Imagine in Words

A New Beginning Part 1

Summary: Prime has to tell Callie about leaving on a long mission. They really haven’t talked much about their relationship. Only soft glances and of course the touch to his face and the touch from his metal finger. All the Autobots decide to take Callie out on a small camping trip to break the news, but it turns out Prime had another plan, one that could change everything.

Warning: M (mech/human sexual content)

The sun was warming the land as Callie stepped out of the small building. It wasn’t much, just a small dirt room with walls and a roof. Callie chose this location for the autobots to transform into their bipedal forms instead of their alternate modes and holoforms. Ratchet, Ironhide, Optimus Prime, and of course, herself were traveling back to the NEST base that was situated on the far side of the island.

Callie knew the autobots were busy with missions. Sometimes they were gone for weeks at a time returning with wounds that surprised even her. She heard from the humans especially Major William Lennox that none of it was severe, but the thought that none of them had a time to relax, it made her concern.

This small trip was perfect. It allowed them to get out and enjoy being away from all the humans and the business of the day. Optimus had mention that he wanted to enjoy a few more days. While Callie had no idea on the reason why, Ratchet and Ironhide both knew. Ironhide, Ratchet, and Prime were leaving on a longer mission that could put them away with a minimum of a year returning. They would be staying at a base within the states instead of returning back to the island.

Callie and Prime’s relationship was unique. They have been together for already a year. Both cared deeply for each other and have expressed that in many ways. She was Prime’s lover even if nothing else was planned. Callie was considered his intended, but she truly didn’t understand the meaning. She did, however, feel like their relationship was enough. Both loved each other and were quite happy with the results. However, Callie wanted more. It was just a matter if Optimus was wanting to go in that direction.

The morning sun dried the dew upon the ground. A smile danced across Callie’s lips as she watched Optimus walk towards her and convert himself into the custom Peterbilt. Callie jumped into the vehicle. Her leg bumped the gearshift accidentally while her hands dragged her nails against the leather. She felt the vehicle rumble but only took that as Prime getting the vehicle started.

All three vehicles drove for an hour before pulling onto a dirt road. The road wrapped around a few of the high hills and forest covered land. Callie wanted to see, but Prime decided to have Callie wait in the back upon the sleeper mattress. Luckily for her, it was quite comfortable and she drifted to sleep. Her mind wasn’t on what was happening outside but on her relationship with Prime. She knew she loved him.

The vehicle rolled to a stop. Callie moved to the front and saw the view. Rocks formed a high cliff behind a small pool of water. A waterfall fell into the water below forming rough ripples against the smooth surface. A small stream left the pond to disappear into the hills. Ratchet and Ironhide had already allowed their human Holoforms to exit out of the vehicle.

Prime chuckled as Callie quickly got down and ran down the small meadow towards the water. She turned around, spinning allowing the sun to gaze down upon her face. It broke his spark that he had to mention the bad news. Ratchet looked up at his alt mode and shook his head. Right now, wasn’t the time.

Prime opened the driver’s door and stepped down. His human Holoform was one that Callie had seen multiple times. His button up short sleeve shirt with the colors of red and blue blew against the breeze. Beneath his black V-neck shirt hugged each muscle perfectly. His jeans road low on his narrow hips as his dark dress boots crunched against the grass.

Callie stopped by the edge of the water. She looked over her shoulder at the scene that made her body feel warm with happiness and love. Ironhide’s alternate mode, a black GMC Topkick, was parked to the left of the custom Peterbilt. Ratchet’s alternate mode which was the yellow and white medical Hummer was parked next to it. All three human Holoforms stood in front of them.

Prime stood the tallest as the other two men stood on opposite side of him. Ratchet eventually moved to a log while Ironhide walked away to find wood for burning. Callie laughed. Prime stayed standing watching her carefully. Well, he was about get a huge surprise.

Callie grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She heard in the distance as the Peterbilt revved its engine. She dropped the shirt upon the ground before bending down to untie her shoes and remove both them and her socks. Standing straight, she undid the button and zipper allowing her jean shorts to drop to her feet. Again, she heard the Peterbilt rev as she stood before it in only a sports bra and panties, both in the colors of the Autobot commander.

Slowly stepping forward, her hips swayed back and forth before she dived forward into the small pond. The water wasn’t too deep and she resurfaced after a short swim. Looking back to the vehicles and Prime, she noticed he was sitting on a log next to a blazing fire. His eyes were staring straight at her.

“Oh, come off it, Prime,” yelled Ironhide as he smacked the man behind the head. Prime growled at him as Ironhide laughed. Ratchet joined in the laughter before standing and walking towards the water with Ironhide following. Both men stripped down to their boxers and jumped in the water, surprising Callie.

Callie was lift by Ironhide and dunked behind him. Callie jumped up and began splashing back. Ironhide just laughed. Ducking into the water, Callie grabbed Ironhide’s leg forcing him to tumble backwards into the water. Ratchet laughed before Callie jumped on him forcing him under too.

Callie just laughed before she turned to face the shore. Optimus was leaning upon his knees with his head held within his hands. His eyes were staring straight at her almost as if they were burning holes. Callie’s breath caught in her throat for a second before Ironhide wrapped his arms around her waist and tossed her back into the water. Ratchet quickly grabbed her next, but she rolled away. Grabbing his foot, Ratchet fell once more under the water.

The game of dunking lasted throughout the afternoon. Eventually, Callie crawled upon the soft sand and laid upon her back. The heat from the sun warmed her body. She heard the noises of boots approaching and tipped her head back to look behind her. Prime’s eyes were narrowed as he dropped a towel. He turned away without even saying a word which forced Callie to roll onto her side. She reached for a rock and tossed it at his back. Unfortunately, Prime was quick and caught the rock, crushing it in his hand.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Callie. She stood and wrapped the towel around her body before reaching down to grab her clothing.

Ratchet shrugged. He had already reset the Holoform. His clothing was completely dry along with his hair. Ironhide had done the same. “Probably just jealous,” laughed Ironhide.

Callie scoffed, “Why would he be jealous?”

“No one understands Optimus at times. We just roll with it since he is Prime,” commented Ratchet as he walked back to the fire.

Callie crossed her hands over her chest, the towel and clothing falling to the ground. She narrowed her eyes at Prime. He stood against his alternate mode with his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were still staring at her. Callie finally rolled her shoulders and sighed before marching up the small hill. She remembered when they left the base that Ratchet had grabbed her bag. It had a change of clothing, but nothing underneath for her to change into. Oh well.

Callie held the towel tightly around her body as she walked in front of Prime. His eyes narrowed as he watched her walk to the other side of Ratchet’s alt mode. Already her bag was sitting on the open end of the Hummer. Callie used the towel to dry her hair before sitting it down. She removed her bra and underwear before pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Wrapping the towel in her hair, she shoved her wet clothing into the bag.

Optimus was no longer standing against his alternate mode. Actually, as Callie took a seat on one of the logs, she noticed that he was nowhere in his human Holoform. Hot dogs were on sticks and cooking over the fire. Marshmallows were also out. While the Autobots didn’t eat human food, they did have containers of High Grade to help them enjoy the night.

As Callie snacked on some Graham Crackers, she tried to figure out what was wrong with Optimus and why he had disappeared. It was Ratchet’s voice that broke her thoughts. “Callie don’t worry. Prime is just doing a perimeter check.”

“Did he have to dismiss the Holoform?” asked Callie as she looked over her shoulder. She understood why. She watched as the Peterbilt engine came to life and Optimus drove away from the small group. “Oh, he is leaving.”

Ironhide tried to smile as he moved to sit next to the woman. Placing a hand upon her shoulder, he tried to cheer her up. “Don’t be sad. He’ll be back.”

Callie tried to enjoy the rest of the evening, but it was hard too. Optimus Prime had not return even by the time Callie was ready for bed. Ratchet and Ironhide both had the idea on packing a tent just in case Callie wanted to sleep outside the vehicles. They helped her set it up before she climbed in and fell fast asleep.

Before Ratchet and Ironhide dismissed their Holoforms, they watched the tent for a few seconds and then turned to stare at each other. The news Optimus had for her was going to be devastating. It was only a matter of time when he was going to tell her.

A soft breeze followed the chirping sounds of insects woke Callie. It surprised her that Ratchet and Ironhide remembered blankets and such when the trip was decided. Callie unzipped the tent and stepped out. The morning was cool as she wrapped the blanket around her body, her shoulders peeking through the top.

The sun was rising over the cliffs, reflecting upon the pool. The smell of rain drifted across the breeze signaling a storm not far away. Callie walked carefully down to the water. The waterfall splashed against the pond forming mist in the air. Callie could see a small rainbow. It brought a smile to her face even if the memories of last night reminded her of who wasn’t there.

Callie turned and saw that the Peterbilt had returned. Optimus stood leaning against the grille, dressed in only the black V-neck shirt and dark jeans with his arms crossed over his chest. Ratchet and Ironhide were standing beside him. The tent was already packed with the fire completely out. Callie looked at each Autobot’s Holoform. It was there that she realized something was going on.

“Did I do something wrong?” asked Callie as she approached the three men. Ratchet sighed before walking back towards the Hummer. Ironhide shook his head before he did the same with his vehicle. The only person who remained was Optimus.

“I am leaving,” spoke Optimus. It was direct, no gentle way of saying the truth. Callie looked at him a bit confused. Optimus signaled for her to walk towards him. She stopped an arm length away as he continued to stare at her. “We are required for a mission that will take us back to the mainland. Unfortunately, this mission will last for quite some time. The minimum time is one year.”

Callie looked around the area at each of the Autobots. Ratchet stood next to the driver’s door of the Hummer, his head held down. Ironhide was in the same position by the Topkick. Prime stood with his arms crossed as he stared at Callie.

“The trip? Everything that we have been doing?” Optimus nodded slowly. “You were preparing me for a goodbye.” Again, Optimus nodded.

Callie backed away as her eyes jerked back and forth upon the Holoforms, tears dripping from her face. These three Autobots protected her when she needed it most. Ratchet was like a father while Ironhide was like a stubborn uncle. Optimus was different. He was her lover and also her guardian. And now? All three of them were leaving, disappearing without an idea upon when they would return.

Callie screamed into her hands. All three men watched her. She eventually calmed down, but the emotions on her face were voided of everything that made Callie Callie. She walked over to the passenger side of the semi and climbed in, closing the door quickly. She snapped the seat belt in the place and rolled to face towards the window. Closing her eyes, she heard as the vehicles started up and drove away.

Thunder rumbled as the sun began to move through the late parts of the afternoon and into evening. The sky was cast in a dark orange color as blue, purple and red flowed against the horizon. The breeze was cool as small drops of water fell from hanging pieces to the ground below. Puddles were everywhere across the dark tarmac. Callie didn’t care. Her mood was as gloomy as the late afternoon.

Callie had arrived back at base with Ratchet, Ironhide, and Optimus over three hours ago. Eventually when Prime pulled to a stop within the hanger, she jumped down quickly and ran, tripping over her own feet. Lennox was at her side as she laid across his arms, devoid of emotions. He looked over at Prime, and he saw the look upon the leader’s metallic face. She knew about the mission.

Three hours later and Callie stood leaning against the door frame of the huge hangar watching as the clouds rolled overhead. The weather had mention two storms. The first had already passed. The second would arrive within the next hour or two. Callie watched as men ran around trying to get everything ready for the second storm. While the first storm didn’t have much wind, just a soft drizzle of rain, the second storm was supposed to be quite stronger.

The Autobots were within their own Hangar. She watched earlier as Ironhide had a bit of training done. Even Optimus got involved. They did some hand-to-hand combat with Optimus receiving most of the punches than any of the Autobots. Eventually, he stopped everyone before disappearing back into the Hangar.

Callie wanted to speak with Prime. She was supposed to be his lover. How was she supposed to take the news of the mission? Happy with a smile like an obedient wife? She wasn’t married to the man. She knew what being his lover meant, but it was nowhere close to being what a husband and wife was supposed to be. She was still metaphorically unattached.

No, if this was going to be the last day that she saw the Autobot Commander, she was going to end their relationship with a bang. And Callie had a good idea on how.

Callie watched as the clouds rolled across. She knew she wasn’t alone. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw the Autobot Commander staring at her, his optics narrowed and the metal form tensed. She hadn’t said a word since they returned, and it bothered him. Good. Dropping this type of news wasn’t a good feeling.

“We need to talk, Callie,” rolled the deep baritone of Prime’s voice. Her eyes trailed over the metal form of Prime before settling upon his sky-blue optics.

Callie nodded before walking onto the tarmac. Prime followed her as she disappeared into one of the hangars that was not used much. White sheets hung from metal beams as some work was done within the room, but at the moment Callie wasn’t sure of what.

“Transform, if you want to talk. Don’t bring the human Holoform out. I want to talk to the real you as real as I can get.”

Callie didn’t wait for Prime to complete her request. Slowly, she stepped forward dragging her hands across the hanging sheets. A breeze blew into the hangar as lightning brighten the room followed by the rumbling sounds of thunder. She heard in the distance, though, as Optimus converted into the Peterbilt. The vehicle rolled in to one side of the hangar before zaps of electricity followed.

Callie knew he had a bipedal version of himself. He admitted it once that he didn’t like to use that form. It was a representation of himself and allowed some of the protocols to follow. He was afraid of what it might do to Callie or any of the humans on base. All the Autobots had similar ones. It was a matter of how much they could control themselves.

Callie continued to walk. More sheets were laying upon the floor. It confused her what this Hangar was used for until she saw the pail of paints in one corner. Turning in a circle, she noticed toward the edge were paint splatters. Callie shook her head and continued walking. She felt the breeze once more as it moved the sheets.

Optimus slowly walked on the opposite side. His metallic pedes grazing against the floor. His optics narrowed as he watched the young woman. Her body was releasing a range of emotions. It was hard for him to understand exactly what she was feeling or even trying to tell him.

Callie stopped with her back facing him. “I don’t know if I can go on like this,” spoke Callie. Her voice was harsh. It was hard to hear it over the thunder but Prime heard it.

“What are you talking about?” Prime bent to step under a beam and through the white sheets.

Callie looked over her shoulder. Tears were burning within her eyes and slowly cascading down her cheeks. “Us. I don’t think I can handle our relationship anymore,” she glanced at him hesitantly. “I’m not a soldier’s wife, Optimus. I can’t wait a year…not like this.”

“Callie,” he inserted sharply. “You are my intended. You just can’t simply dismiss that, not what has happened between us,” his tone was biting on the brink of anger but more confused than anything. “I have given you my mark. That means something.”

Callie swallowed hard, “I know that!” She spat sharply. “But that? That is for you and your people. Your culture. What about me, though? What commitment does that mean for me when you are gone?” She wrapped her arms around herself, her tone growing small. “I can’t bear the thought of waiting for you that long.”

It was true. Callie carried Prime’s mark, which was a Cybertronian cultural norm which signal that she was his intended, and unless they both committed to the life-long decision to bond, she was nothing more than a lover. An intended. It was similar to Earth’s concept of dating or “being in a relationship.” They hadn’t decided to fully sparkbond, sealing them together in a permanent union.

Optimus wasn’t entirely certain what she meant by being unable to wait for him. She’d told him before that she loved him, wanted him, and she’d accepted his mark without hesitation. He remembered the look upon her face, that passion as he took the only remaining thing Callie had to offer: her body and her innocence. Callie had been proud to do so. But now this? Did she want it reversed?

His expression hardened. “Callie, I do not understand,” he was about to continue but her barking laugh dismissed his thought.

“I should have known,” laughed Callie. It was a hollow laugh as she turned away from him and began walking once more. His optics watched her carefully as she held her head low. “I should have known this would happen. I’m nothing but just a lover to you, aren’t I? Someone to warm your bed at night. You aren’t serious about anything!” Her tone was biting and cold.

“You have every right to be mad at me, but I didn’t take you as my intended just for you to abandon the commitment,” he challenged, watching her carefully. The sound of thunder continued to echo outside as the sun began to disappear. A few lights upon the tarmac had already turned on, but the hangar they were in remained dark. “This is deeply personal to my people, Callie. I made this decision with the utmost reverence and care. It is not something that can be removed.” Prime’s optics flashed.

“That’s great!” She called up to him, her face red. “That’s great that you have this to hold on to. It doesn’t help me though. I don’t know how long you will be gone. I can’t just sit around and wait. I am not a soldier’s wife. I am not attached.”

He was quiet for a long moment. “What is it that you want, Callie?”

Callie turned to stare at Prime. His servos were clenched tightly by his side as his optics stared at her. Callie’s heart began to race. She wanted to be more with Prime. She wanted to be his wife, one that he would rely on for the rest of her human life. She knew that her life was a blink of a second, but any moment with him was better than nothing.

And even if Prime didn’t want that, she still wanted one thing from him. A chance to love him through his true form even if it was a Holoform representation. She wanted that chance to just have him. That is what she needed, him in the truest of his forms. That was the commitment.

Callie wrapped her hand upon her shoulder as the other hand hung against her hip. “I just want you. Nothing more, as real as I can. I just want you.”

Prime took a few steps towards Callie, stopping and forcing her to look straight into his optics.

Optimus’ optics widen as Callie quickly pushed herself against him. Her mouth crashed with his dermas forcing his vents to cycle and his servos to clench. He felt as her tongue pressed against the metal pieces of his lips forcing him to open. A groan echoed through him as her tongue battled with his glossa.

Callie didn’t stop there. From the surprised reaction from Prime, she was able to push him back until his metal form fell hard against the pillar holding the Hangar’s roof. Her hands ran over his form, tracing within each seam, gripping each sensitive wire. Once more, he groaned against the feelings.

Certain protocols that Optimus was afraid of surfacing started to edge apart. There was a reason almost all the Autobots were against interfacing with humans in their Cybertronian forms whether that be true forms or Holoforms. His servos moved to grab Callie around her waist, his digits pressing against her skin.

Callie moaned against the feeling. Her mouth continued to battle his glossa as she dragged her nails over his abdomen and straight south. She felt as heat pooled around a certain section of the Autobot Commander. Callie wasn’t naive. When she first started sleeping with Optimus, Ratchet made sure she understood the metallic biology that made each mech a mech and a femme a femme. If he was going to leave her, allowing this strain between them, then she wanted him one last time, but only through his bipedal form.

Her hands continued to trace within the seams along his hips. The engine within his metal body revved as her mouth continued to attack him. She felt the heat as it continued to build upon his metal form. The grip upon her hips was almost painful as he finally pushed her back. Her lips were swollen as her cheeks were flushed with color. Optimus’ optics were bright almost white in color as his vents cycled multiple times allowing his fans to kick on.

Callie tried to reach for him once more, but the grip he held upon her kept her rooted in place. Each protocol that he held in place wanted to snap. He knew Callie was trying to get something from him, something that worried him. A strong hiss escaped his dermas as Callie continued to trace her lithe fingers along the seams for both his chassis and the lower panel.

“Callie,” Prime called out her name, hoping to get her attention. She looked up at him before placing a warm wet kiss against the middle of his chassis. “You need to stop.”

Callie shook her head against him. “Please. I want this. Before you leave, give me you as yourself.”

Optimus chuckled as he raised a servo to hold the side of her face. She leaned into the touch forcing another chuckle to rise through his metal form. “Every form I have is myself, Callie. You should know that.”

Callie shook her head. “I know, but what I want is you as real as I can have.”

Optimus’ optics widen as he felt her trail her hands once more across his chassis. Her lips dusted against the metal, warmth forming across his body. Once more, the protocols that were set started to slowly begin to snap. He needed her to understand before anything went farther.

Grabbing her arms, Optimus forced Callie to step back. He leveled his head to stare into her eyes. A serious look graced his face forcing Callie to blink a few times. Her tongue darted out to lick against her bottom lip.

“If we continue, you need to understand, all reserves will be removed. This is a stronger commitment, far more intimate.” Optimus’ optics flashed brightly as his grip tighten upon the young woman. He watched as her eyes widen as a shallow gasp escaped her lips. He narrowed his optics and watched as she slowly nodded. “The mark will be the beginning of a bond, Callie. I will need to make it permanent when I return. Do you understand?”

Again, Callie stared at him and slowly nodded. She knew what it meant and what she wanted.

Each protocol that he was holding back snapped. His grip upon the young woman increased as a growl escaped his dermas. He pushed the woman back, slamming her back against the opposite metal pole. A soft moan escaped her lips but didn’t remove him from his actions. His servo dragged over the front of her shirt. He pulled it hard. The collar stretched. Dropping his grip upon the material, he brought both servos above her head.

Prime’s optics flashed as he stared at Callie. His voice growled out a command, “Undress. Now.”

Callie swallowed hard. Her eyes narrowed as she felt the heat build upon the commander’s armor. His engines kicked on along with a few of his fans. He wasn’t going to order her around, not after everything he put her through. No, she was the one to take charge not him.

Ducking under his arm, Callie turned to face him. Her arms were crossed over her chest. She smirked at Prime. She watched as he dropped his helm. The venting upon his metal form kicked up a notch. His voice, an extremely deep smoky baritone rumbled towards her. “Callie, do as I say. You wanted this.”

“Yes, but not with you as a primal beast,” she returned sharply. “You said it was far more intimate. Show me that intimacy, not this.”

Prime growled as he reached for the young woman. His servo grabbed her wrist, pulling her flushed against his metal form. “Cybertronian interface is extremely intimate but also brutal. You wanted all of me, remember? I have kept my protocols in check, but if we continue those protocols will be released.” His dermas nipped Callie’s ear forcing a subtle gasp. “There will be no going back.”

“Then there is no going back.” Callie pressed her lips to his dermas forcing his optics to widen upon the shock. A low growl rumbled through his chest as his spark kicked up in speed.

With a grip around her waist, he dragged her down upon the white sheets. His servo reached for her shirt once more, not caring about the material. Callie heard the tear as her breasts were freed from her shirt and bra. Her body arched against his metal form as his servo palmed her breast, hardening the peek even more.

Prime’s dentas bit against Callie’s bottom lip before his glossa soothed over it. The short gasp was enough for him to invade. Both his glossa and her tongue battled for dominance within their own exotic dance, the taste of metallic and organic mixing together. His body, a straight contrast against the sheets upon the ground and summer breeze that blew in with the oncoming storm. He rolled himself against her, letting her feel the vibration from the engine, the makings that made him.

Callie’s body arched against him. The edges of the metal leaving different feelings upon her skin. Her arm snaked around his neck. She grabbed the wires forcing a strong growl to vibrate throughout his metal frame. His dermas separated from Callie. He leaned upon his servos and knees. Callie’s lips were swollen red similar to the color of a rose while her cheeks were flushed with pink dusting. Her breathing came out in short pants. Prime never saw any femme more beautiful than the one below him. To think that she wanted to end their relationship. It was impossible. She was his even if they have not spark bonded.

Callie tried leaning up, reaching for any part of the mech above her. He reacted by lowering himself. Slowly, she traced her hand across the many groves of his facial plates, along the optical receptors watching as Prime’s optics widen and narrowed. While he didn’t need to breath, the rush of air from his dermas and fans heated the space between them. Callie arched against his metal digits as they glided across her flesh towards her hips. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt her shorts being ripped away, leaving her completely bare beneath him.

His servo cooled the heated flesh as he dragged a single digit across her legs towards the inner part of her thigh. While Callie was no virgin, that didn’t mean things were going to remain the same as if she was sleeping with his human Holoform. No, this time around it would be different.

Callie gasped in short breaths as one digit traced around the heated flesh. It was a strange contrast as he touched her there, curling the object forcing her to arch against the contact of hot and cold. She felt as he entered a second. Slowly, the movements began. She stared into his optics before his dermas were on hers once more, his glossa invading and making her forget everything but the strange sensation of an undeniable pleasure that she never wanted to forget.

The cold air returned when he removed his hand. Optimus’ optics flashed as he grabbed Callie’s shoulder and rolled her onto her stomach. The move surprised Callie forcing her to look over shoulder. She heard him growl as dropped back against her. His metallic form vibrated as his servos explored. His dentas left nips against her shoulder before his glossa trailed over them.

“I never intended for you to remove my mark, Callie,” spoke Prime, his voice a deep smoky baritone. It forced a shiver through Callie’s bare body. His metallic form vibrated against her once more sending shocks of pleasure throughout her. “Even if we haven’t bonded, you would have been mine. You are mine.”

Callie growled and forced herself to turn within the arms of Prime. Her eyes narrowed as she stared into his darken optics. “Then make me yours.”

Optimus felt his spark swell. If only he wasn’t leaving for the mission, Callie would know exactly what that mean. For now, he could intensify mark, make it known that when he returns, Callie will be his. Reaching towards the location of his hips, Callie followed her eyes as he removed the panel concealing his interface equipment.

Their eyes locked, hazel staring into sky-blue. Callie felt him adjust. He parted her legs to place himself in the middle. Her tongue darted out to moisten her bottom lip. Optimus’ metal form vibrated against her waist and stomach forcing shivers of pleasure straight down to her toes. Callie slowly blinked as Prime sealed her mouth with his dermas. His glossa darted in, surrounding her with an exotic dance just as he sheathed himself to the hilt.

Callie arched against him, a short gasp escaping her lips. Prime tried holding in the groan as Callie’s body tighten around him. Even for him, it was almost painful. “Callie, you need to relax for both our sake.”

Prime wrapped his servo around her head, his digits disappearing into her hair. Tears leaked from Callie’s hazel eyes to mix within the locks. Optimus dropped his forehead to lean against her own. Her breathing came in short breaths. Eventually, he saw her softly nod. He slowly began a gentle movement. The heat, it was like the burning sun. It seared them both with a passion that left them dying for more.

Callie arched her body once more, meeting him with each thrust. Speed and strength increased. She watched as Prime’s optics darken, his grip upon her tightened. He ground his dentas together before Callie forced her eyes shut, enjoying the delicious feeling that rolled through her. All his protocols were released. He rammed each thrust forcing loud, deep gasps from the woman. It was a darkness that neither wanted to venture in. It was the intention that forever would be soon.

The road was a windy path as lightening and thunder echoed around them. The vibrations from the metallic form of Prime increased as his intakes and outtakes cycled air. Just as a bright flash of lightening followed by a deep boom of thunder, her climax hit her like a ton of weights followed by an intense surge of his own overload. It was enough to make her scream and him to growl.

Prime dragged himself to the side, crashing on his front. Callie rolled to drape herself over his back. His intakes and outtakes were cycling hard. Her breathing was coming in strong pants. He rolled on his side and reached for the young woman. She crawled to him and spooned against his warm form, the sheets draping across both their forms.

“I will return, Callie,” whispered Prime as he pressed his dermas to Callie’s head in a light kiss. “This mark is now the beginning of a bond. It will need to be completed. Wait for me. I swear on my spark to return to you.”

Tears prickled Callie’s eyes as she slowly nodded. Her eyes were heavy with sleep. His chest rumbled forcing Callie to finally close her eyes and fall asleep.

The morning breeze danced across the white sheets. Slowly, a metallic form unwrapped himself and stepped to the side allowing the Holoform to disappear in a ray of sparks. His vehicle rolled to life and backed out slowly from the hangar. His transformation was almost noiseless as both Ratchet and Ironhide joined him at his side.

Callie rolled, tracing the space beside her. She felt no metal, no warmth. Just coldness of the sheets laying upon the ground. Sitting up, she noticed Prime’s Holoform no longer near her. Callie stood on weak legs. She wrapped the sheet tightly around her form before walking to the front of the hangar.

Optimus Prime stood in full bipedal speaking with both Ironhide and Ratchet. Major William stood at his feet. His optics rolled to the side before landing upon Callie’s form. Their eyes locked for merely a few seconds before he nodded. Callie knew he was stating his claim once more. He would return. It was a new beginning for Callie. She knew that her life for the next year wouldn’t be the same, but at the end, it would be worth it.

While Callie’ wasn’t a soldier’s wife, she did understand something. She didn’t need to be a wife of a soldier. No, Callie was the intended mate of Optimus Prime, and once he returned, she would become his chosen Sparkmate. It was a new beginning, one that held many possibilities.


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