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One Request 007

The journey back to the Shrine was silent. Inuyasha never looked back, never looked foward. He just glanced out the window watching as the scenery went by. He knew what he was doing was right. He couldn’t stay with Kagome. He still had feelings for Kikyou. He still cared about the prietess from the past. Guilt was hard on his chest as he laid next to the modern girl. In the end, he came up with the only solution. He had to leave his mate and forget about her. It was the only way to save her from the pain that he could cause.

Inuyasha and Mrs. Higurashi arrived back at the Shrine around late-afternoon. He stood at the top of the stairs looking out towards the direction they came. He released sigh as he felt a hand upon his shoulder. Glancing over, he noticed Kagome’s mother. “How long do you plan to be gone?”

He gave a shrug to the question. “I wouldn’t know. It could be a while.” He didn’t want to go any farther with the conversation. He didn’t want to tell what he was planning to do.

Lucky for him, Mrs. Higurashi did not ask anymore. She walked away from the hanyou and into the house. He followed and watched as she disappeared into the kitchen. As he stood there, he glanced up the stairs. Releasing a sigh, he climbed and turned before heading into the empty room.

It felt different. It felt strange without the young girl. As he sat under the window, memories danced across his mind. Some of when she was laughing, others when she was crying. The day when she was sick and he stayed by her side. There were so many that he had, a total of five years worth.

Standing up, he glanced around the small room before stepping out the window. As a sigh escaped his lips, he jumped down and headed to the well house. He stopped only for a second to glance around the grounds of the Shrine. He glanced from the house, up to the window of the room, to the Sacred Tree before closing the door. Standing at the edge, he whispered a silent good-bye before jumping in and disappearing from the modern world.

Kagome released a sigh as she closed the door of her apartment closed. The exam was a lot harder than she thought. During half of the exam, she almost forgot the formula, but was lucky to remember it. She would be suprised if she passed it. Setting her keys on the counter, she walked down the hallway to her room. Pushing the door open, she was expecting to see the hanyou, but instead noticed that it was empty. When she arrived home, she noticed her mother was no where around. With that idea, she suspected that the hanyou went back to the Shrine to finish some things up.

Closing the door behind her, Kagome walked back to the living room to see her friends talking about something. They were discussing something about the party. Kyoko kept laughing as she thought on how many people she invited. Enju kept bugging her on seeing if she invited Kane. Kyoko just threw her hands up saying that she didn’t know. Enju just smiled as she listen. It really didn’t matter to her. Enju already had a boyfriend and was fine with him.

Kagome had a smile on her face as she sat down in one of the chairs. She wrapped her legs around her and grabbed her book. The conversation was something she didn’t want to get into. They would center it on her probbing her about Kane. With her being the hanyou’s mate, she really didn’t want to have the conversation centered to her.

It was a couple of hours, but finally Hitomi and Kyoko had to leave. They both had class in the morning and some homework to finish. It was then that Enju turned towards Kagome. “You seem quiet.”

Kagome looked up from her book when she spoke. “So?”

“It’s nothing against you. It’s just different. Anyways, what did your mother want?”

“Nothing much. Just to see how I was and tell me that someone dropped by, an old school friend.”

Enju just nodded her head upon the respond. She soon disappeared down the hallway to take a bath and then start on her homework. Kagome just stayed in the living room reading her book. She had all of her homework finished and wanted to finish the next two chapters in the book she was currently reading. However, when the lights were turned off around the kitchen and hallway, when a yawn escaped her lips, Kagome finally headed to bed. Like everyone else, she had class and work in the morning.

“What made you leave with the jewel?” The hanyou was sitting on the steps of the hut that was built in the forest. It had been two months since he left Kagome. He never told anyone on what his reasons was for leaving. He didn’t even explain to Kaeda why he had return without the girl. He did, however, gather Kikyou and move away from the village. She agreed with it, but he didn’t understand why.

Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed the miko leaning against the door frame. “I had to do something on the other side of the well. I had to clear something up. It is over and now I can move on.”

“Does it concern Kagome?”

Inuyasha flinched against the name. It had been a while since the name of the girl was mentioned. Ever since she left, no one wanted to speak about her. Even when he walked by the hut where his friends once stayed at, no one wanted to speak about anything regarding to the past. After Miroku and Sango’s wedding, it seemed that everyone went their seperate ways. It wasn’t long when they finally decided to move back to the Demon Slayer Village. Even Shippou decided to go with them.

“In a way, yes, but in another way no. Anyways, it is over. Don’t worry about it.”

Kikyou gave a nod and disappeared into the forest. Inuyasha knew where she was heading. Each morning till late in the afternoon, she would head back to the village to help Keada. It was easier. Now with Naraku gone, everything went back to normal. It was quiet. Inuyasha didn’t have to fight anymore. He was able to live a normal life.

Today, though, he decided to confront Miroku and Sango. He wanted to see how his friends were. He wanted to clear something up with them. He didn’t want to explain everything. He just wanted to put the past behind him. When he woke that morning, he explained to Kikyou that he might not be here that night. She understood and decided to stay in the village or at the hut. Seeing her disappear into the forest, he stood up and started racing towards the village. It was half a day away and he wanted to be there by dark.

Just after he arrived back from the other side of the well, his friends had started hating him. No one was happy that he didn’t bring the modern girl back. He just ignored it. He didn’t want to explain anything. He didn’t want to confront them about the truth. He tried to avoid them at the times being. It was hard, though. Sango and Miroku kept questioning him. He just left, trying to forget about the past. However, it seemed that everything was against him. While he was in the forest one day, a demon asked him about his scent. He had to fight his way out and was lucky no one heard. He didn’t want to explain the request. He didn’t want to explain anything that happen between the modern girl and him.

However, now he had to. They caught him just right after the wedding. Kikyou was with him and she was confused on what the demon was meaning. It called Kikyou a bitch saying that she wasn’t the half-breed’s mate. Inuyasha just fought the demon back explaining that he had no mate and wasn’t taking one. At the end, everyone dropped the conversation. Somehow, though, he knew there would be questions. Clearing it up now, would prevent it all.

The Demon Slayer Village seemed a little better when Inuyasha arrived. Some people that didn’t have a place to live were making the village their home. Voices of children, women, and men could be heard. The Gate surrounding it was pushed back and fields were protected inside it. He walked past the guard keepers into the center. The graves were still on the side. Flowers covered them as people passed by to pray. Children could be seen running by. That was when he noticed the kitsune. He was carrying a basket of fruit to a hut farther back. Inuyasha figured that was Sango and Miroku’s home.

Walking up, he watched as the kitsune disappeared inside. Noises could be heard on the other side of the door flap. Inuyasha stood outside for a few minutes when Miroku appeared outside. He wasn’t dressed in his normal robes anymore. They were similar, but not purple. Instead, they were a dark brown. As he closed the door flap behind him, he noticed the hanyou standing a short distance away. “What are you doing here?”

“I decided to drop by and see how you were.”

Miroku turned away and started to walk away from the hut. “As if we care. Return back to the village. We do not need you around here.”

Inuyasha was suprised by his friend. Never has he walked away from him. Never has he told him to leave. “What in hell is this about?”

The monk stopped upon the respond. “It is you. You caused everything. You don’t know how long it took us to forget about everything, to move on. After you returned back from the well, Sango didn’t stop crying for three nights. The same went for Shippou and Kirara. It was hard for me to hold back my tears. We were hoping that the young miko would return, but we found out that we were wrong. That was our main reason for leaving.”

“I wasn’t planning to return with her. I just needed to clear something up. That was all and it was finished. I still care for…”

“Yes, we all know that you still care about Kikyou. We all know that you are staying with her, but have you ever thought on how it affected Kagome, or even us?” Silence surrounded the hanyou with that single question. “Just as I thought. Kagome tried to kill herself because of you. If you want to do us a favour, leave. Don’t return to us. Just completely forget about us.” The monk said no more. He continued to walk past the huts and towards the graves. There he started to talk with the villagers and pray along with them.

Inuyasha stood suprised by everything. His friends have finally turned against him. He knew Kagome did, but he was hoping that his other friends have not. Now, he knew the truth. He turned back towards the gate when he heard a noise behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed Sango and Shippou stepping out of the hut.

“I thought I heard your voice. Miroku is correct on what he said. You caused a lot of pain for everyone, not just for Kagome. Please, do us this favour, Inuyasha. Return back to Kikyou. Live your life with her. It is what you wanted. Just forget about us. Live your life as if you haven’t known us. It will be easier on all of us. It will let us move on.”

Inuyasha’s ears went flat against his head as he listen to Sango’s words. “I didn’t want it turn out this way. I wanted to live my life with her and you. I wanted to see my friends through everything, not be alone.”

Sango shook her head. “I am sorry, Inuyasha, but what has been done can not be changed. Please, leave.” With that, she turned to walk into the hut only to hear a scream.

Inuyasha turned towards the scream to see a lady running. She was screaming about a demon heading this way. It was destroying everything in it’s path. With that saying, the hanyou heard the demon slayer grab her weapon. She came running by him holding a staff. She yelled for the monk and soon both were running out of the village. Inuyasha soon followed.

The demon was huge as it stepped out of the forest. Sango approached it and threw her weapon. The demon just raised it’s arm and blocked it. Miroku came running, throwing sutras against the beast. They stung it for a few moments and fell. Inuyasha released a curse against everything as he drew his sword. He approached the demon and released the Wind Scar. The demon jumped out of the way laughing.

It continued to laugh as it settled down into a smaller size. “You must be the half-breed, Inuyasha.”

“Ya and what about it.” Inuyasha wasn’t sure what this demon wanted. He didn’t even know this demon.

“Your scent proves it all. Where is your mate, the one who is suppose to be all-powerfull?” Sango and Miroku stopped and looked towards the hanyou. Both were confused on everything. They heard it once, but ignored it. However, this time could it be true? Did Inuyasha finally take Kikyou as his mate?

“I don’t have a mate and never will.”

The demon laughed upon the hanyou’s respond. “It is hard to lie to the nose. She is the miko who destroyed Naraku. Where is she? It is said that she is powerfull. I want to meet this miko.”

Inuyasha released a silent curse. “I told you, damn it. I don’t have a mate and never will.” He rose his sword and slammed it down upon the ground. The bright lights danced across the ground hitting the demon straight on. The demon soon disappeared into ashes against the wind.

Sango and Miroku were both still confused on everything that happen. A demon’s nose can not lie. If that is fact, then Inuyasha took a miko as his mate. However, which one? They thought that Kikyou had denied on becoming the hanyou’s mate. Everyone knew that she wanted Inuyasha to become human. Could there been a chance that it was changed? If not, then who else? It couldn’t have been Kagome. She was hurt to much by him. What would have caused him to take her as his mate and stil hurt her?

“Inuyasha, if I remember right, a demon’s nose can not lie.”

Inuyasha stopped on his movements as he heard the demon slayer’s voice. It was true that a demon’s nose could not lie. It could smell anything different. It didn’t matter what. The demon was correct. He did have a mate, one that he was hoping to forget. “Ya, what about it?”

“If that is so, then this demon is not lying. Who is your mate?”

Inuyasha just released a long sigh. He didn’t want to get into this conversation. He didn’t want to explain everything. He was hoping to come clear everything up and avoid this conversation at all cost. Now, he had no way of getting out of it unless he tried to avoid the topic. “Forget about it, okay?”

“We will not. Just after the wedding ceremony, we heard the same thing in the forest. Is it Kikyou?” Miroku wasn’t happy about the hanyou. He wanted answers. He wanted to know who the hanyou’s mate was.

Inuyasha stood in silence. He couldn’t answer that question. He couldn’t say no. It would bring up too much and he was trying to avoid it all. “Inuyasha, who is it? You do understand that we can call Shippou out and get the information we need.” Inuyasha forgot about that. He forgot that the scent the mate would carry would be the scent of the one the mate mated with.

Releasing another sigh, Inuyasha knew he was stuck. He couldn’t get out of this mess even if he tried. Ya, he could run, but what would that prove. It would prove that he was a weakling then and he didn’t want to be that. “Kikyou is not my mate. I asked her, but she denied.”

“Then who…No. No. No. Please, tell me it isn’t so.” Sango’s eyes were wide as she shook her head. Her hands were over her mouth as she stood in shock. Miroku was the same way. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open. He couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“It is. Kagome is my mate.”

“How? When? How could you?” Sango walked up to him and started hitting him across the face. Inuyasha just stood. Miroku finally came and stopped her.

“The last journey we took together, she asked a request. By demon laws, we have to fullfill every request. Her request was to sleep with me.”

Sango was in shock on what she heard. She remembered when Kagome arrived back. She quickly came over to her and both of them disappeared for the evening. When Sango woke later that night, she couldn’t find Kagome anywhere. It should have been a clue that Kagome was with the hanyou, but no, the idea was never brought up. “That was why Kagome was avoiding you.”

“Her request happen that night. When I woke the next morning, she was gone.” The hanyou’s voice was soft, quiet as he explained everything. His head was held down as his bangs covered his eyes. His ears were also pressed against his head.

Sango nodded. “Kagome left quickly. She said good-bye and that was all. She didn’t even wait for you. Does she know?”

Inuyasha nodded his head. “The reason I left down the well was to tell her. My bastard of a brother explained it to me. She wanted me to leave, just like you, but I told her I couldn’t.”

“Then why are you here then?”

Inuyasha looked up and glanced over his shoulder towards the demon slayer and monk with a peircing stare. “I had guilt. There I was still caring about Kikyou and I was with Kagome. I decided on the best solution. Let her stay in her time while I stay in mine. Let me forget about her. Let me move on. It would prevent any harm that I could cause her. It would let her move on with a better life.”

“And what did she say about that idea?”

Inuyasha dropped his head again. “Nothing. She doesn’t know anything about it. When she left, I disappeared. Her mother has no idea and neither does she. I was hoping to leave it like that.”

Sango turned her head to the side as anger built up inside her. Giving in, she walked up the hanyou and smacked him against the face. “You bastard. She probably thinks you still care about her. What happens if she wonders where you went? You need to go back to her and explain everything. Clear everything up and this time, tell the truth.”

Inuyasha raised his hand and placed it against his face. He never realized anything that could happen if he didn’t explain everything. He just figured that she would forget about him, that she would move on with her life. What would happen if he was wrong? What would happen if she tries to figure out where he went? He shook his head against those thoughts. No, he couldn’t go to her. He cared for Kikyou, not her. He might have in the past, but that was till he learn the truth.

However, now Inuyasha knew he had a problem. He either had to return to his mate and explain everything or try to move on and forget about her. He wanted to forget about her. He wanted to move on and let her live a better life without him. However, it seemed a little impossible. Deep down, he had to admit it. He missed the young modern girl. She brought smiles to his face. She made him laugh. She made him trust, to have friends, and to love once more.

There were too many thoughts running through his head. He couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do. One solution came and it was the only one he could take. Grabbing his sword, he placed it back into his sheath. He glanced over his shoulder to look at his friends before walking away. He would leave for the time. He would gather his thoughts, figure out what he wants to do. Then with everything figured out, he would return.

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