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Spark to Heart

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Trigger of Trust • When Optimus becomes injured during battle, Callie takes into her hand to forge a weapon using her ability of combining alloy to form Cybertronian metal. This causes a rift between Prime and Callie for he had one rule. This broken trust, could it be just the push Callie needs?

Tempting Weapon • Callie’s past comes to haunt her when a Decepticon is caught doing the worse possible crime. Deciding to break the rule again, Callie uses a weapon that she created to go against Optimus Prime and bring the Con down. The process forces a consequence that almost changes her relationship with the commander. However, one tempting act might cause everything to be forgiven.

A New Beginning Part 1 • Prime has to tell Callie about leaving on a long mission. They really haven’t talked much about their relationship. Only soft glances and of course the touch to his face and the touch from his metal finger. All the Autobots decide to take Callie out on a small camping trip to break the news, but it turns out Prime had another plan, one that could change everything.

A New Beginning Part 2 • Callie had been waiting for almost 2 years for Prime to return from the mission. During the wait, Callie started a friends-with-benefits with one of the soldiers: Eric. It wasn’t what she wanted and she knew Prime would be angry with her upon his return, but she basically said, ‘Fuck it.’ The wait was beginning to have its effect. However, when Prime does return. It doesn’t go easy for her. His punishment is exactly what she wanted.

Childish Actions • Callie has continued to disobey the one rule that the Autobot leader had laid out: do not make weapons using Cybertronian technology or alloy. With this all, rumors have been spread that she keeps acting like a child and he is only worried about her as a parent. When Callie questions everything and finally decides that nothing will be the same, Prime takes a drastic stand proving that she no child to him and he is not her parent only for certain consequences to befall them both.