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Shades of Grey 002

He knew the scent would linger. Hell, because of youkai laws, the young miko shouldn’t be anywhere near him. Instead, his fucking brother should be taking her back to his castle and finishing what he started. The anger that radiated through his skin made his eyes bleed red. Just watching her bathe in the water, the scent of his brother drove his youkai side to a point that he was afraid of the outcome. InuYasha wasn’t sure what was going through the woman’s head. It didn’t make any since on why she would even go. Kagome knew that Sesshomaru was trouble. Why would she do it? Why would she betray him?

Kagome was walking back to the village when InuYasha dropped from the trees. The eyes which were usually warm kept flashing dangerously from molten gold to blood red. He slowly marched towards her, tightening his hands causing small droplets of blood to fall upon the ground. She walked backwards, bumping into a tree. Kagome swallowed hard, her breathing starting to race along with the beat of heart. “Inu…Yasha.” Her voice failed her, shaking with the fear she was starting to feel. She was never afraid of the hanyou in the many times that she has been traveling with him, but the look as his eyes kept bleeding dangerously red with the purple jagged marks slightly appearing on his cheeks. Yes, right now, she was very scared of the hanyou.

It was quick, a look of shock caused by the pain with small bead-like red dots in three single straight lines formed upon her face. She cringed as tears formed in her eyes as she listened to the heated words laced with venom. “You fucking bitch. Why the fuck did you do it?”

Kagome slid to the ground. Her body shaking like a rattle snake’s tail. “I am so sorry.” Her words were choppy, shaking with each one that she spoke.

“For what?” He seethed. “For fucking my own fucking brother.”

Kagome shook her head vigorously, tears racing down her face stinging the scratches caused by the hanyou’s claws. “I never meant too,” she hiccupped. “I don’t how it happen. It was all hazy.”

He snorted turning away from the frighten woman, “Don’t be so naïve. You fucking knew exactly what he was doing to you.”

“My mind was in such a haze. I swear. I honestly thought he was you. He even stopped when I called your name.”

InuYasha barked out a laugh that was so unlike him. It echoed through the trees causing some of the birds to take flight. “You shouldn’t be that stupid. We haven’t even defeated Naraku yet.” That thought alone caused Kagome’s racing heart o clam, even if it was a little bit. “Fuck, Kagome.” He growled out. “The sickening stench of that bastard makes it so hard for me to stay in control.”

“I’ll go home,” she whispered. “I stay in my time till the scent isn’t there anymore.”

He pushed from the tree and took a step back, crossing his arms into the sleeves of his haori. “Probably best. Go now before things get out of control. Don’t stop, just pack and go.” His eyes started to bleed red as he bit out the last part. Kagome didn’t wait around. She quickly stood and ran back to the village.

InuYasha sighed deeply as he pushed off the ground to land on a thick branch of a tree. His claws smelled of Kagome’s blood. He chuckled darkly, the flashing of his eyes peaking through once more before the molten gold took over completely. He knew at the time his control was slipping. He was actually surprised the situation didn’t go worse. He just wished he knew why it all happened. Why was the young miko in such a situation with the tai-youkai?

InuYasha remembered the day so clearly. He cursed when the young villager asked for help. He didn’t want to leave the modern girl unprotected due to her powers being sealed. Who knew what Naraku had plan especially if he was scared of Kagome’s spiritual powers? However, even with explaining his reason, both the elder miko and monk explained multiple times that she would be safe in the village. The rat youkai infestation took longer than expected. When he returned back to the village, the scent of his brother was faintly in the wind. He quickly called out for Kaeda when he noticed that Kagome was no where in site. He was just not prepared for what the old miko was going to say.

Quickly telling Miroku and Sango where he was heading, he raced off to the castle in the west. It was late afternoon when he crashed through the wooden double doors. The scent was so strong that his eyes bled red as he watched the tai-youkai emerge from a room upon the upper floor with no armor, sword in hand, and his white haori wide open. InuYasha wanted to beat the crap out of the bastard especially when he noticed a scent of young miko cloaking his body. Instead, he quickly leaped up to the room and found the young woman upon the bed.

InuYasha quickly wrapped the girl in his haori and raced out of the castle. The memories choked him as he remembered how strong the scent of lust and desire was wrapped around both the tai-youkai and the girl. A dark chuckle echoed of the trees as the hanyou gripped his hands causing drops of blood to follow. He was actually surprised that he held back this much. Having the girl leave to her time was probably the best idea.

Kagome quickly packed her bag and walked out of the hut. Miroku and Sango were walking back to the hut with Kaeda when they noticed her standing by the door. “Kagome are you okay?” asked Sango as she walked up and reached her hand out, gently touching the scratch marks upon Kagome’s Face. Kagome stepped back bringing her hand to her face. Sango’s face went straight to worry. “Kagome what happened?”

“It’s noticing. Scratched from a tree when I dropped my things,” she quickly said turning to grab her bag she dropped upon the ground. Kagome didn’t see the shared look of concern the monk, demon slayer, and the elder miko had. “I’m heading back home for a bit. I have a huge test to prepare for.”

“Kagome did something happen with InuYasha,” asked the monk. He walked in front of the girl. She had tears in her eyes as she started to nod but quickly shook her head. “Sango take Kagome for a little trip. I’m going to try and talk with InuYasha.”

Sango quickly called for Kirara and soon both her and Kagome were off but not before InuYasha dropped from the trees. “Where the fuck is she going?” yelled InuYasha as he pointed to the flying two-tail as it got smaller in the distance.

“We need to talk, InuYasha,” said Miroku calmly as he took a seat against the wall of the hut.

“No, we don’t,” said InuYasha in a deep flat one-level tone.

Miroku sighed, “Ever since you and Kagome have returned, something has seemed between the two of you.”

InuYasha snorted, turning his back to the monk. “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think. Just stay out of our fucking business if you what’s damn good for you.” With that, InuYasha jumped back into the trees leaving a stunned monk.

“That didn’t see go how ye wanted it to go,” said Kaeda as she took a seat on the ground to sort through some herbs.

Miroku sighed as he crossed his arms. “No, but I did get a small hint that whatever did happen, InuYasha wasn’t far from losing it.”

Kaeda blinked. “How did ye know that?”

“His claws,” said Miroku blankly. “There was blood dripping from them.” Miroku knew something horrible must have happened for InuYasha to be in such a state. He can only hope that Sango might fair better with getting some answers from the young miko.

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