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One Request 013

The sunlight glittered through the trees as the night sky was taken over by the morning light. Kagome tried her hardest to hide from the light by hugging closer to her mate. She snuggled up against him causing a low moan to escape the hanyou’s lips. Inuyasha open one of his golden eyes and had a small grin across his face.

“Kagome?” The young miko lifted her head to see her mate smiling at her. “Are you okay?”

Kagome nodded her head as she laid her head upon her mate’s chest. “Just remembering everything that you said last night.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” He wrapped his arms around the girl and just sat in silence. A smile was on his face as he realized everything. Kagome was his mate and she was pregnant with his pup.

It was a couple of hours later that Inuyasha and Kagome return back to the house. Not sure if her mother was up, Kagome had Inuyasha go through the bedroom window. Luckily, her mother was gone. It was an hour later that she returned wondering where they had disappeared for the night. Kagome just used a quick story of saying that she ran through the well and they stayed their for the night.

Kagome was currently in the shower. Everything that happen last night danced across her mind. One request turned everything towards a different way. She thought she lost the hanyou to the undead miko. In the end, she gave her innocense to him during a simple request. Neither wanted to commit to what happen, but it was her mate that made her realize that she belong to him. Rough days came and went. A couple of times, Kagome wanted nothing to do with him. She hated him for what he did. However, somehow, everything turned out better.

It was just like these last few nights. He was upset by everything that happen. She wanted him to leave. However, at the end of the night, she confessed to him on so much. It was the following night that both showed each other how much they loved each other. In the end, a life was created to give proof.

Turning off the water, she stepped out and grabbed the towel. Kagome wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. She was glad to have Inuyasha by her side, but will everything last? Kikyou was still around. Kagome knew that the undead miko would try something to prevent Inuyasha and her from being together.

A sigh just escaped the modern girl’s lips as she quickly got dress, wrapped her hair in the towel, and walked back to her room. The hanyou she loved was currently laying on the bed. A small smile danced upon her face as she walked over, pulled the towel off, and shook her head. Water droplets splashed around landing on her mate’s face. He used his hands to block the water before wrapping his arms around the girl and pulling her on the bed.

“What in hell was that for?” He asked as he rubbed his nose against hers.

Kagome just gave him a smile before placing a kiss upon his cheek. “Decided that you needed to be awake. Plus, you need a shower. Go take one.”

“Are you saying that I stink?”

“Maybe.” Another smile was on her face as she looked up into the hanyou’s golden eyes.

Inuyasha just rolled his eyes upon the saying before standing up and walking out of the room. Kagome knew why she did that request. She loved the hanyou and didn’t want to lose him. Since she gave her heart and soul to him, she only had one thing left and that was her body. He had her all and that was the reason she loved him. She loved him with everything that she was.

A sigh escaped from Sango’s lips as she stood by the old well. It had been close to two days since Inuyasha and Kagome had disappeared. She was worried for her friends. Yes, they might be back together, but will it last. Turning away from the well, she walked back to the village. For now, all Sango could do was wait and hope for the best.

Miroku was waiting outside when she arrived. A smile danced across her face as he held his arms open for her. She let him hold her as another sigh escaped her lips. “What is wrong, dear Sango?”

“I am worried about Inuyasha and Kagome. I am afraid that something went wrong when Inuyasha went to see Kikyou.”

“I wouldn’t worry. If anything happen, I am sure that both Inuyash and Kagome can figure everything out. Look how everything was turned around. You remember how he treated her in the past. Now, look at the difference.”

That thought made Sango look up into her husband’s eyes. “What do you think changed them?”

Miroku gave a shrug with his shoulders. “I wouldn’t know. Maybe it was Kagome. I believe the best solution is to ask Kagome and Inuyasha themselves when they return.” Sango gave a nod before following her husband back into the hut. For now, all they could do was wait, wait for the returnal of the hanyou and modern day miko.

Kagome was sitting on the steps of the house. She was enjoying the cool breeze that was blowing against her face. During the whole time alone, she went over everything again on what happen. She wasn’t sure what to think. The request was her idea. She wanted to give her body to the hanyou and that was what had happen. However, she keeps wondering if trapping him was a good idea. It seem clear that he loved her, but was he only playing with her? A sigh escaped her lips as she glanced up at the branches of the Sacred Tree. She had no answer to any of those questions.

“You really shouldn’t be out here.” A dark voice appeared behind her before the fire-rat haori was draped around her shoulders.

“I was just thinking.” Her respond was short as she glanced over her shoulder to see the hanyou leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Don’t worry about everything. You will see that it will turn out just fine.”

Kagome gave Inuyasha a small smile before glancing back out across the shrine grounds. “I hope so.”

“I am sure. Anyways, I was thinking about returning. Sango and Miroku are probably worried about you.”

Kagome gave a nod. “That seems like a good idea. I haven’t seen them for a few days and it would be good to be back on that side.”

A nod came from the hanyou. “Good. I will retrieve your bag and then we can get going.” Kagome gave a nod as she watched her mate disappear into the house. It was seconds later that he appeared back to where she was at. Picking her up in his arms, Inuyasha took three jumps before landing at the well. Dropping the bag, he climbed in allowing the time stream to wrap both and travel them five hundred years into the past.

Sango and Miroku decided to check and see. It was late in the afternoon and both were concerned for their friends. Walking out of the forest, a suprise look came across their face. Inuyasha was helping Kagome out of the well. She sat on the edge as he reached for her bag.

“Kagome. Inuyasha. You are both back.” said Sango as she approached her friends.

Kagome gave a smile towards her friend. “Ya. Sorry about that. Something happen and it just took a while to figure everything out.”

“Was it regarding to Kikyou?” Kagome gave a small nod before Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her, resting his claws on her stomach. A smile soon reappeared on her face.

“We are glad to see that you are back and everything was taken care of.” said the monk as he looked up at the hanyou and then back at the modern-day miko.

Kagome and Inuyasha both nodded towards the monk before Miroku turned and left with his wife following. With them out of site, Kagome turned towards her mate. “Do you think we should tell them?”

“Not yet. Let’s see how everything is going at the moment.” Kagome gave a nod to the hanyou as he picked her up and raced back to the village beating the monk and demon slayer by just a few seconds.

The afternoon was going smooth. Kaeda had asked the hanyou to travel to the outskirt of the village to defeat a demon. Kagome wanted to travel with him, be he told her no with a reason regarding to the pup. That was all that was needed for her to stay. She just stood, with arms wrapped around her stomach, as she watched her mate disappear into the forest.

It had been an hour since Inuyasha had left and at the moment, Kagome was currenting inside helping Keada clean some herbs. Miroku and Sango were both standing outside the hut door with a question upon their minds. Looking at each other, both gave a nod before walking in and taking a seat as Kagome turned to lean back against the wall.

“Kagome, would you mind explaing something to Sango and I?” asked Miroku as he sat with his arms crossed over his chest.

Kagome gave a nod as she took a drink of water. “I doesn’t bother me. Ask away.”

Miroku nodded efore looking over at his wife and nodding towards her. “You and Inuyasha have been very close lately. I remember before you left however everything wasn’t like this, that you said he was planning to go with Kikyou. What did you do to change him?”

A sigh escaped the miko’s lips before she glanced down at her hands and then towards the door. “I didn’t change his mind. He was still planning on staying with Kikyou.”

“Then what did you do?” blurted out Sango. It just didn’t make sense. Here was Kagome mated to Inuyasha and she did nothing to change him?

“It happen on the last journey that he and I took together. As we were returning, I asked him of one request since I knew I had lost him. It happen to be that.”

Miroku’s and Sango’s eyes went wide as they listen to her explain. “So, even after that, he was still planning on going with Kikyou?”

Kagome gave another nod. “According to him when he first came to see me, it was his brother that told him that he mated with me. He wasn’t happy about it and neither was I. I wanted him gone, but instead I returned back.”

Miroku and Sango wanted to ask how everything developed farther for it still didn’t make sense. However, before they could get a question out, Inuyasha stepped into the hut ending the conversation. Both bid everyone good night and soon disappeared out of the hut to head home. As they walked away, the thought about what Kagome had said. Sango and Miroku, both thought it was love from the girl that changed the hanyou. They were wrong. Instead, it was a simple request asked by the miko.

A loud thump was heard in the sitance as Kagome sat by a stream to wash some herbs that she was working on. She knew who was behind her and soon heard his voice. “You shouldn’t be out here alone.”

“I know. I just had to think about something.” Her respond was soft as she continued to wash the herbs in the stream.

Inuyasha released a sigh as he crossed his arms and took a seat, leaning against a tree. “About what?”

“Sango and Miroku asked if I had changed you. I explained to them about the request.”

A growl escaped the hanyou’s lips as he stood up and walked up to the young miko. “They didn’t have to know. It didn’t concern them. What happen, happened. There is no changing of it.”

Kagome turned upon him when she heard that. “I know that. However, it made me think about a lot of things regarding to the request. I am pregnant because of it. I have been shot down and hurt by it. How do I know nothing else worse will happen?”

Inuyasha just shook his head. “You are not pregnant with my pup because of the request. I slept with you because I love you. If you think about it, you have changed me. I am with you, not Kikyou.”

Kagome released a small laugh regarding to that. “If it wasn’t for my request, though, you would be with her. It all started because of that. Without the request, I wouldn’t be mated to you or being carrying your child.”

“It shouldn’t matter. What happen, happened. I am with you and I am glad about that. Your request changed me.”

Another laugh escaped the young girl’s lips. However, it slowly died down into tears. She shook with each sob before he came over and pulled her into his arms where she turned into his arms and cried. Inuyasha wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. Yes, when the request happen, he wasn’t too happy about it. He also knew that he didn’t treat her right before it happen. However, now with her as his mate and pregnant with his pup, he knew where he belong.

It took a total of twenty minutes before Kagome’s tears stop and she was asleep in his arms. Inuyasha would have stayed at the stream and built a fire for them to camp. However, the nights were starting to get cooler and he didn’t want to risk his mate or the pup’s health.

Kagome slept through the rest of the afternoon and late into the evening. It was the scent of the stew that woke her up finally. However, instead of eating, she was quickly out the door throwing everything up. She explained to her mate about morning sickness. It was also her proof of her being pregnant.

For the rest of the evening after she was finally able to eat something, Inuyasha stayed by her side, holding her close. He would always comfort her when she was about to cry for odd reasons. He would always wrap her in his haori when she drifted to sleep. Occasionally, he would even whisper words into ears mentioning how much he cared about her. One time during the whole evening, Kaeda caught the hanyou placing small kisses upon the girl’s neck and shoulder.

Finally, though, late in the evening, Kagome fell asleep against her mate. Inuyasha made sure that she was warm as both climbed into her sleeping bag. When everything was set, he intertwined his fingers with hers and laid his other hand over her stomach. It only took a few minutes before he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

“Sit boy.” The command was heard echoing across the forest as the thump followed right behind. Just as Kagome woke up, her mate started to force her to eat raw meat. What was he trying to do? Was he trying to make her sick? Was he trying to make her throw-up? If those were his ideas, then yes those would have worked on her.

Releasing a sigh, Kagome continued on moving. After saying the command, she disappeared into the forest towards a berry bush. She currently heading to a stream to wash them off. Kneeling down, she splashed cup waters onto them. As she was doing it a third time, though, she noticed the reflection of the Demon Lord.

Sitting back and looking up, she came eye to eye with Sesshoumaru. “Miko, you are out of protection.”

“I know and I will do just fine.” She responded with a calm respond. She really didn’t want Inuyasha’s brother to bother her at the moment.

“You might seem safe with your miko powers, but with you currently pregnant with pup, you are at risk.”

Kagome stood up, dusting the dirt from her knees. She stared at the demon with a cold look. “Why would it matter? You never cared before if I was without protect. Why the sudden change?”

The Demon Lord crossed his arms over his chest before responding. “You are mated to that half-breed brother of mine. You are carrying his pup. Even though, he is part human and you are mortal, the pup does carry some of my bloodline from your mate and that makes it important to me.”

So, just because of the bloodline that baby has, you care?”

A small, dark chuckle came from Sesshoumaru as he looked down at the miko. “No. I believe my brother was a fool for what he has done. However, I believe he is not a fool for taking you as his mate. That was a wise decission he made.”

“He didn’t take me as his mate. It was…”

“I know.” Sesshoumaru had a claw hand up, stopping Kagome from continuing on with what she was saying. “IT was done by a request asked from you. However, it still doesn’t matter. His instincts of being a demon would have caused you to be his mate by either way. He was putting his claim on you and that is a reason all on it’s own.”

Kagome turned away, picking up the basket that contain her berries. “It shouldn’t matter.” She said this as she dropped her head to look down at the red berries that she just picked.

“Oh, it does, miko. However, I do know that you do deserve better. You are the strongest miko of this time. You deserve a strondemon for your mate, not a weak half-breed.”

Kagome’s eyes went wide as she dropped the basket, spilling the berries. She turned at a side to glance at the Demon Lord. Her hands were already wrapped around her stomach. She knew what Sesshoumaru was thinking, what he was wanting. “I am mated to Inuyasha. Nothing can change that.”

A dark, soft laugh escaped the Demon Lord’s lips as he approaced the young, modern girl. “You are so misunderstood. I know what he did to you in the past, how he left to see the undead miko. You don’t see him as he sees you. He sees you as a toy, a subsitute for the real thing. Yes, he might say the comforting words, but those are only to keep you near. If your so-called mate actually loved you, don’t you think he would have told the undead miko to leave?”

A gasp escaped the girl’s lips as she dropped her head to stare down at the ground. Her knees started to buckle from the fear of what the Demon Lord was saying. Just as she was about to fall, though, Sesshoumaru was there to catch her. “It can’t be true. It just can’t be.”

“There is no way of avoiding it. I am sorry. However, if you do come with me, you and your pup will have a strong make to take care of you.”

Kagome looked up at the Demon Lord. She really didn’t want to leave Inuyasha. However, if everything Sesshoumaru was saying was true, then what would be her reason for staying. All the nights that he held her, told her how he felt. All the times he came after her, that he was with her. Was everything just a lie, a trick to keep her here?

Tears were starting to run down her face as she looked up at Sesshoumar. Giving a soft nod, he took that as a yes. Lifting her in his arm, he held her close as he headed back to the castle.

Sesshoumaru knew the girl had to return, being the hanyou’s mate. However, when he learned about what happen to her in the past, he held guilt for the first time. Now, he wanted to make sure to clear everything up. He would protect the girl and her unborn pup. He would take the miko as his mate. He would the father to the pup. And, he would be sure to prevent the pain that happen in the past from resurfacing. He would prevent everything from happening again.

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