Imagine in Words

Okay, that’s IT

Summary: Okay, I was tired of it. From twins playing games and now Galloway. He really wouldn’t leave the Autobots alone. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one tired of the games. Prime was ready to show exactly what the rumor was and screw everything else.

Warning: M (mech/human sexual content)

The twins spun around in circles, trying to get me to finally lose my cool. Oh, I was close, but I wasn’t about to finally let them know. Today just had to keep going from terrible to worse. First off, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both thought it would be funny to raise my vehicle on a platform and hide my keys. Well, that didn’t make me happy. I was stuck at base.

Sideswipe joked that it was all harmless and since I was with the boss, I could just sleep in his alt-mode. I rolled my eyes at that thought. The main reason why I was mad wasn’t because of the twins, even if they did like to annoy me on the occasions. Galloway decided he wanted to pressure the Autobot leader regarding to some uncomfortable rumors, and I was starting to get pretty pissed about it.

I saw the big red and blue bot standing before the catwalk. His hands were on his hips. He didn’t seem happy, and I probably knew why. Galloway stood against the rail; his voice clear as day as I took two steps at the time to reach the top.

“These rumors better not be true, Autobot.” Oh, I hated when Galloway referred to Optimus Prime like he was some child. This amazing Autobot saved the human world, stopped many humans from dying, and Galloway still likes to treat him like trash.

“Director Galloway, it would be easier if you just ignored the rumors,” I stated as I walked casually down the rail. Prime had moved a hand to the rail. One metallic finger ghosted under my shirt hidden from everyone’s view.

“Soldier, you are not allowed in meetings such as these,” responded the stubborn man. I rolled my eyes. Even General Moreshower couldn’t keep me away, even if I was his niece.

When the General learned about my relationship, he was quite supportive of it. It showed the world that humans and Autobots could trust and even get along with each other. Oh, if only the General knew what type of relationship I had with the alien leader, I don’t think he would support his niece’s decision.

I stopped to lean against the rail, exactly where Prime was rubbing his finger. It went a little lower, teasing me below the hem line of my pants, causing me to swipe my hand behind me. I heard the light purring noise of his engine. I looked over my shoulder and winked at the Prime before returning to look at the grumpy man.

Crossing my arms, I smirked at the Direction. “I think you will find that I have more clearance than you.”

Galloway narrowed his eyes before turning to Lennox. Even Lennox held up his hands. “I am not going to argue with her.”

“You are not going to argue with her? She is one of your soldiers, is she not?”

Lennox rose his hands and shrugged, “Technically, yes, but she is more his than mine. Plus, Moreshower is allowed to do what she wants.”

“His?” Galloway turned around to see me pressing my back against a metal hand that curled around me. “She is with him, a robot?”

“Hey, I take offence to that,” I shouted out. I turned in Prime’s hand allowing him to cup his fingers gently around me. “He is more man than any human male on this earth.”

“So, the rumors are true,” sneered the Director. “A soldier is cuddling up with a robot, and what is this that I hear: your last name is Moreshower?”

I rolled my eyes and pressed a quick kiss to Prime’s finger earning another purr from his engines. He released me and stepped back, arms crossing over his metallic chest. “Yes, my last name is Moreshower. The General is my uncle. However, that doesn’t mean you go around burning my name or Prime’s name.”

“Little girl, if your uncle knew what you were doing…”

“He already knows and supports it,” I interrupted. “So, it would be best if you just drop the subject.”

Galloway started laughing, “Oh this will be a real treat. Just you wait.”

I rose a hand to my head, a small headache starting to form. Galloway continued laughing as he stepped down from the catwalk. I wasn’t worried. There was nothing he could do. My relationship wasn’t a secret. I was proud to stand with the Autobot leader.

“We will resume the meeting in the morning,” spoke Lennox as he walked off the catwalk.

I smiled and waved him good night before turning to Prime. His optics were dark as he laid out a hand. I stepped on, allowing him to bring me to his chest. Prime nodded to his troops as he walked back to the Autobot hangar. I saw my vehicle on the ground and smiled up at the Prime. He only nodded before disappearing down one of the hallways.

We didn’t make it far.

I turned to Prime and began caressing his metal chest, tracing my fingers against certain seams and playing with certain neural clusters that I happen to know would grind him good. He pressed a hand against the wall, a deep moan rumbling from his chest and out of his mouth. Slowly, he rose his hand so I was optic level.

I smiled at him before his mouth was on me. Usually, it was difficult to kiss him when he was in his full bipedal form, but we found a way to adjust. Plus, I loved it just as much, maybe more especially when he wanted me which happen to be now.

His mouth moved over mine, small electrical shocks dancing across my face. His glossa snuck out diving into my mouth. I loved it, sucking against it as he brought his other hand down. One single digit ran up under my shirt. This was probably the reason why I had to buy so many bras. I heard the snap as that one digit broke the clasps. That same digit came around and pulled at my shirt. Again, this was probably one of the reasons why I had to buy so many shirts. I heard the rip as both bra and shirt fell to the ground.

I gasped and moaned as Prime pinched my nipples between his giant thumb and forefinger. His mouth broke to nip against my shoulder. Oh, I wanted him, and I wanted him bad.

“We need to get to your room,” I blurted out just as one digit popped the buttons on my pants.

“No,” growled Prime, his optics darken even more as he used two large digits to pull my pants and panties down. “Let them see that you are mine.”

I swallowed hard. Usually when Prime was in his dominate mood it was only in his recharge room upon his berth. Anybody could walk down the hallway and see my naked body pressed up against the wall. I tried pushing him away. He grabbed my small arms between his huge hand and held them up against the wall.

I moaned deeply as he dropped his mouth to my breast, taking a nipple between his dentas. I rolled and moved around him as he switched to my other nipple. I could hear Prime’s engine rumbling as he pressed me against the wall. Heat filled my body as warm air drifted from his vents.

“O-optimus,” I cried out as he trailed his glossa over my stomach towards my hips. He continued south, stopping at the apex of my thighs. Using his large helm, he pressed my legs apart before ghosting his glossa over the small patch of curls. I cried out his name again as he began to suck against my clit. Every few seconds, he would dip his glossa in me making me rut against his faceplates.

“I need you on my spike now.” His voice was raspy and deep. He wraps his hand around my naked flesh and turns to slide down the wall, his metal body scraping against the wall.

“Um, Prime…size?” I watched as Optimus sat me down upon him. He reached for his crotch plate and completely took it off setting it to the side. His spike was hard and dripping.

Optimus looked at me before wrapping his hand around me. He brought me to face and kissed me deeply causing both of us to moan deeply. “Take me as far as you can. Later, we will finish.” It was a rushed-out sentence as a heat vented from him.

Holding me carefully in his hand, he sat me above his throbbing spike. I gripped him, stroking the raised sides as more pre-liquid bubbled and ran. Slowly, he dropped me. I barely could get him inside me, only the tip and maybe one-fourth of his spike. Prime arched his body as he gently thrusted. I gasped, grabbing his digits. He used his thumb on that hand to pressed it against my lips forcing me to suck on the metal digit.

Prime continued to thrust gently into my small body. I wrapped my feet around his spike, holding and dragging them up and down. I heard as Prime’s body rumbled and purr. He kept dragging one hand across the ground, metal shavings appearing upon the floor. One thrust went deep making me cry out his name.

Optimus stopped. He lifted me from his aching spike making me want more. He slowly sat me on the ground before quickly transforming into his alt-mode. I heard the electricity before I felt him against me. I heard as his codpiece fell to the ground before he was turning me around and lifting me, wrapping my legs around his hips. With one quick thrust, he was deeply seated inside me.

I cried out as he bounced me. His mouth sealed mine, his glossa twisting against my tongue. One hand dragged over my breasts, stopping each time to pull my nipple and fondle the mounds of flesh. That same hand dragged down to pinch my clit as he thrusted harder and faster.

My hands held tightly against his shoulders. I pinched each neural cluster that I could fine. I dragged my foot over his aft, stroking between his legs. Prime dropped to his knees, laying me flat upon the floor. He stayed inside during this whole switch. Lifting my legs, he went deeper, stronger, and faster. I used my hands to press against the wall.

It was so deep, so good. I yelled his name, telling him to bring me to the edge. He called my name, demanding that I say his name, say it loud and proud. The boiling heat pooled in my stomach. My inner walls gripped him tightly. The knot kept getting tighter and tighter.

Eventually, it snapped.

I screamed Optimus’ name as my release ran through my body, each tingling sensation making me feel oh so good. Prime reached his overload and yelled my name as he emptied himself deep inside me.

Prime rolled back, staying seated inside me. He wrapped my legs around him as I laid against his chest, my breathing coming out in rampant pants. His own body continued to cycle vents, pushing hot air out as he tried to cool himself.

“Wow!” I gasped, still trying to get my breathing under control. “What was that all about?”

“Hmm?” asked Prime. He slowly removed himself from me, a soft moan escaping both our lips.

“I never seen you that dominate before.”

Optimus chuckled as he clipped his codpiece back on. “Galloway and his words to you. It just unsettled me. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

I shook my head as I traced my hands down Prime’s face. “Nope. Definitely a first with your full bipedal.”

Optimus chuckled again, “I wasn’t sure how that would go, but just the thought, I wanted it and I wanted you.”

A deep yawn escaped my lips causing Prime to look at me with a curious look. He slowly stood with me in his arms and walked towards his alt-mode, the passenger side popping open. Prime climbed in and maneuvered to the back before laying me down. He crawled over and pulled me to his chest before sealing my lips with a deep passionate kiss.

“Get some rest. I love you,” he spoke against my hairline.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled in. “I love you too, Prime.” Slowly, I closed my eyes and fell into blissful sleep.