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One Request 004

His grip was strong around her wrist as he hung from the cliff. He didn’t seem happy and she knew why. She was trying to kill herself. She wanted the pain to end and knew one way out of it. He used his strength and pulled both of them over the edge. His breathing was hard along with hers. She saw him sit up and stare down at her with a dark look. “What in hell where you thinking?”

Kagome rolled over on her side, putting her back towards him. “Like you would even care. Why did you stop me? You should have stayed away.”

“Stayed away? You were trying to kill yourself, damn it. There is no way in hell that I could allow that. I promised to protect you and I will.”

“No. You chose to protect her, not me. It is over. The promise, the protection, everything. After Naraku is dead, I am gone. It’s what you want and now you will get it.” Kagome stood up and walked away from the hanyou. She didn’t hear him get up and she didn’t care. At the moment she was angry with him. Of everything that happen, he didn’t care. He just kept hurting her.

Inuyasha sat there upon the edge of the cliff watching the young miko leave. He didn’t understand her. He still cared about Kikyou. There was no lying about it. He never forgot about her. Yes, she might be dead, but her spirit was still alive. He could tell by that as he looked into her eyes. The Kikyou that was alive seemed to be the same standing there. She seemed to understand everything and now wanted everyting the way they used to be. He was fine with that. He would settle down with Kikyou. He would stay with her. After all, she was the woman he fell in love with and one he still loved.

Standing up, he looked towards the direction the miko left once more. Shaking his head and closing his eyes, he walked in the direction she went. She might have broken all the promises, but he hasn’t. Till she is gone and the well is sealed, she was his responisiblity. He would protect her and that would be that. Right now, though, he could not fight with her anymore. He had to meet Kikyou at the village and with this delay, it would be tough. It would make it a lot harder to arrive at the village.

Kagome and Inuyasha both arrived at different times back at the group. Kagome made sure to ignore the hanyou as they walked through the canyou and around the mountain. She either stood beside Sango or rode Kirara. She was never near the hanyou. She kept to herself. She was quiet. Never said a word, never smiled. Her heart ached. She had pain coursing through her veins. She wanted it to end, but whatever she tried, never worked.

Inuyasha watched as Kagome walked. He noticed the expression and knew what he did. He wouldn’t change it. It made her understand. He was with Kikyou and not her. Kagome was from a different time. This would be easier on them. She could live a normal life and he could go on with his life like it should have been.

They stopped near a tree with large shade. Kagome sat on one side while Inuyasha sat on the other. Kagome made sure to sit at an angle, putting most of her back towards the hanyou. She didn’t want to see him. She didn’t want to be near him. Tears started to burn behind her eyes. She rolled against her bag and cried. Sango and Miroku both tried to calm her down. She did finally, but neither caught on to why she calmed down so quickly.

Kagome grabbed a sharp rock and noticed that it would cut skin easily. The cliff might have not worked, but this might. She leaned towards the demon slayer and whispered that she was going to go use a bush. Sango nodded and made sure everyone stayed away. In the distance, Kagome pulled the rock out and placed it at her wrist. One slit came and the blood soon ran free. She did the same to the other wrist and sat, letting the blood run.

Back at the camp, Inuyasha’s nose moved to a copper scent. He realized right away who it belong with. Running in the direction, ignoring Sango’s yell, he noticed Kagome laying on the ground surrounded by her blood. He quickly ripped two long peices off his haori and wrapped her wrists carefully. The girl was already out and he knew it was because of blood loss. Shaking his head, he lifted the girl and return her towards the girl.

“Inuyasha, I told you…What happen?” Sango was stopped with her yelling when she noticed the hanyou carrying the girl.

He laid her down near his sword and turned towards the demon slayer. “She tried to kill herself by slitting her wrist. She is unconscience at the moment. From now on, no one will allow her out of their site. She will try anything. When she wakes up, call for me.” He turned towards the forest and ran. He needed a certain herb to help the girl and knew where it was located.

Kagome woke when the sun was coming to a set. She heard a bellow of a sound and was unable to determine what it was. Her wrists hurt. She glanced down and noticed pieces of the fire-rat haori wrapped around them soaked in blood. Flashes of what she tried to do danced across her mind. She released a dark moan. He stopped her again. Her second time on trying to end the pain and he prevented it.

Footprints were heard as she laid looking up at the sky. She glanced at the side and noticed the hanyou holding something in his hand along with one of her bottles of water. He bent down upon his knees and lifted her up. “Swallow these. They will help you.” He handed her three round berries and her water. She tried forcing them away, but he pushed against her. Finally, she gave up and took the berries.

He never left her that evening as food was made. He even stayed near and helped her eat. She figured he was not going to let her out of his site now. When the food was done and tea was drank, everyone started to turn in for the night. Inuyasha made sure to open the sleeping bag and allow both to lie down. He removed his haori and used it as a blanket for her. Kagome made sure to put her back towards him. She heard him release a growl, but felt as an arm wrapped around her waist. It confirmed everything. He was making sure that she didn’t leave during the night.

Morning came quick for the miko. She noticed the hanyou still laying beside her. She tried to move to get something to drink, but he woke by the movement. She quickly stood up and walked near Sango. Whispering in her ear, both girls walked away and into the forest. Inuyasha didn’t know what was up with them, but decided not to follow. Kagome was with Sango. That was enough to confirm that she wouldn’t try to kill herself.

Sango noticed her friend acting a little distance. She decided to take this chance to see what was wrong with her. She sat on a rock and watched as the miko fill the water bottles. “Kagome, why where you trying to kill yourself?”

Kagome stopped and allowed the tears to run before replying to her friend. “It’s nothing. Going through some things. I am fine now.”

“No you are not. You constantly fight with Inuyasha and that is a first. Usually you would say the word before anything got to far. Now you are trying to commit suicide. Why?”

“He hurt me, Sango, and now I can not survive with the pain. I knew the only way out and I will continue to try.”

“He hurt you? How?” Sango didn’t understand. Did Inuyasha try to claim her as his? Did he try to…?

Kagome sat back and looked over the stream towards the darkness of the forest. “I saw them together two nights ago. He is taking her back. He is forgetting about me. I am just a shard dectector for him and nothing more. When the journey is over, he won’t need me anymore.”

“He is taking Kikyou back?” Kagome nodded. “Does he have a reason?”

“Yes. He said that he still cares about her. I can’t compete with that. So, there is no reason for me to stay.”

Sango knew no saying to cheer her friend up. For the years that they have travelled, she knew that Kagome cared for the hanyou more than a friend. It had been five years and everyone now finally knew that there something was different about the hanyou. He was no longer kind, protective. Oh, he was protective, but only when there was danger. He seemed a lot darker, a lot meaner. No one knew why, but they could figure it was caused by Naraku.

Sango watched as Kagome finished filling the water bottles. When she was done, both return back to the others so that they could head on their way and make it to the village that the hanyou had mentioned.

They travelled all morning and most of the afternoon before the village came into site. It was still intact and people could be seen doing their normal jobs. When Kagome and Sango returned back, no one spoke. No one wanted to speak. Sango decided not to discuss anything with the hanyou even though he tried to ask. What he did to the miko was hard to recover from. He was once a friend and now he was something else, something dark, something unknown.

They travelled in silent. Sango and Kagome rode Kirara most of the way. If they were not riding, they were walking behind the guys. Inuyasha occasionally glanced back over his shoulder towards the girls. He noticed that Sango had a calm, determine look on her face. She would look away when she caught the hanyou looking at her. Kagome, however, stared at the ground. Tears were in her eyes, but they would not run. She wanted to end everything. She wanted the pain to leave.

The owner of the village inn allowed the group to rest. He supplied them with food and a bath. Kagome took this chance to try and end her life. However, as she sat under the water, she felt arms wrap around her arms and lift her up. Next thing she knew, the fire-rat haori was wrapped around her body and she was lifted. A bedroom came next and she cried on the futon when she was laid down. He prevented it again. Why was he doing it? Why would he not let her end the pain?

Inuyasha shook his head as he stood in the doorway. This wasn’t the same Kagome that he travelled with. She wouldn’t have tried to kill herself. She was always a happy person. She brought smiles and laugh towards everyone even him. He hated the word when he fought with her, but he delt with it. He tried not to fight with her, but now she was causing a bunch. Sometimes, he just wanted to fight her with his claws and end it. However, he always stopped. He had a promise to fullfill and he would not break it. Turning out of the room, he headed back to the others. She was inside a room. If anything would happen, he would know.

The rest of the day went fast for when the sun started to set, the battle began. Dark clouds started to drift over the mountain and from the forest that surround the village. Inuyasha quickly picked up the scent and quickly gathered everyone. This was the day. This would be the day that Naraku would be defeated.

Everyone stood at the edge of the village. Inuyasha had Tetsusaiga out while Miroku was holding two sutras. Sango stood behind them holding her boomerange while Kirara was in her big form. Kagome stood behind them with her arrows. She was glancing down at them wondering if there was a chance she could end the pain with them.

Her thought was interrupted, though, when a dark laugh echoed across the land. Naraku appeared out of the miasma surrounded by demons. He had a twisted smile on his face as he pointed his hand out and allowed hundred of demons to fly by. Inuyasha ran before slamming the Tetsusaiga down and releasing the Wind Scar. Miroku followed after he threw his sutras. His staff came in contact with three of the demons and they disappeared into ash. He finally placed his staff down and open his Wind Tunnel. Dozen and dozen of demons were swept into the vortex. He had to close it quickly, though, when the bees came flying by.

Sango followed with her weapon. It wrapped around destroying demons in its path. Kagome released arrows towards Naraku. He laughed as he moved from the side and only weak demons were destroyed. He was watching the miko and she knew why. She had the jewel shards. It really didn’t matter to her. She was a tool for the hanyou. If Naraku would kill her, the pain would be gone. Knocking an arrow back, she released it again. Naraku laughed and moved again, but this time started to move towards the girl.

Inuyasha noticed the trouble and turned to release the Wind Scar. Kagome didn’t move and Naraku stopped. The Wind Scar zipped by moving her hair in the wind. She was holding her bow and arrow at her side staring into the eyes of the creature. When the Wind Scar was gone, Naraku started to move. Kagome could hear Inuyasha cursing as he ran towards her. Naraku was only an arm length away when she was lifted by the hanyou. He moved her behinds him and released the Wind Scar once again.

Kagome turned away from him when she felt an arm on her shoulder. Her eyes went wide while anger and pain raced through her veins. “We need to combine our powers together with the shards of the jewel to destroy this demon. Help me on this.” Kikyou was holding out an arrow as she grabbed her bow.

Kagome rolled her eyes, but agreed. Breaking the jar, she gave Kikyou a shard while she placed a shard at the tip of one of her the arrows. Both notched back their arrows and aimed towards the evil half-breed. Naraku was busy watching everyone else that he didn’t notice the mikos when they released their arrows. They flew through the miasma and hit Naraku straight into the chest. He cursed towards the girls and quickly released a power towards them.

Inuyasha yelled as he watched before turning towards the demon. He raised his sword and brought it down increasing the power of the arrows. Naraku’s scream peirced the area as he turned into slime that was once his body.

Kagome smiled as she watch the power come towards her. However, as she wanted the spell to take her, Kikyou dropped to her knees and used a barrier to save both. When the dust cleared, Kagome was the only one standing. Kagome knew Kikyou had left. She watched as her Soul Collectors came and gathered her.

Naraku was gone. His demons disappeared and the full Shikon Jewel laid upon the ground a short distance away from the hanyou. Kagome walked towards it and bent down to pick the jewel up. The tainted black color swam in the pinkish light. She tucked the jewel in her pocket before looking towards the hanyou. She watched as he wipped the slime off his sword before placing it in his sheath. He gave a nod to everyone and soon they were heading back to the village.

That was when Kagome noticed it. Taking a step away, she noticed the hanyou looking out into the distance towards the forest. Turning in that direction, she noticed it. Kikyou was leaning against a tree. She had a smile on her face. Inuyasha had the same. He gave her a nod and started to walk. Kagome made sure to turn quickly and start to walk. She knew what he had said to her. He was going to see her.

Evening was spent as a celebration. Food was served along with drinks. Shippou and Kirara danced across the floors and Miroku tried to move towards Sango. Kagome noticed the smile upon the demon slayer and realized what happen. Miroku had proposed. Even a small laugh escaped her lips as she watch the demon slayer throw her arms around the monk and place a kiss upon his lips. Both sat with each other as the party went on.

Kagome even noticed the hanyou. He still had the same smile on his face. He kept glancing outside while enjoying the food. She knew why. When everyone was asleep, he would disappear. The evening was spent that way, but finally everyone grew tired. When silent surrounded the room, Kagome noticed the hanyou standing. He quickly glanced around the area and disappeared into the shadows.

Kagome sat up and reached for her bow and arrow. Grabbing them, she followed. It was hard to follow the hanyou. He was a lot faster. However, she found the area. A silent gasp escaped her lips. Inuyasha was sitting upon the ground while Kikyou was resting her head against his chest. He had his fire-rat haori wrapped around them as a blanket. Kagome could hear Kikyou whispering as both intertwined their hands together.

“The battle is over. The jewel is whole. A purification ritual is needed and everything will be done. We can live together as it was suppose to be.”

The hanyou nodded as he lifted the undead miko’s face. He brought his face down towards hers and sealed her lips against his. Tears made their way behind Kagome’s eyes as she watched. She couldn’t bare the pain anymore. Turning away, she ran through the forest. She didn’t know where she was going, but it didn’t matter.

Her side finally came to an ache. Dropping the bow and arrow before crashing to her knees, she let the tears run. She rolled into a ball and shook as the sobs took over. It never hurt this much. She guess the reason was because she thought she had a chance. Now, she knew. She never did have a chance. The hanyou loved the undead miko more than her. She was just his shard detector, his tool.

Kagome stayed in the forest till the sun started to appear through. Wipping her face and grabbing her weapon, she made her way back to the village. She pretended to be sleeping. As she laid on her bedroll, she noticed the hanyou and undead miko. Once again, she could hear them whispering.

“I will follow you wherever you go. When the jewel is finally gone, I will return to the village. If you ever need me, look for my Soul Collector. They will let me know.” The hanyou nodded and embraced her once more in a hug before placing a kiss upon her lips. Her Soul Collectors finally came and soon she disappeared into the morning light.

Kagome pretended to wake as the hanyou walked in. She was lucky that Sango did the same. “Morning.” Inuyasha and Kagome replied the same as everyone else started to wake.

Inuyasha walked over to the wall and sat down. “Let’s get out of this village and on our way back. I would like to arrive back at the village by tomorrow night.” Everyone nodded and soon everything was packed.

The journey back home was quiet. Everyone was happy about the distruction of Naraku. Sango and Miroku were happy. Inuyasha was happy. The only person who was not happy was Kagome. She knew the truth on everything and now she had no reason for staying. They arrived back at the village around sunset on the second day. Kaeda was happy about the jewel and explained on how the purification ritual work. Kagome nodded and followed Kaeda to get ready.

She appeared outside of the hut dressed in a white silk kimono. She followed the old miko through the forest to a small pond. Kneeling on her knees and placing the jewel in the water, she prayed. The water turned to a bright light surround her in it’s path. The darkness that surrounded the jewel started to disappear and soon, it was a pale color. When the light disappeared, Kagome was leaning on the edge unconscience, holding the purified jewel.

It took a few hours for the girl to wake. Everyone was happy for what she did. Kagome only gave them a small smile before breaking the news. “Since my journey is done, I am planning to leave soon. I am sorry, but I really would like to head home.” Everyone understoond. Sango understood her pain. Miroku and Shippou knew she had family. And, Inuyasha was ready for Kikyou to return into his life. With the modern girl gone, she would be able to.

Two days later, though, Kaeda asked for the hanyou and miko to travel on a small journey. A village needed help along with a small purification. Kaeda knew that Inuyasha and Kagome would be perfect for the problem. Both agreed and soon started their journey, the last one that they would be doing together.

The last of the memory disappeared from her mind as she felt the hanyou lower her to the ground. His lips continued to trace down her neck. He continued to destroy every thought she had. His hands continued to trace across her body, caressing her breast, her shoulders, her neck. A rough moan escaped her lips and danced across the forest. It felt like a burning pain, a request with daggers. She wanted this. This was her request, but now she wasn’t sure.

His mouth devoured over her lips again. She was breathless in his wake. He tore down the thoughts she had, the regrets she was thinking. She wanted to feel like this from him. She wanted to be loved by him. For tonight and only tonight, she would get this. He nibbled against her lip and his tongue danced with her own. She was swimming in a vast sea. She was lost by his warmth, by his desire.

His mouth trailed from her lips and down her neck once more. She felt as he decended against some flesh causing her body to lean against his. She dragged her hands across his back feeling the tightness of his muscles. It was a burning path, a path only meant to sooth the body, but only causing the desire to rise. She felt as he switched. Another rough moan escaped echoing into the night.

Her hands traced through his hair and gripped the fuzzy triangles. She heard a growl-like moan escape his lips before he lifted his head. His golden eyes peirced through the night. She knew there was no love in those eyes. She knew it was only lust for the request. He crashed his lips against hers once more as his claws traced to her waist and hips. A ripping sound could be heard. Her skirt was thrown landing where her shirt had fallen. He was destroying everything again with his touch. He was raising her where she wanted to be, however, knew it was not true. It would never last. Only for tonight and that would be all.

She watched as he sat up and removed his hakamas before joining her once again. His eyes glowed with a desire. She knew he was wanting this. He was wanting to feel like this for a long time. However, she knew it wasn’t from her. It was from the one she represented. His mouth traced her neck and face. His tongue played with her ears and lips. His body pressed against her own as she arched against him. A brightness of light was surrounding them and disappearing back into the night. His mouth danced across the mound of flesh. His hands traced against her before finally he leaned up to look into her eyes.

With a hazy mind and lustfull eyes, she heard him whisper in a soft voice. “Your request.”

His mouth decended against hers as he pressed into her. She screamed a muffle sound as he slowed down the pace. She felt something break and warmth devour her soul away. She was washed away with liquid embers as he moved against her. The shadows became like fire, burning away her body leaving only her soul. Her breathing became labor. Her heart started to race. She could feel the same from him as he rose her against the sky only to bring her down upon the ground.

She gripped against him and pushed for more. He supplied her with her wish as his mouth decended against hers again. Her tongue fought with his wanting to win the battle. She lost as a moan followed by a gasp escaped her lips. She arched against him as he pressed her down, as he fullfill her with a request that she had ask.

The light was coming. It could be seen peircing in the shadows. She could feel the end coming and so could he. He raised her again, destroying the barriers once more. He pushed against her filling her with the warmth she desired. The vortex spun them around like a whirl pool. It drowned them in the vast sea shattering the silence like shards of glass.

Inuyasha soon collapsed against her, embracing his weight on his arms. Kagome laid, breathing in deep breaths. She felt him roll off of her and grab his haori before laying it across them. She rolled to her side, putting her back against him. Exhaustion soon devoured her and both could be heard taking deep breaths of sleep in.

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