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Inuyasha’s eyes were wide as he dropped down to the ground. Kagome lost the pup, his child? It didn’t make sense. How was she able to lose the child? Was that the reason she was covered in blood? He looked up at the stairs before glancing at Kagome’s mother. A tear ran down her face before she moved to kneel on the ground by the hanyou. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she tried to comfort him on this terrible lost.

“How is it possible that she lost the pup?” He asked after a few minutes when Kagome’s mother broke away. She was currently in the kitchen getting some tea.

Turning towards the table and sitting the glass down, she released a sigh. “It is called miscarriage, Inuyasha. A woman can have problems carrying a baby to term. Also, anything that might anger a woman, cause her stress, or cause her to be upset could cause the woman to lose the child. I don’t know what exactly caused my daughter to miscarriage. However, by the look on her face, I have to say it was something that drastically caused her to be upset.”

Inuyasha nodded and walked away from the kitchen. Looking up at the stairs, he thought about everything that was happening. Kikyou was in his life as much as Kagome was. He was once again not making a choice on who he was suppose to be with. More he thought about it, the more the answer came clear. He was the one that caused her to lose the pup. He was the one who caused her to be so upset.

Glancing back, he slowly made his way up the stairs. He stopped to look at the door. He swallowed hard before walking foward and pushing the door open. Kagome was not sleeping, but glancing out the window. Her face was covered in tears and her hands were wrapped around her stomach. Upon hearing the door being closed, she glanced towards him before turning away. His heart ached by the pain he saw in her eyes.


“Save it. I am not returning back with you, Inuyasha. Too much has happen and I just want to be alone.” Her voice was full of hurt as he dropped to sit by the side of her bed. A tear ran down her face and she used her hand to wipe it away. She wouldn’t allow him to see the pain she was in, the pain caused by him.

He doesn’t know how long he stayed by her side. He watched as unshed tears filled her eyes before she glanced up and swallowed hard. The sun rose before finally setting, casting the area in complete darkness. Still nothing was said between them. Standing up, he leaned foreward and placed a kiss upon her forehead before turning away and walking out the room. Closing the door behind him, he heard as she rolled against her pillow and cried. He really messed up this time.

Two weeks. It has been a total of two weeks since Kagome last saw Inuyasha. She thought it was better for this. He wanted to be with Kikyou and she was giving that chance for him. Losing the baby was something that was irreplaceable and she knew the only solution to prevent any more pain. She had to let him go. She just didn’t expect it to hurt this much, especially since she knew that she was his mate still.

Slowly walking across campus, she tried to ignore her friends, Enju and Hitomi. Both were trying to figure out why she missed so many classes, why she look so sad and gloomy all of a sudden. Both knew about her first story, about leaving someone that she thought cared about her. The girls were curious if that was what happen again, causing her to return.

“Kagome? If you talk about it, it might actually be a little easier on you,” said Hitomi as she walked ahead and turned to walk backwards.

Kagome just shook her head and picked up her pace, moving past her friend and marching her way towards the building that held her next class. Hitomi looked back at Enju wandering if she said something wrong. Enju just shook her head with a shrug of her shoulders before following. Both girls knew something had happen. The girls just didn’t know what.

Classes dragged on as she sat near the window. She watched as the clouds drifted by instead of concentrating on the lectures that were happening. A sigh escaped her lips as she glanced down at her notebook, the one she was suppose to be writing her notes in. Instead of notes, she only had one sentence: ‘I miss you.’

InuYasha released a sigh as he glance down the stairs. After Kagome told him she was leaving he wasn’t sure what to think. He understood her reasoning, but he also knew that she was his mate and there was nothing she could to escape that.

“InuYasha?” The hanyou turned to see the girl’s mother coming with a cup of ramen. “You miss her, dont you?” she asked.

“Keh. I do’t know if I should or not.”

“And why is that?”

“Kagome and I weren’t suppose to be mated. I was actually planning to be with Kikyou,” said InuYasha in a low voice.

Mrs. Higurashi nodded her head, “What changed your mind? You always seem so concerned about my daughter.”

InuYasha swallowed hard as he glanced around from Kagome’s mother to his ramne, “I do care about Kaome. I wouldn’t be with her if I didn’t. Kikyou… well… she still had that promise on me. And, well… I thought staying with her would fix the problem.”

“You do have quite a problem. However, maybe thats the problem. You’re not making a choice between both women.”

InuYasha thought over on what Kagome’s mother said and finally nodded. That was the problem. He loves his mate, but he still has the promise with the undead miko. His only choice is to decide on which one is more important: his mate and life of living or the promise of death. It should be easy, but with him, it never is.

The sun was starting to set when InuYasha crossed over to the other side. A look of shocked anced across his face when he emerged out of the well and noticed his brother standing near the edge of the meadow, a look of disagreement on his face. “What in hell do you want?” demanded the hanyou.

“I heard what happen to the miko. You are an idiot to cause so much pain for the one you claim to love. It would have been easier if you have left her with me.”

InuYasha released a growl as he rested his hand against the hilt of the Tetsusaiga, “Damn you. This doesn’t concern you.”

“To the contrary, it does. You know the demon rules. You know that I have to uphold them. And, you should know that you have broken them,” said the demon lord, not raising his voice once.

“It doesn’t matter now. Kagome is gone. She won’t be returning.” InuYasha’s ears dropped a little as he thought about what he lost. Kagome, his mate, had left him because he couldn’t make a choice. Turning away, he started to walk in the opposite direction of both the undead miko and the village.

“Where are you heading?” asked Sesshoumaru.

The answer echoed back on the wind, “Anywhere away from here, away from the pain of what I lost.”

Kagome heard movement down the hallway. Opening her eyes, she watched as one of her roommates, Hitomi, came running down the hallway. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed her book before turning away and noticing her upon the couch. “You’re awake,” said Hitomi as she walked arond the couch and took a seat upon one of the chairs.

“Couldn’t sleep. What’s going on?” asked Kagome as she sat up, wrapping the blanket around her shoulders.

“I have an exam in three hours. I need to study.”

“Okay, but why so late at night?”

Hitomi looked a little confused before looking towards the clock. A small laughed escaped her lips. “Um, Kagome. It is already ten in the morning.” Kagome eyes went wide before both girls broke into small fits of giggles.

“Wow. I must have been pretty exhausted last night.”

Hitomi nodded, “You took quite a few swallows of the drink I made you last night. You even drank some straight out of the bottle.”

“Is that the reason I have this major headache?” asked Kagome as she laughed. She remembered last night. She wanted to swallow her pain. She wanted to forget InuYasha. However, everything she did. Everything she tried to forget. It always came back so much harder, so much stronger. Her friends suggested hosting a party, just for the three of them. Kagome agreed and well, she knew why she had a headache. She drank too much.

“Kagome, do you know how long you are staying with us?” asked Hitomi snapping Kagome from her thoughts.

Kagome gave a shrug with her shoulders, “I actually don’t know. I am just trying to move on, forget what happen. It could be a month or even a year.”

Hitomi nodded as she laid her book down. Sitting back, she draped her legs over the arm of the chair. “I have no problems with you staying. I am just curious if you will ever tell us what happen, what caused you to return.”

Kagome shook her head as she glanced down at the ground. “You wouldn’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

Kagome looked up at her friend and noticed that she was being serious. For the time that she was attending college, Kagome only told them about InuYasha and what he did to her, on how he left for another. She never mentioned anything else such as him taking her as his mate or about the pregnancy. “Um, I was gone for a few months because I was pregnant.”

“You were pregnant?” Kagome nodded. “Let me guess: his child.”

“Ya,” said Kagome nodding her head.

“What happen? Did you finally decide to do an abortion or something?”

Kagome shook her head, “I would never do an abortion. I miscarried two weeks before I came here.”

Hitomi’s eyes went wide, “You miscarried?” Kagome nodded, once more. “Wow. Now, I can understand why you left him again. I would just stay away. He is causing too many problems for you. You would be better with someone else.”

“I don’t know.”

Hitomi slapped her hands together causing Kagome to jump, “Yes, you would. There are plenty of men that would love to go out with you. You never know. There might actually be one better than you. At least give it a try. We will even try within two months. If nothing happens, you can go back to your normal style. However, if it works out, you have to give it a try. Deal?”

Kagome thought about what Hitomi was offering her. She wanted to forget about InuYasha. She wanted to move on. Her friend was giving her that chance. She could start over. She could finally move on with her life and allow InuYasha to stay with Kikyou. It might even work out for her. She could find a decent man and settle down. She wouldn’t even be InuYasha’s mate anymore. The more Kagome thought about the idea, the more she thought about trying.

Looking back at her friend, she noticed that Hitomi was smiling. Finally deciding that it was just worth the shot, Kagome nodded. “I’ll give it a try. However, I am just giving you two months and that is all.”


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