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One Request 012

The room was glowing a dim orange as the sun started to set. Inuyasha was starting to move slowly as he started to wake. Opening his eyes, he glanced around the area before everything that happen came rushing against him. Kagome was about to leave for good. He made it to the bus station just in time to stop her. Arriving home, they argue again, but within it, Kagome explains reasons behind it and kissed him. Both fell asleep and now he was just waking up.

Inuyasha released a sigh as he glanced down at the girl sleeping. She was sitting beside him and was using his chest as a pillow. A small smile appeared upon his face, but it soon disappeared. He could not still believe that Kagome asked him to do the request because she wanted to give the one thing that could never be taken back. Shaking his head, he tried to forget about everything and try to move on with the upcoming days.

Slowly standing, he moved the young girl to the bed before stepping out of the room. Mrs. Higurashi was just coming up the stairs carrying a basket of clean laundry. “Good evening, Inuyasha. Do you know where Kagome is?”

Giving a nod, he pointed back towards the spare bedroom. “Currently sleeping. I am going to take a run through the forest. Should be back soon.” Mrs. Higurashi gave a nod to the hanyou as he disappeared down the stairs.

She started to put the towels in the bathroom when she heard the spare bedroom door open. Walking out into the hallway, she noticed her daughter stretching. “Hello dear. Inuyasha is currently running through the forest. If you like, I could draw you a bath.” Kagome gave a nod and closed the door to the bathroom.

The water felt good as it ran over her body. She had so much stress, so much worry that it was driving her crazy. She remembered everything that happen, everything that was spoken that morning. She remembered how she told the hanyou the reason she wanted the request. Everything she said, it was all true. She wanted it. She wanted to give her body to him and that was her only solution, her only way since everything else was currently givien away.

Running the water over her face and down her back, she heard the bathroom door open. “Is there anyone in here?” Her voice echoed across the bathroom walls, but there was no respond. Instead, the movement of material was the only thing heard. Deciding that it was her mother bringing in more towels, she went back to her shower. Unknown to Kagome, though, the shower door was silently open and closed. A silent gasped escaped the girl’s lips as arms circled her waist and a lean chest came up from behind. “I really should say the word for this.”

“You could, but you didn’t.” His voice was full of passion as he whispered it against her ear.

Kagome felt as if she was going to melt away. The way his voice felt as he whispered in her ear, it swept her away. His claws against her skin made her feel like putty. A warm feeling was starting to flow through her body down to her toes. Ever since the kiss that morning, she wanted him. She wanted to feel him as he wrapped his arms around her body and kissed her with everything he had. However, she knew one thing. Her mother was in the house. She couldn’t have anything happen now. Coming up with an evil idea, she turned towards the hanyou.

His eyes were full of lust and desire as he smiled down at her. She released a silent moan as his claws traced her back. She wanted him. She could feel a dull ache come from below. Leaning on her toes, she pulled the hanyou down into a kiss before breaking it and muttering one word. It had been a long time since she used the word, but she had to if she wanted to escape. The rosary glowed a bright light before a crash was heard. She heard him mumble a curse as she stepped out of the shower.

Completely forgetting that she didn’t bring clothing in, she quickly grabbed the hanyou’s white undershirt and disappeared out of the bathroom. Her mother was emerging out of the master bedroom when she saw her daughter. Only a shake follow by a giggle escape her lips. However, it turned into a louder laugh as she saw the hanyou. “Where in hell did she go?”

“Towards the spare room.” That was the only respond Mrs. Higurashi could get out. Inuyasha was already pounding the door open and closing it shut.

He was ready to yell at the girl, but noticed her laying on the bed asleep. Releasing a sigh with a shake of his head, he walk to the edge of the bed before sitting down and closing his eyes.

It was already late in the evening when Kagome finally woke the second time that day. She quickly noticed the hanyou resting against the bed and raised her fingers to his ears. With a smooth rubbing movement, she heard a purr-like sound escape the hanyou’s chest. Finally, though, she noticed he was looking up at her.

“Why in hell did you say the damn word?”

Kagome gave a small laugh as a smile broke across her face. “I had my reason.” She stood up from the bed and started to walk towards the door when she noticed that the hanyou was holding her arm. “Let go.”

“No.” It was his only respond.

“And why not?”

“One reason, you are not leaving dressed like that or even smelling like that.”

Kagome laughed on his reason. Turning towards her mate, she crossed her arms. “Sorry Inuyasha, but you cannot stop me.” She said the word causing the hanyou to come crashing down. With the sudden movement, she quickly ran out of the room.

Kagome’s mother was coming out of the master’s bedroom holding a book when she noticed her daughter again in the same shirt. She was even more suprised to see Inuyasha only having his haori on and not his shirt. All she could do was laugh. “Where in hell is she?”

“Down the stairs.” Again, that was the only thing she could say for Inuyasha was already running down the stairs and following the scent of his mate. She was currently running outside and through the forest.

Kagome had a smile on her face as she continued to run into the forest. She knew her mate would be right behind her. With his hanyou strength, he could catch her easily. Jumping over a log and circling around a boulder, she continued to run until woosh. She came running into something. Looking up, she noticed that she ran into her mate and he didn’t seem happy. “What in hell were you thinking when you said the damn word?”

“Plenty. You can smell me, right? Make the decission on what I want.”

Inuyasha laughed silently to himself as he shook his head. Of course, he could smell the girl. She wanted him and her scent was strong enough to prove that she wanted him good. Wrapping his arms around her, he embraced her in a hug before bending down and brushing his lips against hers, sealing them in a heated kiss. The pressure he gave and the desire he held, he gave it to her in that long, passionate kiss.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Kagome embraced the kiss back. Everything he gave to her, she returned to him with equal fervor. She felt as his claws traced her back through the shirt she was wearing. A muffled moan escaped her lips. Grabbing the haori, she shoved it off his shoulders before exploring with her hands. His muscles became tense and loosen upon each touch of her fingers. He broke the kiss and started to trail them down her neck, nipping and licking as he went. Another set of moans were released from the girl’s lips as she arched her body against his.

With his hands at her waist, Inuyasha lowered the girl to the ground. He never broke his assault on her lips. She never stopped her exploring with her hands. Moans after moans escaped her lips as his lips and claws continued their assaults on her body. Placing her hands at the side of his face, she brought him down into a hungry kiss. Both of their tongues fought to win. She arched into his body wanting to feel him all, however, there was just not enough. She felt as his hands pulled the white shirt off. He broke the kiss to trail them down her neck before seizing a mound of flesh. Moan-type gasp escaped her lips as his fangs danced across the skin. She arched wanting to feel him all. He devoured her with his kiss, with his touch.

“Inuyasha.” It was a broken, harsh sound as she spoke his name. She was tired of the teasing, tired of the waiting. Breaking his kisses, he stood up and fumbled with the ties of his hakamas before removing them and stretching out beside the girl. Leaning over her, he noticed the light smile that danced across her face. Tracing his claw down the side of her face, he received a deep sigh from the girl. Bending down, he captured her lips once more against his. It was a passion filled moment as both wrapped around each other and returned the kiss in a heavy fervor.

His teasing returned with his claws as he traced the side of her shoulders, over each breast and down to her stomach. She released small giggles as his kisses started to tease against her neck. The dull ache she had before came back stronger. She wanted it gone. She wanted it to disappear. Again, she called out for him, calling to let him know what she wanted. “Inuyasha, please.”

Looking into her eyes, he replied her with a heavy kiss full of passion as he moved his body over hers and pressed in. She ripped her moth away as a short gasp escaped her lips. He covered her with kisses as she moved against him, letting her know that it was okay. It was a heated feeling as he brought what she wanted most. She bucked against each thrust. She moaned against each touch. She rose against each tempo, each rhythm, of each pressing moment. She wanted to feel him. She wanted to be devoured by him.

He dragged his kisses down her neck, teasing her with his fangs as he nipped and licked. She arched against his body as both continued the rhythm of each thrust. She could feel the warmth surrounding her body. He could tell that she was coming an end. Sealing her lips against his, he rose her once more with his thrusts causing the climbing vortex to reach out.

Inuyasha collapsed against the girl, embracing his weight on his amrs. Both were panting of air. Both were glittering by the sweat that covered their bodies. However, neither cared. Kagome wrapped her arms around the hanyou she loved. Leaning upp, she placed a kiss upon his forehead as she moved his bangs out of his eyes.

Laying back, Kagome watched as the full moon came out from being hidden by the clouds. “The moon looks amazing tonight. It has a bluish tint to it.”

Inuyasha’s eyes went wide as he rolled over onto his back bringing his mate with him. “Damn it.”

“What’s wrong?” Kagome sat up a little to look into the hanyou’s eyes. There was something wrong, but Kagome was unsure what.

“I knew the scent was altered. Not by just mating or anything, but by something else. I tried to ignore it, thinking that I was wrong, but now I know. Damn it.”

“Inuyasha, you are not making any sense. What is wrong?”

“You’re pregnant with my pup.”

Kagome sat up shocked by what she just heard. “How can this be? Are you even sure?”

“Yes. I can smell the scent of the pup on you. Plus, I learned from Myouga that during the full moon or new moon is the only time that I could get my mate pregnant. I just didn’t realize that tonight was the full moon.”

“What are we going to do? I am too young to have a child and raise it.”

“You will do just find. Don’t worry. Plus, you will have me with you.”

Kagome released a small sigh as Inuyasha wrapping his arms around the girl. Laying back, she allowed him to hold her. A small smile was on the girl’s face as she fell into sleep. She was pregnant with her mate’s pup. She was pregnant with Inuyasha’s child. What else could go wrong?

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