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One Request

Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to InuYasha or any of characters from the anime/manga. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

Summary: Kagome asks Inuyasha for one request before she finally leaves. He gives her the one request she asks. However, it seems that fate was playing against the hanyou in this one event.

He was walking away from her once again. It has been happening like this quite often. Once every week, he would stand up in walk into the forest and return when the sun is about to rise. How did she know? She was always awake, always listen. Yes, she would follow him and watch the scene. It made her heart break. It made her want to break down in tears, but there was nothing to do. She couldn’t cry. She couldn’t cry. She had to hold it in.

Tonight, though, Kagome decided to stay. She wasn’t going to follow Inuyasha into the forest. She wasn’t going to watch him as he sat with Kikyou under a tree. She wasn’t going to listen to the words as he whispered to her. She was going to stay and allow the tears to run free.

Morning came quickly for Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome didn’t remember falling asleep, but she did know that her face was covered in stained tears. She quickly wiped them away and gathered her things. She didn’t want to look at his face, but for some reason, she couldn’t hate him. Of everything that she wanted to forget, she knew one thing she could forget. She loved the hanyou. Her heart might be broken in two, but she still loved the hanyou. He was everything to her. With his silver hair dancing in the wind, with his ears moving to many sounds, she loved everything about him.

That’s when it came to her. The Shikon Jewel did not exist anymore. It was only a week ago that Kagome purified it and Kagome made her decission on returning home. Now with it gone, she can have her one request and move on with life. The only thing she had to do was ask.

“Ready?” Kagome was jerked out of her thoughts when the hanyou asked the question. She gave a nod and followed him down the path. They were returning from defeating a demon and Inuyasha wanted to arrive back at the village quickly. Kagome knew why. Kikyou was waiting and he wanted to be by her side.

She had to have courage. If she wanted this, she had to ask him. “Inuyasha.” That got his attention. He stopped and turned towards her at a glance. She started to speak only to stop. He rolled his eyes and continued on his way. “Inuyasha.”

“What?” He wasn’t happy. She was stopping him for no reason and he just wanted to get back to the village.

Kagome shook her head. She couldn’t ask him, at least not yet. She wanted to ask him, but for some odd reason, she kept stopping. She didn’t know why, but fear was holding her back. Keeping silent, she followed the hanyou back to the village.

The sun was coming to a set as another forest came into view. Kagome knew she had to gather her courage if she wanted to ask the request. Delaying it would only prevent it. Delaying it will make it be stopped. If she wanted, if this was what she trully wanted, then she had to ask. She had to ask him the one request that she greatfully wanted.

Inuyasha stopped by a small clearing and ran off to find food. He did that every evening they camped away from the village. It wouldn’t be too long that he was gone. He would catch some fish or a hare to cook. Kagome would just have to find some wood and fire for the evening. That wasn’t too hard. A forest had plenty of wood and if she couldn’t find a stream, she had a container of water.

With the fire crackling and the water boiling, she noticed the hanyou returning with two fishes. He sat them near the fire and went to sit near a tree. His arms were crossed in his haori and his sword was leaning against his chest. Kagome knew what he was thinking. He wanted to run off to Kikyou. He wanted to be near her instead here at the campsite.

As she watch the food cook, Kagome unrolled her bedroll and prepared herself for bed. She knew what was in her eyes, unshed tears. Every evening would be the same. Hold back the tears to he leaves and follow. Return the next morning and make sure to hide the tears. Not last night and not tonight. Her heart broke enough. She was just going to cry, cry the pain he caused.

A single tear dropped upon her bedroll. The hanyou moved his nose and glanced towards the girl. “What in hell is your problem?”

Kagome shook her head and remaining of the tear off her face. “Nothing. The food is ready. I also have some water boiling if you want ramen.”

She didn’t hear him move from his tree. She didn’t notice the shadow that developed over her. All she knew was that a claw hand was laying against her shoulder and she was turned around to face him. “You are crying. Now out with it. What is wrong?”

“Nothing. Drop it and go eat. I am not hungry and I want to head to bed.” Kagome yelled it at his face as a few more tears ran down her face. She grabbed her sleeping clothing and ran into the shadows. Inuyasha wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, but ate his fish. When he was done, he disappeared into the shadows as he did every evening.

Kagome returned only a few minutes later to see the campsite empty. Dropping on her bedroll, she allowed the tears to run. He was hurting her again and he didn’t even realize it. Travelling with him for five years didn’t matter to him. Sitting under the stars with their friends didn’t matter to him. All that matter was that Kikyou was with him and the jewel didn’t exist anymore.

Kagome rolled onto her back and stared up at the canopy of trees. She didn’t understand why she was allowing this. She didn’t know why she was staying. Yes, in a few weeks she would be gone, but why did she push it farther? Why did she decide to leave in a few weeks instead of now? She knew the reason. She thought, just maybe, the hanyou would know that she loved him and would return the feeling. Ha. She was wrong. Kagome remembered the evening after the detruction of Naraku, the evening she knew the hanyou still loved the reincarnated miko.

Inuyasha had pulled his sword out of the slime that was once Naraku. He wiped his sword off and returned it to his sheath. Kagome was holding the tainted jewel in his hand. He gave his friends a nod and everyone started on their way back to the village. As Kagome took a step away, she noticed the hanyou looking out into the distance. Turning in that direction, she noticed who he was looking at. Kikyou was leaning against a tree smiling. Inuyasha had a smile on his face. He gave her a nod and started to walk. Kagome quickly turned and pretend that she didn’t see anything.

That evening, Inuyasha ate and disappeared when everyone was asleep. Kagome wasn’t, though. She grabbed her bow and arrows and followed the hanyou. She released a silent gasp as she noticed Inuyasha sitting on the ground. Kikyou had her head resting on his chest, wrapped in his haori. Both of there hands were intertwined in each others. The pain hurt her as they both leaned down and embraced each other in a kiss.

Shaking her head, Kagome rid herself of the harshfull memories. The tears were still running and she didn’t care. The hanyou she travelled with, the hanyou that she loved, was destroying her bit by bit. Kagome knew what she had to do. She wanted to ask him of this one request. Just this one request and then she would be able to move on and allow Inuyasha to stay with Kikyou. Closing her eyes, she drifted to sleep know that tomorrow she was going to ask for her request.

Morning came and Inuyasha was leaning against a tree sleeping. He did it every morning. Pretend that he didn’t leave when Kagome knew better. He was with Kikyou till the rise of the sun and then back as she woke in the morning. Not anymore. Kagome was going to have courage and ask the hanyou for one request.

Rolling her bedroll up and putting it away, she walked off into the shadows to change. Returning, she reached into her bag for a breakfast bar before dragging her bag onto her shoulder and walking off into the direction of the village. Inuyasha was suprised on how fast she was moving, but was glad. The village was only a day away. Tomorrow he would be back in Kikyou’s arms.

The walk was silent. Kagome knew this would be her chance. She just needed to gather her courage and ask. “Inuyasha?” That stopped him. He was looking at her. She needed to do it now. She needed to ask him. “I was wondering if you would do something for me. Consider it a final request before I leave.”

He turned towards her with his arms crossed in his haori. “What?”

Staring at him, her heart started to race. A light blush danced across her face. The courage she had was disappearing. She knew it wasn’t time. She knew it would be awhile before she could ask. “Forget about it. It was silly.”

The hanyou rolled his eyes and shook his head. “If you want something, ask. Now spill. What do you want?”

“It’s stupid. Forget about it. Let’s get going. I know you want to arrive back at the village tomorrow.” Kagome started to walk. She couldn’t ask him now. Her courage was gone and she couldn’t even bring it back up. The very thought of the reason he wanted to be at the village was destroying it.

She walked just past him only to have her arm grabbed. “No. You want something. Now spill. What?”

“Forget it!”






“I want you to sleep with me!” She gasped. She actually asked it. The one request she wanted, she finally asked it. Her face was red as she turned away. She couldn’t hear anything. She wasn’t even sure if the hanyou was even behind her.

Turning around, she noticed that he was still there. He looked as suprised as her. Here she was asking a request from him that he wasn’t even expecting from her. Clearing his throat, he crossed his arms in his haori once again. “Is this what you trully want?”

Kagome swallowed hard and nodded. “I already lost you and since I am leaving soon, I was wondering if you would feel this one request for me.”

Releasing a sigh, he nodded towards her. “Okay. In about four days, I will give you your request.” It was the night of the new moon and he knew that would be a good enough time for him to fullfill her request.

Kagome shook her head against that choice of date. “No. I am leaving the day after tomorrow. I want you to sleep with me tonight. This is all I am asking of you. Please, for tonight just stay with me and give me the one request I am asking.”

Inuyasha knew he had lost the argument. Releasing another sigh, he nodded. “Okay. Just tonight. I will sleep with you and then it will be over. The day after tomorrow, you leave and that will be that.” Kagome nodded and soon both were on their way. Kagome got her request. Now she had to wait for that night and it would be fullfilled.

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