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One Request 010

Sango was sitting around the fire drinking some tea. All night, she couldn’t think about anything, but worry about Inuyasha and Kagome. Miroku woke occasionally and helped her during the night. However, it just didn’t seem to work. Finally, though, late in the morning, the demon slayer finally fell asleep in her husband’s arms.

Miroku had just entered the hut with an arm full of firewood when noises were heard outside. Moving the door flap, his eyes went wide as a shocking suprise came by. Sango wondered what was going on and moved to see only to have the same reaction. Inuyasha had just arrived out of the forest, holding Kagome in his arms.

“Inuyasha, Kagome we have been worried all night that something had happen.” said Miroku as he moved away from the door to lean against the wall of the hut.

A smile was on the hanyou’s face as the miko’s face turned red. “Nothing happen. We just talked and that was it.” It was the only reply from the hanyou. He knew just as well as Kagome that no one needed to know anything about what happen last night. It was a night for them, a night for them to realize how much they loved each other.

“So, you explained everything. How did she take it?” asked Sango as she moved over to her husband’s side.

Kagome turned her gaze away from the hanyou to look at the demon slayer and monk. “I took it rather well. To tell you the truth, Inuyasha and I are together as it should have been. He realized that I was his mate and that I belong with him.”

“You accepted everything even after everything he did to you?” Kagome nodded to the demon slayer. “But, why? He hurt you for so many years. You left him because of that. How can you just accept everything as if nothing mattered?”

“Because…” Kagome was interrupted when the hanyou placed his arms around her waist and stopped her from speaking.

“Because she cares about me and I feel the same about her.” Sango was shocked by the respond. She never expected everything to turn around. She never expected that the hanyou would realize who he belong with. Everything was just too new to be accepted.

“Well, the only thing Sango and I can say is that we are happy. It is about time you realize the mistake and correct it” With that, the monk walked into the hut with his wife following behind.

Inuyasha stopped by the hut and set Kagome down upon the ground. He brought her close seizing her lips into a kiss. She arched against his body allowing her mouth to surrender to his. He broke the kiss shortly after. “Wait here for me. I am going to go talk with Kikyou and break this all up with her.”

“Why can’t I come with you?”

“I don’t know how it will turn out and I rather not have you listen to the conversation.” Kagome gave a nod to her mate before disappearing into the hut. After waiting for a few second that she was inside, Inuyasha turned to the forest and ran. He wanted to get back to Kagome fast. He wanted to end everything and start over.

Inuyasha arrived soon at the hut. He wanted to head back to Kagome’s side. He wanted to make up for the mess he had cause. However, for him to move on with his life with his mate, he had to clear everything up with Kikyou. He had to leave Kikyou and hope for the best.

Kikyou was sitting at her garden as he walked around the hut. He stood in silence for a few minutes watching as she picked herbs and placed them in a basket at her side. When she was done, she turned to leave and noticed him. “Inuyasha, you’re back.” She walked over to him and placed a small one-handed hug on him before walking off.

Inuyasha turned to follow. He notice that she sat on a blanket on the deck of the hut. She was cleaning the herbs and laying them on another blanket. Clearing his throat and getting the courage, he spoke. “Kikyou, we need to talk.”

She stopped what she was doing and looked up at the hanyou. “Does it concern Kagome?” After she asked her question, she returned back to cleaning the herbs. Inuyasha just gave a nod as he sat down on the steps. “Then there is nothing to talk about. You said as soon as she left, you would stay by my side. Are you going back on the deal we made?”

“It’s not like that. If you let me explain, I will tell you everything.”

Kikyou stopped cleaning the herbs and looked up to stare into the hanyou’s eyes. “No. You made a promise to follow me to Hell. However, instead of doing that you changed it so that I could live with you as if I have never died.”

Inuyasha looked away from the undead miko. It was going to be hard. Yes, he made that promise and yes, he did the change it so that he could stay alive instead of being dragged to Hell. However, he never expected the request from Kagome to change everything. “We can’t be together. I am sorry.”

“But, why? What made you change your mind so sudden? When the girl left, you were happy about it. You wanted to move on as if our life was never destroyed. Why the sudden change?”

Inuyasha swallowed hard as he turned to look into the miko’s eyes. “She is my mate. I have to stay by her side.”

Kikyou’s eyes went wide upon the saying. She only gave a nod as she glanced down at the basket. “I see and when did this happen? I remember you asking me, but I declined it for good reasons.”

“It happen the night before she left. We were on a journey and she asked for one request. It happen to be that. I didn’t know at the time until a month later when my brother explained everything.”

Kikyou just nodded. “Are you planning to take her back?” Inuyasha nodded. “How will this affect me?”

“It shouldn’t. You can still live at the village like you want to. I will just be with Kagome instead of here with you.”

Kikyou stood up holding the basket in her arms. She glanced down at the hanyou with half-closed eyes. “Well, then in that case, the promise is not over. You promised to follow me to Hell and I will be sure that promise is fullfilled.” She turned and walked into the hut leaving Inuyasha eyes wide and confused. Now, he had a worse problem on his hand. The request seem to turn everything around instead of changing on what he was hoping for.

Kagome smiled as she watch Miroku play tag with Shippou. Everyone seemed to be in a better mood since her and Inuyasha were back together. She even had to admit it. She was glad that everything turn out for the better. Of all trials she went through, at the ending, she was able to be with Inuyasha.

At the time, though, she was wondering how the hanyou was doing. It was already late in the afternoon and there was still no sign of him. She knew it was going to be hard for him. He made a promise to stay with the undead miko. Releasing a sigh, Kagome stood up. She took one more glance towards the forest when she spotted the very hanyou. His head was held down as he walked towards the hut. His ears were plastered against his head and his hands were in tight fists. She swallowed hard as she noticed his tense movements. It seem that talking with the undead miko did not turn out so good.

Slowly, Kagome moved off the steps and approach the hanyou. “Inuyasha.”

He came to a stop a few feet away. He lifted his head and turned at a slight glance to look at her. The stare in his eyes sent a cold shiver down her spine. He was upset and mad. “Stay the hell away from me.” It was a light whisper, but a dark demand as he turned to walk into the forest once more.

Kagome blinked a couple of times and then took after him. She stopped and placed her hands upon his chest forcing him to stop. “What was that about?” He was looking down at her with the same stare. Something was just not right about it. He reached up and grabbed her wrists before throwing her to the ground and walking on. “Inuyasha, can you please tell me what happen?”

This time he stopped on his own. She saw as his fists tighten and red blood could be seen dripping to the ground. A low growl escaped his lip as he glanced over his shoulder. “You are the cause of this. If I never saw you again, this wouldn’t have happen.”

“How? I thought…” Tears were starting to eat their way behind her eyes. She thought after everything that happen last night, everything would be different. Could she have been wrong?

“Don’t even think that. If there was a way on taking back the damn request, I would have done it so fast, but I can’t and now everything is just a huge mess.”

“You are not saying that. Please, tell me that you are not saying that you don’t care about me anymore.” A single tear ran down her face as she spoke.

The hanyou just hung his head. “I just don’t know anymore.”

That was all Kagome needed to know. With the tears running, she turned and ran away. She ran through the forest, through the village, and straight to the well. Inuyasha knew where she was going and knew why she was leaving. Once again, he thought that was the best idea. He had to admit it. If he knew a way on breaking the request before it happen, he would have. However, demon laws are impossible to break.

Releasing a sigh, Inuyasha shook his head. He knew what he said was wrong. She wasn’t the cause of everything. He was the cause. If he admit it to himself, he would realize that Kagome is the girl he cares about and not Kikyou. Kikyou is already dead. There is no life with the dead. He should have seen it long ago. He should have decided then that Kikyou was not the one. However, he didn’t and now he caused a mess with his mate.

Another sigh escaped his lips as he turned towards the direction Kagome ran. He had to retrieve her. He had to explain that she was not the cause of everything, he was. Running towards the well, he hoped that he would beat her before she disappeared back down into her time.

Kagome didn’t care where she was going. After she made it to the well, she jumped in, not daring to look back or anything. She didn’t even give herself time to touch the ground as she stumbled to grab the ladder. Tears were making it hard to see as she raced out of the well house and into the main house. Her mother was sitting at the kitchen table shocked as she watch her daughter run up the stairs.

Arriving at the bedroom, she noticed Kagome packing her last bag and grabbing her things. Tears were still in her eyes and it didn’t seem like they would stop. “Kagome, what happen?” She asked caustiously as she approach her daughter.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I just want out of here, away from him.” With that said, Kagome ran down the stairs. Mrs. Higurashi could hear the door slamming shut and knew exactly where her daughter was going.

Releasing a sigh after a few minutes, she turned to walk out of the room only to release a sharp gasp. There standing in the door was the hanyou looking exhausted, but mainly upset. “Kagome?” He asked it in a panting breath.

Mrs. Higurashi just shook her head. “You just missed her, Inuyasha. She ran out the door, most likely back to her apartment.”

“Could you take me there?”

Kagome’s mother gave a nod. “In the morning, I will. It is already late. If you don’t mind me asking, but was there a reason she was in tears when she arrived?”

Inuyasha gave a nod as he slid down against the wall, crossing his legs and laying his sword up against his shoulder. “I went to talk to Kikyou today. However, it turn out to be a distaster. I took everything out on Kagome without even thinking.”

“I will take you there, but I don’t know how she is going to act. All you can do is hope for the best.” The hanyou gave a nod as he followed the lady down the stairs. Tomorrow morning he was going to confront his mate and clear everything up. He was going to apologize and hope that she will come back with him. Stepping outside, he jumped into the Sacred Tree and rested his head.

It was already late in the evening when Kagome arrived back at the apartment. She pulled out her keys and turned the door knob open. A short gasp escaped her lips as she noticed Enju and Hitomi dancing. A laugh soon escaped her lips as both of the girls came tumbling down the ground.

“Kagome, we thought you moved back with your mother.” said Enju as she grabbed a bottle of water from the ice box.

Kagome released a sigh as she dropped everything beside one of the chairs. “Something just came up and I wanted away from that place.”

Enju and Hitomi didn’t bother asking about the problem. They started to update her on everything that was happening. Hitomi even brought up Kane as he was asking about Kagome. A light blush appeared upon Kagome’s face, but soon disappeared as a sad expression appeared in its place. Enju and Hitomi noticed it, but never asked anymore regarding towards it.

Towards the end of the conversation, it was already late and everyone was tired. It might be the weekend, but some of them had to go to work in the morning. Biding Hitomi good-night, Enju stayed out in the living room to help pull out the bed. She, then, wandered down the hallway to gather blankets and pillows. “Sorry, but this is the best I can offer. Like I said, we weren’t expecting you back.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am actually not planning on staying. I want away from here. There are just too many memories that keep coming back.”

“Does it still regard to that same person that hurt you?”

Kagome released a sigh and nodded as she sat down upon the bed, holding a pillow against her chest. “You could say yes to that. I thought about giving him another chance. I was wrong.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Enju placed an arm around Kagome’s shoulder to give comfort. “I wouldn’t worry about it. It seems that this guy doesn’t like you at all. He is just using you. Let it go and move on. You never know. Maybe out in the world, there is someone who is right for you.” Kagome gave her friend a smile and bid her good-night as she headed down to her room.

Changing clothing and getting under the blankets, Kagome thought about what Enju said. Maybe that was the whole reason Inuyasha was doing that to her. He was just using her. A tear escaped her eye as she came to a realization. That was his reason. As a yawn escaped her lips, Kagome decided that her idea was the best. If she left the city and moved away, she could start over. She could forget about the hanyou and move on with her life. She almost did it before. If it wasn’t for him coming and telling her that she was his mate, Kagome would be still attending classes with her friends and moving on. With a mental nod, she gave in. Tomorrow morning, she was booking a bus ticket and was leaving. Wiith that in mind, she closed her eyes and let the darkness of sleep take over.

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