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One Request 014

It had been a couple of hours that the girl had sat the hanyou. Inuyasha decided it was best for him to let her cool down. He didn’t mean to make her upset or even to make her say the word. He just knew from living on his own that eating raw foods could help someone. With Kagome currently pregnant, he thought the the raw meat would help her. It turned out to be a bad idea.

Looking out towards the high sun, he decided that it was time to find the modern girl. Demons roam the lands looking for humans and one pregnant is at a greater risk than one that is not. Standing up and placing his sword at his side, he walked out of the hut and into the forest. He could smell her scent and started to follow it.

The berries held the scent the strongest and he realized that she had stopped to pick them. Knowing the girl for too long, Inuyasha knew right away that she would head to the nearest stream to rinse them off. However, as he stepped out of the forest into the clearing near the stream, he saw no sign of the girl.

Inuyasha started to glance down one way and the up the other. He could find no sign of the girl. Her scent came to the edge of the stream. She was sitting on the ground rinsing the berries. However, as he glance to the side, he noticed the basket, containing the berries, spilled. Panic started to race through the hanyou’s skin as he moved over. That was when he caught scent of what happen.

A growl escaped the hanyou’s lips as he stood up to look in the direction of the west. “Damn it.” Turning quickly, he ran back to the village to notify Kaeda before starting off towards his brother’s castle.

She was asleep when Sesshoumaru arrived back at the castle. He wasn’t sure what his half-breed of a brother saw in this woman. Upon hearing the stories of her trying to kill herself and the hanyou returning to someone that was part of the dead, he became angry. There should be no reason he would become angry by such event. However, the thought of it made him boil. After finding out that the hanyou mated with the young miko but never told her, he became even angrier by the events. However, upon finding the mating took place during a request, it made sense.

Sesshoumaru carefully carried the young woman up a flight of stairs. Rin was looking out a window and turned to see him. “Will Kagome be staying with us, my lord.” Sesshoumaru gave a nod as he walked passed the young child and enter a spare room.

Kagome rolled away as he laid her down upon the bed. There seem to be no understanding to what the hanyou does. First, he wants to stay with the undead miko and then makes the living miko pregnant. He knew his brother to be a fool, but Sesshoumaru never figured that the hanyou would be this much of an idiot to cast both woman away.

What Sesshoumaru said was true. The girl needed a strong mate to protect both her and the pup. He is going to make sure that she receives both. The pup has his blood. It might be tainted by human blood, but it still had his blood. Farther from that, the pup would carry the miko’s abilities. No one will resist trying to kill it. That remark alone proves enough that the girl needed a strong mate to protect her. Sesshoumaru knew right away that the hanyou was an idiot for he would not be able to protect both her and the pup, not with him staying by the undead miko’s side.

“This Sesshoumaru will make sure to protect what should be protected. Inuyasha, you were a fool. This woman shows you everything and you cast it away for someone of the dead.” With a smile upon his face, the demon lord walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

It was coming towards her. She looked over her shoulder and continued to run. She had to get away. Around a bush, behind a tree, over a stream, she tried any possible way to get away. A tree root caught her foot causing her to fall to the ground. She looked up and brought her arm over her face to protect. It came closer, closer, shrouding her in darkness when…Kagome sat up panting for air. Her heart was racing as she sat there calming herself down from the nightmare.

Looking around, she noticed that she was a room of some type of castle. Moving out of the bed, she slowly exit the room and descended down the stairs. “I see that you are awake.” A voice came from the dise and Kagome noticed that it was Sesshoumaru.

“Where am I?” Kagome looked around the area to see a large rom with a staircase situated in the middle, two large doors across, and one door on each side of the room leading to different parts of the castle.

“This is my home and soon will be yours. Return to your chamber. I will have a maid draw a bath for you.” Kagome looked at the demon lord with a blank expression before nodding.

As she waited for the main, she thought about everything that happened. Inuyasha didn’t love her as she he said. He was only using her since the one he did love was dead. Her hands went to her stomach as she remembered why she was in this position. It had been three months since they had been together like that. It had even been a month since the hanyou held her in his arms or placed a kiss upon her lips. Was everything that Sesshoumaro saying true? Was that the reason Inuyasha never showed affection within that month because he was with her? Kagome didn’t want to think of any answer to that.

The maid soon appeared with two demons behind. They helped her with the tub and water before disappearing out of the room. “My Lord has mention to me that you are currently three months pregnant. We congradulate you on that.”

Kagome only smiled as she watch the maid prepare everything. She took out a kimono with the colors of blue upon it and laid it upon the bed before continuing on preparing the bath.

“The water is warm. I was asked to assist you.” said the maid. Kagome looked a little embarressed, but nodded. Removing her clothing, she dipped into the water. It was warm to her skin and felt good. The maid soon appeared behind with four pots and a sponge. Using one of the pots, she poured water over Kagome’s head to wet her hair. Kagome soon felt another liquid upon her head. She figured it was some type of potion, rememdy, or something of the sort used for washing hair. She never knew that something like that even existed in this time. The bath felt good and was needed. She hated bathing in the cold water and this was a lot better than freezing.

When the bath was completely finished, the maid helped Kagome with the kimono and braided her long hair. She took a spin for the maid before she gave a nod, approving that she was finish.

“You look amazing. His Lord will be here soon to bring you down to dinner.” Kagome gave a nod before taking a seat by the bed to wait.

Sesshoumaru appeared soon after the maid left. He gave a nod approving on how she looked. Only a smile danced across the girl’s face as she took his hand, leading her out of the room and down the stairs. He lead her to a small room with a long table. She was seated at one end while he was seated at the other end.

As they waited for the food, Kagome took the chance to ask him a question. “Why are you doing this to me? I thought you didn’t care for humans.”

“I don’t. However, you are a strong miko meaning demons will come for you. You are also carrying the Shikon Jewel and a pup of both demon blood and miko blood. Both are reasons enough.”

“That still doesn’t explain why.”

A small smile appeared across the demon lord’s face, suprising Kagome. “Those reasons should be enough, miko. You need to be protected at all costs. With a strong mate, you will have that provided. I am planning on giving that to you.”

“I have Inuyasha. He will protect me.”

“He is a weak half-breed that only trails after the dead. There will be no protection from him, only the cost of using someone.”

Kagome’s eyes went wide as she stood, placing her hands against the table. “That is not true. He promised me. He told me himself that he told Kikyou that it was over, that he took me as his mate.”

Another smile danced across Sesshoumaru’s face. “If that was true, miko, wouldn’t your so-called mate be with you when you were out alone picking berries.”

“He was under the Rosary spell. Any second and he would have been by my side.” She responded quickly, not liking how the conversation was going.

“That might be true. However, if you think about it, with you away, he can do whatever he wants, even go back to the undead miko.”

Kagome slammed her hand down across the table once more, causing a cup to tip over. “That is not true. You don’t know anything about him or me. You say protection. I just laugh about it. Inuyasha will protect me. He has always protected me.”

Sesshoumaru rose from his chair and started to walk towards the young woman. Kagome stood, frighten upon what was happening. He came to a stop and towered over her as he crossed his arms. “Listen to what you are saying. A pup of both demon and miko blood will be hunted every day. Even a half-breed doesn’t have the skills to protect someone such as that. You need someone strong and I can give you that.”

“I don’t want it.”

“This isn’t an offer, miko. I am making a statement. You will receive my protection. You need it.”

Kagome was going to retort back when the sounds of large doors blasted open. “Sesshoumaru, show yourself!” The demon lord gave off another smile as he recgonized the voice. Kagome’s eyes went wide. She looked up at the demon and started to run around. Sesshoumaru just grabbed the girl’s arm, forcing her to stop. She tried to break away, but he held tight.

“Come with me, miko, and I will prove everything that I said was true.”

Inuyasha appeared at his brother castle, holding the Tetsusaiga. He kept glancing around for the girl, but found no sign of her. A door to his left open and he glanced to see his bastard of a brother and his mate. “Sesshoumaru, let Kagome go.”

“I see that you decided to come, little brother.”

“Cut the crap and let Kagome go.”

Sesshoumaru just gave off a smile as he glanced from Inuyasha down to Kagome. “She is with me now. There is no reason to let her go.”

“What are you talking about? She is my mate. Now, let her go.”

“You don’t deserve her. Always running to the undead miko when it is her that you should be with. A strong mate is needed when the pup is born. Don’t you understand that much?”

“What? I haven’t seen Kikyou yet. I’ve been by Kagome’s side. She knows this as much as I do. If Kikyou was seen, it was because she was doing a job for Kaeda, not because of me.”

A smirk appeared upon the demon’s face as he glanced down at Kagome. She was kneeling upon the ground, holding her stomach, trying to understand everything that was happening. “Then explain this, Inuyasha. If you are with Kagome, why have you not told the undead woman to leave?”

“I…” Inuyasha was speachlish upon this part. He wasn’t sure what to stay. Could he confess that Kikyou was still planning on taking him to Hell since he broke the agreement of him staying by her?

“Just as I thought. You were planning on returning to her. That proves enough that you don’t deserve the young girl.”

“The hell it does.”

“Then why?” Kagome stood up and started to walk towards the hanyou. She heard everything, but didn’t understand a thing. She remembered when Inuyasha went to Kikyou. She just didn’t understand why he returned back so mad. “That night you left to speak with her, you returned angry and took the blame on me. What did she say? What made you so mad?”

Inuyasha dropped his head as he glance to the side. “It is not that simple.”

Kagome’s eyes went wide as she walked up to the hanyou. Raising her hand, she smacked him across the face. He turned to look at her in shock. “Sesshoumaru was right then. You are planning on returning back to her. You were just using me.”

She started to return back the demon lord’s side, but was stopped when Inuyasha’s hand grabbed her arm. “No, that is not true and you should know it. You have the proof. We made the proof. Kikyou is planning on dragging me to Hell. That was the reason I return back mad, not because I was mad at you.”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Would I lie when the proof we made grows inside of you?” With that said, Inuyasha pulled the girl to his chest and wrapped his arms around her. A few tears ran down Kagome’s cheek as she gripped the hanyou’s haori. “Do you believe me?” Kagome nodded her head and turned to look at the hanyou. He smiled before dropping his head and sealing a soft kiss upon the girl. She smiled back enjoyed the moment of him holding her, the moment that everything Sesshoumaru said was a lie and that she was with Inuyasha.

“Let’s go home.” Inuyasha gave a nod and lifted the girl into his arms. Walking out, he never noticed Sesshoumaru shaking his head or the smile upon his face. Inuyasha’s brother knew what was happening, what was going on between the two. He just hoped that his half-breed of a brother would realize it and not make a mistake that could cost him everything.

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