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One Request 002

She didn’t know what she was so nervous about. It was just twelve hours away till nightfall and the time when she would get the request she asked for. The hanyou never looked at her, never smile, never spoke. She knew he wasn’t too happy about the idea. He was tense and the stare in his eyes gave it away.

Biting back everything that she had, Kagome came to a solution on what she was going to have to do. “Forget about the request. It was stupid and pointless.” With that said, she took off, running into the direction they were heading.

The hanyou just released a curse and rolled his eyesd. Breaking into a run, he chased the girl down. He was a lot quicker and came crashing into her. They tumbled across the ground with him pinning her below. “What in hell is this about you canceling your request?”

“You seemed to be upset about it and I know for sure that you don’t want to do it or be with me. It was the only solution I had. Now you don’t have to do it.”

“Damn it, Kagome. I intend to give you the request. By demon laws, I have to. Demon laws say that if any human, hanyou, or demon should ask a request, it shall be fullfilled.”

Kagome pushed against him, trying to force him to get off. He didn’t move. “But, your half-human meaning you can break my request.”

“Yes, that is true, but with my half-demon side, I can force the request and I know that is something you don’t want.” Kagome’s eyes went wide and she nodded quickly. “Good. Tonight, you will get your request. Now let’s go. We been making good time and the village is not that far away.”

Inuyasha moved off the girl and started to walk away. Kagome stood up and followed. She didn’t know anything about demon laws. She just figured that with his human side, he would be able to do everything that she could do. She guessed wrong. Being a hanyou affects you a little more for it seems that the demon laws go instead of the human laws.

Inuyasha and Kagome arrived back at the village around late-afternoon. Just as Kagome stepped into the village, a bouncing ball of fur and yellow object came running by. Shippou landed hard against the girl’s chest causing her to fall backwards. Kirara was quickly to transform and stopped the miko from falling. Sango appeared watching the whole scene and laughing.

“They have been so excited for you to return that neither would sit still.”

Kagome gave a nod to the demon slayer and walked over to whisper something. She gave a nod agreeing with the miko before Sango called the two-tailed cat over. Soon, both girls were on Kirara and flying out of the village only after stopping by the monk. He nodded and waved bye to the miko and demon slayer.

The hanyou watched before walking over to the monk. ” And where in hell are they going?”

“Don’t know. Sango only mention that they were avoiding something.”

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and shook his head as he started to walk away. So that was the girl’s plan. She was going to avoid him till the time she left. He released a low laugh upon the idea. He knew she would arrive back. She couldn’t stay away forever and he could wait till she returned.

It was late at night before Sango and Kagome arrived back at the village. Kagome was glad that Sango helped her out. She didn’t tell her why she was avoiding Inuyasha only that she wanted to spend sometime with the demon slayer and avoid him. They spent some of their time near a warm hot spring a couple of miles away from the village. Eating berries came last before finally both girls were tired and wanted to turn in for the night.

Releasing a sigh, Kagome noticed that the hanyou was no where to be seen. She figured that since he couldn’t find her, he went into the forest to find Kikyou. That was where she was wrong. He stood in the shadows watching as both her and the demon slayer headed towards the hut. He wasn’t too happy about her leaving, but he knew she would return.

Miroku was asleep as Sango and Kagome walked into the hut. Sango bid her good-night and went to lie down by the Kirara. Kagome stretched as she stood by the doorway. That’s when it happen. A pair of arms snaked their way around the young girl’s waist before being pulled out of the hut. She knew who it was and quickly tried to push away. The hanyou’s voice was what stopped her. It was dark, something different from anytime she heard him speak. “Quit struggling or I might hurt you.”

She stopped moving and glanced over her shoulder. “Please, just forget about it. It doesn’t have to be done. I was being stupid. Please, I beg of you.”

The hanyou just shook his head. “By demon laws, your request will be answered. Do you think I am happy about it? No. I rather being sleeping at the moment, but no, I had to chase you down.”

“I thought you would be with her.”

“She will not be here till tomorrow night. Now, let’s go.” He lifted her in his arms and raced off into the forest. Kagome had no say in the matter. It was her request and now she was going to get what she asked for.

He raced through the forest, heading towards unknown direction. She wasn’t sure how this was going to work out or even if this was still a good idea. She thought about changing the request, but was that even allowed in demon laws? He continued to leap from tree to tree going deeper within the forest. She wasn’t sure where he was going, but only hung on.

He finally came to a stop. It was a remote section hidden in darkness. The only clue that Kagome had that she wasn’t alone was the glowing color of gold from the hanyou’s eyes and silver from his hair. She heard him move even, though, she didn’t know where. He removed his fire-rat haori and undershirt before approaching the young girl who stood facing away towards him.

Kagome gasped as she felt a claw run down her back. Her shirt and bra came falling off, landing upon the ground. She swallowed hard as an arm snaked around her and she felt a hard chest come against her back. His warm lips soon decended upon her neck as his claws traced her side. A silent moan escaped her lips as she threw her head back. She was melting away in his arms. The hanyou she loved was causing all the pain she had disappear. However, she knew that he didn’t feel the same. The only person he cared about was the one she represented.

His claws continued to caress her skin as his lips and fangs danced down the side of her neck. She was putty in his hands and he was molding her to way he felt needed. She felt as his hands stop at her waist and turn her towards him. It was hard to see if there were any expressions on his face. The shadows of the night concealed all making it impossible. She stood staring, wondering what he was thinking when his lips collided with her in a hungry force. She was devoured by his taste, by the softness of his lips. She always wanted to feel like this from him, but he was no longer returning it back to her.

She wasn’t sure what changed his mind, what made him desire Kikyou back instead of looking forward to the coming of days. Her mind raced with a set of memories, the ones that she hated to remember, but the ones that served their purpose…

The bastard of a half-demon had done it again. Inuyasha and the rest arrived a little too late at the next village. They heard rumors about a demon destroying countless villages, killing everyone, and then moving on. The scent still lingered upon the grounds and in the air. It belonged to Naraku. “Damn it. We are too late.” Inuyasha cursed into the air as he came to a stop.

Kagome’s gasps followed by Sango’s were heard in the distance. “Girls stay back.” The monk was holding his hand out trying to keep the girls back.

Tears could be seen in the young miko’s eyes as she turned and buried her head against the demon slayer. Blood covered the ground. Boards were rising with smoke that were once huts covered in a blazing fire. Men, women, children were scattered across the ground. Mothers holding their children. The men trying to protect their familes. It was a disaster.

“Damn it!” Kagome looked up to see the hanyou pissed about everything. Travelling for three and half days only to arrive too late. He was bent down upon the ground clinching his fist. Kagome could see small droplets of crimson blood running to the ground. Miroku, the monk, was kneeling beside the hanyou, praying for the villagers that lost their lives.

“We have to stop this. Naraku has gone to far. At first, it was the jewel shards. Now he is slautering countless villages with no reason.” The demon slayer was trying to stay calm, but the site made tears appear in her eyes. It reminded her of the time when her younger brother killed everyone off from her village.

The hanyou stood up and turned upon the girls. “Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I am just about as upset as you are because of this? Damn it. We should have been here. We should have stopped him.”

“We will find him. We will stop him.” Kagome slowly approached the hanyou. She wanted to reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

“It won’t make everything better. He killed enough. This time I don’t give a damn. I want Naraku dead.” Inuyasha turned off and ran into the distance. Kagome stopped and watch him leave. His anger could be felt just from where she was standing. He was mad.

“Don’t worry, Kagome. He will return. Give him a chance to cool off and everything will be fine.” Miroku was standing up looking towards the direction his friend ran. Kagome gave a nod to the monk before everyone turned to follow where he ran.

It was close to nightfall when the hanyou returned. No one question where he went, but noticed that he looked a wreck and tired. They figured that he took his stress and anger off on something. When food was handed to him, he quickly ate and jumped into a tree to sleep. Kagome wanted to talk with him, but both the demon slayer and monk advised her it was the best to let him rest.

Sitting on her bedroll, Kagome could understand what the hanyou was going through. It was the fifth village they have came across within three days. Naraku was moving fast, but after what. Holding the necklace that contained the jewel shards, Kagome figured he was trying to find these. They already had the rest including Kouga’s so it suprised her that he wasn’t after her. Dropping the necklace within her shirt, she laid back to glance up into the trees. What were they going to do? Would they be able to find Naraku and if they did, where they strong enough to beat him? These were all questions, plus more, that had no answer and if they did, they were complicated answers that made no sense. Releasing a sigh, the girl closed her eyes and drifted to unpleasant sleep.

Morning came to fast for the group. The hanyou had them moving and he wanted to be quick to find Naraku. Kagome was still tired and Inuyasha wasn’t taking it well. He rolled his eyes twice at her that morning and was about to pick her up, but brushed it away. Kagome noticed this and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. He had been acting strange since the village.

It was already high noon and Kagome’s legs were starting to hurt. She wanted to rest. She wanted some food and water. However, the hanyou was not listening. Finally, though, he did. Kagome wasn’t watching where she was going and tripped over a rock, coming crashing down against the ground. It took a few minutes, but Sango turned to see her friend. “Kagome!” She ran to her side and rolled her over.

“What in hell happen here?” Inuyasha just walked over biting out questions. He didn’t want to stop and the girl was preventing it.

“She is exhausted. She didn’t sleep well last night and plus, you saw how she was this morning.”

“I don’t give a damn. Pick her up and place her on Kirara. We are moving out. The village is still about a half a day away.”

That took it for Sango. “You jerk. Kagome collapsed. She is unconscience and all you care about is getting to the village.”

Inuyasha stopped in his tracks and turned towards the demon slayer. “Maybe I want to stop that bastard. Maybe I want to prevent more death. Just pick her up and lets get going.”

“No. We sit here and recooperate. After an hour, we will move on.” Sango knelt back down upon the ground and brought some water to the girl’s lips. Kagome coughed and soon she was turning away and throwing everything up. “Are you okay?”

With a weak smile, she nodded. “I am just tired and hungry. It happens just not lately.”

“Well, rest up. When you are ready, we will move on.” Kagome gave her another nod and took out a loaf of bread. She added butter to it and took a bite. It helped, but her stomach was still on edges.

“Damn it.” The hanyou wasn’t happy. He moved over to a rock and sat down. However, everyone could still hear him cursing away. Kagome was unsure what was wrong with him. Usually, he would help her, but he didn’t do anything. He just made her continue on. What was wrong with him? Why was he changing so much?

It was late in the afternoon that Kagome was able to move without tossing everything up, or at least, what she has been telling everyone. Ever since seeing the last village in ruins, it had turn her stomach on the edges. Occasionally, she would escape to toss, but that was only when she would smell something burning or food.

The hanyou wasn’t being helpfull about this. He could smell it everytime she left. He knew she wasn’t well, but he didn’t want to stop. He wanted the half-demon dead and he would rest till it happen. However, he knew that with the company he had, he would have to rest soon.

Walking through a canyon was quiet. Everyone kept to themself as the afternoon started to turn to dusk. Kagome followed behind, holding her stomach. Sango glanced over her shoulder occasionally to the girl. Miroku did the same. Shippou and Kirara were also worry. Inuyasha was not.

A rumbling sound appeared as Kagome turned to hid once again. The girl could hear a curse and the pulling of a sword. A demon was coming. She could hear it crying out for the Shikon Jewel. It knew she had the shards. Kagome didn’t know where to run or where to hid. It was a large bull demon and it didn’t seem happy.

Inuyasha brought down his sword to released the Wind Scar. The demon dodged. For the size it was, it was quick on it’s feet. It used it’s nose and released a strong steam against the hanyou blowing him against the canyon walls. The bull, then turned on Kagome and started to chase. Kagome screamed and turn to run. She kept glancing behind her yelling for help. Sango tried her weapon. The bull used the same tatics it did on Inuyasha, knocking the weapon into Kirara, Sango, and Miroku. All three fell landing and didn’t move.

“Damn it.” The curse was heard echoing off the walls. Kagome didn’t know how far the bull demon was. She just knew she had to get away. She ran, throwing her head back to see the demon. She didn’t watch where she was going and came crashing against the ground. The bull stopped over her and raised it hoves to smack her down. It crashed against her side and then her arm. She felt its horns lift her and throw her into the ground. By then she was uncoscience.

Inuyasha released another curse as he jumped into the air catching the girl in his arms. He landed and smacked the Tetsusaiga against the ground releasing the Wind Scar. The bull was charging towards him and was swept in the Wind Scar’s path. It soon disappeared in a cloud of ash.

Dropping his sword into the ground, he laid the girl down and checked over her injuries. Her wrist was bruise and so was her side. Nothing was broken and she just seemed a little frighten. He heard the demon slayer and monk approached. He glanced over his shoulder to see that they were not harmed. “She is bruised, but okay. Make camp here. I will look for food.” Everyone nodded and started to do everything. Inuyasha removed his fire-rat haori before disappearing. Kagome just shivered and continued to lie unconscience.

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