Imagine in Words

Club Beat

Summary: An argument leaves you mad. A night out with the boys causes boundaries to be pushed. Can a night out repair what was damaged? Or could some type of consequence follow?

Warning: M (mech/human sexual content, dom/sub)

You stood leaning against the vehicle waiting for the boys to finally come out. Orders were orders, but you believed that not all of them needed to be followed. You heard as a familiar diesel engine drove by before coming to a park. The familiar mechanics of the vehicle breaking apart echoed around the hangar. You rolled my eyes as the familiar Autobot commander finally stood within the room. Your arms crossed over your chest as you turned away from him.

There was some tight tension. Everyone could tell within the room, and it was because of that one mech. You rolled my shoulders and pushed off from the wall. The boys were finally making their way over to you. Zack smiled down at you while Keith rolled his hands, showing the keys to his vehicle. You shook your head with a smirk upon your lips before following the boys out.

You heard as metal scraped upon metal. You stopped and looked over your shoulder, your hair in waves curled and flowed free bouncing over your shoulder. Sky blue optics met your own, narrowing into a slit. Metal lips pulled into a thin line. You didn’t say a word. You just turned away and began your walk, the heels of your boots clicking across the black runway.

“Let’s get going,” yelled Zack as he jumped into the open top Jeep. Keith waved you over and you soon joined, ignoring everything that happened within the communication central.

You arrived at a club, one that was far enough from the cities but allowed the military to visit. The beat was strong within, the music pounding against the glass. You followed the boys in and took your seat. Zack brought you a drink as you removed your jack, your bare shoulders and open back giving the guys a nice view of a military woman who kept hidden under shirts and pants.

Keith already wanted your attention. He pulled you out onto the dance floor and you started moving to the beat. The song intoxicating as you both moved against the song. His hands laid against your hips, pulling you flushed back. The feeling of another against your back, it left desire running through your skin. Too bad the one you wanted had to piss you off so much that you needed a night without any consequences.

You turned in Keith’s arms and leaned back, hips smashing against each other. He groaned against the sound as you both rolled your hips towards the beat. It made you gasp and whither as want and lust started to creep up your skin like goosebumps, your mind wishing it was another with sky-blue optics.

When the song ended, Keith followed you back to the booth. He handed you a cold drink which you chugged quickly. Zack stood smirking as he watched you move to the next song. He wanted a shot, more than Keith. Unknown to both, someone else saw you, and what flashed through this person was more than both men could comprehend. Once sky-blue, red flickered through eyes as teeth ground together and hands crunched into tight fists.

Zack followed you out to the middle of the crowd. His hands grabbed your hips and before you knew it, the dance mimic Keith’s but his hands dipped farther. The dark strobing lights hid what was happening as he traced your skin. He rubbed his erected clothed flesh against your ass as he dug deeper finally caressing wet lips. You moaned causing Zack to chuckle as he sucked the flesh along your neck.

Zack soon grabbed your hand and pulled you through the crowd towards a dark corner and an empty booth. He slipped in and quickly unzipped his pants before pulling you in with him.

His mouth attacked your neck as he used one hand to slip up under your shirt, rubbing your erect nipple through your cloth bra. He hated that, pushing the material up. You gasped as he adjusted you over his lap. His hand disappeared to your button and zipper, quickly undoing it. His hand disappeared once more inside, fingers circling your clit before plunging a finger deep inside. You moaned and rose, ready for that completion.

Zack wanted to continue. He wanted you, but a hand roughly shoved him back before another grabbed your shoulder dragging you from the booth. Surprisingly, no one noticed as you were thrown over the person’s shoulder and walked out through the back exit door into the dark alley.

Being sat down upon your feet, you turned hands upon your hips ready to ram out the person for disturbing an interesting night. However, the words died from your lips. You watched as a six-foot-five human disappeared to be replaced by an eight-foot red and blue Cybertronian, one that you wanted to avoid, optics blazing almost purple before cooling to deep blue.

You tried to move away, but he stepped forward, his servos reaching for you and quickly grabbing your wrists. You were slammed against the brick walls, his metal body pressing against your own. His sky-blue optics burned dark with flashes of red causing the deep purple to return. He dropped one of his servos to dip into your hair, anchoring himself and forcing you to look him in the optics. You are not sure what you witnessed upon his faceplates: was it anger, jealousy, or love?

He growls deeply before slamming his dermas against your lips. The kiss was brutal forcing a shaky gasp from your lips. You roll your head away, breaking from the kiss. Your eyes narrow to glare back at him. He is staring at you, the sound of cooling fans kicking on, the grip upon your wrist increasing.

“What are you doing here?” you ground out deeply and softly.

He leans his helm to press against your own, optics still dark. “I should be asking you the same question.”

You scoff forcing him to lean back, his dermas forming a tight line. “As if.” Your head is turned away, staring down the dark alley. A single light is flashing causing shadows to play against the walls. “You should know the reason. You started it.”

Optimus chuckles. It’s a sound you are not familiar with. Your eyes flash quickly to his. You shrink back against the wall as he brings a servo to cup your chin. He brings his helm forward, his dermas barely a breath away from your own lips. “You are forgetting something.” His optics flash the same deep purple once more causing your eyes to widen. “You belong to me.”

Oh, you didn’t forget that statement easy. Your relationship with the Autobot leader has been unsteady. Arguments due to long missions. He argued more with his team and the humans especially lately when some of the missions ran into pointless issues. Most nights you found him sitting on the ground, refueling. You would allow him to have his way with you by consent, only because you wanted him to feel. You wanted him to know that you were still here for him.

This last mission, though, you fought badly with him. You thought he was almost trying to throw his life away. Some of the Autobots looked at you and then looked away, as if they were agreeing. That argument had caused the Prime of Cybertron to stomp away. He transformed and drove out of the hangar. You decided that you needed to cool off and convinced a couple of the males to go out clubbing. Who knew what trouble was brewing because of that?

Leaning forward as much as you could, you let your breath fog his lip plates. “Oh, I know that, but do you? Or is this some ploy of yours’s?”

He pressed his dermas against yours, his glossa slipping in forcing a moan to escape your lips. He devoured your lips, teasing them and pulling against them. He left you breathless, wanting more.

“You have no idea what you are saying?” He whispers into your ear, his one servo tracing against your side, small circles stopping at the hem of your jeans. “Or maybe you do?”

You close your eyes for just a brief second before opening them. Oh, you knew the game he played. Jealousy was not a pretty picture on the Prime of Cybertron. However, there were times you rather have him mad at you and take it out during rough acts of sex than him driving out and finding an enemy. It might be a dirty trick, but anything to prevent him from losing his cool.

Using your free wrist, you wrapped it around his neck and pulled his dermas back against your own. You heard the deep growl and purr from his engine as you slowly bucked your hips against his. His free servo grabbed your hips forcing you to stop. His optics closed before opening, deep blue flashing with red. If there was one thing Prime hated, it was his lover being in control.

“I think we both know how to end this,” you started with a smirk playing across your face. “You either finish what has slowly started or you let me return to my friends and end my night with them.”

Optimus ex-vented, his grip upon your wrist tightens as he presses his metallic form against your own. You continued to stare up at him, the same smirk dancing across your face. You were playing a dangerous game. No one pushes back against him. His ability to strike fear into the enemy, to dominate the ground, and always return as the winner was something that most admire. However, there was secret to him, something you have learned in your relationship.

It was all fake.

The Prime of Cybertron has seen too much, witness to many good mechs, femmes, and humans die because of a pointless war. If he had his way, there would be an ending. He would gladly give his spark if the war would end. He has even tried it on a few occasions. One occasion had you on the ground, dirt flying by, a battle finished. He sat knelt, his weapons at his side. Your small body laid upon the ground. You looked at him as blood ran down the side of your face. He looked worse, an open wound almost near his spark chamber. If you hadn’t involved yourself in that battle, would Prime have survived?

You scoffed and turned your head away. Of course, he wouldn’t let you go. Not when he pulled you from the arms of a man wanting exactly what you were wanting from him. Optimus chuckled once more, his engine purring almost like it was distracting you.

It did in some way. A cold breeze blew across your legs, your eyes widening as you watch as Prime smirked back at you. His servo holding your wrist dropped to your hair, his digits dipping in. You heard the clinks as something fell to the ground. The servo at your hips, gripped you tightly. His engine growled deeply just as he thrusted deeply into you pulling a loud scream from your lips.

“You belong to me,” he stated coldly. He smashed his dermas against your lips as he pulled back and thrusted in. You groaned against his lips, your hands anchoring to him. “Never forget that.”

Optimus pulled back and roughly grabbed your shoulder forcing you to roll, your chest pressed against the brick wall. His servo wrapped against your hips as he thrusted back inside. You arched against him pulling a deep groan from him.

He moved against you using strength and speed. You called out his name as a deep burning ache started pooling, an ending that you so wanted slowly made its appearance. You started pushing back against him, trying to keep up with the pace he had started. Static electricity started darting up and down your body. Shivers of pressure started to build as you arched your body and threw your head back. You called out his name multiple times, asking for him to finish.

One strong thrust and the dam broke. Every bit of strength left your body as he jerked, a warm feeling coating the inside. He stepped back. Your legs gave away as you slumped down against the wall. You felt as a jacket covered your bare shoulders before arms wrapped around you, lifting you from the ground.

Prime’s holoform pulled you to his chest as he walked out of the alley. His alt-mode sat parked down the street, the blue auxiliary lights causing shadows to play across the ground. He walked towards the vehicle, your hand wrapping around his neck as she snuggled against him.

The door popped open. He climbed in and made his way towards the back, gently laying you upon the sleeper bed. He removed your shoes before crawling over and pulling you towards him. His human mouth pressed a gently kiss to your forward.

“You do realize I love you?” He asked, his deep baritone voice dancing around within the cabin of his alt mode.

You smiled and traced a finger down the side of his face. He caught your hand and placed a kiss upon it. “Just as much as you love me,” you replied.

Optimus stared into your eyes before his mouth was on yours once more. A wild amount of sex with his bipedal in the alley might have proved one thing or another, but if Optimus had shown anything, he loved you more than his own life, and you mad at him, well that didn’t sit well on the Prime of Cybertron.