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A Hidden Femme

Summary: Summary: I was forced to hide who I was to work on a secret military base. One mech figures out my secret, but something more comes out of it. However, when training reveals who I am, my thoughts drift to only one question: will I ever see him again?

A/n: This is written with a different type of lemon. I wouldn’t call it a full lemon for it is too clean to be like my normal written ones. Let me know if the comments what you think.

Warning: M (mech/human clean sexual content)

I was arriving for my first day at work, smiling and happy that all my paid work finally landed me a top-secret job working in the military. My dad didn’t want me to follow in his steps, but he left such a huge impression on me that I felt like it was right. The letter did confuse me. It wanted me to hide my feminine looks. It surprised me, but at the same time, dad had mentioned that where he used to work at, not many females were aloud. Knowing my dad if he was still around, it was probably for the best.

I was currently sitting in the back of an SUV, the windows tinted so I couldn’t see outside. I was dressed in clothing that hid my feminine looks, my hair pulled back and hidden under a hat. I hated that my long hair had to stay hidden, but the person I would work under said that when the sun set and only a few lights lit the base, I was free to do what I want as long no one saw me.

The vehicle pulled to a stop. I heard the loud thumps. The letter mentioned that I would be working with strange aliens. While at first didn’t believe it, I also heard about these titanic beasts especially with the previous battle that took place in Egypt and from the stories dad told me before Mission City happened. Everyone knew about them, but as time passed, they started to become a secret once more. I was happy about that. My job was secured with the objects of where my job was placed hidden.

My name was Andrea, but to keep that I was a female hidden, we shorten my name to Andy which was fine. Dad always used that nickname for me. The door was opened, and I stepped out. A huge, almost thirty-foot metal robot stood before me before dropping down to one knee. I swallowed hard. He had the most beautiful blue eyes that I have ever seen. Plus, the expression upon his face was calm and almost peaceful, something that I didn’t expect them to show.

“My name is Optimus Prime. We are the Autobots from the planet Cybertron. From what I heard from Major Lennox; you will be working with a few of us.” His voice, a deep baritone rolled over me with such firm and gentleness. I knew I was going to enjoy working here.

It has been about six months since I joined the Autobots team. I have kept who I am a secret, most of the boys referring to me as Andy. I only ever let my female looks show when I was within my room or it was pitch dark outside allowing me to do my evening run. Today, though, it was starting to become quite warm, and I really didn’t like wearing all the clothing.

The sun was just starting to set. Behind the base hidden within the hills sat a small waterfall that entered a very shallow pool. I grabbed my clothing and quickly made my way through the shadows from the sunset towards the small path I had found. I quickly ran to the small pool of water.

I dropped my clothing and quickly stripped down to my bra and panties. My hair flapped behind me when the hat was tugged off. I didn’t wait for a second before diving into the cool water. The waterfall hid some of the sound allowing me to enjoy the peaceful quietness of the small woods as I cooled off my flamed body.

I returned after the sun had finally set and felt the cool breeze making my body cold. I quickly redressed and hid my hair before walking back onto base and towards my room. I was almost there when a tall shadow blocked me from entering the room.

“We need to talk,” spoke the deep baritone voice. I looked up and noticed blue eyes narrowing as they slowly dropped, and a metal hand sat before me.

“Can I ask about what? It is getting a little late.”

“Something I sure is quite important,” pressed Optimus. I just sighed and sat upon his hand curious on exactly what he was needing.

Prime rose and walked back towards the Autobot’s hangar. He disappeared down one of the hallways towards a large metal door. Pressing a few buttons, the door open and he stepped in, the door closing behind him.

I looked around and noticed I was in the private room of the Autobot commander. He walked forward to a huge metal bed or berth as I have learned and sat me upon it before stepping back, his arms crossing over his wide chest.

“You can remove your hat, Andy. I know you are not saying the truth on who you are,” started Prime, his voice deep as he narrowed his eyes at me.

I tried to stand and move away, but Prime stepped forward forcing me to sit back down. “I am not sure what you are talking about. I never lied once. Andy is my name.”

Prime bent down upon one knee and used one digit to push the hat off my head. My damp shoulder-length locks curled and fell down my back, stopping and swinging lightly. Prime leaned forward, his face barely away from mine. “I do not like dishonesty within my team. Who are you?”

Swallowing hard, I stared into the Prime’s eyes, “Andy is a nickname. My real name is Andrea. I was told to hide that I was a woman. I don’t know why.”

“A femme?” I nodded, learning that was a name for females. “I see. We don’t allow women in our team due to what happens. Why were you an acceptation?”

“My dad. He worked with you guys before during Mission City. He was a great inspiration to me.”

“I understand.” Prime stepped back and crossed his arms. “This will cause problems if your secret gets out. I will need you near me to prevent that from happening.”

“No offence, Optimus, but a human woman staying with the Autobot commander could give off the wrong impression.”

“Maybe that is the impression I want to give,” he retorted back.

I gasped and quickly moved back. I wasn’t afraid to admit that I thought the Autobot commander was a good looking mech or male. I just never thought it was possible for a transformer to fall for a human or even a human falling for a transformer, especially the Autobot commander. However, these past six months have proven wrong. I was falling for him, but I was also scared about rejection.

Optimus bent down, his metal knee landing against the huge berth. He moved forward, stopping before me. “That first day I saw you, I knew there was something different, but I couldn’t figure out what.” His voice caused me to swallow hard. Did he know about my feelings even if I was supposed to deny them? “I watched as you ran each evening when the sun was down. I knew there was something different about you. Tonight, proved it.”

“So, you knew?” I asked him softly, watching as his blue eyes trailed over me. My hair fell in waves, pulling over my shoulder.

Prime reached a finger out, tracing it through my damp locks before nodding. “While you being a femme has surprised me, it has not pushed me away. Instead, it has enticed me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Optimus rumbled lightly before moving off the berth. “Do not worry so much. Get some rest. I will wake you before sunrise. Like I said, your secret will remain safe with me.”

True to his word, Optimus woke me the next morning and kept my secret. Each mission, he watched me carefully. When my secret came close to revealing, his servo or hand quickly grabbed me, pulling me to his chest. I was so surprised that he was risking so much just to protect that I was a woman.

Over the next few months, Prime and I grew close. We would talk after the sun had set near the small pond. It would allow me to relax on who I am. He would always comment, too, on how I looked. It made me embarrassed sometimes, but I guess that was a good thing.

Each night, he would carry me back behind the buildings to let me down to head to my room. At first, it started with just a nod of his helm. It started to advance with him leaning his helm against my head, a huge smile on my face afterwards. I eventually got the courage to place a kiss on his metal cheek. He smiled after that.

Tonight, though, I laid my hand upon his face. He turned and nuzzled against my palm before I felt his metal lips against my hand.

“I wish there was a way we could be together more,” I whispered lightly. “Don’t get me wrong. I care for you for who you are. I just wish I could hold you better.”

Optimus smiled as he backed his helm away, “In time, I promise you.”

I had a huge smile on my face as he finally lowered me to the ground, our eyes still locked onto each other. I was still smiling as I watch the commander disappear into the Autobot’s hanger.

In the morning, we were being called for some intense training. Usually, I could survive it in the clothing I had to wear, but the weather was starting  to become a bit too warm. I had an extra padding under my shirt so I didn’t have to wear my jacket. We were doing some type of duck and cover exercise with some of the smaller Bots. I was paired up with Sideswipe. While I knew how to outsmart the mech, I wasn’t sure how to stop him on this practice drill. It was more of run and don’t get caught type of drill.

We started with Major Lennox saying go. Sideswipe came after me. I rolled, moving under his pedes. He looked behind me and brought a servo down. I jumped and ran up his arm and slid down his leg rolling to the side. It went like this till we were the only pair left.

We had gather quite the audience including Ironhide and Optimus. Lennox was cheering me on along with the other boys. I was growing tired, though. I knew the silver bot was still going strong. He tried the same move, but this time I slid under. My shirt caught his ped ripping. It fell away in pieces revealing the padding underneath. I heard loud pedes as I turned and flipped. Sideswipe came after me. He caught my hat. It went flying, my brown waves falling behind. Gasps were heard as I finally turned and ran back up Sideswipes. He lost me for a second and spun before falling down. I jumped in a back flip landing. When it was all over, I finally realize what happened.

Every single Bot and man stared at me before Optimus was pushing through straight towards me. He scooped me and quickly disappeared down the Autobot’s hanger towards his room, dropping me on the berth before stepping out. I wasn’t sure what was happening and tried sliding down the huge bed landing on the floor in a huddle. I pushed up from the ground and quickly ran. I heard the argument outside regarding who I was. Following the edge, I peeked around the corner. Optimus was staring at Lennox while some of the Bots were arguing with Prime.

“You know why we have no femmes on this team, Prime,” yelled Ironhide, his voice loud and thunderous. “You made the decision after we lost the last femme.”

“She’s different,” retorted Prime. “I have watched her every time she has gone out. This femme is different. She knows the risks.”

“You swore on your spark,” growled Ironhide once more. “We lost Arcee, and I lost my sparkmate in that last battle. Lennox almost lost his wife.”

Lennox sighed, “We all agreed. I only allowed her if she kept the secret since her father fought with us during Mission City. I cannot allow her to stay, not with her secret out.”

Prime rumbled deeply, “You will dismiss a talented soldier just because she is a femme.”

Lennox shook his head, “We all made the promise. No female soldier because of the risk. Why is she so important to you? She is just one woman.”

“One femme?” retorted Prime. I watched as he dropped down and leaned towards Lennox face. “This one femme has captured my spark. I will not lose her like I lost Elita.”

I silently gasped and turned away from the conversation. I heard as one metal ped left the party, most likely Prime. I eventually heard sighs and more movement before finally coming away from my hidden corner. No one was in the room. I quickly pulled my jacket tight and hid my hair before disappearing out of the hangar. I figured Prime went to one location, our secret spot.

I arrived when the sun had started to set. Prime sat upon the ground; one metal leg bent with one servo resting on top. I approached him quietly, stopping at his side. He looked at me before returning his stare out towards the small waterfall.

“I heard everything,” I started. Prime looked at me once more before moving his head away. “If it makes any difference, you have captured my heart, too, more than I thought possible.”

“They are right, you know,” spoke Prime, his deep voice almost a whisper. It was so deep that it almost seemed like he was angry. “We lost so many femmes in the previous battles that we were afraid of losing anymore. It’s stupid, though.”

I shook my head, “It’s not. You wanted to protect the women. It was noble of you.”

“Noble?” He questioned, his helm turning to look at me, his bright blue eyes narrowed with confliction. “I have lost many soldiers in this war, many who were talented mechs. What difference should it make if you are mech or femme?”

“Then don’t let them push you around,” I replied, my voice trying to hold a positive thought. “You are Prime and a leader. You make the decision.”

“Even if that means I could be risking your life?”

I shrugged before standing and walking away, “It’s my life to risk, especially if I am risking it for someone I love.”

I didn’t wait to see what Prime had to say. I walked back to base to face what consequence would come. Major Lennox stood waiting for me; his arms crossed. He pointed to the human barracks and forced me to follow. We arrived in his office, the door closing and locking behind me. I took a seat as he moved to sit at his desk.

“You have put me at a crossroad,” spoke the Major as he brought his hands up and crossed his fingers. “I don’t want to disappoint Optimus, but at the same time, we all swore upon our hearts and sparks not to allow a single female back on base.”

I nodded; my head held low. I knew their reasons. I understood their reasons. Even if my heart wanted to fight, saying that I loved the Autobot commander, what could I do to convince them that I wouldn’t get hurt.

“I understand,” I replied softly.

Lennox sighed, “I really hate to do this, Andy, but tomorrow you will be taken back home. You will need to forget everything that has happened here. I will make sure you are paid for your time and set for whatever path you choose. I am really sorry.”

I stood from the chair and bowed, tears making their way down my face. I walked out of the office and to my room. I pulled my bag and piled everything in, eventually leaving one single shirt and pants out. I fell upon the bed, my heart aching from leaving the one I love.

It wasn’t long before I heard a knock at my window. I looked up to see a blue light peaking inside. Quickly pulling on some pants, I ran out of the human’s barracks to see the Autobot commander waiting for me. He transformed down into his vehicular mode, his passenger door opening. I ran to it, climbing in quick. The seatbelts wrapped around me before he was driving away from the base.

I don’t know how long we drove till he stopped before an open clearing within a thick forest. His passenger door opened, and I stepped out. I looked at him curiously before I heard the sound of static electricity. My eyes widen in shock as I watched Optimus appear in his bipedal form but at a manageable height.

“You wanted a way to hold me,” he responded in that deep baritone voice, a smile dancing across the metal lip plates.

I smiled before running to him. Everything was exactly the same. He was solid and standing before me. My fingers traced over his face before I leaned up and met my lips against his metal ones. I felt a gust of air before he was returning the kiss, his servos wrapping around me and digging into my long hair.

We kissed for several minutes, his glossa battling with mine, before I finally stepped back. His eyes or optics were a dark blue as he pressed against my body. I trailed my hand down his metal, a slight blush dusting across my cheeks. I didn’t plan it this way, but since this might be my last night with him, I wanted it to be something I could remember.

Gathering my courage, I looked up and pressed my lips against his once more. Prime smiled against my lips. I cautiously reached for his servo, letting him ghost against my skin under my shirt. I was dressed in my sleeping clothing, letting me forgo a bra. His metal digits traced over my skin, the warm metal amazing against my skin.

Within seconds, though, Optimus stepped back, his metal hand never moving. His eyes stared into mine before he dropped his lips to my shoulder and whispered out, “Are you sure?”

I nodded, letting him pull me against him. His engines revved, sending vibrations against my body, “If this is going to be our last night together, I rather spend it with you with all of me.”

“I cannot interface as a human could, I will do my best.” It didn’t matter to me what he did. I just wanted him. I wanted to stay and love him as he loved me.

Prime wrapped his arms around my waist, picking me up. My legs wrapped around him as he gently dropped to one knee before laying me upon the soft grass. His metal lips traced against my shoulder up to my neck. I felt the static electricity against my skin forcing soft moans to escape my lips.

My hands trailed against him, over each piece of metal. He guided me towards small neural clusters, showing me how to please him. Each touch forced the engines within his metallic body to rev causing a different situation to guide across my own body.

His optics returned to mine. His servos ghosting across my stomach and under the shirt. I leaned up, allowing him to remove the clothing. He followed by removing my pants and panties, leaving me bare below him. His eyes never left mine as he trailed his metal fingers across my skin, his servo palming my breast. I gasped and moan as his metal lips or dermas nipped against the skin of my neck.

Prime teased both mounds of flesh before his dermas fell against my lips, taking my breath away as his fingers dived between my legs. It was a soft feeling as he teased me against my lower region, one finger disappearing into heat and wetness. I arched up against him, feeling as he pressed his metal body against me. Our mouths stayed together as another digit pressed inside, a strange contrast of metal of flesh. I groaned against his mouth as he slowly started to thrust, my body reacting so differently, so much full of passion and desire over one mech.

My hands reached over his body, through each metal plate. I grazed against his protoform, a darker contrast to the silver metal that protected the inner parts that made him. I heard as he moaned, a sharp hiss and exhale of hot air. His digits continued to bring me higher as I traced against neural clusters that forced him to press his body against mine.

When I thought I couldn’t hold on much longer, he pulled out. His optics returning to look at me. He moved to position himself, his lower half over my bare hot lower region. He wrapped my legs around his waist before slowly sitting up, his chest plates splitting down the middle.

“Touch me, Andrea.” He spoke in such a deep baritone voice as his Spark Chamber opened, the blue light looking almost like plasma.

My fingers ghosted over the material causing his body to accelerate all the engines against me. I gasped as I tried to focus on pleasing him as he was doing to me. It wasn’t enough. I put my whole hand inside. Prime revved hard, the sensation driving my body crazy. He groaned and moaned as he rocked his hips, simulating what a human male would be doing.

My free hand dusted across the same neural clusters as my other kept twisting and turning within the energy that made up his Spark. He revved and moved, his mouth plates nipping against my skin while his glossa soothed the spot.

We were getting close. My body tightening as each movement brought me closer. I watched as Optimus closed his optics, his body pressing harder against mine. One last twist within his spark and one last sharp cycle of his body. It was enough to throw us both over the edge. Prime’s overload brightened his Spark, pushing it towards me as my orgasm raced through my body, making everything feel tingly and alive.

As his Spark returned to normal, I dropped my hand away and fell backwards against the soft grass. Optimus closed his Spark Chamber and chest plates as we both tried to gather our breathing, my own coming out in sharp gasp and his hissing air and cycling of fans.

Prime moved gently from me, sliding to lie upon his side. His arms wrapped around my bare form, pulling me against him. The heat of his body slowly pulled me to sleep as he grabbed the blanket that I didn’t even see over my form. The last thing I saw and heard was Prime pressing a kiss to my forehead and saying that he loved me.

Morning came roughly. A soft knock woke me from my sleep. I don’t remember returning to my room, but I did recall everything that happened the previous night. A second knock brought me back to the present reminding me what was happening. I quickly changed clothing, leaving my hair down in its long waves. Grabbing my bag, I looked around the room one last time and opened the door. A soldier along with Major Lennox stood outside. The soldier took my bag as Lennox walked by my side. Men stepped out watching as I walked the hallway finally stepping out of the barracks and into the warm morning sun.

All of the Autobots stood outside their hangar. Prime stood in the back. A single black SUV sat idling at the exit of the base. I walked towards it as each male eye watched me carefully. The soldier set my bag in the back trunk as the rear passenger door was opened. I looked up at Lennox. He could see the conflicting emotions within my eyes. I really didn’t want to leave. I looked over to where Prime was standing to notice he was gone. With a sad smile and only the memories of last night, I disappeared into the vehicle, the door shutting.

The drive was quiet as we pulled away from the base. I watched as everything I worked hard for disappeared behind me. The highway was empty with no single vehicle. We drove back to the city, arriving at my apartment. I had been gone for almost a year with so much changing. Could I even go back to a normal life? The soldier followed me up the stairs, watching as I opened the door. Everything was the same. I watched as the soldier sat my bag own, bowed, and left. I watched the SUV drive away as I closed my front door.

Three months have passed. I started working at the small café near my apartment. I never forgot what I left back at base or who I was missing. My friends tried hooking me up with someone one month after my arrival, trying to get me to move on. It didn’t work. Two months later, though, another gentleman started approaching me. He had a deep baritone voice that reminded me of the one I left behind.

We started talking during my shifts. He would approach asking how my day was before leaving when the first rush came in. He was a pleasant looking gentleman with deep, dark brown hairs, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that could make any woman weak in their knees.

Today, though, after three months being back and a month of talking with him, I finally decided to answer his question. Just two days ago, he asked me out. Knowing that I probably wouldn’t see Optimus any longer, I agreed. He had the brightest smile on his face as mentioned that he would be waiting for me after my shift was over.

The sun was setting as I closed the door and locked it. He stood leaning against the corner brick wall dressed in a maroon dressed shirt, dark washed jeans, and black boots. He reached out a hand, my smaller one slipping between his. We walked around the corner where my vehicle was parked only for me to stop.

Parked beside my vehicle was a familiar big rig that I only saw on the military base. Its red flames and blue body reflecting shimmers from the setting sun. My eyes began to water as tears burned and fell slowly. The man beside me walked towards the semi before turning towards me. He slowly rolled up his sleeves revealing a set of tattoos that showed his rank and position.

My voice trembled as I called out one name that I thought I would never say, “O-Optimus.”

The young man nodded his head, “I am surprised you didn’t notice at first.”

I ran into his open arms, one hand threading through his hair while the other traced against his face, a five-o-clock shadow slowly forming. “How is this possible?” I asked him, a whisper against his face.

“Remember my bipedal holoform?” I nodded, his hand slowly cupping my cheek. I leaned into it filling as his fingers traced my skin. “Well, Ratchet adjusted it so we have human holoforms.”

“I understand that, but how is it possible you are here.”

Optimus leaned forward, his mouth connecting with mine. I pressed back, my hands wrapping around his neck. We broke only for a second for him to lean his forehead against mine. “You don’t think I would forget my sparkmate? That night you touched my spark. We are more than just partners now. I explained that to Lennox. I am here because you are mine just as much as I am yours.”

I stayed silent for a few moments processing what Prime had said. I recall one of those nights when Prime talked about sparkmates, partners, and everything related to Cybertronians. I knew sparkmates was the final steps. We agreed to be partners but wanted to take things slow. However, that night when I gave myself to him, I knew we would be more.

“I am yours?” I questioned softly as he walked with me back to his real form, the semi idling quietly.

Prime nodded as he opened the door, helping me in. “As I am yours.”

My arms rewrapped around his as my mouth collided with his. He joined me into the vehicle, the door closing on its own and locking. We were within the back corner behind the café. No one would bother us. He led me between the seats to the sleeper in the back. My mouth stayed connected with us as he laid me gently down.

As we broke our kiss, my hand trailing against his face, I whispered the words I wanted to say, the words that burned within my heart, “I love you.”

“And I love you,” he whispered back as he returned to kissing me passionately.

I was surprised about the results of my life. While I didn’t continue the job within my father’s footsteps, I found something else. I found love. While he might not be truly human, it didn’t matter to me. Love is universal. I love him and he loves me, that is all that matters.

A single woman forced to hide who she was only to be recognize as a hidden femme within a group of boys and mech. Life certainly has ways of surprising oneself.