Imagine in Words

An Open Road, An Open Heart

Summary: I was returning home from a mission that forced me to ride with a certain red and blue semi. It wouldn’t be a problem if my best friend/ex didn’t cause my emotions to be frayed especially when said emotions were more focused on the open road with a certain Autobot leader. Who knew that one event could lead to an open heart with unanswered feelings?

Warning: M (alt-mode and mech/human sexual content)

I was returning to base from a mission that forced me to get separated from the team, but I was not alone. Oh, no. I was riding within the famous cabin of a certain Peterbilt, one that was actually the commander of a group of autonomous robotic organisms. While the thought was entertaining, I really didn’t expect to be traveling back to base with Optimus Prime, the one mech I tried my hardest to avoid due to a split in my heart.

For close to three years, I was in a relationship with a certain soldier on base. We met before even all of this started, best friends both arriving at the base at different times. While I loved my friend, I was seeing a different side of him especially when I was alone.

Optimus always listened to me when he found me leaning against the hanger, a beer bottle in hand. He never questioned my relationship, but I knew within his deep blue optics that it bothered him. Before long, I was starting to wish my relationship was with the Autobot commander instead of my best friend.

The night we left for the mission, my boyfriend and I both got into a terrible fight. Our friendship was destroyed when he laid a hand upon me, leaving a bruise upon my thin body. Luckily, the clothing covered it up. He apologized and said he would never hurt me again. I could only smile through tears and continue on with the day.

Now, I was on the road with the one mech who caused my heart to rip in two. If only my desire to be with someone who would care about me wasn’t that strong. I knew the Autobot leader cared for me, but I was not sure if that feeling was romantic or just platonic.

“You seem to be quiet. Is something bothering you,” asked the Autobot leader, his smoky baritone voice drifting over my small frame, the blue hue of the radio flashing with his voice.

I shake my head, “No. Just thinking.”

“About what, if you don’t mind me asking. We do have some time before we are back at base.”

“Probably not a safe topic,” I mumble quietly.

The Peterbilt rumbles, a deep chuckle echoing into the cabin. “I don’t think any topic we have is safe, don’t you agree?”

My eyes widen, unsure exactly where Prime was going with the topic. I was sitting in the driver seat, my hand holding the bottom of the staring wheel. This wasn’t my first ride in a big rig. My dad drove semi for living, leaving sometimes for long trips. He let me ride with him when he was home. Something about the rumble and power of the engine always brought a different feeling to me.

Now that feeling was developing into something more, but it might be because of my torn heart and the Autobot who was actually the semi.

“It’s almost as if you are saying our conversations are downright dirty, hmm, Prime?” I joked with the Autobot commander. “Are you sure you are not the one thinking lewd topics?”

“No.” I stared with a gasped expression upon my face at the dashboard, surprised by the action. Prime continued, “I know of your relationship. It would be wrong of anyone to interfere.”

I sit back, kicking the long metal gearshift ignoring the deep growl of the engine as Prime controlled the speed and drifting of the huge vehicle. “You know nothing about my relationship.”

Prime pulled to a harsh break, gravel and dirt passing by. Not once have I seen the Autobot leader become upset over a conversation, but I guess there was a first for everything.

“I know you humans go through periods where your relationship seems rough. I know that you have the chance of not staying with the same one. It is different for us Cybertronians. I don’t know what has happened within yours, but it is something that I should not interfere with.”

I gruff and turn away, the bright sun flashing across my face. The movement caused a bit of my shirt to move revealing the bruise left by my ex. Tears pricked my eyes as I thought how one sided everything felt. I almost wish it was easier to harden my heart instead of letting it open up to the one person or mech that appeared to care for me.

Moving my hand to the gearshift, I set the big rig back to the road and began shifting it. My thoughts kept reminding me that I was not driving a normal semi but an Autobot, but that was part of the reason why I was doing it. I needed to drive something either it be the rumbling of an engine or something else that could help me forget. Usually, I could find that through a one-night stand, but right now, driving the big rig would have to fill that problem.

“You realize driving me isn’t going to make me avoid the conversation.” Prime’s voice was deep as if he was trying to be the strong leader, but I didn’t need that, not right now. I needed something to help me forget.

“Just shut up, Prime.” I bit back. “You have no idea what is going through my mind or what has happened.”

“Are you sure about that?” His voice held a strong question, but it soon smoothed to a gentle rumble. “I can see the mark upon you. What happened?”

“He fucking hit me,” I growled deeply. “Now, unless you can make me forget, just leave me alone and allow me to drive you. I want to get back to base quickly.”

Prime growled deeply forcing me to slam back into the seat. I knew he would be angry, but at the same time, I didn’t know why exactly Prime was mad or how much that would turn me on. If only I was not stuck with the Autobot commander and had someone to help with that problem. I really needed to get back to base.

“He will hit you no more,” rumbled the Autobot leader. He finally slowed down, coming to a rolling stop at a four-way intersection.

“You cannot control that, Optimus,” I reply sadly. “Any human is capable of hurting someone. It could happen with the next person I am with.”

Optimus stayed quiet as he slowly moved through the intersection. While it was nice of him to want to prevent that, I knew it wasn’t possible. Right now, I just wanted the drive to remain quiet so that I could arrive back at base, disappear, and find a way to forget that any of this conversation had happened.

“True if I were someone else,” spoke Prime, his voice so deep that it caused me to look into the rearview mirror with a particular look upon my face.

“What the hell are me talking about, Optimus? It’s not like you and I are in a relationship that could prevent that.” I quickly cover my mouth, a red blush dusting my cheeks. I didn’t mean to say that.

Quickly, I grab the gearshift and wheel, pressing hard against the brake. The huge, red and blue semi slides to a stop, my heartbeat pounding against my ribs afraid to hear what the Autobot leader will say. Will he hate me? Did I finally lose him as a friend with my own stupid thoughts?

My hand reaches for the door only to hear it lock and the vehicle to start rolling upon the road once more. I am unsure what exactly is happening when Prime’s voice starts to echo through the cabin once more, “Maybe that is what we both need.”

Again, I look shocked. I never thought Prime would be so bold to respond back to my question. Being careful, I decide to ask one more question before things start to get too far, “Prime, you are not suggesting or even trying to flirt with me, are you? This would be really messed up if this is some type of joke.”

“It is not a joke. I know my kind bond for life, that is just the way it is for us Cybertronians,” he states. The conversation already sounded like it was starting to come to a bad ending, one I didn’t want to be around to hear. However, Prime continues, “However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that there is something between us.”

I smile sadly and rub the top of the dash, “It’s called friendship, Prime. That is all we have and all we will continue to have.”

Silence fell between both me and Prime as the countryside disappeared along the side. My heart was in pieces as I tried to figure out where to go next. Returning back to base would be awkward because of my ex. I really didn’t want to see him even if he was my best friend.

“No,” he rumbles causing me to look at the rearview mirror with another strange look. “We have something more, and I am sure you know what it is.”

“What are you saying?”

“Each other.” He stated as if I should have known what it meant. “You must understand. If we start this, there will be a point that neither of us will be able to turn back from. Do you understand what I am saying? Am I receiving your consent if this should go any further?”

I swallowed hard. My hands were getting sweaty, and my heartbeat was picking up. I never thought it was possible. Sure, my feelings for the Autobot leader grew, but I was so afraid to admit them, especially with my relationship with my ex. Now that it was over and Prime wanted to make sure no one hurt me back, it made me want him even more.

“Yes,” I replied, my voice jumping a bit. “I knew for a while but was afraid to voice it out. I have grown to love you, Optimus.”

“And I feel the same,” said Optimus, his voice so thick and husky which surprised me. It made my body tingle with a need, something I missed quite a bit recently. “I want you to know how much I want this, but as I am driving, I am not able to fully interface with you in this form. However, when we do have time, you will be mine. Till that time, we can enjoy what I can offer.”

“What do you mean by that?”

My question was quickly answered as Prime moved the seatbelts, the soft click and swish giving me freedom to move. “Undress,” came Prime’s deep baritone voice. I watched as a seatbelt messed with the button on my jeans while another ran under my shirt, pushing my bra up.

I helped Prime by unsnapping my jeans and undoing the zipper. I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my jeans before dropping them onto the passenger seat. My hand traced over the long gearshift, forcing Prime to rumble his engine and slam me back into the seat.

The seatbelts once again traced over my body, clicking back into place. One of them pulled my legs apart while the seat pushed me forward so that my breasts were smashed against the steering wheel.

“Do you still have free movement with your hands?” Prime’s voice was deep and husky as he turned onto a dirt road. The wheel turned against my breasts, causing my nipples to harden. I moaned deeply as I reached a hand up to touch the dash.

“Yes,” I responded as he turned the wheel again, rolling over some rocks before slowly down.

The cabin began to warm as the seatbelt tugged my legs even farther apart. “Good. Touch yourself.” I blinked my eyes surprised by the quiet demand. I almost wanted to ask him what he was thinking before the straps pulled at my legs and his voice once more deep growled through the speakers. “I told you to touch yourself. Now do it.”

Dragging my hand down my stomach, I allowed my fingers to grace across my panties before disappearing between the cotton material and skin. I circled my clit causing a deep moan to escape my lips. I felt as the seat moved, adjusting to cup my body. Again, Prime rotated the steering wheel causing each movement to roll against my harden nipples.

“Put your fingers inside of you.” he says flatly after a few minutes of silence, my moans the only sound filling the cabin.

I widen my eyes but do as he say. Two of my fingers disappear inside. I slowly start to thrust back and forth, another deep moan escaping my lips. I use my free foot to rub up and down the gearshift, hoping to give him the same attention that he wanted to give myself. I noticed as I continue to give self-love as the speed on which he was driving kept increasing as well as the warmth of the seat.

Prime’s voice was a deep, husky rumble over my foggy mind. “Good. Bring yourself to overload. Do it now.”

I don’t know what is with this type of self-love, but Prime speeds up pulling my body back against the chair. I felt as the seatbelt wrapped around my wrist, helping me in thrusting my two fingers at a quicker speed. The scenery through the window is quick and fast. My foot continues rubbing against the gearshift before the seatbelts finally disappear.

I could feel myself starting to build. Again, Prime’s voice is echoing throughout the cabin, “Bring yourself to overload. Do it now.”

I try, but I wanted to bring him to release too. I could tell by the sound of his voice, the warmth of the cabin, the jerky driving he was doing. Moving my body, I sit myself over the long gearshift. I straddle it with both of my legs on each side. Slowly, I drop my wet lips against the top of the gearshift.

Prime jerks, his breaks going quick forcing me to fall back. At that moment, I scream out his name as my release finally comes.

Silence surrounds the cabin. The rumbling of the engine is the only sound along with my panting breath, I reach for my clothing and slowly drag it on, only for the seatbelt to pull it away. “Remain like that. We are almost back at base.”

Optimus quickly throws a U-turn before pressing down on the speed. I knew we were not far from the base, but I didn’t realize that the base was that close. Within thirty-minutes, Prime was rolling into the large hangar that housed the Autobots. He didn’t stop even when Lennox, my ex, or even Ratchet approached him. Instead, I watched as Ratchet reached a hand out towards Lennox and my ex, forcing them to turn away, his metal lips moving as words were spoken.

Prime drove down the long hallway, stopping before a tall metal door. I heard his transformation start before I was slowly dropped within his hand. My jeans fell upon the floor which he was kind enough to pick up and shove into his subspace. His hand dropped down to the control panel where he pressed a few digits forcing the door to open. It closed, the light switching to red while a few lights turned on.

I sat in Prime’s hand looking up at the mech. His optics were a dark blue as he walked over to his berth, roughly sitting me down. I watched as he backed up and small clicks were heard as he mass displaced in front of me.

“Rubbing yourself upon the gearshift was probably not a smart idea,” spoke Prime in a deep, deep baritone voice that I have never heard before.

He walked over to the edge of the berth and brought one metal knee upon it. With his smaller form, he now stood about seven feet tall, still a giant compared to my small five foot eleven. His black servos reached for my hands and dragged them behind me as he wrapped and arm around my small frame, dragging my body upon the metal bed.

I looked at him before dropping my eyes to his lips. It wasn’t long when he saw the connection and pressed his dermas against mine. I felt a static jump from his lips to mine forcing me to open as his glossa dived in, drowning me in passion as he dominated my mouth.

I arched my body up against him, feeling as the warm metal met my skin causing goosebumps to dance across my skin. His servo dived under my shirt, pulling it over my head and breaking the kiss. He returned to dominating the kiss just as he snapped the clasp for my bra. I laid naked before him, his eyes flashing before darkening. He dropped his helm against the side of my neck, his glossa trailed against the skin before he nipped and sucked. I moaned against him bringing my hands out to run across his body and over the glass panels that formed his chassis. His body revved against mine as he slowly thrust against my bare skin.

His mouth dropped to my breasts while his servo dropped to my hip. I wiggled against him as he teased my already harden nipples. I gasped loudly and arched my body as I felt a digit circle around my wet entrance. I was still pretty sensitive from drive. Optimus took that into consideration as he entered on digit and slowly started circling and curling the digit within.

“O-optimus,” I gasped out his name as he entered a second digit before he switched breaths. My nails dragged down his back, leaving scrapes throughout the metal frame.

Optimus picked up his pace, thrusting into me quickly and harshly. I rolled against him, arching my body and pulling it away. His one servo held my hip as he pulled me over the edge. My voice screamed out his name as he leaned forward and devoured me away with his mouth.

Slowly, my mind cleared. I watched as Prime sat up on his knees, his hands moving to his codpiece. He pressed against the side and it popped before he dropped it upon the ground. My eyes widen upon seeing the mech’s equipment. I looked up at him and saw only love within his optics as he leaned forward, sealing my lips once more.

Prime placed himself between my legs. His servo cupped my head as he trailed his mouth to my ear, his dentas nipping against the soft flesh. I started breathing deeply as he pressed the tip of his spike into my waiting entrance. His voice made me lose concentration on what was happening.

“Focus on me, not the pain.” Optimus slowly pressed forward, inch by inch he moved filling me to the hilt.

I gritted my teeth as I laid there. Optimus’ vents were cycling, the cool gust of air escaping from his metal body. After a few minutes, the weight was starting to take effect. I raised my hips only to force a groan out his dermas and a moan from mine.

Slowly, Prime started to draw back and enter before changing the speed. His lone servo wrapped around my hip, pulling me flushed against him as metal made contact with flesh. I arched against him as he groaned against my chest. Each thrust was harder than the last. I kept gasping, calling out his name.

The knot started to build. At first, it burned as if static was racing through my skin. It brought fear to my chest for I was unsure if this was supposed to happen. I stared into Optimus’ optics. He stared back as he continued pulling us to the edge.

It was the connection we both needed. I arched my body, putting my skin flushed against him as I cried out his name. He growled deeply as both of his servos wrapped around my body. He overloaded with a deep grunt before dropping against me. After a few quick pushed with his hips, he pulled back and rolled over to the side.

I laid on my back breathing deeply. I felt as a single digit ran down the side of my face before circling upon my bare shoulder. I rolled my head to look at Prime. He smiled, a rare one that I usually don’t catch him doing.

“I love you,” he whispered as he reached with his servos to pull me against him.

Tears pricked at my eyes and ran down my cheeks to drip upon the metal. It was hard to believe that I started going out with my best friend only to realize how wrong it was. The bruise was a reminder of what I learned. However, it was this drive and the conversation that lead me to the position I am at. An open road opened my heart.

I rolled onto my stomach and traced my hand down Prime’s metal face. He was still smiling as I reached up and placed a gentle kiss upon his lips. I mumbled against his dermas, the same three words, “I love you, too.”

With his servos holding me close to his metal frame, I slowly drifted to sleep. Who knew that a single open road upon returning would open my heart to one being that it needed.