, placing her within the cab of the Peterbilt. The doors locked and he drove through the small sand road back to base.

Prime didn’t stop as his wheels made contact with the solid ground of the tarmac. Callie looked out the window and saw Ironhide and Ratchet shaking their helms. She tried pulling the lock and door handle, but none would budge. Prime drove out of the base onto a narrow highway as dark clouds began to push against the horizon.

Callie doesn’t know how long Prime drove. The countryside blended with the rolling hills and pastures. She knew the base was on a small island and that over half of the island belonged to the base. Eventually, she heard the crunching noise of dirt as he drove through huge hills and tall trees.

Callie recognized the location. It was the same location that Optimus told Callie about the mission. His brakes hissed as he pulled to a stop. The doors unlocked and the passenger side was opened. Callie crawled out and watched as Prime transformed.

Optimus slowly dropped down upon one knee to be level with the young woman. His mark was still quite present, but his sense of smell picked up what Callie had been doing recently which confirmed what Arcee had told him. His servo clenched forcing the young woman to take a step back.

“Don’t you dare be mad at me.” Callie called out to him. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared into his optics. “You were gone for over two years, Prime. Two years.”

“Yes, but I also explained that once I return the bonding would need to be completed.” Prime closed his optics as his fans cycled the air. “I just didn’t expect you to go interface with another human. I can smell him, Callie.”

“So? I had needs just like any normal woman.” Callie ran her fingers through her hair as she turned away from the commander. “Two years! That is how long you forced me to wait. I cannot just turn it off like you guys. I just couldn’t wait.”

“You waited that long before you interfaced with me for the first time. What is the difference?” retorted Prime. His optics flashed as anger began to tear through him. His spark knew what needed to be done. Explaining it would be easy. Going through with it was going to be the difficult part.

“The difference,” growled Callie as she turned around, hands placed on her hips. “The difference is I had you on base. I could go to you, kiss you, hold you. These last two years, there was nothing. You were gone, damn it.”

Callie watched as he transformed back into the Peterbilt. At first, she thought she said something wrong. However, that proved to not be the case. Electrical sounds surrounded the vehicle as Prime’s bipedal holoform appeared before her. “Well, I am here now!” growled Prime as his servos reached out to grab her arms.

“It’s not the same,” she screams. “Where were you during those two years?” She pulled back her arm, and he released her. She turned away, ignoring the Holoform altogether, “Dismiss the holoform. I want to talk to real you.”

“Callie, I – ”

“Now, Optimus!” She insisted sharply. The Holoform disappeared in a glittering array of sparks, Callie passing through the fragments to approach the form of Prime. “You don’t understand, do you? I was scared, worried, and alone. That does things to a person. What I did doesn’t mean a damn thing! I needed something to help with the hurt and the loneliness of you being gone. My thoughts kept wondering if you were even alive. You can’t fault me for that, and I won’t let you.”

Prime growled as the transformation completed. Reaching forward, he wrapped his long metal digits around her small body. Bringing her to optic level, his optics narrowed before flashing. “I told you the night with me in bipedal that it was the start of a bond, and I would return to complete it.”

“As if, Prime. You never explained a damn thing to me. I slept with you with no idea on how things were going to play out. Two years I had to wait and look what it did to me.” Callie crossed her arms and stared. She wasn’t afraid of Prime and she wasn’t about to ignore anything that had happen in the last two years.

“You don’t get it, Callie,” growled Prime forcing Callie to drop her arms. “The bond has started. I am wanting it with you and willing to finish it if you will still have me.”

“How, though? I am just a human, not Cybertronian.”

Prime brought Callie near his face to the point she could see every small detail within his optics. His vents cycled causing a light shiver to dance over Callie’s body. Laying his servo flat, he allowed Callie to move back. His other servo curled into a fist as he ran a single digit down Callie’s back.

Callie leaned against the touch, her eyes closing. They opened quickly, though, upon hearing what Prime had to say, “By having the full me, no Holoforms.”

Callie eyed Prime. His optics were serious. His dermas set in a straight line. His digit continued to trace between her shoulder blades. His touch was feather-light, gentle. “Is that even possible?”

Optimus nodded as he leaned forward, his metal lips pressing gently to Callie’s forehead, “To some extent, yes.”

Callie felt movement as Prime walked towards the mountains that guarded the small lake. He followed the edge towards a location he could sit and extend his body but remain covered without anyone seeing. Slowly, he sat against the rocks, his legs laying straight out upon the ground.

Callie crossed her arms and raised a brow to stare at Optimus. “I actually don’t know how this is going to work. There is a size difference.”

Optimus chuckled as he placed Callie upon his chassis. “The bonding process happens with the spark. It already sees you as my intended.” His servo wrapped around Callie protecting her from the elements as he stared into her eyes. “Now, undress. Skin to metal is needed for the process.”

Callie watched as Optimus moved so that he was leaning up a bit. His servo never left her back. Slowly, she removed her clothing, folding it and laying it to the side. The warm breeze tickled her skin forcing goosebumps to raise. Quickly, she covered herself embarrassed to be standing upon Prime when she had no idea how this was supposed to work.

Optimus used his free servo to bring it to his chassis. He pulled the metal apart, baring his gray protoform beneath along with his spark chamber. “Lay across the chamber. My spark will not hurt you.”

Watching his optics, Callie slowly made her way towards the glowing space. The bright blue enveloped the location as Callie laid her full body across the warm metal. She felt the movements of Prime’s metal form as vents cycled air as he quietly groaned against the feeling.

“Is laying across this doing something to you?” Callie wanted to sit up. She wanted to see Optimus. His servo laid across her form while one metal digit traced across her skin, slowly circling her breasts before dipping low.

“The spark is one of the most intimate places upon a mech besides his interfacing equipment. I can please you by my hand while your body returns the favor.”

“What do you mean?”

Prime chuckled before running a metal digit once more across Callie’s bare form. He stopped at her waist and watched her carefully. Her heart started to race. Her hands began to close, dragging the nails gently across the metal. His body vibrated against the touch forcing Callie to roll her legs apart and his digit to grace across her lower region.

Something different raced over Callie’s thoughts as she felt the feather-like touches from Prime’s digit. The warmth of his spark chamber encased her with a feeling of love. Its bright blue almost swallowed her away as her mind drifted to the scenes that played upon each thought.

Optimus approached slowly, not pushing and not forcing. A bond took time. It allowed one’s spark to open to another, allowing the smallest of details to be exchanged. It would be different with Callie. She had no spark but a human heart. Prime traced against her skin watching as she arched against his touch. His interfacing equipment burned from want, but this was different. He needed to focus on the bond.

Closing his optics, Optimus pushed out with his spark. A soft groan escaped the woman’s lips as his spark closed around her. She stood before him. His optics trailed her flushed skin, each gasp of air echoing with short puffs. With a step forward, his spark pulsed. Her eyes locked with his as warmth spread between both.

Curling his finger, he called for her. Callie walked into Prime’s arms as his spark grew brighter within the room. Thoughts mixed changing the scene. Prime rolled his digit along Callie’s lower region. Liquid coated his digit as he pressed against the bundle of nerves. With a strong grip, he pulled the panel off. His servo brought strength and relief as each movement was rocky. He slipped his mind back to his spark, allowing the scene to unfold.

Callie sat Indian style upon the ground. Her eyes were closed as he slowly approached. His metal pedes silent upon the ground. He dropped down to his knees and trailed his servos down her arms. Callie rolled her shoulder and pressed her back against the warm metal of Prime’s chassis. Rotating her head, she slowly opened her eyes. He was lost once more.

Prime picked up speed. Rolling and pulling against himself as he continued to press upon Callie. Her hands reached behind her, scraping against the plating. He watched as her stomach muscles clenched before her breathing came out deep. She was close. He could tell that much. Needing to overload together, he picked up the pace, rocking into his hand.

The last scene of the bond had Callie standing before him. Her palms were faced up. She watched him carefully as he approached, his spark chamber open to her. Grabbing one hand, he placed it within his chamber. His other grabbed upon her, intertwining their digits and fingers. He pulled her flush against him and felt her cry out as his spark pressed against her heart. It was the final scene.

Callie arched as her climax rolled over. She breathed deeply as the spark chamber caressed her body. She felt as Prime rolled through his overload. The engines working double the time along with each fan and vent. Eventually both were able to come down from the high. Callie slowly moved down, allowing Prime to close his chest plates. Callie returned, curling into a ball. Her eyes drifted close and sleep claimed her small form.

Prime carefully cupped the small woman and transformed around her, laying her upon the mattress. He active his bipedal Holoform and rolled in behind her, spooning against her. Prime reached for the blanket and wrapped them around the young woman. The bond was there. He could sense everything about her. Callie Andrews was his bond mate.

Callie woke the soft sounds of an engine rumbling. Rolling over, she saw Prime laying against her. Inside her heart, she could feel something, a connection like no other. Callie smiled as she traced her hand down the metal face plates. She watched as Prime’s optics rolled online. Once more, she smiled.

“I love you, Optimus Prime,” she whispered against his lips.

Prime smiled and wrapped his arms around the female, pulling her flushed against him, “And, I love you, my beautiful bondmate.”


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