Imagine in Words

Rose Petals

A collection of oneshots involving the reader and Optimus Prime, the Autobot commander.
Stories will contain a mix of oneshots, twoshots, lemons, angst, drama, and more.

These stories can include relationships between human and human or cybertronian mech and human. Please avoid if you do not like certain pairings.

Each story is listed with warnings regarding to what happens in each of them.


A Hidden Femme • I was forced to hide who I was to work on a secret military base. One mech figures out my secret, but something more comes out of it. However, when training reveals who I am, my thoughts drift to only one question: will I ever see him again?
Rated M • human/human clean lemon

Playing my Heart • A long drive, a single truck wash, and a long bus drive all lead to my complicated heart and emotions I wanted to ignore, especially when they were considered forbidden. However, a certain holoform caused a small bit of hope to resurface. Too bad, I wasn’t sure who was playing who, especially when it regarded one’s heart.
Rated M • human/human lemon

An Open Road, An Open Heart • I was returning home from a mission that forced me to ride with a certain red and blue semi. It wouldn’t be a problem if my best friend/ex didn’t cause my emotions to be frayed especially when said emotions were more focused on the open road with a certain Autobot leader. Who knew that one event could lead to an open heart with unanswered feelings?
Rated M • alt-mode, human/mech lemon

Can’t Lose You • The aftermath of a battle left many people thinking of what was to come next. I didn’t, though. I was thinking about what I could possibly lose. Who knew that someone else was thinking the same thing.
Rated M • human/mech lemon & sparkbonding

Okay, that’s IT • Okay, I was tired of it. From twins playing games and now Galloway. He really wouldn’t leave the Autobots alone. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one tired of the games. Prime was ready to show exactly what the rumor was and screw everything else.
Rated M • human/mech

Broken • We were traveling, running away after some harsh news with no words from the others. Our drive, though, comes across a past memory for me. We arrived at the remains of my childhood town and the house I grew up in. Memories stir feelings as I recall how once I was broken, but now I am repaired. Repaired because of love.
Rated G • No Warnings

Outsider • You were an outsider accidentally getting involved with the Autobots. You had a secret relationship that became public. Words had hurt and caused you to doubt. However, a certain leader knew how to chase those doubts away by proving that you were his as much as he was yours.
Rated M • mech/human lemon

Club Beat • An argument leaves you mad. A night out with the boys causes boundaries to be pushed. Can a night out repair what was damaged? Or could some type of consequence follow?
Rated M • mech/human lemon, dom/sub

You are no tool! • A strange artifact is decoded which has you and the Autobot leader retrieving. However, this artifact causes more problems than you expect. You see the doubt and confusion it holds on him. What can you do that will explain that he is not a tool, a vessel of Primus?
Rated M • mech/human lemon, violence, language