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One Request 006

It was a long day at school for Kagome. She kept drifting off thinking of something else. If it wasn’t for her friends she would have probably fell behind. Hitomi was sitting beside her, trying to get her to look back. Kagome finally did when she realized it. Hiro was smiling at her. For the past week, Hiro was trying to get Kagome to go out with him. Kagome kept declining. It had been only a month since she left the Fuedal Era and everything still hurt.

“It seems that Hiro is still trying to get you to go out.” Kagome gave a nod to Hitomi as the bell rang.

“Ya, I know. I don’t know how many times I told him that I wouldn’t go out with him. I left somone that hurt me and just want to be alone at the moment.”

“I know. You told the story to both me and Enju twice. We realize it, but I guess he doesn’t.” Kagome released a laugh as she followed her friend out of the classroom and down the hallway. It was her last class of the day and she was heading over to Hitomi’s place to change clothing for work. Both Enju and Hitomi work at the same restrant as her. That was how she met them. It was good. It helped Kagome move on. Tonight Hitomi and her had to close. She wasn’t ready for the long shift, but she needed the money.

Work was pretty long for the girls. It was a busy night. Kagome was continously helping customers with their drinks or taking orders. She was returning from cleaning a table. She laid the plates and glasses on the counter and grabbed a cup to refill when she noticed another couple come in. She lead them to a table and took their drinks before returning to the counter.

“Busy night?” Hitomi was returning with four plates. She placed them on the counter and filled four glasses of water before disappearing out. Kagome only noded to her. It was like that for most of the evening. Even Enju showed up to keep them company. She kept quiet about Kagome’s mother showing up, but she did mention that she needed her home around ten. Kagome agreed even though she didn’t know why.

Closing time felt good for the girls. The door sign was switched and the lights near the windows were shut off. Music was turned on and a mop was dragged out. Kagome laughed as she watch Hitomi and Enju sing to a song while dance across the soapy ground. Kagome even joined in, but ended the idea as she came crashing on the ground when she slipped on the wet floor. She decided to stay near the counter and fill the salt and pepper shakers instead of dancing across the ground.

“I am glad the evening is over with, but I have homework. This week I have an exam and haven’t even started studing for it.” said Kagome as she placed the keys on the desk. She sat down on the couch as Enju went to the kitchen to get two bottles of water.

“Be happy when Spring Break comes. We will have no homework for week.”

“Ya, but that is still two months away.” Enju laughed on the respond, but agreed. She watched as Kagome stood up to throw her empty bottle away and head down the hallway to her room. It was an exhausting evening and Enju knew that Kagome was one to head to bed before anyone else after she finished her homework. Enju soon followed her, though, for she had the same.

“Inuyasha.” The voice echoed across the land. The hanyou’s ears moved as he open one of his golden eyes. Mrs. Higurashi was standing at the base of the tree. Her hands were on her hips and she was holding a wooden spoon in one. “If you want to see Kagome, we need to leave soon. Come inside and have some breakfast.”

The hanyou gave a nod to the woman and jumped down from the tree. The family members were gone once more leaving Kagome’s mother and him. She fed him pancakes before grabbing her purse, coat, and the hat for him. It was the same journey for them. The same long hours of riding on the subway, the waiting for the car, the travelling throught the city. It was the same as he waited to see the girl that was suppose to be his mate.

A loud alarm echoed across the walls of the room. Kagome released a groan as she smacked her alarm and sat up. It was 9:30 in the morning. Her eyes went wide as she noticed her agenda. She completely forgot about one thing important. Dashing out of her bed, she grabbed everything and quickly pulled her clothing on.

Enju was already sitting at the counter drinking her morning coffee as Kagome came running out of her room. She zipped around the counter and gathered something to eat. “What’s wrong?”

“I completely forgot about the exam I have today. Hitomi and I were suppose to study together at ten. I am so going to be late.” replied Kagome as she poured herself a cup of coffee and started add cream cheese to her bagel.

“But, you said that you were going to stay till about eleven.”

“I know, but this exam is important. I am sorry.” Enju wasn’t even able to get another saying out. Kagome quickly finished her drink and disappeard out of the apartment. A sigh escaped the girls lips as she knew what was happening in thirty minutes. Kagome’s mother was suppose to be arriving to see her daughter. Enju now had to give the bad news that her daughter was once again gone.

Inuyasha swallowed hard as he closed the door behind him. After a month of not seeing her, he was finally going to see the girl who was his mate. He followed Mrs. Higurashi up the stairs and towards the door. She knocked and waited. The sounds of the door came echoing through and soon Enju was standing in it. “Morning.”

“Hello Enju. Is my daughter home?”

A frown appeared upon the young girl’s face as she shook her head. “I am sorry to say, but she left just thirty minutes ago. She forgot about an exam that she had today and ran off to meet one of her friends. She might be back later, but I wouldn’t know.”

Mrs. Higurashi nodded her head as she turned back to the hanyou. He gave her a nod and turned to lean over the rail. “Okay. Thanks. I will try again later today.” Enju nodded and closed the door behind her.

“I am going to see if I can find her. I need to talk with her. It is important.”

“It will be hard. This is the city, not the shrine or a forest.”

Inuyasha nodded his head. “I know, but I must try.”

“I understand. I will stay here till you return.” Inuyasha gave her another nod before racing down the stairs and disappearing around the corner. He had to find her. He had to tell her. It would be wrong not letting her know. She didn’t know about the night. He didn’t know. If he did, he would have done something, anything to prevent the request. However, he knew there was no way of stopping the request. The demon laws always took over something and now they were twisting something else.

He sniffed the air trying to gather the scent of the young woman. It was faint, mixed with other smells, but he could follow it. She travelled down the sidewalk rounding a corner. She crossed the street to enter a small park. He followed it till he saw another street. A building was across. That was where her scent ended. His eyes went wide as he noticed her sitting by the window talking with a young girl and boy. Releasing a sigh, he hid himself into the darkness, waiting for the girl to step out.

Kagome nodded her head as Hitomi showed her how to use the formula in a problem once again. Chemistry was not one of her best subjects, but she needed to pass it to continue on with her major. Even Sakea, a young boy in their class, stopped by to help. Majoring in the class made it that much easier for him to help them out.

“Thanks, Sakea.” said Kagome after two hours of working.

“No problem. Good luck with the exam today.” He waved towards the girls as he rounded a corner and disappeared into the library.

“Ya. The same with you.”

With everything done, both Kagome and Hitomi packed their bags. It was already noon and both were starving. Their first and only class of the day was at four meaning that they had time to stop at one of the restrants to eat. Hitomi had already decided where, but she wanted to get Enju to join with them. Kagome agreed, however, she had to do something before arriving. Hitomi told her that she would meet her there and Kagome agreed on the plan.

Placing her bag on her shoulder and pulling her sunglasses out, Kagome stepped out of the library. She walked down the stairs and looked both ways before crossing the street. She walked down the sideway never noticing that someone was waiting for her. The alley came into view. She released a silent gasp as a hand snaked around her waist and the other covered her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she noticed who it was. “You.”

The hanyou nodded his head as he stepped back from the girl, never letting go. “Ya, it’s me.”

“What in hell are you doing here? I thought you stayed with her.” Kagome was shocked to see the hanyou that hurt her in the other time. She didn’t want to see him. She left him. She moved away from the shrine. She changed her life. She did it all because of him.

“I would have if something else didn’t happen before it.”

“And what is that suppose to me?”

“Your request that you ask. Remember?”

Kagome gasped as her cheeks started to turn red. “Of course I remember. Why would it matter?”

Inuyasha released a sigh as he backed up against the wall. He crossed his arms into his haori and glanced down the alley towards the street. “When I was young, I didn’t learn much of the demon laws. I hardly knew any of them. I only learned a few. It happen to be that there was one in particular that I didn’t know anything about.”


“The night I slept with you, something else happen, something I didn’t know about.”

Kagome rolled her eyes against this. She was tired on how this was dragging out. “And what would that be?”

“You’re my mate.”

“What? No. There is no way in hell that I am going to be anything of yours. You hurt me for so long and now you are saying that I am suppose to be your mate. What is a mate, some type of marriage?”

Inuyasha nodded his head. “You could say that.”

“Then definatly no. I don’t want anything to do with you. I moved away from the shrine and well. I changed my life. I changed everything all because of you and now you are saying that you want me back. Ha. Sorry, but that won’t work. There is no way in hell will it work.”

He shook his head as low laugh escaped his lips.”Sorry, to tell you the truth, but there is nothing you can do about it. We mated that night. Your my mate and there is no changing it.” He approached her placing each arm on each side of the girl.

“Oh, yes there is.” She raised her leg and came in contact in one spot. Inuyasha released a hiss as he dropped down to his knees in pain. “I might have liked you in the past, but not now. You hurt me for too long. I am no longer the soft Kagome you knew. I have changed and it is all caused by you. Go back through the well, to Kikyou, the one you care so much about. Forget about me for it is over.” With that said, Kagome turned down the alley and disappeared down the street.

Inuyasha released a curse as he knelt on the ground in pain. He told the girl the information, but he wasn’t expecting the respond. The girl he knew when she arrived through the well five years ago wasn’t the same and he knew why. He wasn’t kind and yes, he did always run to Kikyou or keep her in mind, but he never meant to hurt Kagome. Now, that she was his mate, he had to do something about it. He had to make her understand.

Biting his lip, he stood up and started to walk out of the alley. He had to make her understand. What he learned from his brother he could not ignore. The girl was his mate and he had to make her understand. She belong to him and there was no changing it. His life with Kikyou was messed up. Now he had to correct it and make a new life with Kagome.

Kagome couldn’t believe what the hanyou had said. She left him after he said that he was going back to Kikyou. She tried killing herself because the pain he put her through. It didn’t make any sense. Why would he return? Why would he cause the same pain once more? She didn’t want it. She didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

She walked up the stairs to her apartment only to be stopped. Her mother was standing on her floor, looking over the rail. “Mom?”

Mrs. Higurashi turned towards the voice and showed a kind smile. “Hello, dear.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I brought someone to see you, but he is not here at the moment.”

Kagome rolled her eyes upon the respond. “I saw him and he probably won’t be here for awhile.”

“Don’t even think that idea.” Kagome turned around with a short gasp and eyes wide. He was standing there on the steps. He looked exhausted, angry, and she knew exactly why. “We need to talk now.”

“Why? I already told you my answer. Now get out of my life.”

“No. You are mine. I already explained that.” Kagome rolled her eyes and threw her arms up. She didn’t want to discuss this anymore. She left him. He hurt her. Everything that she wanted, it was changed because of what he said to Kikyou. There is now no way on changing it. What has happen can not be changed. He needs to give up. He needs to move on, but no, he keeps bothering her on it.

“I don’t care. Get away from me and never return.” Kagome unlocked her apartment and stepped in. She would have closed the door on him, but he was faster than her and slipped in. She was lucky, though, that her mother did not follow.

“I can’t. You are my mate, damn it. You belong to me.” He walked towards her forcing her to retreat. She came up against the wall as he stopped, staring down at her.

“I do not belong to anyone, especially you. What makes you even think that I would want you back? You hurt me and I changed because of it.”

“Do you think I like this damn idea? No, but you were the one with the request, not me. I had to fullfill it by demon laws and now once again, demon laws have messed everything up.”

“Then forget about the demon laws. It’s not even like I am there anymore.”

“Everyone will know. For all of hell, my brother already knows. You are mine. You belong to me and there is no changing on it.”

Kagome released a sigh as she moved away from the wall and sat down on one of the chairs near the counter. Tears were starting to develop in her eyes. She didn’t know why. Here he was trying to take her back and here she was pushing him away. A single tear ran down her face as she glanced down at her wrist. Small scars could be seen. She remembered how she cut her skin and tried to kill herself. She did it because of him and now he was wanting to change everything.

The request was suppose to help her. It was suppose to let her move on. Why was it that everything she did was turned against her? She wanted to be left alone. She wanted him to leave. She just wanted to move on with her life and forget about the Fuedal Era. The tears were running down her face as she cried into her arms crossed over the counter. She knew why she was crying. She was hurting again. However, this time it was different. He came back to bring her back into his life. Now, she was the one pushing him away. She was the one causing the pain.

She felt hands upon her shoulders and hard chest come upon her back as she was leaned backwards. She felt his lips decend to her neck as he whispered comforting words. He was trying to help her. He wast trying to make her understand. Could there be a chance that the love she lost could be earned again? Could there be a chance that this change in fate could be a blessing, one that she could learn from and help the hanyou love once again? The questions all had answers, but they were answers that she had to wait for.

He held her for the time as she cried. He stayed by her side as she passed out by exhaustion. Her tired mind felt as he lift her in his arms and carryed her down to her room. She felt as he laid her down upon her bed and stretched out beside her. His arms never left her. He pulled her against him wrapping his arms around her waist. His soft words came once more as she drifted away into a dreamless sleep. He followed soon after the crying disappered and the calm breath followed.

It was hours before Kagome finally woke. She glanced over her shoulder to see the hanyou still sound asleep. A faint smile danced across her face. It was strange how this turn in events caused him to come to her. She wasn’t expecting the request to cause so much problems. She wasn’t expecting to see him again, but here he was. He said that she was his mate, she belong to him. A small quiet laugh escaped from her lips. Of all the times she wanted him, she finally got him. He couldn’t go back to Kikyou. He was with her.

She rolled to face him. His bands danced across his face as the fan blew against them. She moved them out of his closed eyes as she traced the side of his face. She had to admit it. She still hasn’t lost the love she had for him. That was her reason for not going out with anyone. The pain he caused her was still there. It was there because she still loved him.

He moved a little against the feeling. She heard a light growl-like purr escape from his chest. It made Kagome feel warm inside and she didn’t know why. Of all the times he had hurt her, she thought she should have hated him, but somehow, he was changing her. He was making her understand something that she almost lost, almost forgot.

She released a yawn never noticing a golden eye looking at her. She turned to look at him once more only to gasp. A faintl smile was upon his face as he raised his hand and traced the side of her face just as she was doing. Her smile returned one more time as he cupped her chin in his hand. He slowly leaned towards her and brushed his lips against hers. This time the kiss was different. It wasn’t one that felt cold, that felt as if nothing was going to be returned. This one had so much more. Ya, she knew it would take time. He was in love with Kikyou. He was probably still in love with Kikyou. However, this kiss seemed to calm him, let him know that everything was going to be okay.

She embraced the kiss back as his tongue danced across her lips. She felt warm by his touch. The pain she once held caused by him was slowly melting away. She wasn’t sure if it would leave forever. She just knew that it would take time. He moved away and rolled, putting his back towards her. Kagome blinked her eyes confused on his movements. “Inuyasha?”

No respond. He was silent. He didn’t move. He didn’t say anything. His ears were flat against his head and he seemed to be distant. Releasing a sigh, Kagome moved from the bed and headed out of the room. It was already 3:30 in the afternoon. She would have to leaving soon for class.

Inuyasha released a deep breath as he glanced over his shoulder towards the door. Somewhere deep inside, he wasn’t sure if he could forgive himself for what he did. He still had feelings for Kikyou and here he was with Kagome. It hurt, for some odd reason. He didn’t know why, but the guilt was there. He thought it would have left by confronting the girl and explaining. He was wrong.

When she had kicked him and left, he thought about everything. He decided that he couldn’t force her to stay with him. She had a new life, a life without him. He made his mind up that he would return to the other side of the well. He would forget about the girl who was suppose to be his mate. If anyone asked where she was, he would only say that she was dead. He couldn’t bring her anymore pain and this was the best solution to prevent it.

It made sense as he thought about it. Leaving her would let him move on with his life. He would be able to be with Kikyou and Kagome could be with someone who does care about her, someone who wouldn’t hurt her. Coming to a conclusion, he decided that was the best option. He would leave and never return.

His ears could pick the sound of voices. Kagome’s friends were over. They were talking about the exam that was suppose to happen soon. They were also talking about a party this weekend. It didn’t matter to him what an exam or party was. He was leaving as soon as the girl left. He was disappearing from her life. He was going to stay with Kikyou and let the past fade away. He was going to prevent pain that could happen once more. He was going to forget about his mate.

Time went by as Kagome talked with her friends. She was suprised to see them when she stepped out of her bedroom. They question her on why she didn’t come to lunch. She just explained that she ran across her mother, which was half true. Her friends started talking about the exam after that. She brought out her book and tried working with the formula that she knew would be on it. Hitomi occasionally helped her.

After ten or so minutes, the topic about the exam was switched to the party being hosted by Kyoko. Kyoko happen to be one of Hitomi’s roomates and it happen to be that both Kagome and Enju were invited. Enju joked about the party being a way to see if Kane would notice Kagome. Kagome blushed on the idea as she glanced over her shoulder to her bedroom. With the news that she heard, she wouldn’t be able to go out with anyone. She was Inuyasha’s mate and by the sound of the term, it was almost like marriage.

It was ten minutes till four when the girls finally packed everything and started on their way to the college. The exam was at four and they didn’t want to be late. Taking one more glance back at her bedroom, Kagome released a sigh as she closed the door.

Inuyasha watched out of the window as the girl walked down the stairs and disappeared around the corner. Releasing a soft sigh, he moved away from the window and out of the room. He glanced around it still suprised that she was living here. Walking over to the door, he released another sigh as he turned the door knob. As he stepped out, he never noticed that he left one thing in the room.

Running down the stairs, he noticed Mrs. Higurashi sitting on the bench. She noticed the hanyou approaching and stood up. “Hello Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha came to a stop before the woman. “Um, I was wondering. Could you take me back to the Shrine? I need to do something on the other side of the well.” He didn’t want to explain that he was leaving her daughter. He didn’t want to explain that he still had feelings for Kikyou. He didn’t want to explain that he didn’t want to cause his mate any pain so he was planning on leaving and forgetting her.

Lucky for him, Mrs. Higurashi nodded her head and walked over to the car. Inuyasha climbed in and closed the door. As Kagome’s mother pulled away from the side of the road, he gave one last glance at the place where his mate lived. This would be the last time he would see her. This would be the last time that he would ever set eyes on Kagome Higurashi. The place disappeared into the distance as he turned around and glanced out the side window only to see a lone tear upon his face. Unknown to him, though, the Shikon Jewel laid hidden under the girl’s bed.

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