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One Cure 006

The sun was starting to set. It had been two days since InuYasha had brought Kagome to her time after getting so ill. Mrs. Higurashi was by Kagome’s side every time she woke. Kagome would sit up coughing. After taking something to drink, her breathing would go rough before she finally fell into unconscienenous from being so exhausted. Her mother was getting worried by everything that was happening. The fever was not breaking. Her daughter was not getting better.

Shaking her head, Mrs. Higurashi closed the door and turned to walk down the hallway. She stopped upon seeing the hanyou standing in the spare bedroom and looking out the window. Walking over, she watched as the hanyou turned to look her direction. He glanced towards the close door before coming eye-to-eye with her. She only shook her head. “She finally fell back to sleep. In the morning, I am taking her to the hospital. She is not getting any better and I have no idea on what to do next.” InuYasha only gave a nod and watched as the woman disappeared out of the room.

True to her words, Mrs. Higurashi quickly had Kagome taken to the hospital. Upon waking, she went to check on her daughter only to rush out of the room and down the phone. InuYasha was baffled upon the movements. He soon found out that Kagome’s fever became much worse over the night.

It had been a total of three hours since Mrs. Higurashi left. InuYasha did not return back down the well during that time. Instead, he sat up in the Goshinboku waiting for their return. A cab drove by, stopping at the stairs. He watched as Mrs. Higurashi stepped out and started to climb. Jumping down, he walked over only to see the sadness upon the woman’s face. “InuYasha?”

“Well? How is she?” He didn’t see the modern girl anywhere. That sight alone made him worry that something else could have happen.

“I am sorry, InuYasha. She won’t be coming home anytime soon.”

InuYasha’s eyes went wide as he glanced down at the woman. “What do you mean?”

A sigh escaped out of Mrs. Higurashi’s lips before she turned to sit down upon the steps of the house. “It is exactly what I mean. The doctors are keeping her over night. She woke once more and is finally staying awake. There is a problem, though. She is still very ill.”

“How ill?”

“Too ill. She probably won’t recover.”

“What?” InuYasha jumped upon hearing the idea that Kagome may never fully recover from the sickness that she had. He glanced around, trying to make sense of everything before looking back at Kagome’s mother.

“Please, InuYasha, stay calm. I am sorry, but my daughter is just too ill. She is dying. The doctors found out that she received some type of poison in her system. What type of poison? The doctors have no idea. There seems to be no cure. I am to arrive back at the hospital in the morning.”

InuYasha’s eyes were wide as he watched the woman stand and walk into the house. He was lost upon everything he heard. Kagome was dying. She wasn’t going to survive. The illness she received will finally end her life. The very thought of losing someone else was driving InuYasha crazy. He couldn’t lose another one, not this soon and not another one that he cared about. Turning away from the house, he marched over to the well. He had to find another solution. He had to find someway of helping Kagome. She had to survive. He couldn’t lose her. He just couldn’t.

Kagome was currently sitting up. After being awake for almost five hours, the doctor said it was alright for her to head home when her mother arrived. She knew what was wrong with her. She knew what was happening. It didn’t mean she had to like any moment of it. Dropping her head into her amrs, she listen to hermother as she talked to the doctor. The door was slightly open allowing her to hear the conversation. Treatment was possible, but that would only prolong the death, not cure her.

The door was pushed ipen and her mother walked in. A foced smile was placed on her face as she wrapped her arms around her daughter in a warm hug. “Your mother and I have talked about treatment. We can start whenever you are ready, ” said the doctor.

Kagome shook her head. “I don’t know yet. Let me think about the idea.”

The doctor was going to say something, but shook his head with a smile instead. “As you wish, Ms. Higurashi.” With that, the doctor left the room.

“Are you sure, dear?” asked Mrs. Higurashi. Kagome gave a nod. “All right. Let’s return home.”

InuYasha was currently pacing the ground, outside the house. He was getting impatient from all the waiting he had to do. Kagome’s mother had left to the hospital almost two hours ago. He wanted Kagome to be back. He wanted the girl to be back and well. There were shards to be found. There was time that needed to spent in the other time. He didn’t need the girl to be sick. He never expected her to get so sick.

The sounds of people walking up the stairs caused InuYasha to stop. He walked over to the stairs and watches as Mrs. Higurashi started walking up. She gave a smile to the hanyou before walking past him and towards the house. InuYasha just stood there and watched as the young miko walked towards him. Her head was held down and there seemed to be no smile on her face.

“InuYasha?” Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Kagome glanced up to see the hanyou. She should have figured that he was going to be here. He hated it when she was sick. It meant that there was no searching. It meant that he was going to snap at her once more. There was no respond from the hanyou as she looked up into his face. Kagome just shook her head and walked by.

“Are you okay?” Kagome stopped upon hearing his question. Releasing a sigh, she continued on her way. “If there is no answer, then hurry up. I want to return back.” Kagome gave a nod and walked inside. Her mother watched as she walked up the stairs and towards the room. She glanced back upon hearing the door close and saw the hanyou.

“Did she tell you anything?” asked Mrs. Higurashi. InuYasha shook his head. “I figured as much. Do not bother her upon it. She will let you know when she is ready.” InuYasha nodded his head and watched as the girl walked down the stairs. She gave her mother a hug and walked out the door. InuYasha nodded towards the woman and followed Kagome out.

“Are you well enough to travel?” Kagome looked up into the eyes of the hanyou. InuYasha just snorted and reached for the girl’s bag. She let him take the bag and jumped in. He soon followed, allowing the blue time stream wrap around them.

Upon the other side of the well, everyone was glad to see Kagome. Everyone was worried when InuYasha ran over to the other side and didn’t return that night. Kagome gave them all a forced smile. She didn’t want to tell everyone that she wasn’t going to live, that she was going to die.

“Earlier this morning, a young woman came to the village. She mentioned about a group of men going around, killing demons. It scared her upon what they do. Sango and I figured it was the Demon Hunters that she ran across. After she left, another woman arrived. This time, she told us about a group of demons destroying villages,” said Miroku as everyone sat around the fire located in Kaeda’s hut.

“Keh. That is nothing unusual about this place. People always come to us, looking for us to do their fucking stuff.”

“You didn’t allow me to finish, InuYasha. These demons are different from other demons we destroyed. According to the second woman. These demons looked like they have been killed once. Sango believes that these demons are ones with two hearts. It could also be possible that they have more than once jewel shard.”

InuYasha just gave a shrug. “So? If you believe that to be a solution, lets get moving. If they have a jewel shard, we will kill them. If not, hell, its nothing I am concerned about. We will continue looking.” With that said, the hanyou stood and walked out of the hut. Miroku shook his head and soon walked out also.

Everyone have been travelling for over three hours. Upon smelling the scent of blood and sensing three jewel shards, the hanyou kept pushing everyone. InuYasha released a curse as he dropped down from the trees. The demons were moving again. They were faster than normal ones, but InuYasha knew the reason. “Damn demons. With those fucking shards, they are moving too quick. Two more humans were killed just by being in the way.”

“We need to stop them,” yelled Sango from above. She was riding Kirara, looking for any sign of the Demon Hunters.

InuYasha just snorted upon the answer and started walking. Kagome released a sigh from behind and started walking again. Upon taking her first step, though, she started coughing. Everyone stopped to turn towards her. Kagome was gripping her chest as the coughs wreched through her body. She tried reaching for her water bottle only to lose grip of it. Miroku was quick to catch it. She nodded towards him and quickly took a sip of the water. Her coughing stopped, but left her completely out of breath.

“Maybe we should rest here tonight, InuYasha. Kagome just returned back from her time and it might not be wise to move so fast after being sick for so long.” InuYasha eyed the monk before glancing at the young woman. She was holding her chest, trying to catch her breath. He remembered what Kagome’s mother had told him. He just wanted to believe that everything was wrong, that Kagome was not getting better, that she wasn’t going to die.

“We’ll do that,” replied the hanyou. He dropped down by the girl and eyed her again. She turned to look at him. A sad look was on her face, but it disappeared to be replaced with a gentle smile. InuYasha just snorted.

“Your mother told me what is wrong with you. Is it correct?” Kagome nodded causing InuYasha to jump to his feet. “Just fucking great. How are we suppose to do anything now?”

“Don’t worry about it. Let me live as if nothing was wrong,” snapped Kagome.

InuYasha cursed. “We can’t. Look what happen now. You started to fucking cough. What happens if you do that during a battle? A demon could fucking kill you.”

Kagome stood up. She was raging with anger upon the hanyou yelling at her. “It shouldn’t matter. I am going to die no matter what happens. If a demon kills me, it will kill me. My life is over because of the illness I have.”

InuYasha tried to retort back to her, but came up with nothing. Instead, he just snorted at her and walked away. Sango and Miroku who were listening to the conversation was shocked to hear that Kagome was dying. Kagome turned towards the monk and demon slayer. Their eyes told them that they were lost. Kagome nodded with a sad look. Sango gasped upon understanding and walked over to her friend.

“I am so sorry, Kagome.”

Kagome just shook her head with a shrug. “Don’t be. I found out that there is treatment, but it wouldn’t cure me, only prolong my life. I decided not to go with the treatment. Treatment would be nice, but who knows how long it would last.”

InuYasha watched from his tree as the girl gave the demon slayer a hug and walked over to her bag. He watched as she pulled out her bedroll and started to prepare for the evening. He didn’t like the idea that she was going to die, that she was going to leave him. It was too soon. There has to be something we can do. She just can’t die. She just can’t leave me. I won’t allow it.

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