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One Request 008

Kagome released a sigh as she entered the apartment. She was just getting off of work and still saw no sign of the hanyou. It had been close to two months since he left. It didn’t make any sense on why he would leave without telling her anything and not return. Why did he leave? What was he doing back at the Shrine that cause him to stay away for two whole months?

Her thoughts were interupted when she heard Enju walk out of her bedroom. “You’re home.” Kagome gave a nod. “Good. Tomorrow starts spring break and I was thinking that it might be good to head home and see our families. What do you think about that?”

Kagome nodded on the idea. “I think that is a good idea. I miss my family and I need to do some things back at home.” She knew this would work out. She could head back home and try to go through the well. If it was still open, she could find out why Inuyasha left her. Enju nodded to her and disappeared into the room. Kagome released a yawn and soon followed.

As she closed the door, she noticed the full moon shining through. It was causing something to shine upon the ground. Kagome walked around her bed and bent down upon the ground. Lifting the bedding that hung on the ground, she noticed the Shikon Jewel. Her eyes went wide as her hands grasped the jewel. Why would it be in her room? Could there be a chance when Inuyasha was laying beside her he dropped it? She didn’t know, but knew that if the well was closed, she would be able to get through.

Clipping the jewel around her neck, Kagome changed clothing and got into bed. Her mind was set on returning home and finding the hanyou that was suppose to be her mate. She wanted answers08 from him. She wanted to know why he left her for two months with no words. Closing her eyes, she let sleep tak over.

It felt good to be home. As soon as the sun shined through her bedroom window, Kagome was up. She quickly took a shower and started to pack her bags. She could hear Enju doing the same and soon the dragging of bags down the hallway. When everything was done, both exchanged addresses and phone numbers. They would be home at the end of the week. Both were looking foward to seeing their family.

Kagome picked up her bags and climbed the stairs. The shrine looked the same. There was no change. The Sacred Tree still moved against the wind. The shack that held the hidden well was still far in the corner. A smile danced on her face. She was home for a week and she was going to enjoy it.

“Kagome.” Her thoughts were interupted just as she saw her mother coming out of the house. She gave her a small smile as her mother embraced her into a warm hug.

“Decided to drop by for the week. Have you seen Inuyasha these past days? It has been two months and still no sign of him.”

Kagome’s mother shook her head. “I am sorry, dear, but no. Since he left the day we arrived back, he has not been seen around here.”

Kagome glanced towards the well. It still suprised her. Two months ago, Inuyasha told her that she belong to him, that she was his mate. Now he had disappeared. For what reason? While she was here, she was going to find out. “I am actually going to head back. I am going to find out why.”

Kagome’s mother nodded her head. She helped carry Kagome’s bags into the house. In the spare room, Kagome packed her new brown tote bag. With everything inside, she strapped the bag on her and walk down the stairs. She bid good-bye to her mother and walk to the well. Dust clouded the room. It felt as if it hasn’t been used for a while and to be honest, it hasn’t. Sitting on the edge, she looked down into the darkness. Swallowing hard, she pushed over to disappear into the bluish time stream only to arrive five hundred years in the past.

Nothing looked like it had change. The forest had grown a little, blocking some of the path, but Kagome still knew the direction. She still knew how to arrive back at the village. Villagers were roaming, doing their daily jobs. Children were running while men were working. Kagome smiled as she approached the miko’s hut. She entered to see Kaeda sitting near a fire stiring something in a pot.

“Hello Kaeda. Been a while.” Kagome smiled towards the old miko as she sat upon the ground draping her bag around her.

Kaeda looked up and smile. She nodded in respond before gathering some tea for her friend. “I am sorry to say, but neither Sango, Miroku, Shippo nor Inuyasha is here at the village.”

“Oh? Did they leave to fight a demon?”

“Nay. Sango and Miroku left back to the Demon Slayer Village. Shippou went with them. Inuyasha is living in the forest somewhere with Kikyou. He currently went to see the demon slayer and monk, but has not returned yet. He might have, but I haven’t seen my sister yet today.”

Kagome looked away and out the door. She didn’t realize that after she left what happen. Inuyasha no longer had anyone around him. He only had Kikyou and then he had her. Sango and Miroku left him. His friends completely deserted him and she probably knew why. They didn’t like how he treated her. She couldn’t blame them, but then again, she didn’t want him to feel alone.

“Where is the hut? I need to speak with Inuyasha.”

Kaeda nodded her head before explaining the direction. The hut was located south of the Sacred Tree. It was in a remote section that no one had entered till now. The forest surrounded it like a wall. There is an opening and the hut should be visible. Kikyou is usually inside or around the other side working on the herbal garden she planted.

Kagome followed the direction and found the hut. It was a distance away from both the well, Sacred Tree, and village. She figured the hanyou wanted to forget about the past and move on. She walked up to the hut and peeked inside. There was no one. She walked across the floor to the bedroom. Once again, no one. Arriving back outside, she walked around the hut, only to see the undead miko.

Kikyou wasn’t moving. She wasn’t doing anything. She was sitting and praying. “I know you are there. Please, come forward. I will not hurt you.” Her voice was soft. It wasn’t like the times before. It was different.

“Kikyou, is Inuyasha around?”

The voice suprised the undead miko. She turned around to see Kagome standing a short distance away. Her eyes were wide. Shaking her head, she held it down. “I am sorry, but it has been close to three days since I have seen him.” Kagome nodded her head and turned around, only to be stopped by the undead miko. “You might want to check the Demon Slayer Village. That was where he was headed. Someone might have seen him there.”

Kagome gave a nod and walked away. He wasn’t near the village or the well. He was gone. What made him leave like that? What made him disappear for two months from her and three days from Kikyou? What made him do this at all? She arrived back at the hut of the old miko. Kaeda was still doing the same as she walked in.

“He wasn’t there. Kikyou suggested that I talk to someone in the Demon Slayer Village. I am heading there and should be back if I find anything out.”

Keada nodded her head. “Just be carefull.” Kagome gave her a smile and started on her way. The last time they arrived at the village it took them a day, but that was because they stopped twice. If she didn’t stop for too long, she could arrive by mid-afternoon. If she continued on her way in a good enough speed, she would be able to question the hanyou for what his reasons were on his actions.

Kagome was suprised to see the changes of the Demon Slayer Village. It was full of life unlike the time when Naraku had it destroyed. She walked through seeing children playing, men working in the fields, and women tending to their days. She even noticed how the people bowed their heads and prayed. That was when she noticed the monk. It was strange to see him in brown robes instead of purple. She ran over, calling his name. The monk looked up with eyes wide.

“Kagome.” She ran up embracing him in a friendly hug.

“Hi. The village looks great. It seems everything that you wished for came true. Where is Sango and Shippou?”

He pointed to the hut and started to walk. “They are in the hut. Come see them. They will be so happy that you are here.”

Kagome nodded and followed the monk to the hut. He lifted the door flap open and walked in. Kagome had a smile on her face as she noticed Sango near the fire stiring the warm coals. She heard her ‘shh’ everyone since Shippou was asleep. Only a smile was left on her face as the monk walked over to the demon slayer. He bent down and whispered something in her ear. She looked up, dropping everything.

“Kagome, you are here.” She stood up and ran to the girl, wrapping her arms around her neck. Kagome laughed as she embraced her friend back.

Both broke only to have a brown fur run against her. Tears were heard and the mumble of Kagome’s name was heard as the kitsune cried against her chest. She rubbed his back and let him cry. He calmed down soon and went over by Kirara, who was wagging her tail happy to see her friend.

“What brings you to this time? I thought you moved on.” The first question was asked after Kagome passed around the gifts. Sango was happy for the bath items while Miroku was happy about his drinks. Kirara was even happy about her sweets while Shippou was glad about his colors and coloring books.

“I came looking for Inuyasha. It has been two months since I have seen him. I talked to both Kaeda and Kikyou. Both said he wasn’t there and suggest I look here.”

Sango dropped her head as Miroku looked towards the demon slayer. “We are sorry to say, but he is not hear. Almost three days ago, he left. No one knows where or when he will be back.” said Miroku.


Miroku shook his head. “We don’t know. He seemed confused about everything.”


“Did he explain why he left for this long?” Sango quickly popped the question. She didn’t want to leave her friend in the dark. Kagome shook her head. “We figured that much. He left to forget you. He came back to stay with Kikyou. When he explained everything, we told him to return to you and explain the truth. His reason for leaving might be tied up with this.”

Kagome’s eyes were wide. “He came back to forget about me?” Sango nodded. “But, why? He told me that I was his mate. Why leave me when you tell me something that important?”

“He said that he had guilt. It was a foolish reason. What he did to you was wrong.”

Kagome laughed upon Sango’s respond. “A foolish reason, indeed, but not wrong. I asked him for the request. He only gave it to me out of demon laws. Now, I have to just move on.”

“However, he can’t. He is confused on everything.” said Miroku finishing Kagome’s thought.

Kagome released a sigh as she turned to glance out the door. She never realized what was going through the hanyou’s mind. She understood that he still cared about Kikyou, but was there a chance that he cared about her, also? Kagome wasn’t sure and she wouldn’t be able to get any answers. Her time for returning here and confronting the hanyou was wrong. Her only solution was to return back home. She had to do what the hanyou wanted to do. She had to forget about him. It was strange, but once again he hurt her. He claimed her as his and left her in the dark.

She started to bid her friends good-bye, but only to be stopped. They decided to walk her back to the village. They wanted to spend time with her before her final journey home. She smiled upon the solution. The journey back was happy. There were laughs that haven’t been heard for awhile. Kirara picked Kagome up twice. She ran across the fields and flew in the sky. Shippou used his Fox Magic. It brought tears of joy the the modern girl’s eyes. Maybe, everything wasn’t at a total lost. She was able to see her friends once more.

They arrived back at the village around late-afternoon when the sun was starting to set. It was silent for a strange reason. No one was around, not even Kaeda. They walked to the hut and entered. Kaeda was sitting on the ground and was shocked to see her old friends. Sango, Miroku, and Shippou sat around the fire to talk with her, but Kagome stood at the door. Something felt wrong. She didn’t know what, but it felt cold. She glanced back at her friends before disappearing out.

She walked through the forest towards the Sacred Tree. She walked past the Sacred Tree deeper into the forest. Kikyou was sitting on the steps of the hut when she arrived. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be asleep. A Soul Collector dropped by giving her a soul. That was when she opened her eyes. “So, it is you again?”

Kagome nodded. “I felt something strange, something cold. Do you know what it is?”

A faint smile was on the undead miko’s face as she gave a slight nod. “Most likely. I would not venture far from the village. It would not be wise or safe.”

“Do you know what is it that I am feeling?”

Kikyou stood up and started to walk into the hut. She only stopped to give a short respond to the girl. “Most likely the hanyou you were trying to find.” Kagome’s eye were wide. If it was him, then he either wasn’t happy about something or it was something far worse. Whatever it was, she was going to find out… and soon.

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