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Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to YuGiOh or any of characters from the series. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

Summary: Set right before the end of the Ceremonial Duel. He hears a short gasp followed by small, short sniffles. As he glances over his shoulder, he sees the retreating form of a young brunette woman.

The Ceremonial Duel was happening. If Yugi is the victor, the once nameless pharaoh can finally leave and receive the rest he so deserved. The young brunette stood beside her friends, watching as they cheered on their tri-colored hair friend. She heard as her friends spoke that Yugi was having the time of his life with this duel. It was a duel to prove if he was ready to be separated from the pharaoh, and with the victory, the pharaoh would finally be free.

Tears started to stream down Tea’s face as Tristan stated those haunting words, that the once nameless pharaoh would ultimately be set free. With sobbing tears, Tea turns away from her friends, unable to watch the scenes being played out anymore. “What’s the matter, Tea?” asked Joey as he turned and watch as the young woman slowly start to walk away.

The young dancer shook her head as more tears freely ran down her face. “I can’t watch anymore. I can’t watch as he loses, and we all have to save goodbye.” Joey tried reaching out for the young woman, but she shrugged him off and took off running. She couldn’t witness him leaving, witness as he left everyone including her.

The duel stopped instantly as she disappeared down the long corridor. Atem glanced around the room at all Yugi’s friends. Yugi’s eyes were full of confusion and sadness. He recalled back on the night before. Yugi had stated that after Tea left, he felt that she wanted to speak with the pharaoh one last time.

As the pharaoh glanced around among his friends, his eyes widen with realization. Quickly, he jumped off the platform only to hear the voices of Ishizu and Marik. “If you step off the platform, you forfeit the duel,” stated the young Egyptian woman.

Atem glanced at his dueling opponent. His eyes were wide with confusion but there also seemed to be a light smile, too. Atem returned the smile as he removed his duel disk, laying it upon the ground. “I will be back to finish the duel,” he called over his shoulder as he jumped down and took off running. With as much speed as possible, he quickly ran through the corridor.

The young dancer wasn’t stopping for anything. He watched as she raised her hand across her face trying to hold back a sob that was strangling her with each breath she took. “Tea!” He called out her name, but she only shook her head and continue running.

Tea didn’t stop even as she heard the pharaoh calling out her name. She ran up the stairs, stumbling upon the steps as she gasped for air each sob shaking her small body. It hurt. It hurt so much. She couldn’t stay and say goodbye. She couldn’t watch him lose and leave her forever. She pushed upon the wall, taking two steps at a time. Tea could hear him gathering speed, jumping three steps at a time. He was gaining, but she wasn’t stopping. Outside the tomb, she caught her breath for a second and glanced around the small ravine the shrine was located in. With a deep aching sob, she took off sprinting once more.

Atem took a step outside into the bright setting sun. He could see the young dancer only a short distance away. He quickly ran, grabbing the young woman’s arm, pulling her to stop. “Tea, stop!” He cried out. The young dancer only twisted her hand out of his grip before turning down the ravine and disappearing once more. He followed her as she ran back to where the ship was docked.

Tea quickly boarded the ship and flew down the hallway to the small room she was occupying just the night before. Slamming her hand hard upon the button to close the door, she released a sharp gasp as she flung herself upon the small bed, tears wrecking her body, as a pain she never knew could hurt so hard destroyed her from within.

Atem quickly followed the woman as she ran back to the ship. He slowed to a walk as he made his way down the hallway only to stop at one specific close door. Atem reached out with a cautious hand towards the switch which open the metal door. The sun’s position casted shadows within the small space. However, he could make out the petite dancer’s body as each shed of tears cause her small form to shake. He walked into the room, hitting the button once more to close it behind.

Warily, he approached the side of the bed and knelt upon one knee. He reached and gently placed his hand upon the young woman’s back. He watched as her body froze before she swung around, plastering her small frame against the wall. Her breath was coming in sharp pants as tears shined within her cerulean eyes. He watched as she stared, her chest rising and lowering as she tried to control each uneven breath.

“Tea.” His voice was smooth, velvety dark as he stared at her with his demonic indigo eyes. He slowly rose to stand, his arms dropping to his side.

“Please, leave.” Her voice shook as she spoke each word, tears streaming down her face. She pulled her legs to her chest. She looked so frail, so broken in the small corner of the bed.

“I cannot do that,” he stated quietly while shaking his head.

Tea shook her head. The feelings that she had within her were bursting with pain. He always cared about his friends. He would make sure they were safe, protected. She doesn’t remember exactly when the feelings she was harboring for the pharaoh became so strong.

“I beg you. Please, leave.” She cried out as another wash of tears ran down her face.

Atem just shook his head as he took a seat upon the edge of the bed. “I cannot leave you in this state. Whatever monster you are fighting, lets fight it together.”

Tea grabbed the pillow next to her and chucked it at the pharaoh’s head. He quickly ducked as the pillow flew by landing against the wall and falling to the ground. She yelled with venom lacing her words, “Get out. Get out. You can’t win this battle. It’s not like one of your stupid card games. Get out.” Atem crawled upon the bed, reaching for her hands, straddling with each leg placed on each side of her. She twisted and turned releasing one of her hands out of his grasp.


Atem raises his hand where the young woman had hit him across the face. “Damn it, Tea.” He said it so smooth that even she released a soft gasp.

“Please,” she begged, tears wallowing up in eyes ever ready to fall down her face once more. “I can’t take this anymore. Please, just go.”

Atem leaned back upon his legs, his hands resting upon his thighs. “Why? Why are you shutting me out when I know there is something?”

“You just don’t get it, do you? How could you?” Tea turned her face away allowing the shadows of the room to hide her face.

Atem reached for the woman’s hand. He pulled her towards him, into his arms, against his chest. “Understand what? That you have feelings for me. That you care for me.” Tea stiffen in his arms as she listened to his deep, soothing voice. “No, it isn’t that you care for me, it’s more than that. Am I right?”

Tea pushed against his chest, forcing herself to stare into his deep crimson hypnotic eyes. “You don’t know what-”


Atem’s lips crashed against the young dancer’s. He devoured her away with a desire so strong it surprised the young brunette. She relaxed against him. Her arms wrapping around his back. Her lips molding with his as his hands cupped her face so gently. When air became an issue, a small heated pop was heard as they broke away.

“Do you love me?” His hands were still cupping her face. He used his thumb to trace over her swollen lips. The question was there. She couldn’t avoid it, not after what they have just shared. Tears started to burn in her eyes. She couldn’t answer him, not with what he still needed to finish. Tea pushed against him, forcing the young pharaoh to drop his arms, but he didn’t allow it. Atem grabbed her arms, locking them behind her. He quickly shoved her down upon the bed. His legs on both sides of her hips as he held most of his weight off the young woman below him. “Damn it, Tea, answer me. Do you love me?”

The young dancer’s azure eyes went wide with fright as she stared at the young man above her. She slowly nodded, “Yes. For a while now. There you have it.” Her tears burned like fire as they streamed down the side of her face.

Atem released her hands as he cupped her face once more. “Good. Let this be my answer.” His lips dropped to hers once more. He traced them with such gentleness as one of his hands dropped down to her shoulder.

The young dancer gasped allowing his tongue to invade as she felt his callous hands trace her bare arm of the sleeveless shirt. He shaped his lips against hers as his hands dropped to trace his brusque fingers against her soft skin. The pharaoh pulled away to move his lips down upon her neck, kissing and teasing the delicate area.

Atem heard her moan softly against his ear causing a heated smirk to play across his face. He leaned once more capturing her lips in a strong, lightheaded kiss before pushing away to lean back upon his knees. He slowly rolled his shoulders shrugging out of his blue leather jacket, throwing it casually upon the ground. He reached for the belt buckle upon his neck, removing it along with the other metal jewelry, throwing them all upon the ground where the jacket had fallen.

Atem slowly crawled forward watching as the young dancer’s chest rose and fell with each breath escaping her swollen lips. He reached for her, pulling her to him as he crashed backwards upon the bed. The young brunette was straddling him, trying to hold her weight completely off him. He chuckled deeply as he grabbed her around her waist and pulled her down upon him. A small squeak escaped her lips as she felt him below. Another chuckle escaped the pharaoh’s lips as he rolled, repositioning her below him. He dragged his lips down the side her neck, kissing and sucking before stopping at her shoulder.

His breath was warm as he breathed upon her skin. His voice was undeniably husky. “You have no idea what you have done to me over these past years, or how much I have longed for this.”

Tea’s voice, broken with each breath, as she spoke out into the room. “We can’t, though. I can’t. Please, I beg you.”

Atem leaned upon his elbows making sure to keep most of his weight off the young brunette. “We can. You can. I know this is hard, but this is something we both need.”

Tears burned with an ache behind the young brunette’s eyes. She rolled under the young pharaoh, putting her side against his body as the tears started to stream down her face. “No. This isn’t right,” she whispered softly.

Atem growled as he moved to sit upon his knees. He reached for the young woman’s arms, grabbing upon her wrists and forced her to look him in the eyes. “Damn it, Tea. Why are you fighting me?”

The young dancer returned an angry glare at the young pharaoh. She twisted her hands out of his grasp allowing her to push upon the bed forcing herself to lean forward. “You don’t get it, do you? If you lose the duel, you leave, forever. I can’t take that.” She pulled her legs away, forcing the young man to fall back against the wall. She pushed from the bed and walked a short distance, wrapping her arms around her small frame as if to protect herself from harm.

Atem cursed lightly before quickly standing from the bed. He reached for the young woman, wrapping his arms around her forcing her to lean back against his chest. “I know. Its not fair for either of us, but don’t you believe that this is something that we can both give?”

Tea turned in the young pharaoh’s arms. She glanced up into his warm crimson eyes. “I want this. It’s just…”

“Just what?” The pharaoh brought his hands to cup her face slowly forcing her backwards till her back was up against the wall.

“It’s just… Yugi.” She turned her head to glance away.

Atem chuckled as he dropped his head upon her shoulder, his breath hot and warm against the dancer’s bare shoulder. “Yugi is at the shrine. This is me, all me.”

Tea slowly shook her head. “Still, though…” She left the sentence incomplete, pain etching across her face as the tears began to burn within her eyes once more.

Atem growled, as he banged his hands upon the wall behind the young brunette, “Damn it, Tea. Fuck this. You love me, right?”

“Yes, but..”

The pharaoh cut off the young dancer’s refutation. He crashed his lips upon hers devouring them with such fervor. She gasped allowing him to intermingle within her mouth, deepening the kiss even more. He pushed her body against the wall, grinding his hips upon her lower body causing her to gasp once more. “You drive me crazy.” His voice was a warm raspy sound against her swollen lips.

“Do you love me?” Her question caught him off guard.

“What?” He growled out.

Tea pushed against his chest, forcing him to take a step back. She crossed her arms over her chest and titled her head to the side. “You asked me, so I am asking you. Do you love me?”

Atem chuckled deeply. He reached out a hand grabbing the young dancer causing him to tumble backwards upon the bed. “I think the answer is quite obvious.” The young brunette gasped as she fell upon him feeling exactly what his answer meant. “But, to answer your question, it’s a yes.”

Atem rolled, repositioning the young woman below him. He placed his legs on either side of her hips, dropping them ever so lowly that a sharp gasp escaped the brunette’s swollen lips as he grind against her inner thigh. He didn’t allow her to speak, only to crash his lips once more against her own. He used his hands to trace upon her bare arms before slowly dipping one underneath her sleeveless shirt. Another gasp escaped her lips allowing the kiss to deepen even more. She felt as he traced her skin up to her clad breast underneath her smooth bra.

The young pharaoh dragged his lips away and removed his hand from under her shirt. Leaning back, he grabbed the him of the black leather shirt and pulled it over his head before tossing it upon the ground. The young dancer’s eyes were glazed with passion as she arched her back to lean up and grab the young man’s lips once more. She reached with her hands, placing them upon his muscle chest pulling out a deep hiss from the man’s throat. He helped her as she lift the him of her shirt and pulled it completely off, throwing it upon the ground.

Atem’s eyes were hazed over with passion as he leaned forward to place warm, wet kisses upon the young dancer’s throat tracing it slowly down to cleavage of her chest. His hands danced upon her shoulder, rolling the straps slowly down before reaching behind and breaking the clasps apart. Her breasts, smooth and full as he traced his fingers across the harden nubs. He continued kissing her upon each mound stopping to deeply kiss her upon her lips, fighting for dominancy with his tongue.

Th young dancer watched as his hands grazed over her skin, stopping to pull away from her feverish body. He slowly leaned back and began working on the buckle of his belt. With a sharp hiss, the belt was thrown upon the ground. He undid the button along with the zipper before leaning forward and dragging wet kisses down the dancer’s chest and across her belly stopping to glance up with hazy eyes full of passion.

Tea’s mouth released a short gasp as she felt the young pharaoh tease her body with his lips. His hands were tracing her inner thigh underneath her leather skirt. She watched as he dropped lower to kiss behind her knees, upon her inner thigh. She felt as the zipper to her leather skirt was slowly pulled down. Arching her back, she allowed him to slowly drag the material down her legs, kissing each part along the way. He threw the skirt upon the ground before kneeling over the her, his hands resting on each side of her head.

Reaching down, Atem sealed the woman’s lips against his as he shoved his pants down leaving them both clothed in only the remaining undergarments. She heard the wrapper before realizing what was coming. She heard the tear before she felt his fingers gently playing around the hem of her panties. Once more, she arched her back as he placed a warm, wet kiss upon her flat stomach and watched with hazy eyes as he pulled the material down over her knees, throwing it where the others have landed. Her eyes only closed for a second, but she heard as he did the same before a shadow covered her body.

“Tea, open your eyes.” The pharaoh’s voice was so soft, so gentle as he traced his fingers along her cheekbone, leaving small kisses in its path.

The young woman opened her eyes, but soon quickly closed them as she felt him become one with her. He slowly kissed her easing away the pain, but soon it was pure ecstasy, passion, joy. It was the bright light at the end of the tunnel. It was the key to the final puzzle. She felt as he moved bringing her to a bright star in the darken sky. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as his lips dropped wet warm wet kisses upon her chest.

It was over as quick as it started. Atem rolled, pulling the dancer over his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around her sweat covered body. He placed a chaste kiss upon her forward as he listen to her deep even breath signaling that she had fallen asleep. Reaching for the blanket, he draped it over them. He could allow them to have a few minutes of rest, especially since he still needed to return back to the shrine and finish the duel.

Atem and Tea soon returned to the scene of the duel. No one asked questions on why they were gone for so long. Some assumed that the conversation was just dragged out for quite some time. Others didn’t want to try and fathom what could have happen between the young dancer and the once nameless pharaoh. Either way, they have returned. Tea stayed in the back while Atem stepped back onto the platform, reaching for his duel disk while picking up the cards he has discarded.

Tears burned with such a longing behind the brunette’s cobalt eyes as she watched the duel finish out with the pharaoh losing as was his destiny. Yugi was in tears as the pharaoh dropped down, complimenting on how strong of a duelist he had become. Ishizu explained that all the pharaoh had to do was state his real name and the door to the afterlife would open.

Atem walked around to face the door. He spoke his name loud and clear. The door open with a blinding light. The tears the young dancer was trying to suppress fell like a dam bursting open. The pharaoh took one step forward before turning to a side and glancing towards the back where the young brunette stood.

Taking one step at a time with determination that no one could understand. He made his way past Yugi, around Joey and Tristan. He stopped before the young dancer and raised his hand ever so slowly, wiping the tears as they pooled and ran down upon her smooth cheek. Reaching around, he pulled her to his chest as his mouth grasped hers in a heated, passionate kiss. He kissed her with as much love as his heart could pour. Atem devoured her away, wrapping his arms tightly around the waist of the young woman. He traced his fingers above her hips causing a soft moan to echo against his. Dragging his hands, he cupped her face to pull his lips away and whisper one sentence in the young woman’s ears. “I love you.”

Tea gasped as tears poured without stopping. He left her a chaste kiss before walking back up the stairs, stopping at each friend and smiling ever so softly. At the top, he reached over and patted Yugi upon the shoulder before staring straight ahead and walking through the blinding light. When the doors were completely closed, Tea screamed out a strong tearful gasp as she dropped to her knees, holding her stomach as if she was in pain. The tears plastered her face and dripped ever strongly upon the floor echoing with the equally empty shrine.