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One Request 005

The warmth of the morning sun danced through the branches of the trees. Kagome’s eyes moved against the light before she slowly open them. Glancing around, the memory of the previous night rushed through her mind. She glanced over her shoulder to see the hanyou still resting, sound asleep. Sitting up, she reached for his white undershirt and placed it over him before wrapping his fire-rat haori around her bare skin.

Her request was fullfill. She asked him to sleep with her and she got what she wanted. Now, she could leave and have no regrets, only pain. The pain would be from that she spent a passionate night with the one she love only to know that he did not return it to her. He loved another and now he would have her in his life.

Grabbing her shredded clothing, she took one more glance back at the hanyou she still loved before walking through the forest towards the village. Everyone was still asleep as she quietly entered the hut. She grabbed some new clothing out of the bag and disappeared out of the hut to change.

Arriving back, she noticed everyone awake, but no hanyou. Tears were in her eyes as she hugged everyone and explained that she was leaving now. Everyone one understood and followed her to the well. Even Kaeda came to bid the miko she thought as a daughter good-bye. Removing the Shikon Jewel from around her neck, she handed it to the old miko and wrapped her in a hug. She moved to Sango and Miroku wishing them the best of the years together. Shippou and Kirara were in tears when she gave them both hugs.

Dropping her bag into the well, she sat looking at her friends. Tears were running down her face as she glanced from one face to the other and then towards the forest. Saying her last good-bye, she jumped in letting the sobs take over. The bluish light of time travelling took over for the last time.

A gental breeze moved the silver hair along with the triangles. Inuyasha opened his eyes and released a long yawn. He sat up and shook his head to remove the sleepiness from his body. He glanced around the area, remembering the previous night. Looking towards the ground, hoping to see the young miko, he saw nothing. His fire-rat haori was missing along with the girls clothing.

Dragging his clothing on and picking his sword up, he travelled back to the village. No one was in the hut. The scent of the girl was strong. She was here, but soon left. He noticed his haori sitting near the wall. He grabbed it before stepping out of the hut. There he noticed his friends exiting out of the forest, from the direction of the well. Everyone held their head down. Shippou was in Miroku’s arms crying. Kirara was whimpering against Sango. Even Kaeda and Sango had tears running down their faces. He didn’t understand. Did Kagome finally leave?

“Where is Kagome?” He asked with a shaky voice. He wanted this, but now wasn’t sure. He wanted to say good-bye. Could he have lost his chance?

“She is gone, Inuyasha. She left just a few minutes ago. I am sorry.” Sango respond was a smooth tone, a voice full of hurt. She followed the monk into the hut. Inuyasha could still hear them crying as he stood outside looking towards the direction of the well.

“So, the modern girl is gone and the jewel is purified. We can live together just as it should have been.” Inuyasha turned towards the forest to see Kikyou walking out. Her Soul Colectors were drifting by bringing souls to her body.

Inuyasha only gave a nod as he looked towards the direction of the dry well once more. This was what he wanted. He had explained everything during the journey to defeat Naraku. He remembered how the modern girl tried to kill herself and he made sure to stop it. He remembered how she asked the request and he gave what she asked. It was done. It was over. He was able to move on.

“Yes.” Kikyou nodded as a small smile danced across her face.

It had been a month since everything had change. Inuyasha and Kikyou were staying in Kaeda’s hut and everything seemed normal. It felt strange without the modern girl around. Inuyasha kept visiting the well once a week after the girl had left. There were times he wanted to jump in and say good-bye to the girl, but just held. He didn’t understand why he did it. He got what he wanted and should have been happy with it. However, he wasn’t. There was something missing and he knew what it was. It was the modern girl.

Inuyasha was awake before Kikyou or anyone else that morning. He was currently sitting on a rock looking out at the meadow. The wind was blowing through it causing it move like waves of the sea. He liked to sit and think, wonder about anything that could happen. He picked up a scent as he closed his eyes. Turning at a side, he noticed his brother. “What in hell do you need?”

“Is that any way to treat your older brother?”

“As if I give a damn.”

Sesshoumaru released a dark laugh. He approached his brother slowly, only to stop. A twisted smile danced across his face as he glanced towards the meadow. “I see you have done it.”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes as he glanced at his brother once more. “Done what?”

“Don’t be a baka. You took the girl as your mate.”

“Kikyou? No. She won’t allow it. I already ask.”

“Not her. The miko.”

Inuyasha’s ears moved against the word. “I did not. I never asked her. She left. She is no longer a part of my life.”

Sesshoumaru’s eyes went wide upon on what his brother said. “You baka. You know the demon laws. If you sleep with a human, hanyou, or demon, you take them as your life mate. It is our rule for our kind. Her scent surrounds you. You mated with the miko. You can not deny it.”

What his brother said drifted into his mind. He cursed lightly as he smashed his fist against the rock. He never knew of the mating law. His mother and father were dead before he could ask. His brother would never help and the flea demon was hardly around. He thought it was asking, not actually doing it. It never registered in his mind as the night happen. He was only fullfilling a request and nothing more.

“You need to find her. You need to tell her.”

“I can’t. She is gone.”

“She is your mate. You need to find a way to tell her and bring her back.”

“Damn it.” Inuyasha cursed into the air as he stood up. He didn’t know anything about it and now he was mated to the modern girl. She left almost a month ago and now he had to retrieve her back. He turned back towards his brother to only see him gone. Releasing another curse, he ran through the village to find Kaeda and the jewel.

Kaeda was talking with Kikyou as both were in the gardens picking herbs. Both were susprised to see the hanyou running towards them. Kikyou stood dusting the dirt off her kimono as the hanyou came to a halting stop before them. “Inuyasha, are you okay?”

“Kaeda, where is the damn jewel?”

Both Kikyou and Keada looked up at the hanyou confused. “Why? Are ye thinking about using the jewel?”

“No. I just learned something and need it. Where in hell is it?”

“In the shrine. I will show ye. Kikyou, return these herbs to my hut for me.” Kikyou nodded as Inuyasha followed the old miko towards the shrine. “What is so important that ye need the jewel, Inuyasha? I need a reason to give it to ye.”

Inuyasha released a growl as he rolled his eyes. “I need to travel through the well and retreive Kagome. Something happen and I need her here with me.”

“What? Sango told me what ye have done to the young woman. She doesn’t deserve to be here if ye are going to cause the pain again.”

Another growl follow by a curse escaped his lips. “She asked for a request on the last journey we did. It happen to be something I did not know about.”

“And what request would this be?”

“To sleep with her.” It was a low whisper. He didn’t want to explain his reason. He just wanted the damn jewel and be on his way.

Kaeda heard his respond and her eyes went wide. “Oh? I am surpised after everything ye did to her.”

“Well, it happened and now I learned from my bastard of a brother that she is my mate.”

“I see.” Kaeda did not ask anymore regarding to the topic. She walked up some steps and open the wooden doors to the shrine. The jewel sat in a wooden cage. Kaeda knelt upon the ground and lit a small fire. Smoke wrapped around her body and the cage as she pray. A crack could be soon heard near the cage. Keada stood up and walked foward. Opening the door, she pulled the Shikon Jewel out and handed it to the hanyou.

Inuyasha only nodded to the old miko as he tucked the jewel into his haori. Nodding his head once more, he ran out of the shrine and down the stairs towards the dry well. With one leap, he jumped in and allowed the time travel wrap around his body.

After his feet landed on solid ground, he took a large leap before landing on the steps of the well house. Throwing the doors open, he ran towards the house and took one more leap towards the girl’s room. A suprise reaction came towards him. The window was open, but no curtains could be seen blowing in the breeze. He stepped through it only to see the room empty. There was no bed, no dresser, no smell of Kagome. It was old, stale. It felt as if she was never here.

He open the door and stepped into the hallway. He walked down the hallway looking for any sign of the girl he was suppose to have as his mate. She was no where. The rooms were the same. One belonging to the grandfather, another to the young boy, another to the mother, and the last being a spare. He released a silent curse as he turned towards the stairs and marched down.

Kagome’s mother was sitting in the living room reading a book. She didn’t hear the hanyou step off the stairs. She didn’t see him as he stood in the hallway looking for her daughter. However, she did hear him. “Where is Kagome?”

Mrs. Higurashi laid her book down and glanced up at the hanyou. She was suprised to see him. After some of the things her daughter had told her, she thought they would never see him again. It was a shock. “Inuyasha. I am sorry to say, but my daughter is no longer here. She is gone.”

“What in hell do you mean? She didn’t kill herself.” Inuyasha dropped into a sitting formation infront of the lady. His face showed a suprised reaction. He never thought of Kagome doing it. He knew she was trying, but he never figured that she would do it even if she was away from him.

“No. She is not dead. She is just not here anymore. The day after she arrived back from your time, she packed up and left. She no longer lives at the shrine, but in the city.”

“The city?”

Kagome’s mother nodded. “Yes. She has an apartment in the city. She lives there now.”

Inuyasha released a silent curse as he turned away. He could see a picture of the young girl upon a desk. Her face showed cheerfull. The smile would brighten anyones day, even his. “How do I find this apartment?”

“It would be a little hard, even for you. It took me close to three hours.”

“Take me then. I need to see her. There is a reason.”

Mrs. Higurashi released a sigh and closed her book. Standing up, she walked to the kitchen. Inuyasha could hear the sounds of something moving. Kagome’s mother soon arrived back with a coat, hat and purse in hand. “I will take you, but I give you a warning. When she arrived home that day, she wasn’t the same. She was hurt, sad. She only explained a little and told me she wanted to leave.” Inuyasha nodded his head and took the hat from her. Placing it over his ears, he followed the lady out.

They travelled on a subway towards the city. It took an hour to arrive. Inuyasha’s eyes went wide as he saw the tall buildings. There was no forest. There was nothing like the shrine. Streets filled the area. Vehicles that he hated drove down them. The smells were even a lot stronger. He couldn’t believe that the girl was living here.

He followed Mrs. Higurashi off the subway and into a building. She walked over to a phone and dialed a number. He could hear her calling something a rental car. It was a few minutes, but she was off and leading him out of the building. They sat on a bench and waited for a few minutes when a green car pulled up. The man stood out and called out her name. She nodded to him and told Inuyasha to get in. He followed, even if he didn’t want to.

Mrs. Higurashi drove down a road and then another. She travelled over a bridge and down a ramp. She stopped at lights and turned corners. She lead them by huge buildings and large lands with forest. Inuyasha just watched, looking out the window. Finally, though, she came to a stop. Inuyasha looked towards the side and noticed a few small buildings with a lot of doors and steps. He followed Mrs. Higurashi out of the vehicle and over to one of the buildings. “Where are we?”

“This is where she lives. I just hope she is home. She works now and attends classes at the college. Since it only ten in the morning, she could be anywhere.” Inuyasha nodded and followed her up some steps. It was the second floor when she stopped by a wooden door. Mrs. Higurashi knocked on the door and waited. No sound. She knocked again when sound was heard. It seemed to be coming from the door itself. The door knob was turned and soon a young girl was standing in it. It wasn’t Kagome.

“Hello.” She was a young girl with brown hair pulled into a low hair tie. She was dressed in jeans and a white tank top.

“Hi Enju. Is Kagome around?”

“Oh? You must be her mother. I am sorry to say, but Kagome has class till one today. She might not even come home. She has to be at work at two.”

“Okay. Do you know what time she will be home tonight?”

Enju gave shrug with her shoulders. “I wouldn’t know. I think she closes and if I am right, she won’t be home till one or two in the morning. Can I leave her a message?”

“No. I will just come back tomorrow. Does she work then?”

Enju had a frown on her face as she nodded. “I am sorry, but yes. She works as soon as she gets out of class. However, tomorrow night, I think she gets home at eight. You could stop by then.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. When is her day off?”

Another shrug with her shoulders came. “Let me look. You can come inside if you like.” Mrs. Higurashi nodded and both her and Inuyasha walked inside. Inuyasha was wrapped by Kagome’s smell as he sat down on the couch. It suprised him that she was living here. “Look at that, I am wrong. She is off tomorrow while she works the next day.”

“Okay. That will work better. I will be back tomorrow then. Don’t tell her that I was here. Just make sure she is home around this time.” Enju nodded as both Mrs. Higurashi and Inuyasha left.

“So, she is not home?” Kagome’s mother gave a nod as both got into the vehicle.

“I am sorry, Inuyasha. When she left, she changed a lot of things. Tomorrow morning we will come by. Till then, you can rest in the spare bedroom.”

Inuyasha shook his head. “That’s okay. I will stay in the Sacred Tree.” Mrs. Higurashi gave a nod as she travelled back to the subway. The journey back home was quiet. It would be one more day till Inuyasha saw Kagome. Would she even talk to him? Would she even remember him? All his questions would be answered tomorrow.

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