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One Request 009

Kagome’s eyes were wide just as Kikyou disappeared into the hut. Inuyasha was somewhere in the area. He was the one she was sensing. However, why was she sensing him in the wrong way? Why did it seem that he was mad about something? Her heart started to race as she looked around the area. This was his home. The first place he might show up at would be here. She slowly started to back away from the hut, glancing everywhere she could possibly see. Kikyou was even back and she was watching the modern girl with curiosity.

Kagome made it to the edge of the clearing. She glanced around the forest looking for any sign of the hanyou. When she thought that he was no where to be seen, she took a jolt run back to the village. She didn’t know why she was so scared of him at the moment. He was her mate. There should be no reason, but somehow she was. There was something wrong about the feeling. There was something wrong about how Kikyou had mentioned that it could have been him. She just continued to run, hoping to arrive back at the village without him seeing her.

The village came in the clearing as she arrived over the hill. She took a dash towards the village only to stop. Sango, Miroku, Kaeda, Kirara, and even Shippou were outside sitting near a fire. Their faces were held down and neither need to be speaking. Kagome swallowed hard as she started to walk towards them. Sango looked up and wanted to talk to her friend. However, Miroku prevented her.

“Sango? Miroku?” Kagome asked in a shaky whisper. She wanted to know what was wrong. Her friends never gave a answer. They just looked towards the hut and glanced away.

Kagome gave a hard swallow as she slowly approached the hut. Her mind was racing for her to turn and run. It was telling her to forget everything and just make it for a run towards the well. Only her body seem to move. She couldn’t stop herself from walking towards the hut, from ignoring the signs that something was wrong.

The cold feeling that she had before was stronger. She remembered what Kikyou had told her about how the hanyou could be here. It didn’t explain why he would be mad if it was him. He had no sign that she was here. He was gone for three days from everyone and two months from her. There was no sign of anything, so what put him in a sour mood?

She stopped to look back at her friends. Sango had turned her face away while Miroku held his head down. Keada was even reacting different, also. She was holding both Shippou and Kirara who were both sound asleep in her arms. Taking another hard swallow, the modern girl turned back towards the hut. With shaky hands, she pushed the door flap open and entered.

The area was surrounded in darkness as she tried to find any sign of light or what was causing the fear to her friends. She didn’t hear any sounds of movement except for her racing breath. She felt the wall to her side and followed it towards the the side of the hut where her tote bag laid. She reached to grab it only to hear some type of movement. She turned in a fast movement, hoping to see something, but noticed there was no sign. Releasing a sigh, she dropped down to her knees. That’s when she felt it.

Arms snaked around her waist as she was thrown against the hut’s wall. Her arms were pinned above as she noticed the golden glow peirce down into her face. She started to shake by the fear that overcame her body. Only one word escape her lip. The crashing sound echoed across the room as a silent curse was heard. She quickly took this chance, running out of the hut, and straight into the forest. Her friends never moved, but held their heads down in a silent defeat.

Kagome didn’t look back as she ran. She knew it was him. His eyes gave it away. Her mate was in the hut and he didn’t seem happy to see her back in this time. Fear developed over her body as she stood staring into his golden eyes. She didn’t know what do and said the only word allowing her to escape the hanyou’s grasp.

She knew he would be following her. She knew he would be mad. She wasn’t running towards the well or any direction she knew. She just ran. She wanted to put distance between him and her. She wanted to get away from his wrath. However, it didn’t work. She felt him come crashing against her, tumbling her to the ground. She shoved at his body, trying to force him away. He didn’t move, but only hold her down with his legs and arms. She knew it was useless. He was a half-demon. He was much stronger than her.

She clinched her eyes shut afraid to see the anger, only to hear his voice. “What in hell are you doing here?” It was calm, but still dark. It wasn’t as angry as she thought, but it still held the venomous sound.

She turned her face to the side and slowly responded to his question. “You told me that I was your mate. You left me for two months with no reason. I returned to find out the reason. Now I know and I can not believe you.”

“I left for a damn good reason. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Kagome shot back to look into his eyes. “Hurt me? You already did, you bastard. You told me that I was your mate. I had hope only to have it destroyed. That is pain far worse than what I have caused myself.”

“Damn it. I couldn’t be with you. Don’t you understand anything regarding to that?”

“No, I don’t. Kikyou died almost fifty-five years ago. I am alive and I still love you. Don’t you understand that? Don’t you see the truth within that?”

Inuyasha sat back surpised by what he just heard. She loved him. He never heard the words from Kikyou or anyone else. He never thought that he would be able to have that emotion come from anyone and allow it to be just for him. His anger disappeared just like that. His eyes that showed anger disappeared into a soft golden glow. Kagome wasn’t sure what changed him, what caused the anger to disappear. And, she certainly wasn’t expecting what happen next.

His lips connected to her in a warm passion. His warmth surrounded her like the sea as the waves went crashing against the rocks. His kiss was different from anytime. From the night he slept with her to the time he kissed her in her room at the apartment. There was something different about it. His arms circled around her neck, pulling her against him. She embraced the warmth back letting him devour her away.

He broke the kiss to nudge her nose with his. A light smile was on his face as she caught something shining in the moonlight. She raised her hand to rest against his cheek and noticed her hand was wet. He was crying. Tears developed into her eyes and started to rain down her face just as his. He noticed the sudden water and brought her into a warm embrace. He was shaking by the tears that over took his body. His smile was wide on his face as she held him back.

She couldn’t believe it. Here he was in tears when no one has been able to catch him in tears. He always called it a weakness. She turned to look into his face. His eyes showed both tears that ran and unshed ones that he held. She placed her hands on both side of his face and brought her lips to his. He closed his eyes embracing everything she gave. He was a fool. She was the one he loved. It wasn’t Kikyou. She was right. Kikyou did die over fifty-five years ago. The woman that was here now was not the one he loved in the past.

He tighten his grip upon her as he leaned her back to the ground. His lips traced her face, crossing over her nose back to her lips. He traced his tongue hoping to be accepted. She open. He entered. Her taste was like the light that surrounded the darkness. She was making him understand everything that he was about to lose. He almost gave up on something that he shouldn’t have. He wasn’t sure about the request that night. He knew he had to do it by demon laws. The request had seem to turn against him causing him to be mated to the wrong one. Now, he knew. Fate was giving him another chance. Fate was allowing him to learn the true meaning of love.

She thought he hated her and at sometimes, it was easy to believe it. However, now she seemed to understand. It was hard to believe that he was protecting her for all the reasons she wanted by not being kind, by forcing her to do things that she didn’t want to do. Her request was a way to let her have something that she thought that she would never have. Now, it turned into something more. She was the hanyou’s mate. At first he didn’t want to accept it and neither did she. There was so many times that she wanted to end her life. The pain was so strong, but now she was wrong. Here he was holding her, kissing her. Here he was showing that the hope she held was still there.

She traced her hand down the side of his neck. His hands gripped hers and he kissed each of her fingers before placing them at his heart. She had a smile upon her face as she looked up into his eyes. She traced the side of his face only to pull him towards her. He embraced her back with his kiss removing all darkness that she might have within her heart. He felt as she traced down to his chest and started to pull at his haori. He moved allowing the material along with his white undershirt fall to the ground. Her hands traced over his chest marveling in the feeling, the strength, the protection he always had for her.

A light moan escaped her lips as she felt his claws run down her back causing the material to fall away. Her skin shined in the moonlight as he kissed upon her neck and teased her skin with his fangs. The warm feeling was devouring her body and soul. She was being taken away as he removed all the hatred, all the darkness she held in her heart. She wanted to be loved by him. She wanted to be the one to make him smile, make him cry, make him laugh. Now, she was able to. He showed her so much and she wanted to show the same.

His lips decended again to hers taking away all the thoughts she had. She felt as his claws traced her delicate form. She shruddered under him. When the request was taken, he didn’t do anything. He was solid, calm. It seemed as if the request was nothing to him. Now, it was completely different. He was loving her with everything he had. She leaned towards his body as his mouth glided down the neck to the mounds of flesh. She released a low moan as he switched and continued the same. Her hands were twisted within his hair as she held him close to her heart.

His eyes were glossy over by the desire, the passion, the love he had for her. The tears that he held were running down his face, dripping from his chin. She used her hand to wipe them away before placing a kiss upon his forehead then to each cheek before hitting his lips. She felt as his claws removed the last peice of material. She shrudded against him once more as she felt him rise just a little only to return seconds later.

He held her hands within his. He held them against his chest, towards his heart. His eyes showed softness from any time. It showed care, love. It showed everything that he was holding away, keeping hidden deep down. She noticed the faint smile, the soft frown upon his face. Tears develop into her eyes as she knew what he was saying far before anything else. She leaned up only to brush her lips against his. He embraced her back, devoting everything that he held back to her. In one smooth moment, they became one. They showed how much they belonged to each other, needed each other to survive.

The windows of darkness seemed to shatter upon the light that both gave. Each movement was a note of music caused by the passion beats of the heart. It brought him out of his corner, letting him see what he was about to lose. It allowed her to forgive and forget, knowing that everything that she was doing was wrong. He held her with care, protected her with his body and soul. He showed her now that the hope she had was real. It was the love both held hidden within. It was the love both wanted to forget about.

She gasped upon his sudden movement as he rose her into the clouds of the light. She was drowning in a river of passion as he rocked her to a smooth tempo of the running waves. His heat was a warm blanket casting out the cold shadows of darkness. He wrapped her around in his arms bringing her closer to his protection.

He was surrounded by her warmth, by the passion she held. She was a poison that he was happy to die from. She was a virus that he was happy to have. She was the sheath while he was the sword to protect him from destruction. She was the one who tamed his heart, calmed his soul. She was the one to take away the pain and filll it with the warmth of love. She pushed towards him, rolling him into the light. He reacted against her taking everything that she had to offer.

It was a beakening light. It pulled them towards the end like the light of a far, dark tunnel. It shattered the glass, opening the light. It was a crashing wave just as the sea would come up against the rock. She gasped upon the motion as he followed her with a low growl. It was a taste of pure love, of pure passion. It was an ending to a song, a theme of one’s beginning to one’s ending. It was everything wrapped together to bring an end to a silent promise held in each others heart.

Inuyasha rolled to his side, bringing the girl along with him. He cradled her upon his chest as he reached for his haori. He placed it over the exhausted woman as her breathing even out and she started to drift to sleep. He used his claws to move a strand of hair from her face before wrapping his arms around her. With a smile on his face, he soon followed into a exhausted, but pleasant sleep.

Silence was around the area as a yawn escaped through tired lips. The fire was dying as the old miko stirred the coals. The demon slayer was resting her head on her husband’s lap, who had his arms wrapped around her waist. Everyone was falling asleep, but neither wanted to turn in for the night. They knew who was in the hut. They knew what was going to happen. They just wish it was all wrong.

The hanyou arrived just moments after the modern girl left. His eyes were wide to see everyone within the hut and demanded to know why. He even noticed the smell of his mate. Once again, he demanded for answers. Sango was the only one to respond. She explained that Kagome came to see him. She wanted answers on why he left her for two months. He cursed about everything before yelling for everyone to get out. He was going to talk with his mate. He was going to make her understand that she was not suppose to return. After that, he was going to drag her back to her time and seal the well. They didn’t want him to do that, but the stare he gave prove that they had no saying in the matter. With silent promises to keep quiet, they headed out to wait.

They were still waiting. They noticed the modern girl run out of the hut. They saw has the hanyou followed. Kagome looked frighten while Inuyasha looked angry. Sango and Miroku both wanted to stop everything before it got out of control, but neither wanted to get the wrath of the half-demon. Sulking in defeat, they stayed at their spots, hoping for the best.

“It is late. I think it is time for ye to head in and get some rest.” Kaeda said in a soft voice.

Miroku open his eyes to gaze across the dying fire. He gave a nod before glancing towards the direction of the forest. “Has Inuyasha or Kagome return yet?” The old miko shook her head. “I hope everything is going okay for them.”

“I am sure that it will.” Miroku nodded again as he watch Kaeda stand up with both the kitsune and fire cat in her arms. She turned towards the hut and headed in. Miroku glanced down at his sleeping wife. A smile was on his face as he moved a strand of hair from her face. He didn’t want to wake the sleeping beauty, but he knew he had to. Moving her shoulder, he whispered her name. Her eyes fluttered for a few minutes before they open. “Come on. It’s late. Let’s head in.”

Sango nodded as a yawn escaped her lips. “Where’s Inuyasha and Kagome?”

“Neither one of them has returned back. Keada said not to worry. Let’s get some sleep. We can talk to them tomorrow.” Sango nodded and let her husband help her up to her feet. Both soon disappeared into the hut as silence developed over the area, the night sky holding all of it’s secrets of the time.

The morning rays rained against the forest ground. The young miko open her eyes adjusting to the light. At first, she didn’t know where she was located. However, when a sudden movement came from behind and the tightness of her waist happen, she remembered. A confession of how she felt happen the night before. She explained that she still loved him and in the end, he proved that he still loved her.

Kagome rolled to face the hanyou. He was still sound asleep. His breathing even with the beat of his heart. A faint smile danced across her face as she stared down at him. She traced the side of his face, removing the bangs that covered his eyes. She felt him move towards her touch before becoming still once again.

As she released a sigh and turned away, she never noticed that a golden eye was glancing down at her. Rolling back towards the hanyou, a gasp escaped her lips. The hanyou had a smile on his face as he noticed the look on the miko. “Morning.” She whispered in a light voice.

“Morning. I am also sorry for leaving like that. I should have told you or at least thought about everything.” He pushed his head up and leaned it against his arm as he looked into the girl’s eyes.

“Don’t worry about it. I can understand that you still had feelings for Kikyou. It was understandable. I was the one with the request, not you. If anyone is to blame, it should be me.”

Inuyasha shook his head. “No. I should have thought everything through. Yes, the request was yours, but I should have know what was going to happen. I should have stayed with you. You are my mate, damn it, and you should be treated like my mate and not like something else.”

Kagome giggled upon his respond before sitting up. She held the haori over her chilled body as she glanced down at the hanyou. “Let’s just forget about it. It will be easier that way.”

“Ya, but I wonder what is going to happen next.”

Kagome looked at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“You have a life on the other side of the well. Kikyou is expecting me to stay with her. How can we make everything work out for us if everything is so messed up?”

Kagome released a faint smile as she placed her hand at the side of his cheek. “We will think of something. Kikyou doesn’t know that I am your mate. I can drop out of school and move here. We will figure everything out. Trust me.” The hanyou just nodded as he placed a chaste kiss upon the girl’s lips.

With the talking done, Kagome moved away from the hanyou. She stood and wrapped the haori around her body while Inuyasha pulled on his hakamas and white undershirt. Grabbing the girl in his arms, he raced back towards the village. Both knew there were going to be questions. Both knew that there were going to be difficulties. However, both knew that they could over come anything if they just stuck together.

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