Imagine in Words


Summary: You were an outsider accidentally getting involved with the Autobots. You had a secret relationship that became public. Words had hurt and caused you to doubt. However, a certain leader knew how to chase those doubts away by proving that you were his as much as he was yours.

Warning: M (mech/human sexual content)

You tried to hold in a deep breath, hiding the emotions that wanted to spill through your eyes. The Director stood, arms crossed as he stared at the Bots and Major upon the catwalk. You didn’t want Director Galloway to know how it felt, how the words he said caused trouble within your mind and heart.

Optimus Prime had started arguing back at the Director, defending you. He stated that the Director had no right to say such hurtful words to the one he loved. The Director started laughing again, saying that he had no right to even establish a relationship with a human being. It was just plain wrong.

Tears pricked and burned within your eyes as you continued your walk out of the hangar. A few of the soldiers saw your expression and wanted to find out what had happened, but you only shook your head. It wouldn’t be wise to start up something. You were after all the outsider, the one random human that happen to fall asleep inside an Autobot. Higher Ups kept trying to get rid of you, but you had secretly started a relationship with the Autobot commander, and he demanded that you stayed going as far as keeping you hidden inside his quarters.

You thought there was nothing wrong with your relationship. Sure, the Autobots were made of metal instead of flesh, had processors for brains, pumps for hearts that cycled energon instead of blood. Movement came from pistons and cables replaced veins. However, that didn’t matter. The Autobots had a soul or spark, a living breathing part of them. To you, the Autobots were just as human as you except with a different built.

Prime, though, he was different. His leadership quality had you hooked. He could dominate the floor with any enemy, command his team and lead with generosity that few humans could ever top. Plus, when he looked at you with his deep blue optics, it was easy to see why some nights you wish you could give yourself to him all the way.

Oh, there were times inside his quarters that Prime had you screaming his name, but all he did was use his glossa and dentas over your naked flesh along with his digits inside your wet heat. You and Prime never stepped that one line, and honestly, you didn’t know if it was possible or not.

Plus, there was the talk about his rank. Optimus was a Prime, but that titled held more power. He was almost royalty, ruling a whole planet even if that planet struggled to live. Most of the femmes have talked to you, asking you about his title and if you understood the position that it would put you in. You voiced it once towards Optimus.

The look in his optics had made you stop asking. Instead, you kept some thoughts of it to yourself. Today, though, when Director Galloway started ramming you down with hurtful words especially when your relationship became public brought that conversation straight to your mind. Could you stay with Prime when he was a higher rank and you were just a plain human woman, an outsider?

Crossing your arms, you walked through the trees that surrounded the base. A small patch of land etched out before you before a sheer cliff dropped down to white sand and strong waves. The wind blew your hair over your shoulder. The salt dried the tears even as more appeared. You were only hear for a few minutes when a metal servo graced your shoulder.

Mass displacement was a new technology that Ratchet had developed. It helped when the Autobots needed to be smaller for certain missions. The technology was never forced on Optimus Prime. He was Prime and that alone allowed him to keep his height. However, when he was alone with you, that was when the technology was used the most.

“I am sorry, my dear spark, for what Galloway had said.” His voice echoed around you even as the wind blew and waves crashed.

You shook your head, “No. He was right. I am human, you are not. What we have is forbidden.”

Optimus placed his other servo on your shoulder forcing you to turn around and face him. His optics narrowed as he brought a servo to raise your face. He leaned forward, his faceplate only a few inches away from your own face.

“I don’t give a scrap what the human government says about our relationship,” he growled lightly. He pressed forward, his servo digging into your hair as he pressed his dermas against your own lips. The kiss wasn’t gentle or sweet but bruising and to the point. “I chose you as you chose me. Nothing will change that.”

His other servo dropped down to your waist. He dragged your body up against his as his mouth attached to your lips again. You gasped against him allowing his glossa to invade. Heat, that was the only thing you could think of as it invaded your body. Your hands traced over his frame, grabbing anything to anchor yourself to him. He groaned against your lips as he dropped down to his knees, both servos wrapping around your waist as he pulled you down onto his metallic lap.

Optimus broke the kiss to stare into your eyes. His one servo danced under the hem of your shirt, tracing against your heated flesh. His dermas moved next to your ear and you gasped upon what he said, “Let’s show them that they can never take you away, that you belong to the Prime of Cybertron, that you belong to me.”

You gasped and breathed deeply nodding against his frame. His body rumbled as he growled. The one servo under your shirt grabbed it and ripped the seams. The material fell to the ground. Prime did the same thing to your bra leaving your upper chest bare to him. A light red dusted Optimus’ optics before his dermas were on your lips once more.

Optimus moved his servo to cup one of your breasts in his hand. He rolled the perk nipple, pulling and pinching, causing you to gasp and arch against him. He chuckle against your lips before moving to suck against the side of your neck, finding that one spot that made you moan out of control.

While his dermas kept busy on the side of your neck and that one servo had switch to your other breast, his free servo dropped to your pants. The button broke and you heard the zipper be torn. Prime pulled you up and quickly removed your pants and panties.

All thoughts of what he was planning pushed you. If it was possible for him to take the next step, you wanted it. You rubbed your wet core upon his metal thighs. Prime groaned and stilled. He used a servo to lift your chin. Again, some of the red flashed through his optics. “Just so you know, you will be mine. Cybertronians bond for life.”

Just the thought that he was asking you brought a smile upon your face. Your hand wrapped around his neck and quickly you pressed your lips to his. It was a heated kiss as you pressed your naked form against his metal. Your free hand danced over his metallic body, disappearing into seams to trace the protoform that laid beneath.

Optimus groaned and grabbed your arms, pushing you away from his heated frame. He reached between your bodies and dragged two digits through your heated core. Another groan escaped his dermas as he pressed those two digits inside your slick heat. A short gasp escaped your lips, but Prime knew how to treat you. If this was the result, you knew how everything happened. He would get you to orgasm and lay with you while you rested.

Optimus began to thrust up and down with the two digits deep inside you. He spread them and circled causing you gasp and moan. A deep feeling started burning, a want that you wanted to be extinguished. You started raising your body and dropping it on his servo, his thumb digit grazed your clit forcing more of that pleasurable heat to pool and ripple against your skin.

Unexpectantly, though, Prime stopped. He pulled his digits from you. You looked up into his optics surprised by the action. Why did he stop? Wasn’t he making you his?

“What?” He asked, an arch from one of his optic ridges. “You didn’t think I would be done with you that fast, did you?” You tried to swallow as the heat still penetrated your skin, the want for something to finish. Prime placed his fingers once more under your chin forcing you to look up into his optics. “I told you. You will be mine after this.”

You swallowed hard as Prime leaned back. You heard something click. Your eyes dropped down between yours and Optimus’ body to see him removing a panel from between his legs. Something pressurized and pressed against your inner thigh a thick cable of some sort. Prime groaned as he sat the panel down onto the ground before bringing a servo to the pressurized cable. He cupped it and ran his hands up and down before rolling his thumb digit over the top, a blue liquid forming at the top.

Keeping you risen, he spread his legs out. Your eyes remained on his servo before looking him into his optics. He chuckled before pressing his lips against your own. “Did you really think that we Cybertronians didn’t know how to interface properly?”

“I…” You started before a digit was pressed against your lips.

Prime lifted you and placed you over the thick cable before slowly dropping you. The tip pressed against your wet lips before slowly disappearing inside. You tensed causing Optimus to stop. Pressing another kiss to your lips, he traced his dermas over your jaw to stop at your ear.

“Relax,” he stated calmly. “My spike is similar to a human male’s, only thicker in size. Just relax and feel.”

Your eyes rolled back as he gently started moving once again, your body sending signals of deep pleasure throughout. Slowly, he continued inching you down until he was completely inside. Your hands grabbed onto his metal as he rubbed his digits in circles at your hips. It took a few minutes for your body to adjust but eventually you rose and slowly dropped causing both a moan to escape your lips along with a deep groan from his own.

“You okay,” he asked, his dermas nipping and sucking at your collarbone. You nodded against him feeling as he wrapped his servo around your small form. “Good.”

Prime lift your body and eventually started thrusting into you. Each movement dragged a deep moan from your lips. The feeling deepen, it ran through your skin almost like electricity jumping from wire to wire. You felt the deep pull. You watched as Prime watched you carefully. He continued to thrust into you, almost picking up in speed and strength. Your hands dug into wires forcing his engines to purr against your skin.

Eventually, Optimus moved to lay you upon the soft grass. He began to thrust into you deeply, pulling groans and moans as you called out his name. His dermas nipped and sucked against your neck as if he was marking his territory. He brought your legs to wrap around his waist giving him a better angle. You thrashed against him, grabbing at the grass, and digging your nails into the dirt.

The deep pull kept growing. You watched as sparks bounced between you and Prime, actual electricity. He pulled you along, giving you everything. It wasn’t hard to deny. Optimus loved you more than anything, and this was his way of showing it.

The feeling started to grow. It burned through your skin and pooled below. It was the rainbow at the end of a storm, the light in a dark tunnel. Optimus started to slow, his movements getting rough and jerky. The knot started to form. You wanted the knot to break, to allow you to tumble over the edge. One more push and you would be there.

Optimus thrusted hard one last time. The knot broke. You screamed out his name as he deeply called your own. Each tingly moment ran through your skin, the electrical moments like static electricity. Prime thrusted once more, warmth coating you before he pulled back to collapse on one raised arm.

“That was…” You gasped as you tried to settle your breathing. Sweat clung to your skin as you laid staring up at the leaves as the wind blew through them.

“Cybertronian interfacing. You are now mine,” spoke Prime. He moved to drop down by your side, wrapping his arm over your small waist and dragging you to his chest. “Rest. I will carry you back to our room later.”

Optimus’ metal form warmed your body. You pressed yourself closer to him as he dragged his digits through your hair. You felt as he placed a kiss upon your forehead before your eyes slowly started closing. Before they closed, though, you mumbled three words.

Optimus smiled before pressing his lips to yours and whispering the same words, “I love you, too.”