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One Request 003

Kagome tossed and turned in her sleep before she sat up with a splitting headache. She glanced around the area and noticed the stars shining brightly and glow of the fire from camp. Food was being cook while Sango held Kirara and Miroku held Shippou. Both fast asleep. She turned to look for him. He was no where to be found. She knew he was the one who saved her for his fire-rat haori was still draped over him.

Standing on wobbly feet, she walked over to the fire. Sango jumped out of her thoughts and looked up, releasing a large yawn. “You’re awake. You must be hungry.”

Kagome just shook her head. “Where’s Inuyasha?”

“Don’t know. He brought us food and then disappeared into the night. Haven’t seen him since.”

Kagome gave a nod and started to head down the canyou. It made her wonder why he would leave like that. She never expected him especially when she was unconscience. Walking towards the edge of the canyou, she noticed a forest. A stream would be near by and cool water would feel good down her throat.

However, as she took one step, a shadow dropped down from the cliffs, landing in front of her. “Turn around and head back.” Kagome could see the look in his eyes. He didn’t look happy and she didn’t know why. She just wanted something to drink. She tried to walk by him, but he grabbed her arm and started to drag her back towards camp.

Kagome did the only thing she could do. “Sit boy.” With the beads activated, he let go of her arm allowing her to run. She knew by the time he got up, he would be pissed. She shouldn’t have sat him, but he was being stubbon. She just wanted some water. Her jug was empty and she forgot to fill it when they stopped last time.

She heard him curse and soon could hear him running towards her. She didn’t know how to prevent him. Saying the word would only make it worse. Jumping towards the side, she tried to run through the forest. Why was she even doing it? He would catch her. He was a hanyou after all. His nose would lead her all the way. Unless… Grabbing a small thorn from a bush, she poked her skin and dabbed the blood against a cloth she had in her pocket. Placing it on a twig, she took a different direction. Her blood should slow him down. At least, till she got some water and was back with Sango and Miroku.

Arriving at the river, she heard him curse again. Maybe that was not such a smart idea. Now she would have to explain to him and get yelled by him. Tighting the lid on the bottle, she rose to her feet and started to head back to the canyou. No use delaying it. He would find her sooner or later and the yelling would start. However, she wasn’t expecting it so soon.

Arms wrapped around her waist and she knew who’s chest was against her back. He had her arms pinned behind her back causing slight pain, but not much. “Why in damn hell did you say the word?”

“You were not listening to me. I wanted water.” She tried to turn her head to look him in the eye. It was impossible by the way he was holding her.

“You shouldn’t be out in the middle of the damn night. You need your damn rest. Now back to bed before I lose it.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her on his back. He ran through the forest and into the canyou. Sango and Miroku looked up to see both Inuyasha and Kagome returning. He dropped her by her bed and gave her a dark stare before walking back over to the campsite. “Make the hell sure that she stays in bed.” He then turned around and leaped into the distance. Where? No one knew.

It was morning when the hanyou arrived. Kagome didn’t sleep well and she knew by the sound of his movements that he was back. She figured that he as sleeping up on the rocks to keep an eye out for them. She sat up holding his fire-rat haori against her. He was walking around, pacing as if thinking about something. “Are you okay?”

“What?” He made her jump by his tone. Never has she heard him so serious, so dark.

“I asked if you are okay.”

“It’s nothing. Another rumor heard on the other side of the canyou. A village about four days away demolished. Damn it. He keeps destroying everything. Why?” Inuyasha turned towards the wall and punched his hand against the rocks. His nuckles had blood and an indent mark was left on the wall. The shaking of the canyou walls woke everyone up this time.

“We will find him. He has to come after me sooner or later.” He didn’t reply to her respond. Instead, he walked over to her and picked up his haori and placed it back on. Gathering everything together, everyone was soon fed and on their way. Once again, he was pushing. He wanted the half-demon, Naraku, dead.

It was strange as they came at a stop within a dark forest. The sun was setting casting an eery feeling over the area. Kagome shivered as she stood closer to everyone. The hanyou just kept walking. Sango tried twice to convince him not to go in, but he didn’t listen. Even Miroku started to tell the hanyou to stop when they started to enter.

Weird noises were heard on each side. Sometimes it was owls. Others were hard to tell. Kagome jumped on each sound. Shippou shook in her arms before hiding near Miroku. She wished Inuyasha would stop or at least carry her, but he was doing neither. He was just walking.

“Okay. That’s enough. I seen a similar forest to this one. I want to stop now.” Sango was mad. She hated these type of forest. They seemed haunted, but weren’t. They held demons of strange kind. Some seemed as if they were a new breed of some sort. Inuyasha rolled his eyes against the demon slayer, but agreed. Camp was soon set up and this time, the hanyou did not leave. Well, that was until a Soul Collector came by as everyon was getting ready for bed.

Kagome watched as Inuyasha ran into the forest. Grabbing her bow, she followed carefull on not to get caught. Kikyou stood leaning against a tree when Inuyasha appeared. He looked suprised to see her, especially in the distance they have travelled. Kagome could hear them speak as she hid behind a tree.

“I was wondering when I was going to see you.” Kikyou glanced up at the hanyou as he stood with his arms crossed.

“Naraku is destroying everything in his path. I want him dead.”

Kikyou nodded. “I see. So the rumors are true. The best solution for you would to head east and not north. You will cut a path across a forest and a moutain range before seeing a village. That is probably the next village for his target.”

“And how would you know about this information?”

Kikyou glanced away from the hanyou to look up at the sky. “I was staying at a village attending to some elder men when he attacked. I escaped to return and saw what he did. I heard where he was heading from a couple of demons that travel with him. He has no reasons on these killings. You must stop him there.”

“We are planning to.” Inuyasha turned to walk back to camp, but was stopped when he heard Kikyou starting to move.

“That reminds me, Inuyasha. Do you remember the promise you took?” He nodded. “Good. When Naraku is dead, I am hoping that you will fullfill that promise.”

“I am not so sure that would be an easy task to do. Leaving this world would put some harm to it. Maybe there is something else that I could do for you instead.”

Kikyou looked a little suprised on the hanyou’s respond. What made him suggest this? She thought about it and finally nod. “Let me be with you. I lost you once. I don’t won’t to lose you again.”

“What makes you think that I might agree to this a good idea? I mean you were bent on taking me to Hell. How do I know that you won’t try it again?”

Kikyou released a light laugh. “It’s nothing about trust, but what you feel in your heart. I have learned over these years watching Naraku that he, indeed, did trick us. I just wanted you to follow me for you should have been dead, but instead you are alive while I am not. This way it will seem that I am alive again and I have you once more.”

Inuyasha nodded before turning his back upon the undead miko. “If that is your wish, then meet me by the village that you suggest Naraku will be at. We will discuss this more then.” With that said, he marched into the forest leaving Kikyou alone.

Kagome arrived back at the camp with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe what Inuyasha just said to the undead miko. He was going to take her back into his life. He was going to forget everything that they have done together. It didn’t make sense. She thought after all the years, he finally learned to care about her. Wrapping her blanket around her, she buried her face into the bedroll and cried. She didn’t hear the hanyou return. She didn’t want to. Finally with exhaustion, she drifted to sleep.

Morning drifted over the forest trees. Kagome woke before any of the others. She noticed the hanyou sitting in a tree branch. His back was towards the others and he didn’t seem to be moving. Tears were starting to build up in her eyes. She could still remember everything that she heard last night, everything about Inuyasha and Kikyou. Standing up, she came to a conclusion. She wasn’t going to be hurt anymore. She wasn’t going to let the pain take over her. Being carefull not to wake anyone, she packed her bag and started to walk into the forest. Tears were finally rolling down her face and drifting into the wind, but this time, she didn’t care. With a silent good-bye and one last look, she turned and ran.

Movement came by the two-tail fire cat demon. Shippou was waking and he quickly noticed something wrong. He jumped up and quickly screamed. “Kagome is gone.”

Sango and Miroku quickly sat up and noticed what the kitsune was talking about. Even Inuyasha jumped down to see what was going on. They noticed the look on his face. He wasn’t happy. He was far from happy. He was pissed. His hands were clinched tight and blood could be seen. “You stay right here. I will find the damn girl and return soon.” He quickly picked up the salty scent and ran leaving the rest behind, hoping for the best.

Kagome continued to walk. She didn’t know where she was going, but she didn’t want to stay around. She walked over small creeks, over fallen logs. She continued down paths that looked dark and paths that looked brighten by the sun. She ignored the sounds and followed her heart. She wanted the pain to disappear, but nothing seem to help. The words that were heard still echoed in her head. Tears still ran down her face, but now they were coverd in blood caused by tree branches scraping against her body.

She would stop for seconds and then continue. She would look around wondering where she was, wondering if there was anyway to get home. It really didn’t matter to her anymore. She rather die alone then return home. It was her fault for breaking the jewel. It was her that released the hanyou that broke her heart. It was her who promised to stay with him. It was her that was causing the pain. But, somehow she couldn’t let it go. She knew what she had to do. Return back to the others and forget about everything. However, how could she? The pain was deep. It was a wound that seem to not heal. She remembered nights when the stars were clear. The hanyou would carry her to the top of a tree and watch the stars with her. Even those nights were causing pain, pain that she knew that the hanyou would never return her feelings, not since he was going to take the undead miko back into his arms.

She walked over a fallen log when she heard a noise. It startled her for a second. She didn’t know what it was, but could hear it coming closer. She tried to run, jumping and running. The only thing on her mind was to get out of the forest and away from sound. However, it seemed to be getting closer.

Turning around, Kagome noticed a shadow jump threw the trees. It had to be a demon. That was the only solution. She had the shards with her meaning that she was a target. Reaching back, she pulled out her bow and arrow and aimed towards the tree. “Drop the damn bow.” Kagome jumped and lost grip and both the bow and arrow. She recgonize the voice and could tell that he was mad.

Turning away, she ran. She was leaving because of him. She wanted to be dead because of him. She didn’t want to see him. “Leave me alone. Get out of here. I don’t want to see you.” She yelled hoping that he would listen. She should have know that wouldn’t have worked.

Arms came around her waist and she soon came face to face to a tree while he held her arms pinned back. Tears leaked from her eyes as his claws digged into her skin, but not hard enough to draw blood. “What in damn hell were you thinking? Running will get you killed. You have the damn shards.”

“I don’t care. At the moment, I wish I was dead.”

He pressed her harder against the tree. “I can make that happen very quick. You are really starting to piss me off, Kagome. What in hell is your problem? I smell tears all night and for what damn reason? I want answers now.”

Kagome felt his claws come against her shoulder. She was turned and slammed against the tree. Her back ached from the pain the hanyou caused. With tears, she tried to speak. “You. You are the problem. Now let me go and leave. I don’t care anymore. Take these. I know that is what you want.” She gripped the necklace around her neck and pulled it off before throwing it upon the ground and breaking into sobs.

Inuyasha just shook his head as he pulled the girl into his arms. “You are not making any sense. I am sorry for pushing you all, but I want Naraku dead. I found a good lead on him and that is what I am trying to do. I am sorry if this is too rough for you.”

“Some lead, huh? I saw it. You received it from Kikyou.”

He looked down at her with a suprised look in his eyes. “You were watching?”

“It wasn’t hard. You have been acting strange for days and I was starting to worry. I didn’t realize why until last night.” She pushed out of his arms and started to walk around the tree. He prevented it by grabbing her arms.

“It’s not what you think.”

That made Kagome mad. Raising her hand, she brought it against the hanyou’s face. A loud smack echoed across the area. “Don’t you dare lie to me, Inuyasha. I was there. I heard everything. You are meeting her at the village. You are taking her back. I don’t need an excuse from you. I just need to leave.”

Picking up her bag, Kagome walked away from the hanyou. The pain she had was a lot stronger. She couldn’t believe him. He was saying that she wasn’t there. How could he do that to her after everything that just happen? She wasn’t paying attention to anything when woosh. She was on her back and the hanyou was pinning her below. “Damn you, Kagome. It isn’t what you think. Yes, she is coming back. I still care for her and I am sorry if you have a problem about that. Get over it. You are helping me with this task and that is all.”

“So I am just a shard detector for you. I am not a friend, a companion, just a toy.”

“No. You are more. A close friend that I never had. Now act like one or you just might end up hurt for you are pushing it too far and I really don’t want to kill you.” He finally stood up and walked into the shadows leaving her alone.

Kagome stayed, laying on the ground. She was shaking from fear. Her eyes were wide from everything he told. She could see the outline of his hair and shine of his eyes that penatrate the darkness. Rolling over, she pushed herself up and grabbed her bag. She didn’t care what he did to her. She heard from his lips. He still loved the undead miko. That was proof enough. Now she could die and know that he didn’t care about her. Saying one word that she knew would tick him off more, she ran into the woods looking for any sign to end her life.

It came with a bright light. A cliff hung open over a rocky edge with the sea crashing below. Dropping her bag to the side, she let the final tears run down her face as she gave off silent prayers. Leaning forward, she allow the gravity to take her. She started to fall only to feel something grab her around the arm. Looking up, she couldn’t believe it. Why did it have to happen? Why did he have to stop her?

His kiss was removing everything from her. All the thought, all the confusion, it ran like the water from from a rain storm. He nibbled against her bottom lip while tracing his tongue against her teeth. He broke the kiss to nibble her top lip and then return to the bottom one. She relaxed against his arms and her lips parted allowing his tongue to dive in. His taste broke all barriers she had up, all the she was hoping to hold back. She wanted to feel the warmth from him, the feeling of being loved, but there was nothing. It was dark. It was cold. She knew why and to her it really didn’t matter. After tonight, nothing mattered. She was leaving while he was staying.

He devoured her with his mouth leaving her breathless in his wake. His tongue traced her lips, her teeth. He battled with her tongue fighting to win the battle. She fought against it. She fought agains the feeling even though she knew it was hopeless. His claws left burning paths of desire. She keened back as his mouth decended to her neck. She felt as his warm breath devoured her, ate her alive.

In the back of her mind, she kept wonder. Was this what she wanted? Was this the right request? She knew that she could not remove the request. He already explained that to her. She just wondered if she didn’t ask this request what would have happen. Now, she had no choice. She was going through with her request and there was nothing she could do.

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