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One Cure 007

The stars were shining bright as InuYasha sat awake. He kept glancing down at the young miko as she kept twisting and turning in her sleep. For the past two hours, she kept sitting up and taking a sip of her water. The coughing just wouldn’t stop. Occasionally, she would sit up with tears running down her face. InuYasha knew that she was scared. He knew it deep down that he was scared also. He couldn’t lose her. He couldn’t lose another one that he cared about.

Turning to look up at the stars, he tried to think of anything that could help her, that could save her life. There was nothing on his mind. Then it hit him. He knew a way to save the modern girl. He knew an idea that would cure her. There was only one problem. Would she want it done? There was only one way to find out. He had to ask.

Jumping down from the tree, he walked over the young girl. Kagome was just laying her water bottle down when she noticed the hanyou. Miroku and Sango both heard the hanyou jump down and were both curious on what he was doing. “InuYasha?” Kagome looked up into his golden eyes as he dropped down to sit upon his knees.

“Are you wanting to live?”

Kagome shook her head as a small laugh escaped her life. “We already know the answer to that. There is treatment, but it would only prolong my death. It wouldn’t cure me. I said no to the treatment, if that is what you are wanting as an answer.”

InuYasha just growled. “No, that is not the answer I want. It is easy. Yes or no. Are you wanting to live?”

Kagome shook her head again as she released a sigh. “You don’t get it, InuYasha. There is nothing neither you, I or anyone else can do.”

“Are you saying that you don’t want to live, that you want to give up?”

“No. I just know there is no point in trying. I won’t live for very much longer. I can’t. There is no cure.”

A sigh escaped the hanyou’s lips as he dropped his head. “You are fucking confusing me. What is it that you are saying? Is this a yes to living or a no? Just answer the damn question.”

“I thought I already did,” responded the miko as she rested her head against her raised knees, facing away from the hanyou.

“Fine. Then get up.”

Kagome turned to look at the hanyou. He was already standing and had his arms crossed over his chest. “What?”

InuYasha rolled his eyes and released a snort. “I said get up. I don’t have fucking time for this.”

Kagome just released a sigh and stood up. InuYasha reached for her arm and dragged her upon his back. He threw a look at both Sango and Miroku. Both decided not to question anything and watched as the hanyou raced into the forest with the young miko. Kagome was confused what was happening. InuYasha didn’t say what he had plan or was giving any clues on what was happening. He just kept running, farther and farther into the forest.

After what seemed like ten minutes, the hanyou came to a stop near a small clearing. Letting Kagome off, she watched as the hanyou backed away. “InuYasha, what is going?” Her eyes went wide as she watched him remove his fire-rat haori and lay it upon the ground. “Inu…Yasha?” Her voice started to stutter as she watched him start to remove his white undershirt also.

“We’re going to mate. Now, get undress.”

A gasp escaped Kagome’s lips forcing her to back up and trip. She came crashing against the floor upon hearing what the hanyou just said. “What? We can’t do that.”

“Yes, we can. Now, get undress.”

Kagome shook her head and turned to stand up. She felt a claw hand be placed upon her shoulder. A gasp escaped her lips causing her to turn, look at the hanyou, and then back away from. He was kneeling upon one knee, staring at her. Her eyes were wide as she glanced around shaking her head. “No. No. No.”

“You said you wanted to live, right?” Kagome nodded her head. “Well, this will allow you to live. Now get undress.”

Kagome swallowed hard. “If we,” she swallowed hard, “do that, I should be able to live?” The hanyou gave her a nod. Kagome was baffled upon the idea. It didn’t make sense to her. She wasn’t even sure about the idea. Sleeping with the hanyou would cure her? It just didn’t make sense.

“You need to get undress. Now, are we going to do this or not? We don’t have all night.” Kagome swallowed hard and finally nodded her head. A sigh escaped the hanyou lips as he moved over to where his haori was located. He sat down and waited for Kagome’s next move. She stood and looked for any type of covering. Upon seeing a bush, she grabbed the hanyou’s white undershirt and disappeared. InuYasha just rolled his eyes.

Kagome moved from behind the bush moments later. The white undershirt was wrapped around her body as she slowly approached the hanyou, nervous on everything that was going to happen. Again, InuYasha rolled his eyes as he reached out and grabbed the girl. She released a squeak as she fell against the hanyou, hands touching his bare chest. Another squeak escaped her lips as she turned around, embarressed by everything. InuYasha just shook his head as he wrapped his arms around the girl.

“You need to relax. I am not going to hurt you.” Kagome swallowed hard as she felt his breath against the side of her neck. It wasn’t that she was afraid of being with the hanyou. It was just with this year, she thought she was never going to be with the hanyou. She still loved him and always wanted him to love her. It just frighten her that he was doing this because he needed her and not that he cared about her.

“Don’t you think this is wrong?” Her question came out of the blue, stopping him from doing anything.

“What do you mean? You said you wanted to live and this is the only way. Mating with you will cure you of the disease.”

Kagome shook her head. “I don’t mean that. Sleeping with someone or making love is to be done with the one you love. Wouldn’t it feel out of place, wrong, if you did it with me, the one that looks like the one you lost?” A tear ran down her face as she mention the last part.

InuYasha’s eyes went wide before he released a silent curse. “That is what this is about, right? You are thinking that I see you as Kikyou. Well, you are wrong. I know who you are. I know Kikyou is dead.”

“Answer this then. Why are you always mad with me then?”

“Fuck, Kagome. I don’t mean it. It just makes me so fucking pissed that Naraku tricked me. Kikyou was already poison by time we got there. He knew Kikyou was going to die. Didn’t you notice how easy it was to get both you and Kikyou away? He had it planned and I allowed him to fucking trick me.”

Kagome nodded her head before wrapping her arms around her legs and pulling them to her chest. “I understand, but I do believe that doing this is wrong.”

“You want to live, right?”


“Then mate with me.”

Kagome swallowed hard and soon released a sigh. She felt as the hanyou traced the side of her face with a single claw, removing a loose piece of hair that was hanging down. Closing her eyes, she allowed the feeling of him surround her. His warm lips soon danced across the side of her neck, down to her shoulder. A small moan escaped her lips as she fell back agains the hanyou’s chest. He wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer.

“Just trust me.” He whispered it lightly before placing his hand under her chin and turning her face. His lips gently glided over her lips, tasting her, teasing her. Soon, though, his lips were on hers taking her breath away. It was everything that Kagome wanted, everything that she was hoping for. She turned slightly in the hanyou’s arms, allowing him to deepen the kiss. His tongue glided over her lips before slowly parting them. She was swept away as his taste mixed with hers.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he held her close as his lips devoured her away. He teased her with is tongue as he nibbled against her bottom lip while tracing her top one. Soon, another moan escaped her lips allowing him to part them. The warmth, the taste it was more than he ever knew it to be. He knew he was always yelling at her. He knew he was rough with her. However, that didn’t change anything about how he felt about her. He cared about her quite a bit, probably more than Kikyou.

Laying her down upon his fire-rat haori, he traced the side of her neck with his fangs before stopping to nip and suck. She wiggled against the toture as another moan escaped her lips. Her hands kept tracing up and down his back before she gripped his shoulder forcing his mouth to descend back against hers. His claws flexed against the white undershirt as he traced her arms, over to her stomach, up to her breasts.

Breaking away from the kiss, he traced a claw against the side of her face removing a stray piece of hair. With a smile and a quick kiss to her lips, he moved to his knees and helped her remove the white shirt, the only thing covering over her. For a second, she was embarressed, being seen by him this way. Placing a claw finger under her chin, though, snapped her out of it as he brought his lips down upon her again, allowing her to lay upon the haori once more. His claws traced against her flesh. He circled her shoulders, down to her arms, down to one of her breasts. Breaking the kiss, she moved her head back and forth as his mouth tackled one of the mounds of flesh. His other hand was not ignoring the other one, but delivering the same treatment. She moaned and kicked as he tortured her before he switched and did the same with the other.

She never felt so alive as he touched her. Sure, she wanted to feel like this by him, but she never really expected it to happen. Nothing seem like it was going to go the way she was hoping. His actions towards her always made everything seem different. Glancing into his amber eyes, she smiled before he placed another kiss upon her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck as her mouth battled with his tongue. He slowly traced her arms in light circles before completely stopping. Breaking the kiss, she watched as he knelt to remove his remaining clothing. Laying to her side, he traced a claw down the side of her face before grasping her lips again in a heated a kiss.

A smile danced across her lips as she gazed into his amber eyes. Such care was shining back, something that she never seem to see until now. He leaned up onto his arm and traced a claw down the side of her face. She leaned into the touch before closing her eyes. His mouth was upon her lips once more. She felt as his body moved over hers before everything came clear. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she prepared for what was happening next. He used his arms to keep most of his weight off. Within seconds, he joined and became one with her.

A short gasp escaped her lips as he became still. She tried to smile. However, she had no luck as two tears ran down the side of her face. Placing small butterfly kisses, he tried to distance her away from the pain. Shortly after another small kiss, he felt her movement. Such pleasure echoed through their bodies as each tried to move in a rhythm that molded together. With a thrust of his hip, she arched her back releasing small moans. With the arch of her back, a groan escaped his lips. Within moments, a smooth rhythm was pulled together.

So much pleasure was moving through her body. He kept raising her higher only to bring her lower. She wanted to reach the sky, touch the moon, soar with the stars. She was so close. Her stomach was twisting, bringing so much pain. He kept rocking to the beat, bringing both to the desire location. Another thrust followed by another arch. With the back arching, another feeling of pure bliss racing through. Soon, though, the ending came like the light at the end of a tunnel. Her body rolled with her release and soon he followed.

InuYasha collapsed against his arms, holding most of his weight off the young miko. Laying a short kiss upon her cheek, he rolled to the side and wrapped his arms around her waist. She rolled towards him as he reached for his haori and wrapped both of them in it. A yawn escaped Kagome’s lips and as she laid her head upon his chest, she was soon out. InuYasha only smiled as he placed another kiss upon her forehead. Kagome was his mate now, but in the process, she was also healed of the poison. He was not losing her. She was with him forever. With a soft smile, he allowed his eyes to close and soon followed into a light sleep.

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