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Shades of Grey

Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to InuYasha or any of the characters from the anime/manga. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

Summary: She almost made a costly mistake, one that will take time and trust to repair.

This idea has been sitting on my mind for a while, and I just wanted to try and run with it. I don’t expect it to be very long. However, if a flame is received, it will be removed. This takes place after Kagome has gone home for her test when her powers are blocked but before Naraku is defeated. Hope you enjoy.

The rain sounded like small pebbles hitting the old, thatch roof. The building wasn’t complete with only a small wooden pillar holding up one corner of the roof while two walls held the rest. She sat in the corner, legs pulled to her chest, as a small fire kept the cool temperature away. She knew he wasn’t far, sitting upon the roof getting wet by the rain while she stayed dry. He already checked out the area and caught some fish which were cooking upon the open fire.

She released a sigh as she glanced out at the barren land that probably once belong to a farming family. This building was the only standing structure with other stones and pillars that were once a house or stable scattered across the land. She understood why he would be upset even angry. Heck, she hoped he was angry or at least felt some type of emotion.
It has been four hours since he came to retrieve her from Lord Sesshomaru’s castle. Not one word was spoken as he picked her up, placing the red haori around her body. He had a look in his eyes of betrayal, hurt, confusion, and also anger. Kagome didn’t know how to explain the situation or even if what had happened was true.

It started in the early morning. InuYasha, Miroku, and Sango were called away from the village to help with a rat youkai infestation that was plaguing the outskirt villages. Kagome had remained with the elder Miko of the village, Kaeda, since her powers were still blocked. She was sitting outside sorting through a pile of herbs when the tai-youkai of the west approached her. He required her assistance with explaining some female details to the young child that was in his care. Kagome wanted to wait for the others, but no one ignored InuYasha’s older brother, especially when he has come asking for help. Letting Kaeda know where she was heading, she left with Lord Sesshomaru back to his castle.

Once at the castle, Jaken, the small imp demon that was currently serving the tai-youkai, lead Kagome to the small child. Rin was outside playing in the garden when she noticed Kagome. With a smile and a few flowers in her hand, she sat on the ground to listen what Kagome came to explain. Once everything was discussed, Rin ran off to play while Kagome remained outside admiring the beautiful flowers and scents that came with the garden.

The rest was obscured. Kagome doesn’t remember how she was once in the garden and then upon a king-size bed with him leaning over her, a strange heated look in his eyes. His front haori was free showing the broad muscles of his bare chest. Even her clothing was unbutton showing her bare skin. Her mind was confused, racking with both lust and desire but also guilt and betrayal. All she really could do was stare into his eyes. He moved so gentle as he leaned forward and nipped against her neck causing small moan-like sounds to escape her lips. He used his claws to trace small circles against the inside of her thigh. She never felt like this before and wasn’t sure if this was something she wanted to keep going with, or if it should come to a complete stop.

His lips were upon hers as he shrugged off his haori and moved to straddle her with his legs. He kissed her deep, parting her lips and teeth with his tongue. She closed her eyes letting the lust and passion take over. Was it passion that she was giving into? Her mind hazy with what was happening kept sending her signals of betrayal.

The kiss was broken when the need for air became too strong. He dropped his mouth to her neck, nipping has he trailed down to her breast, perk from the cold but tender to his touch. He traced the nipples with his tongue as his claws continue to draw circles upon her thigh. It was a burning ached that heated her straight to her core, twisting and turning. It something new, something dangerous, and once again, something felt wrong leaving a hidden feeling of guilt and betrayal.

He stopped to lean back catching her lips with another strong, deep kiss before reaching for the ties of his hakama and letting them fall, the sword already laying upon the ground near his armor. Leaning forward, he grasped her lips once more fighting with her tongue as he moved to position himself. Turning her face, she broke away from the kiss, and breathed one word. “InuYasha.”

Sesshomaru stopped. He moved from the bed, pulling his hakamas back on along with his haori. It was there that he heard the slamming of the door, and the call of the person the young woman named. He glanced at the woman. Kagome’s eyes still shined with lust and desire, but he knew now that she was seeing him for his little brother and not as the tai-youkai. With a small chuckle, he picked up his sword and walked out of the room. It wasn’t long before the bedroom doors were open once again. This time with the hanyou entering the room. He quickly removed his haori and wrapped the girl in it before racing out of the castle.

InuYasha never stopped running. He wanted to get as much distance from the castle as he could. The smell of his brother cloaked the young miko. It caused his eyes to bleed red as he gripped her legs tightly almost to the point of digging his claws into her skin.

Arriving at an abandoned farm, he sat the girl down inside one of the remaining structures before racing out to find food and to make sure the place was safe. Upon his return with fish and wood, he gave them to the young miko and jumped away to sit upon the roof. When the storm brought rain, he continued to remain sitting upon the roof even as the water soaked his clothing.

Thunder blasted across the sky shaking Kagome from the memories. She pulled her legs closer to her chest, wrapping the huge sleeves of the haori even tighter. Kagome wish she could remember how the situation got out of control. She remembers talking with Rin in the garden, but she doesn’t recall how she found herself in an intimate situation with InuYasha’s older brother. The very thought brought tears to her eyes as she glanced out at the pouring rain.

The rain let up an hour later. The fire was put out, and they were once again racing back to the village. They had finally stopped only a short distance away from the village. InuYasha sat the young miko upon the ground before walking over to a tree and sitting down. Kagome stayed facing away for several minutes before she heard him talk. His voice unmistakably calm “The village is through those trees. Miroku and Sango are worried sick.”

Kagome nodded and started walking back to the village. Before she disappeared completing into the trees and bushes, she heard him call her name. “Kagome?” She turned slightly. He was still sitting upon the ground, one leg bent with an arm draped casually over while the other was straight. “I wouldn’t travel far if I was you.” With a nod, she continued her way to the village.

Sango and Miroku were sitting around a small fire when Kagome walked out of the woods. They both jumped up with Sango running over to the young miko. She quickly wrapped the girl into a hug explaining how worried and scared they were, that the hanyou quickly raced off as soon as he heard where the miko had gone.

Kagome sadly smiled as she listened to the monk and demon slayer talk. She kept glancing back at the woods thinking that the hanyou might emerge and join them, but as seconds ticked away, the woods stayed silent as if knowing that the protector of the forest was hurt, betrayed and even worse: angry. As much as Kagome knows that what she did is still all confusing to her, she knows for sure that guilt and betrayal that she feels will remain for some time. Can it be repaired? Even she doesn’t have the answers, but maybe with time it can be.

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