Imagine in Words

You are no tool!

Summary: A strange artifact is decoded which has you and the Autobot leader retrieving. However, this artifact causes more problems than you expect. You see the doubt and confusion it holds on him. What can you do that will explain that he is not a tool, a vessel of Primus?

Warning: M (mech/human sexual content, language, violence)

Your body laid upon the ground, blood running down the side of your face. The sun had started to set as the battle continued to unfold. Arcee groaned next to your side. Her optics stared at you with confusion why this all went so terribly wrong.

Blinking slowly, you tried to remember what happened, memories recalling of a certain artifact and how it affected one specific bot.

Things were quiet. Energon had been short on supply, mainly due to the small excursions the Decepticons kept causing. It wasn’t them that caused the base to be unusually quiet, though. It was the result of a certain artifact that had recently been found.

You knew the Autobots had received some strange, encrypted code one day, something that bothered Optimus Prime. His optics would narrow and widen as if he should know exactly what that code meant. Most of the time, you sat upon the couch with either a book or a notepad in your lap watching as the Autobots went on patrols, scouting for energon, or doing something that you had no idea what.

Since your arrival into Team Prime, most of the Autobots took you as one of them especially the Autobot leader. Moments alone you noticed a different side of him, a gentle side. It happened that during one of these small moments you learned how he became Prime and also, how much he cared about you. Almost, as much as you cared about him.

You were sitting upon the couch when Prime broke the code and learned the location of the artifact. Something unnerved him about the artifact, though. You could see the tension in his cables, the straight line of his dermas, and narrow of his bright, blue optics. Something must have been wrong, at least with this current artifact.

Prime approached you and laid out a black servo. His optics had remained narrow, his dermas still plastered into a straight line. Every warning sign sat upon the Autobot leader, but you trusted him. He gave you no reason to fear or worry that your life might be in danger. Maybe that was your first mistake. Then again, involving your heart probably started it all.

Optimus told the coordinates to Ratchet. Ratchet tried asking why he was only going with you, but the Autobot leader said nothing. Optimus walked through the yellow and green lights with you still sitting on his servo. The coordinates opened into a small room, almost too big for the Prime.

Centered in the middle stood a strange cube completely etched out in glass. The reflections reminded you of computerized fragments that appeared once in a while. You wanted to warn Prime that this might not be a Cybertronian artifact, but his optics looked concerned, worried, something you never really seen on the Autobot leader.

Optimus sat you down on the small platform near the cube. He looked from you to the cube and then around at the room. The walls contained strange markings, some looking like the Cybertronian language you have seen on Prime while other writing looked almost ancient and non-traceable, maybe even older than them.

“The language of the Primes, “spoke Optimus as he approached the wall. He traced the symbols before looking back at the cube, again a narrow look within his optics.

“Is something wrong,” you asked. Since joining the team, you have never seen the Prime like this. It confused you and worried you at the same time.

Prime approached the cube and placed his servos on both side of you. You reached out towards one and he turned that servo over to trace small circles with one finger upon your arm. These small moments made you appreciate him more.

“This artifact is completely different from the rest we have found.”

“Are we even sure it’s an artifact?”

Optimus nodded, “These are the markings of the Prime. The cube, though, is something different. I have never seen anything like it.”

You sighed before turning to look at the object. The outside of the cube shimmered with almost designs you would see inside a computer. “It almost looks futuristic to me.”

“Maybe. Some things we had on Cybertron could be considered advanced. For example, your primitive computers.”

You nodded, “That is what I am seeing on the outside of the cube, something similar.”

Optimus nodded before walking around the artifact. He stopped on the other side which put the artifact between you and him. His servos came around, lifting the cube from the platform. All at once the scene changed. The cube disappeared from Prime’s hand. You wanted to move over to Prime but some type of pressure held you down against the platform and any movement felt hard as if something heavy had been placed upon your back.

Optimus watched you before looking around. Words seemed to dance before him, upon the walls. The Cybertronian etchings translated almost to perfect English. You rolled your head and read what had been translated. The words explained the reason for the Matrix of Leadership, the role of the Prime. You knew his title meant something, but from these writings, it meant much more.

Negative words started flowing around almost like a feather or even a ghost. Don’t soil yourself. You only have one job. You ae a tool, a vessel. These words hurt to hear. Trail of liquid ran down from your eyes. You pushed with all your strength to rub only to notice it was blood.

Optimus had turned in a huge circle. His servos had clenched and unclenched. When the words had settled, he finally dropped his optics upon you. However, you could already tell that the damaged had been done. There now stood doubt and confusion within once strong and determine optics.

You watched as he shuttered his optics a few times before catching sight of the small pool of blood. Realizing that you both stood in the same room as the artifact once stood, Prime scooped you up and called for a ground bridge. It arrived in a vortex of green and yellow which had Prime running through.

A blast to the left brought you out of your memories. Could this be the reason for the battle? No. You went with the team looking for energon when the Decepticons found the cave. Prime ran out first while Arcee was ordered to protect you.

Lifting your head from the ground, your eyes travel across the battlefield. Bulkhead and Bumblebee fought against Starscream and Breakdown, but it wasn’t them that worried you. It was Optimus.

Pushing to your hands and knees, you slowly started to stand. Arcee yelled at your side to stay, to find cover. Nothing mattered, at least not at the moment. Your eyes made contact with the red and blue Autobot leader. His armor looked like it had been through hell. You started running towards the scene just as Megatron sent a strong punch.

“Optimus!” Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and even Arcee all yelled out their leader’s name as he went sliding across the ground, his large metallic body landing face down in the ruin ground.

Rain had started to fall, even if the clouds were scattered. The setting sun reflected across the ground where puddles of water formed. You slid across the ground, stopping by the Prime’s side. A small bit of energon started to pool where Megatron had hit him the hardest.

Tracing the side of his faceplates, you noticed the look within his optics. The same doubt and confusion from when you found the artifact. Not just two days ago, you had finally woke, passing out from the lack of blood. Optimus had locked himself in his habsuite ignoring everyone, including you. When Ratchet found coordinates for an energon cave, you decided to go even if he decided to remain. When Bulkhead ran out with Prime right behind him that is when you learned that the Decepticons had found the cave.


Your hands stop their action. Optics almost dull to a grayish blue stared at you. Dermas moved so silently that you almost didn’t hear the order.

You shake your head, pressing your body against him. The rain ran down, soaking your hair, mixing the dirt and energon. You were covered in it, probably getting sick by it too. It didn’t matter. Staying by his side is what you wanted, especially since you now understood.


His voice once again echoes out to you causing your body to shiver. You shake your head, ignoring his command once more.

Loud movement shakes the earth beneath you. You quickly turn around and plaster yourself against Prime’s faceplates. Megatron stopped before you and Prime, a sinister smile upon his face.

“Something felt off,” spoke the Decepticon Warlord. “Has the mighty Optimus Prime finally admit defeat?”

You turn to lay your hand upon his face. His optics turn to you for a second before closing. Tears prick and begin to run. You are not sure what your small form can do to prevent this. That artifact should have never been found, should never said anything about him.

“Optimus, please?” You whisper it so softly, but the words are enough for Megatron to hear.

The Warlord chuckles has he drops to his knee. He points his blade against you causing a small scratch and the run of blood. “So, you know what has happened. Speak and I will spare your life.”

Grabbing a small stick, you hold it before you. You know the Decepticon Warlord can easily smash your small form. You were human, what more could you do to stop a massive Cybertronian who easily defeated Prime. However, you know Prime would have stood a chance. It is because of what he is believing that is causing all this pain.

“So, you will not say?”

Shaking your head, you glance over your shoulder. Optimus’ optics are trained on you. You could see the color fading from his armor, see the growing puddle of energon as it soaks through your dirty sneakers. It doesn’t matter for what you plan on saying should be enough.

“Optimus, I know what you are thinking, that everything you have done has been wrong, that this war is your fault. I know you are thinking that you are some vessel, a tool because of the Matrix of Leadership.”

Megatron starts barking out a laugh causing you to stop. You look up and then behind you. “A tool of Primus. Of course, doubt has settled into your spark. Well, let me help you erase that doubt by extinguishing your spark.”

“No,” you screamed. It stops Megatron and causes him to growl, but you continue. “Optimus is no tool. He is his own bot. He makes the children happy. The base feels like home to others that would feel lost. He has made me happier than I have ever been.”

You turn towards Optimus and watch as his optics widen. You smile before tracing a finger across his dermas.

“I don’t care what that damn artifact had said. He is strong, brave, courageous. He has the qualities that I see in humans, but he makes them better because of who he is. I love you, Optimus Prime, and if you are willing to give all that up, than I rather not live in a world without you.”

You drop the stick upon the ground and bring your arms horizontal pointing one in the opposite direction. You close your eyes and try to calm your racing heart as the ground shakes once again. Everything moves so fast. A black servo grabs you as an energon blade blocks an attack.

Prime jumps back and lands upon one knee, setting you upon the ground. “Run, now!” he barks and this is one order you will gladly take. Bulkhead scoops you up and sits you near Arcee before racing to help Optimus.

You are not allowed to remain since Ratchet had arrived behind Arcee and saw your condition. Ratchet takes you from Arcee and he walks back through the ground bridge with the femme following. Just as Ratchet sits you upon the medbay berth, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and finally Optimus come running into the base. Everyone is home, everyone is safe.

You try taking a step before darkness finally claims your sight.

When you wake, you noticed that the room isn’t the main center where both the ground bridge and the medbay stood. Instead, this is a room, a habsuite. You are laying upon an extremely large berth. Your clothing has been changed to a short sleeve white shirt and shorts.

Drawing your legs around, you look around the room before landing upon the large desk and the occupant that is sitting in the chair before it. His color has returned, but you can still see the damage the battle has left. Your movement must have caused noticed for he slowly stood and approached you.

As he sat upon the berth, you noticed the small changes. His body mass converted to a rough height of ten feet tall. Your face started blushing hard at seeing this new change, but the short gasp had you noticing the look upon Prime’s face. He was not happy.

He approached you causing you to tumble back upon the berth. With arms situated on both side of your heads and his legs encasing your narrow hips, he bends down to speak extremely close to you.

“You will never step between Megatron and I ever again, is that understood?”

You swallowed hard and wanted to respond that it saved his life.

“Is that understood,” he barks.

However, that command actually makes you nod your head quickly.


Optimus moves to sit by your side. You remain laying on your back. Your heart is racing and your breathing is coming out in sharp pants.

“I understand what you did, but stepping between Megatron and I was foolish. While my life was one I wasn’t concerned with at the time, I did not like the idea of your life in that same situation.”

You pushed to sit up and bring your legs to your side. Reaching tentatively, you let your fingers land on Prime’s servo. He flips his hand and grasp your fingers within his large grip.

“I knew what you were going through. You needed to understand, hear those words. Everything I said was true.”

Optimus looks over his shoulder at you before dragging you towards him. He crushes you to his chassis as he wraps his arms tightly around you, almost pushing you against him.

“Losing you would have been worse. You have no idea how much I care about you.”

Dragging one arm away, you place it against the side of Prime’s faceplate, “Show me.”

Optimus’ optics widen but you don’t stop. Instead, you push to your knees and lean forward, letting your lips touch his. It was the action he needed. His servo digs into your hair as his dermas latch upon your lips. He kisses you deeply, making you feel so much more than you first thought. Heat wraps around you as he pulls your lip between his dentas. A soft moan escapes your lips as you open allowing his glossa to sweep inside and tangle with your own tongue, the kiss dancing to exotic tune of deep passion.

You roll your head when breathing becomes difficult. Prime traces kisses against your cheek across your jaw to the living pulse on your neck, sucking and licking against it. You press your body against his, feeling the warmth that radiated from his frame. You wanted him to know that you were there for him, were always there for him. He was not a tool, but the mech you fell in love with.

Prime pulls back and gently helps you lay upon the berth. His servo dance upon the hem of the shirt before helping you lift it over your head. Your body is bare since someone left your bra off. You watch as Prime’s optics widen before he is leaning over you and stealing another heated and passionate kiss. The distraction is enough as one servo massages your breast, pulling at the nipple. He breaks the kiss to drag small kisses down to said breast, taking the nipple into his mouth. His free servo is returning the same favor to the other side.

You start to arch against him, dragging your fingers along the berth. Never have you thought that the feelings racing through your skin would ever be returned. Prime meant so much to you, took so little and gave so much. You bring your hand to trace circles on his helm before dragging your nails down his neck cables and upon his back. The gentle motion causes Prime to groan against your body.

Optimus moves to sit back, his black servos tracing against the hem of your shorts. He looks at you, his optics glazing over with the passion he feels for you. You know what he is asking and nod. Slowly, he drags the material along with your panties down your legs, throwing the clothing wherever he threw your shirt.

Your body shivers from the air before warmth covers it once more. Prime presses kisses across your stomach before diving between the apex of your thighs. This would be the first time someone has ever touched you below your waist. Nudging your legs apart, the first lick has you gasping. It created something inside you, a want, a desire, a trapped cage looking for a key. You knew Prime knew what he was doing. You learned from him about his previous sparkmate. You just didn’t expect that he would return the same feelings you had for him.

Prime strokes his glossa over your slit, nibbling at the sensitive nub before bringing a digit and circling your wet entrance. You curl your legs and he slowly enters that one digit. The stretch isn’t terrible and slowly as he moves the digit, that same trapped cage returns. It pools and flows. It circles and burns. Prime enters another digit as he kisses your stomach. His one servo reaches up to massage your breasts. Increasing the speed, you can only moan out his name, call out for whatever is that is slowly coming to an end.

It finally does. The trapped cage is released and whatever was inside flows through your body.

As you come down from your high, you feel movement as Prime moves to sit back. Noises capture your attention forcing you to lean up on your arms. Optimus unclips something from the apex of his thighs and sets it upon the berth. You watch as a thick cable starts to pressurize. Was this how Cybertronians had sex? Ratchet never said anything, but then again, you never asked.

Optimus moves your legs apart before placing himself between and over you. He uses his arms to hold his weight off your small organic form before pressing a deep and passionate kiss against your lips. His one servo traces in your hair.

“Do you want to continue?” You swallow hard but nod, pushing up to press a kiss to his dermas. “Good. We Cybertronians mate for life. You will be mine as I will be yours.”

You try to comprehend what he is saying but that pressurize cable slowly moves against your entrance causing you to freeze in fear. Optimus notices and stops.

“Relax and just feel. My spike is like a human male’s, just thicker.”

You nod and try to slowly relax as he starts to move again. Slowly, he inches forward. The stretch is painful compared to his digits, and he takes his time, stopping at one barrier. Again, he waits for you watching you carefully. You can only nod as he makes a swift thrust, tearing a scream from your lips.

Tears leak from your eyes as you swallow your breath. Prime comes to a complete stop as he is completely inside you. His mouth trails against your cheeks, his glossa licking each tear. He whispers in your ear to relax and just feel. Eventually, a strange feeling settles across your body. It is more than you thought and you give a soft nod allowing Prime to finally move. When he does move, it is like seeing the stars for the first time. Everything feels brighter. The passion is so ripe that it tastes like the nectar of the Gods.

Slowly at first, Prime gently moves back and forth before thrusting a bit harder. His servos grab your hands and places them above your head. He rocks into your body drawing a moan from your lips. You lift your hips, hoping to add to the pleasure which in returns pulls a groan from him.

It feels like the ending of a book, the darkness of a cave finally receiving light. He moves quicker, faster, with strength that you never felt before. It tightens whatever is trapped. It burns and flows giving you so much and so little at the same time. You watch as the window screens on his chassis separate and his spark is revealed.

“Press your heart against my spark,” groans Prime as he wraps his arms around you.

You wrap your arms around his neck and arch your back. Prime groans deeply before thrusting harder and quicker. You wrap your legs around his narrow waist. The feeling is strong, it wraps around you. His spark is almost like it is inside you, the strength, the passion. You can almost see memories of the past, of a lost world that is now dark, of a lost love before a new one has been found. You find within the words that he hasn’t said as it dances across your mind.

I love you

You scream Optimus name just as your release races through you. Everything, all of it comes crashing down. Prime stills with one more hard thrust and overloads with you releasing something warm and deep inside. When you both come down from your high, Prime rolls and brings you to lay upon him.

You can hear his vents cycling air, and notice that his spark is now hidden beath his plates. There is a change, though, and Prime is smiling for you can feel it. It is his love, the love that he carries for his sparkmate.

Removing you from his spike, Prime returns his codpiece protector before reaching for a blanket that sat at the end of his berth. You have no idea why he even has one but is thankful for it when he drapes it over your naked form. Prime returns to laying down, dragging you back on him as he covers you up.

“Now I have a reason,” he states softly while pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead.

“A reason?” you ask.

You feel Prime nod. “Yes. I have a reason to know that I am no tool, no vessel of Primus. If that was true, I would never be able to return the love I have for you.”

“I love you, Optimus, and I would do it all over again just so you know.”

“I understand now, and I love you just as much, my dear spark.”

With a smile on your face, you snuggle up against Prime and allow sleep to finally take its place. Before darkness claims you, though, you feel as Prime presses another kiss against your forehead and whispers one saying to you.

“You have no idea how much I understand. I love you so much.”