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Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to YuGiOh or any of characters from the series. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

Battle City gave the pharaoh and a young dancer time to think. With their second date after the tournament, things take a change. Danger soon enters the picture, though. This time with a strange card that is capturing souls. Come join a retelling of the Doma Saga but with a small twist.

Author’s noteI wanted to expand on the second date after Battle City. However, I wanted to take a twist with it. This story will contain many things such as trust issues, drama, angst and so much more. It will include pieces of the Doma Saga but with changes to affect what happens at the beginning. I hope you enjoy!

Pedestrians were walking in different directions. Their minds on something other than what was happening between two young women as they stood talking about past events.  Battle City was finally over.  The small group of friends bid Marik and Ishizu Ishtar goodbye as the sun set before continuing on with their daily lives. Serenity Wheeler was enjoying the last bit of her time where Battle City once took place. She was learning about the different battles and events that took place with her friend Tea Gardner.

“Is that the time,” quickly called out the young brunette. She was nervous about meeting someone and didn’t want to be late.

“Oh. I am sorry. Were you supposed to be someplace?” asked the young teenage woman as she looked surprised at the dancer.

“No worries. I am not that late,” replied Tea but her eyes were showing that she was nervous with how time was going. No one was sure what could happen next.

Serenity smiled, “I have a train to catch anyways, so next time I am in town you can explain more of what happened.”

Tea nodded and waved at the young woman as she walked between people, disappearing into the crowd. Her heart began to flutter as she quickly made her way to the Central Clock tower. People ignored her as she stood looking in the direction where the time ticked away. She received the note at school, surprising her that he would ask that. At first, she thought it was Yugi, but when she went to confront him at the end of school, he only shook his head.

Now, the person that she was supposed to meet was standing with his back towards her, arms crossed over his chest. He was dressed as he was before, right at the beginning of Battle City when he learned a small bit of his history. It made somewhat sense that he would want to spend time with her, especially after everything they have been through.

Tea raised her hand and placed it against her chest. Just the thought that now he had all the keys to learn about his past made her realize that there might not be much time left. The young brunette shook her head. There wasn’t much she could do about the time except live in the moment and enjoy what is to come.

Pulling her bag higher upon her shoulder, she took off running, calling out to him, “Hey! Sorry I’m late. I was with Serenity and almost forgot the time.”

The pharaoh turned and smiled as she ran to stop before him. “You are perfectly on time. Should we go ahead and get started,” asked the young man as he held out his hand. Tea blinked a couple of times, surprised by the gentleness he was displaying before nodding and reaching for his hand.

Their first stop was the café where everything began. Yami explained a little that today was special, that he wasn’t giving any small hints on what was going to happen. Even Yugi didn’t know. Tea laughed. Yugi always knew what was happening. Turns out, this was one event he didn’t know about. Heck, it actually surprised Tea when she received the note at school, and Yugi had no idea the meaning behind it.

“Go ahead and take a seat. I will order our drinks and be there in a second,” responded the young brunette as the pharaoh held the door open for her.

Tea smiled softly as she walked up to the counter to order their drinks. There was something different about him this time. Maybe she was thinking too much into it, but Tea couldn’t forget the times during the tournament where Yami was concerned about her, or she was worried about him.

Maybe he was cherishing their friendship more.

It didn’t matter to Tea. Spending time with him was all she wanted especially now since her feelings for him have grown much deeper.

Yami was sitting in a round booth towards the back, which surprised Tea completely. “Thank you,” spoke the pharaoh as he moved out allowing Tea to slide in. He soon returned taking his drink in hand.

“So, is there anything special you want to do?” asked the young dancer. Her heart was fluttering. She wasn’t even sure why. This wasn’t anything different than when she sat by the pharaoh during tournaments and such.

“Honestly, because of what happen with the tournament, and everything combined, I thought this was something we both deserved.” The pharaoh glanced over at the young woman before turning to stare out into the small café.

“You didn’t have to do this alone. Everyone could have come.”

Yami shrugged before nodding, “True, but this is something I wanted to do with just you.” Tea was unsure what the pharaoh was talking about, but she soon followed him out of the café and towards a path that lead to a small park.

They both walked for a bit, enjoying the silence but the company. There was some swans swimming upon the small pond. Yami had a small bag of breadcrumbs and held them out for Tea to take and toss into the water. Tea saw the small blush dust the cheeks of the pharaoh, something she hasn’t seen quite some time or even once upon his face.

Tea was about to say something when water from behind started spraying them, drenching both. Tea started laughing as Yami shook his head, shaking the water droplets from his tri-color hair.

“Well, that went unexpected,” spoke the pharaoh as he dragged his hands down his arms, wiping the water away.

“I am completely soaked. Look. There is a small shed over by the edge of the park. Let’s see if there is something we can use to dry ourselves off before heading back.”

The small shed held old tarp and frayed sheets for painting benches. From the few somewhat clean ones, Tea used it to ring out her hair. As she pulled the material away, she noticed the pharaoh staring at her with a strange look in his eyes. It was different from when he was facing an opponent. What could have caused this change?

“You okay,” she asked.

The pharaoh nodded as he dropped the tattered material upon the ground. “Battle City made me think about some things,” stated Yami as he began pacing back and forth, before stopping to look out the small broken glass windows, watching as the sun started to set in the west.

Tea turned and placed her back against the small worktable as she stared up at the splintered roof. “There were times that I didn’t want you to duel, afraid of what might happen if you lost.”

“Just as you were afraid for me, I was afraid for you. When Marik captured both you and Joey, it made me angry that I wasn’t able to do anything.”

“You still saved us, though.”

Yami nodded before turning away and tucking his hands behind him, “There were other times, too. Noah froze you, and because of that, I pushed myself harder to defeat him.”

Tea laughed lightly as she dropped her head to stare at the ground. “I remember the argument that we had when I didn’t want you to duel Kaiba. I had to trust you, but it still bothered me that you were willing to risk your life for a stupid duel, a stupid tournament.”

“Yes,” replied Yami as he nodded his head, chuckling a little as the memory popped in his head. “You were pretty persistent on me not dueling especially when it was just Kaiba.”

Tea turned away and stared at the splinted wood below, “That wasn’t the only time. There were too many times to count that I was worried about you.”

Tea’s eyes closed as her mind drifted to the memories of the tournament that she didn’t hear as the pharaoh approached her and placed his hands around her upper arms, pulling her flush against him. “And you didn’t think I wasn’t worried about you? You are someone very precious to me more than you will ever know.”

The young brunette turned her head just enough for the pharaoh to reach his hand up to trace the side of her face bringing her lips up to his. That small soft gasp that escaped her lips was enough for him to turn her around as he wrapped his arms tightly around her bringing her flushed against him as he molded his lips against her own, nibbling upon the bottom one.

So many emotions were running through her head as his lips pressed gently upon her own while his fingers danced across her back. Occasionally, his nose would rub against her own causing a ticklish feeling to dance across her body. He traced his tongue gently across her lower lip as he nibbled upon it. She slowly opened allowing her thoughts to be mingled with the feeling of him as he ground his hips against her own. It was a heated desire, one with unknown boundaries and wishful thoughts.

When breathing became an issue, they separated to lean their forehead against each other. “I want you,” he whispered huskily against the side of her face, his voice gazing across the shell of her ear.

Tea’s eyes were glazed over as her emotions caused her heart to beat while her mind swam with everything she was feeling. She whispered out one phrase, unsure what she was saying but knowing what she was wanting, “Yes, please.” Her voice cracked as it echoed in the small shed.

His mouth latched to hers once more in a heated frenzy as he reached his hands under her legs, lifting her from the ground. He dropped slowly, laying her gently upon the ground and the tattered sheets that covered it. The tournament drove them both crazy with the danger each person was in and by what was at risk. He hated seeing her in danger when she should have been protected by him.

Not anymore. After this, she will be his.

Slowly his hands traced down her bare arms to the hem off the black and orange sleeveless shirt. She arched her body against him as he dragged his body against her own. Each touch felt like a thousand needles. Touches forming soft moans. Words whispering without any acknowledge of what was being said. His lips gazed over her shoulder before devouring her lips once more. Breaking away, he sat back upon his knees to grab upon the metal chain of the Millennium Puzzle, pulling it over his head and placing it to the side. He followed by grabbing the hem of his black shirt and pulling it over, leaving his chest bare to the young woman below him.

Tea traced her cobalt eyes from the top of his head to the heated look within his own eyes to the bare chest before her. She slowly leaned up to trace her hands over each muscle watching as his eyes rolled close and his breath hitched. Leaning forward, she gazed her lips against the skin and felt as he gasped sharply before opening his eyes and pulling her flushed against him. His mouth dropped to her neck, nibbling and sucking against the skin as his hands rolled the material of her shirt. Soon, she raised her arms allowing him to pull the material completely off. She even reached behind, unclasping her bra, the material spilling in front leaving her chest bare to his eyes.

The pharaoh’s mouth quickly ascended upon her lips as he pulled her flush against him once more. The heat of their bodies pulled gasps from each other as he gently laid her down again. He slowly dragged his hands down upon her chest, over each mound of flesh before dancing upon each pink nipple. He watched as she arched against him. Her mouth forming small little circles as she kept gasping between each touch. There was no denying on what each was feeling, on each was wanting.

Slowly, he began trailing kisses down upon her stomach watching as she kept her eyes on him. With a gentle tug on the zipper, he slid the tan leather skirt down and began tracing his hands upon her thighs down to the zippers of her boots. Both the pharaoh’s and the young dancer’s emotions were rolling as each touch kept tugging them towards something more.

Throwing her last boot behind him, Yami rolled to his knees and undid both the belt and zipper, pulling the belt through the loops and tossing it behind. Tea’s eyes held his strongly as she watched him remove the article of clothing before crawling forward and sealing her lips in another heated kiss. Their tongues began an exotic dance as he trailed his fingers down the side of her breast, across her stomach and down within the elastic.

Tea broke away from the kiss, moaning deeply as she arched her back causing the young pharaoh to chuckle as he dragged his hand away. Sealing the young woman’s lips once more in a teasing kiss, she watched as he slowly removed the remaining clothing. Eyes concentrating on her, he moved in between her legs, stopping to trace along the side of her face.

“Are you sure about this?” His voice was rough, strained, as if he was trying hard to hold back.

Tears began to pool within the young dancers eyes and spill down the side of her cheek. Reaching her hand around the pharaoh’s neck, Tea pulled him in for a searing kiss. “Yes. It has always been you since that first time I saw you. I love you, Yami.”

With another heated kiss, he braced his knee on the tattered sheets and became one with her. The shock of pure sensation was heady, overwhelming. He swallowed hard, struggling to contain himself. She quivered around him, her body convulsing as she whimpered softly. Movements halted, hesitant, balancing on everything that was happening. Yami gritted his teeth as Tea writhed under him. “You need to relax,” he whispered quickly.

With a small whimper of protest, the young dancer softened out allowing a feeling of complete flow between the two. She trembled around him, dragging him deeper as a gentle resistance gave way. She winced then gasped, arching her hips off the ground. Bracing his knee between her spread thighs, he rocked her gently, soothing her as she quivered. They were climbing a mountain with each push, pulling out a feeling that both knew, that both had.

The steady rhythm of their bodies contradicted the erratic rhythm of their beating hearts. The rush of their kisses were dictated by pulsing sensation, by the united feel of completeness. His lips dropped to her throat, his tongue bathed her skin, nibbled her flesh as his movements grew more demanding. She met his body, lifting her hips against his. His breath became choked gasps, and she whimpered softly, burying her face against his neck.

Unnerving tension began to build within them, the knowledge that the ending they both wanted was just out of their grasp. The young dancer’s body shuddered around the pharaoh as she held onto him tightly. Soon, the intense grip rolled through the night, and he heard her call out in a sharp gasp as her body constricted, tightening almost painfully. The grip upon his shoulder suddenly broke him free as she reached up for one intensely, strong kiss before everything went black.

It was the sound of the birds that woke both the young dancer and the nameless pharaoh. Both were tangled together, wrapped in each other’s arm with the tattered sheets draped across their skin.

“Morning,” spoke Tea softly as she began to stretch.

“How do you fair?” asked the pharaoh as he moved to sit up.

Tea smiled as the memory flooded through. “Happy. What about you?”

Yami chuckled as he fell back against the frayed sheets, “Exhausted. You wore me out.”

Tea laughed as she leaned down to rest her head upon the bare chest of the pharaoh, his hand reaching out to rub small circles upon her back. “I have a question, though.” She asked after a few seconds of silence.

“Ask away.”

Tea swallowed hard, “I’m not sure how to ask, but it regards the puzzle and Yugi.”

Yami rolled his head to the side before reaching for the chain and pulling the Millennium Puzzle towards him. “I have ways of locking the puzzle so that either one person is here or there. Last night, it was just me and only me.”

Tea moved to pull her legs to her side before reaching for her clothing. “Can we not say anything to Yugi then. I don’t know how he will react.”

Yami pulled the snap closed along with the zipper before reaching for the black shirt and shrugging it on. “If that is what you wish, I will keep this a secret. Just know, Tea, I don’t regret a thing.”

“And neither do I,” spoke the young dancer as she finished zipping up her last boot. Once done, she quickly grabbed the pharaoh and placed her lips against his, proving that she didn’t regret one thing.

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