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One Request 011

Inuyasha was up and ready at the crack of dawn. He wanted to make it as soon as possible to Kagome. He wanted to explain everything and clear the mess up that he caused. However, as he stepped into the house, using the bedroom window, he noticed that no one was up. Releasing a sigh, he ventured back outside and into the tree to wait.

It was a couple of hours before Inuyasha could hear the sound of something going on. Opening one of his eyes, he noticed Kagome’s grandfather sweeping the ground. With that sign, Inuyasha figured everyone was up. He was correct when he heard the door slide open and Kagome’s mother call him for breakfast.

“We will leave in about an hour.” said Mrs. Higurashi as Inuyasha stepped into the house and sat down at the table. He gave a nod to the lady and started eating. He wanted to hurry, but knew that he couldn’t rush everyone.

Soon, though, an hour went by. Inuyasha was just currently sitting in the window of the empty room when he heard a knock. Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed Mrs. Higurashi standing with her purse and a hat. He gave her a weak smile before moving off the windowsill and following her out.

“Do you think she will listen to me?” Inuyasha asked the question as they stood waiting to get on the subway.

Mrs. Higurashi gave a shrug with her shoulders. “I wouldn’t know. However, I know this. If my daughter has any heart that loves you, she will somehow come back to you.” Inuyasha only gave a light nod as he followed her onto the subway. He only had to see her. He only had to apologize. With those, he would be able to know that she still cares. However, now he had to wait till he got there.

It was late in the morning when Mrs. Higurashi and Inuyasha pulled up to the building that Kagome lived in. Inuyasha stepped out and looked up as he closed the door. He was hoping that everything could be cleared. He was hoping that Kagome would come back to him. He didn’t want to lose her. He made mistakes in his past, but this was one mistake that he was going to clear.

He slowly followed Kagome’s mother up the stairs and towards the door. He stood at a side as she knocked. It took a few minutes, but he could hear someone moving. Soon, the door knob was turned and the door was pulled open. The same girl named Enju was standing. “Hello, Mrs. Higurashi. Can I help you with something?”

“Yes. I was wondering if my daughter stopped here last night.”

Enju gave a nod. “She did, actually.”

“Good. Is there a chance we could speak with her?”

Enju released a long sigh as she glanced out towards the city. “I am sorry to say, but she is not here anymore. When she woke up about two hours ago, she booked a bus ticket and quickly left. Last night, she said something about leaving town and starting over.” Inuyasha was listening to the conversation when he picked up about Kagome leaving. His eyes went wide as he glanced away wondering if he would ever see her again. “However, I don’t know what time the bus leaves. You might catch her, but I do not know.”

Kagome’s mother gave a nod to young girl as she closed the door. “We need to go to this bus. I need to talk with her.” Mrs. Higurashi gave a nod to the hanyou and both quickly got back into the car before driving towards the station.

It didn’t take long to get to the bus station. When Mrs. Higurashi parked, Inuyasha didn’t take anytime to wait. He quickly ran out and started walking towards the building. Mrs. Higurashi had to move quickly just to keep up with him. When they entered the building, his eyes went wide. There was so many people and too many smells. It seemed like it was going to be impossible to find the girl.

“How in the hell are we going o find her.”

Mrs. Higurashi gave a shake with her head. “I wouldn’t know. I don’t even have an idea on where she would be going. The best idea would be just to walk around and hope we find her before she leaves.”

Inuyasha just gave a nod and started to follow the lady. As they walked, he tried to use his nose. However, there seemed to be no help. There were too many smells, too many noises. It was hard to concentrate on anything. Mrs. Higurashi wasn’t having any luck either. She didn’t have any idea on where her daughter would go. Her only family was with the shrine. It just didn’t make any sense.

Inuyasha kept glancing around, looking for any sign of the mate he knew. A couple of times, he thought he had found her, but was mistaken by someone else. He almost seemed to give up when he noticed something. On a lone bench, near a corner, sat a girl. She looked almost like Kagome with the same ebony hair. Slowly, he started to approach. That was when he noticed it.

Kagome released a sigh as she glanced down at the bus ticket in her hand. She was leaving town. She was leaving everything that she held dearest. There were times she wonder why she was doing it. There were times she wonder if this was a mistake. A small laugh escaped her lips everytime she thought of the answer. She was leaving because of him. He was using her. It was the only solution, the only reason. He blamed her for the mistakes with the undead miko. He blamed her for the request when she confessed on everything.

A tear ran down her face as she caught a glimps of the Shikon Jewel. She didn’t know why she still had it with her. She should have left it back in the past, but somehow, she couldn’t. She had a feeling that she would need it again. Another tear ran down her face as she released a small laugh. Pulling the chain from her neck, she turned to her bag and unzipped a pouch. She was just about to drop the jewel in when she heard a light whisper of her name.


Her heart skipped a beat as she heard the voice. Tears started to make their way into her eyes as she turned slowly towards the voice. There standing, as shocked as she was, was the one person she was trying to get away from. His eyes were shining with a light glow. His breathing seemed shallow from the shock.

Slowly, he started to approach her. He arrived at her side and stared down into her eyes. One word escaped her lips as she looked into his golden eyes. “Inuyasha.”

Lips decended to hers, crashing her with a strong tenderness. Arms wrapped around her body as he held her close, embrace her within his reach. She felt as if she was standing in the rain, letting the water run down her face. It seemed to melt her away, remove all the pain that she held. His claws traced the side of her face as the tears both held ran down their face. He was kissing her with tender, with passion. He was kissing her with everything and wanting to give her more.

Her heart seemed to break and repair itself. Her thoughts on why she was leaving were erased and replaced with something more, something she didn’t even know. His lips were warm against her as his fangs traced against hers. She open as he invaded her warm depth. It was heaven to be in his arms. It was like a warm glow of the morning sun as he held her close.

They finally broke, though, gasping for air. He was leaning his head against her forehead as his hands were intertwined with hers. His golden eyes held unshed tears as a few ran down her eyes. “I thought I was never going to see you again.” It was a light whisper, a soft echo as he spoke.

“I didn’t know what to think. Everything you said, it jus…” A claw was over her lips preventing her from saying anymore. He was shaking his head as he glanced down into her eyes.

“I was stupid. You were never the fault of everything, I was. I didn’t think clearly and just took my anger out on you. I am sorry.” Kagome’s eyes went wide as she heard him apologize. A smile danced upon her face as a lone tear made it’s way down her face when she wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced him into a warm hug.

Kagome’s mother finally located her daughter and hanyou. She had a smile on her face as she saw them both holding each other. She wasn’t sure what the argument was fully about, but it didn’t seem to matter. She watched as he helped her up and carried her bags. Kagome’s face was still covered in tears while Inuyasha held a smile.

Releasing a long breath, she walked over to the couple. “Are you ready to go back home?” Kagome gave a nod as she looked over at the hanyou. She was ready. She was ready to return home with her mate.

Arriving back at the shrine was silent, but warm. There were no argues, no fights. There were only small smiles and light whisperes. When the bags were taken inside, Kagome helped her mother prepare lunch. Inuyasha just headed up the stairs to wait. Kagome wasn’t sure where he was heading, but knew he would be around.

It was about a half and hour later when Kagome’s mother suggested her daughter to find the hanyou. She gave a nod and laid the dish towel in the rack before heading for the stairs. At first, she didn’t have any ideas where he would be. That was when she noticed the empty bedroom door open.

Pushing it wider, she noticed the location of the hanyou. He was sitting on the windowsill looking out towards the horizon. He had one knee bent while the other hung against the wall. His arm was rest over it while he just stared out. His silver hair was moving slightly as the wind blew throught it.

Swallowing hard, she ventured in and started to approach him. His ears started to move against the sound. He turned at a side and a golden eye came in contact with her own. She stopped with a stiff movement, unsure what to say. His stare was one of a different kind. Not completely friendly, but not completely dangerous. Moving at a slow pace, she approached the hanyou.

“Lunch is ready. Come downstairs if you want to eat.”

Turning away, he glanced back out at the window. “Not hungry.”

That one sentence suprised her. His tone was dull, blank, emotionless. “Inuyasha, are you okay?”

The hanyou glanced over his shoulder once more to stare at the miko. “I don’t think I can handle this anymore.”

Kagome blinked upon the sudden respond. “Handle what?”

“Everything. It makes it hard to understand that everything became how it is by just one request. If the request never happen, there wouldn’t be such a mess that I have to handle. I just can’t take it anymore.”

Kagome gave off a short laugh as she listen to the hanyou’s reasoning. “I can not believe that you just said that. You had the choice, Inuyasha. You could have stayed on the other side of the well and forgot about me. You could have told everyone that I left, but you didn’t. Instead, you came to the other side of the well to let me know about everything.”

This time it was the hanyou who growled. “Don’t you think I tried. It was my bastard of a brother that figured it out. It was the monk and demon slayer who told me that I was wrong. I wanted to forget. I wanted to move on, but I couldn’t.”

“Some effort.”

Another growl was heard from the hanyou as he heard the girl speak. “You don’t understand a thing, damn it.”

“Oh, I understand plenty. I want you to do me a favour, Inuyasha.” He turned to the girl looking at her with his golden stare. “I knew that you didn’t care for me the night the request happen. I thought it changed when you slept with me the night I returned through the well. Well, I guess I was wrong. Now that I know, I want you to get out of my life. Forget about me. Do what ever you want. I just simply want you out.” With that said, Kagome turned away from the hanyou and marched out of her room. She couldn’t go through arguing with him. If he was going to say everything about her was wrong, then she just wanted him gone.

Taking a couple of steps down the hallway, a suprise movement came. She released a gasp as she came crashing against the wall. Her mate had her pinned as he used his body. Her arms were held behind as he whispered into her ear. “Damn it, Kagome. You don’t understand. I can’t leave you. You are my mate and leaving would be against all demon laws.”

Kagome laughed upon his respond. “You are half human. It shouldn’t matter. In my time, men leave their wives. It is nothing uncommon and can be the same with you.”

The hanyou growled deep in his throat upon the young miko’s respond as he turned her around to face him. “You just don’t get it. I slept with you making you my mate for life. You are mine. You belong to me and there is no way in hell any of us can get out of it.”

That one saying pushed everything over the edge for the girl. She couldn’t believe that the hanyou she once trust was calling her his possession. Raising her knee, she came in contact with that one particular spot. He hissed in pain as he backed away towards the wall and fell to the ground. “You bastard. I do not belong to you. I am not some possession. I live in another time and I can seal the well anytime. Don’t ever think that you can control me or that you own me for you can’t.”

Inuyasha glanced away from the girl as he sat in pain. “Don’t make me the bastard here. I didn’t want it turn out this way. I didn’t want everything to be a mess. I knew you were from this time. That was my damn reason for not taking you as my mate. I knew you would leave us soon.”

Kagome’s eyes went wide as she backed against the wall, pressing her body against it. “You would have taken me as your mate?”

“Yes, damn it. Just not that way. Why in hell do you think I prevented you from killing yourself. You’re just human. If you wanted to kill yourself, go ahead. However, since you were one that I swore to protect and cared about, I couldn’t have that happen.”

“What do you mean ‘not that way’ ?”

“Simple. I didn’t want to do the request. I had to. However, if you were staying in my time, you would have been my mate. There would be not stopping it.”

Kagome released a light laugh. “What makes you so sure that I couldn’t stop you? I could have said no.”

This time Inuyasha laughed. “You keep forgetting, Kagome, that I am half-demon.” That one thought hit Kagome and she quickly started to move down the wall. Inuyasha, however, was a lot faster and had her stopped. “A demon can get whatever he wants and I am no exception. If you said no, well, let’s just say, you would have been my mate, but in a different way.”

Again, Kagome became mad by what the hanyou said. He was explaining that if she stayed in his time and said no to becoming his mate, he would have raped her. She couldn’t believe that. She didn’t want to. Raising her hand, she came in contact with his face. A loud smack echoed across the hallway allowing Kagome to run down the hallway and into the spare room.

Kagome slid against the door. She couldn’t believe that after all these years, she was correct on leaving. She didn’t want to see what could have happen if Inuyasha ever went the wrong way. Now she knew. She completely forgot that he was a half-demon. He could have killed her anytime. Instead, he promised to protect her.

The loud banging on the door made Kagome jump from her thoughts and away from the door. The door came slamming open and Inuyasha came in looking pretty unhappy. For the first time in so many years, Kagome was scared of the demon in her house. All she wanted to do at the moment was run. She wanted to find someone that would protect her from the monster.

“You are starting to piss me off.” He stopped a short distance away from her. His eyes held a bright, but haunting color. His arms were crossed over his chest as he glanced down at the frighten girl.

“What was I suppose to do? You scared me.”

Inuyasha laughed as he bent down upon one knee. “You should know me better than anyone that I would never hurt you.”

Kagome turned her face away from as he placed a claw at the side of her face. “It was hard to believe. You are right. You are a half-demon and that was something I forgot. That was the reason I got scared.” Tears were starting to build up in her eyes as she glanced away from the hanyou. She didn’t want to be scared of him. She wanted to be loved and cared for, not frighten.

Inuyasha winced as he smelled the salty water. Sitting down against the bed, he pulled the girl onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. She sobbed against his chest as she grabbed his haori into her small hands. He didn’t want to scare her. He didn’t want to make her fear him. He just wanted to make her understand. She was his. They mated that night and she was his mate.

After awhile, she calmed down and all that was left was the occasion sniffles. Lifting her head, she stared into the eyes of the half-demon that she fell in love with. “Do you know what the real reason behind the request was?”

Inuyasha shook his head. He had always wondered about it. At first, he thought she was crazy and was going to ignore it, but a certain saying flashed through his head. ‘All demons, even half breeds such a you, have certain laws to follow. One regards to request. You will come upon them and all demons including half-breeds must fullfill them no matter what.’ That one law that he heard from his bastard of a brother was what made the request happen that night. He never knew any other idea on why she might have requested it. He just done what she requested and asked no questions regarding it.

“I knew I lost you to Kikyou the night we defeated Naraku.” Kagome gave off a light laugh as she thought about it. “I guess that was my main reason for leaving. There was no reason for me to stay. I lost the only thing that I was hoping to give me a reason to stay.”

“You were crazy.” Inuyasha moved slightly bringing the girl closer to him. He turned her around so that she was leaning her back against his chest.

“Maybe, but anways, when we were sent on the last journey, it hurt me even more to know the reason behind everything. That was when I decided to ask for that request. I knew there was one thing that I had that could only be removed once. I wanted you to give me the request and let me know that it was taken away by you.”

Inuyasha’s eyes went wide when he noticed what she was talking about. “Your innocense? It shouldn’t have happen. It should have happen with the person you love and wanted to stay with.”

Turning quickly, Kagome turned to face the hanyou. “You were it. I loved you with everything. I gave you my heart and soul because of the love I had. When I found out that I had finally lost you, I knew one more thing that I didn’t give to you and that was it. I have no regrets for I still love you.”

Inuyasha released a sigh as he glanced away from the girl. He didn’t know what he could say to the girl. Yes, he did care about her. That was his main reason for preventing her from killing herself. However, he wasn’t sure what type of life he could give for her. He was a half-breed, an obomination, something that didn’t deserve to live. Taking her innocense only made her tainted, unpure. It was something that he never wanted to do, but because of the request, he had.

Releasing another sigh, he pulled the girl even closer and rested his chin above her head. “I don’t care what your reason is. I just think that the request was wrong. Yes, I do care about you, but taking your innocense, making you unpure, tainted, was just something that I never wanted to do.”

“You still believe that you are someone who is worthless. Well, guess what? You are not. Being part human gives you the feelings of love, friendship, trust and so much more. Being part demon gives you the strenght to protect everything that your human side feels. To me, you are everything. You are someone with great power and that is the reason I fell in love with you.”


Kagome shook her head as she placed a finger over the hanyou’s lips. “Don’t say another thing. Listen to me on this. I am from another time. I know what it is like to feel as an outcast. You are not one. You make yourself feel that way for the past you have. Everything can change. Years can change. You just have to make it work out the way you want to. It is not your destiny to be an outcast. Your destiny is what you want it to be and right now, I want to be with you to see how it ends.”

Kneeling up, she placed one hand on each side of the hanyou’s face. His eyes showed so much emotion that it was hard to see what he was feeling. Leaning down, she let her lips brush over his before sealing them in a warm, passionate kiss. He embraced her back wrapping his arms around her. She kissed him with everything that she thought he was worthed. His fangs gazed her lips as he nibbled on her bottom one. A low moan escaped her lips allowing his tongue to enter. He explored, devoured, and kissed her back with everything she gave.

She was right. Everything she said was correct. He was doubting himself when he had everything. The girl he cared about for so long was his mate. He was strong in two different ways that no one, full human or full demon, could match up with. Wrapping his arms around her, bringer her closer to him, he kissed her fearcly, strongly, passionatly. He devoured her away with his lips, tongue, and fangs. She took away the darkness, the pain, the guilt he felt. She gave back everything that he thought he lost. To him, she was the most precious gift and he was glad to have her in his arms. He was glad to know that she would be with him till his final days.

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