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One Request 015

Inuyasha and Kagome have been travelling all morning, trying to return back to the village in a short amount of time. One reason being that Inuyasha wanted to leave Sesshoumaru’s castle as soon as possible. Another, that Kagome was worried about everyone, even if there was no attacks or anything happening.

Both had stopped by a spring to rest for the moment. With Kagome currently pregnant, she wasn’t able to travel very far and Inuyasha wasn’t going to carry or force her to travel far distance. At the moment, Kagome was kneeling near the edge of the spring. She was cupping her hand within the water and taking sips of the cool liquid. Inuyasha was standing near the back, watching her with a soft smile. He almost lost her to Sesshoumaru. There was a lot that he said that was true. He was still staying by Kikyou’s side, not because he wanted to anymore. He had Kagome to worry about now. He was actually now more trapped with the undead miko than anything. With her restating that she wanted to drag him back to Hell, he had no other choice but to try and stay by her side most of the time and delay everything that could actually happen.

“Kagome?” He called out her name softly as she sat back against a smooth rock. She glanced over her shoulder towards him and responded with a weak smile. “I am sorry for not telling you the truth.”

Kagome just shook her head and stared across the spring, watching as some water ran across some rocks. “I don’t know if I should be mad at you or what. You actually held a secret regarding to Kikyou. If I knew what was going on, if you would have told me, I probably would have more of an understanding on what was going on.”

Inuyasha knew he was at fault for what he did. He caused the problem. He held the secret for so long, ever since she became pregnant with his pup. Releasing a sigh, he dropped to sit by the young miko. She rested her head against his shoulder, allowing him to wrap his arms around her. Closing her eyes, she drifted to a light sleep. He smiled before leaning over and placing a light kiss upon her forehead.

The site of the village was a happy thought upon Kagome. “Put me down, Inuyasha. I can walk from here.” Inuyasha looked up a little concern about letting her go. Instead, he knelt upon the ground and let the girl down. She smiled and started to walk. He just crossed his arms and followed.

Kaeda was happy to see both the young miko and the hanyou as they both enter the hut. Kagome smiled towards Kaeda before taking a seat. InuYasha took his normal seat near the door but making sure that he was close enough to his mate that she would still need him should something happen. “I was worried about ye when both did not return.”

“I am sorry, Kaeda. I left with Sesshoumaru and never thought about telling anyone,” replied Kagome. InuYasha just snorted, but remain silent. He knew what the real reason was for Kagome leaving. He didn’t need to bring anythinge else up regarding to it.

Kaeda smiled towards the comment before turning towards the hanyou. “I am just happy to see that both have return. Rest for the day and tomorrow you can start up whatever ye had begun.” A nod came from the young miko as she moved over to the rolled out futon. Laying down, she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

“The pup causes her to turn in the nights. She needs to sleep.” Kaeda nodded to the hanyou as he stood up. His back was towards the old miko as he stopped and glanced over his shoulder. “She knows about Kikyou’s real reason for staying beside me. If she wonders, tell her I will be back.” With all said, the hanyou walked out.

Kaeda just released a sigh as she stir the coals. Not much was said about Kikyou’s reason, but upon seeing InuYasha so mad from returning on that day, she came to her own conclusion that her sister was not happy about the hanyou being with the modern girl and not her. Kaeda figured that the promise was back in full and that her sister still wanted to drag the hanyou to Hell. All anyone could do now is hope that something like that will not happen. Leaving a mother and child is not smart, especially with Kagome at her age and where she is actually from.

Inuyasha wondered through the forest, thinking about what Kagome had said to him. He wasn’t sure how to tell Kagome the truth, not after everything they have been through. First, he decides to take Kikyou back, only because she asked to be with him as everything before. He agreed only because he still cared about Kikyou. Second, Kagome comes with her request. He would not have given it to her, if wasn’t for demon laws that required all requests to be granted. After learning that she became his mate because of the request, that was when everything took a spin. He never expected to be breaking one promise with one girl and forming another. He wasn’t expecting to create a huge mess just because of a simple request.

Inuyasha stopped at the clearing. Kikyou was sitting outside the hut going through herbs that were laying out in front. He knew one thing that could possibly happen. Kikyou knows about him being mated to Kagome. He knows that much. He knows that Kikyou is not happy about it. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t try to keep her from fullfilling the promise of taking him to Hell.

Kikyou looked up when Inuyasha started to walk towards her. She turned her head away and continued to work as he came to a stop near her. “Kikyou.” His voice was a whisper as he glanced down.

“I thought you would be with your mate.” Her voice was cold as she gathered her herbs and stood with the basket in one arm.

“I didn’t expect everything to turn out this way. I promised that I would stay by you, that we would live as if nothing had happen. I can still do that. I just have another person I have to watch out for. Can you at least believe in me on that?”

“How can you ask me of something like that? She is your mate, the one you will be by always. I cannot take her place and you cannot be by my side. The promise was broken when you took her as your mate.”

Inuyasha shook his head and followed the miko into the hut. “She asked it as a request. By demon laws, I had to fulfill it. Can’t you understand that?”

“I thought demon laws were canceled out long ago. I thought no one followed those. Are you telling me that everything you said has been a lie.”

“I never heard about the laws being canceled. My brother never said a thing and why would he? He hates me.” Kikyou just shook her head as she sat the basket down. Turning towards the hanyou, she crossed her arms and then uncrossed them as she walked out the door and took a seat upon the stairs. Inuyasha followed and sat behind her, wrapping his arms around the young woman. “I can still be with you. There is no breaking on that part. I just need to be with Kagome also.” Kikyou just released a sigh. Leaning back against the hanyou, both Inuyasha and Kikyou watched as the sun set in the distance horizon.

It had been a total of three days since Inuyasha had disappeared. Kagome wasn’t worried during the first day. However, as the days went by, she was becoming concerned on where the hanyou was. Sitting outside the hut, she released a sigh as she watch the birds fly by. It was already the morning of the fourth day and still there was no sign of the hanyou.

“Any sign of the hanyou,” asked Kaeda as she appeared out of the hut. Kagome shook her head. “I am sure that he will come around sooner or later. Ye are his mate and carrying his child. He wouldn’t run away with that knowledge.”

Kagome just gave a small smile and watched as the old miko wandered off to do her morning duties. She wasn’t sure what to think of his disappearance. She remember on the first day he disappeared. She was sleeping at the time and woke to find him gone. Kaeda just said that he had to do something, but didn’t know what. Kagome had a small feeling that it had something to do with Kikyou. Was there a chance that everything that hanyou said was a lie, that he was still staying with Kikyou and not her, his mate? Kagome released a sigh not knowing what to think anymore.

As much as it hurts, she couldn’t be angry at the hanyou for what he said on their journey back from Sesshoumaru’s castle. True, he kept everything a secret, holding back that he still seeing Kikyou, but that didn’t mean that she had to hate him. If Kikyou was going to break the deal and try to bring him to Hell, Kagome knew it was right that he tries to do something to stop Kikyou. Kagome figured that was the main reason she didn’t hurt very much with him being gone for so long.

Kagome glanced up only to have her eyes go wide. Inuyasha was standing at the top of hill, on the outskirt of the village. His arm was wrapped around Kikyou as she laid her head against his chest. A smile was on his face as she spoke to him. He responded before she looked up into his eyes. He smiled once more before dropping his lips to hers.

Tears were leaving cold trails down Kagome’s cheeks as she pushed to stand up. Walking slowly foreward, her eyes never left the hanyou and miko that were held in a tight embrace. Her thoughts were on everything that had happen. Was the reason Inuyasha kept everything a secret a lie? Did he not want Kagome to know that he was still staying with Kikyou? A hard sob escaped her lips as she wrapped her arms around her stomach. The pup? Was the only reason she was with pup because of Kikyou? She tried to shake the thoughts from her mind, but the scene before her were making it that much harder.

Closing her eyes and letting out another sob, she ran into the hut and grabbed her bag. Not knowing where she was going, she ran. The pain was too much for her. The ideas, thoughts, everything that was said was being twisted in her mind, making her not sure what was true and what was all a lie. She gasped as she came to a stop, her hand flying towards her mouth. Again, a sob road through her body before she continued to run, the pounding of her heart the only thing she could hear.

Inuyasha broke the kiss to pull Kikyou into his arms. A smile was on his face as he held her for a few more seconds. She broke away and turned to walk back down the hill, towards her hut in the forest. Inuyasha watched as she disappear before walking down the hill. The smell of tears and pain assaulted his nose before he realized who they belong to. Cursing lightly, he ran into the hut only to see no sign of his mate.

“Damn it. Kaeda?” He yelled for the old miko and watched as she walked out of one of the huts followed by a younger woman.

“Inuyasha? So, ye have returned.”

“Cut the crap, Kaeda. Where is Kagome?” growled the hanyou as he glanced from the old miko to the village, looking for any sign of his mate.

“Kagome? She was sitting by the hut last time I saw her. Why?”

Inuyasha released a curse and pushed off. He started to follow the scent of tears and cursed even more. She was running from the village. The scent of her tears, of her pain, it cut him strongly and left him to bleed. The only reason she could be in this much pain was because of what she saw. He cursed one more time and ran faster through the forest. He just had to make it to the girl and let her understand. It wasn’t what she saw. She misunderstood everything.

Kagome stumbled out of the forest and into a wide meadow. Her stomach was hurting and she gripped herself around the side. A rock came into her path, causing her to stumble and fall. She knelt on her hands and knees and allowed the tears to run down her face and drip onto the dry soil. Pushing herself to her feet, she continued walking, only to stop once more.

Falling to her knees, she sat back and allowed the sobs to shake through her body. Wrapping her arms around her stomach, she leaned forward and cried as all the pain ran through her body, her heart and soul. Everything was a lie. She was being used. He didn’t love her. He was still going to stay with Kikyou, even if she was carrying his child and his mate. Another sob escaped her lips as she felt her stomach move in the wrong direction.

The pain was too much and she screamed out into the open meadow. She rocked her body back and forth, feeling the pain down her to her legs. It was too much. She cried out, calling for anyone to help her. Finally, though, the pain disappeared as quickly as it came and she noticed the results of the pain. The tears never seem to end as she glanced around the area. Dropping her head and closing her eyes, she continued to silently cry, never noticing that someone had enter the area.

Inuyasha was gasping for air as he came to a stop at the edge of the meadow. He saw his mate, sitting in the middle of the field. Her tears were still strong, but that wasn’t the only thing he could smell. It was the scent of blood, her blood. “Kagome?” He slowly walked towards her before dropping down to her side. She was surrounded in blood.

Kagome slowly looked up into his eyes before wrapping her arms around his neck and sobbing against his haori. “Take me home.”

He nodded and slowly started to stand. Blood was flowing down her legs and onto he ground. He didn’t understand what was wrong with her, “Kagome, what happen? Why are you covered in blood?”

Kagome just shook her head. “Don’t ask, just take me home.” Again, he nodded and picked the girl up. Within seconds, he was racing back through the forest with his mate wrapped in his haori and she crying against his chest.

It had been a total of two hours since Inuyasha brought Kagome back home. He was currently pacing in the living room as Kagome’s mother and the doctor stayed in Kagome’s room. A growl escaped his lips as he sat down by the young boy. Souta was upset and a little scared for his sister. He never saw that much blood before. Inuyasha wasn’t sure what to tell the boy since he didn’t understand what was wrong with her.

“What happen to her, Inuyasha? Was she attacked? What caused all the blood?” Inuyasha just released a silent curse as he pushed to his feet and started pacing. The boy glanced from him and back towards the stairs before looking down at his hands.

The sound of feet walking down the stairs caused Inuyasha and Souta to look back at the stairs. Mrs. Higurashi was walking down followed by the doctor. She walked him over to the door and thanked him before turning back to the hanyou and her son. “Mom? Does the doctor know what is wrong with her?”

Mrs. Higurashi nodded her head before looking towards the hanyou. Unshed tears were in her eyes as she moved to sit down in a chair. Inuyasha swallowed hard as he watch the woman sit down. “I am so sorry, Inuyasha.”

“For what? Will she be okay?” He was confused on what was being said. He glanced from the boy to the stairs to the door before looking back at Kagome’s mother.

“Kagome is a strong figher. She will be just fine. The baby, however, will not be. I am sorry, Inuyasha. She lost the baby.”

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