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One Cure 005

The sun was coming to a set when another forest came into view. Sango and Miroku were standing on the edge waving towards the hanyou as he came to a stop. Kagome was wrapped in his fire-rat haori as he dropped down near the fire. The girl’s skin was pale and she was shivering from the breeze. Sango gasped upon seeing her foot and leg. She quickly reached for the modern girl’s messenger bag and went for the medical kit. InuYasha helped Sango clean the girl’s wound before wrapping her leg and foot. Sitting against a tree, he held the sleeping miko in his arms as he tried to catch his breath on everything that happened.

“We thought we lost you there for a moment, InuYasha,” said the monk as he gave the hanyou a cup of ramen. InuYasha just nodded his head as he glanced down at the sleeping girl. She fell asleep around mid-day. He didn’t know how far they were from the village or the Demon Hunters. He just knew that he had to get away and fast.

“How did Kagome end up hurt?” asked Sango as she placed a cool wet cloth upon the girl’s head. A slight fever had reached the young girl, but it was nothing serious yet.

InuYasha released a sigh as he moved around a little, wrapping his haori tighter around the girl. “She tripped over a root just as we made it outside of the village. I guess when I tried to help her stand, she landed on some hidden rock.”

“You are lucky that the wounds are not deep,” said the demon slayer as she sat against the demon fire cat that was sound asleep. Sango released a yawn before leaning against the feline and falling asleep. Miroku gave a nod agreeing before laying down and closing his eyes.

InuYasha just released a sigh as he laid his head back against the tree. It was too close on escaping those men. He should have realized that the place was a trap as soon as the Headman dismissed them so quick. It didn’t make sense on why hiring both his group and the men. There was just no saying in it. At the moment, though, there was nothing else he could do. Right now, he had to help Kagome. She had a high fever and he had to do everything just to break the fever. He couldn’t risk her getting sick. He couldn’t risk losing another. I won’t lose another.

A moan escaped the modern girl’s lips as she raised her hand to her forehead. The wet cloth fell to the ground as she twist and turned in the hanyou’s arms. Sitting up, she tried to calm her breathing before she raised her hand and smacked the person behind her. A groan was heard as she turned, smacking the same face twice, and came face-to-face with InuYasha.

“Damn bitch, do you always have to fucking hit me?” Kagome’s eyes went wide as she moved off the hanyou’s lap and to the ground. She brought the haori around her body as if she was trying to protect herself. The hanyou just eyed her before standing up and walking towards her, his arms crossed over his chest.

“What was I doing in your lap?” She looked around, trying to figure out everything. All she remembered was the chase that happen after leaving the Headman’s hut. She remembered hurting herself and InuYasha carrying her, but nothing more after that.

“Keh. You fell asleep. That is what happen, you stupid girl.” InuYasha reached for his haori and pulled it out of her hands. He turned away and jumped into a tree. Kagome blinked a couple of times before sitting back. Her head was pounding and everything just felt dizzy to her.

Kagome shook her head a few times, trying to clear the dizziness that captured her. After looking around and taking a couple deep breaths, she tried to stand on her feet. Her legs started to wobble. She felt sick as she stood standing. InuYasha watched her carefully before jumping down. Grabbing her around the arm, he forced her to sit before giving her a bottle of water. Kagome quickly drain half the water before sitting back. The smell of food, though, caused her to quickly crawl away and throw everything up that she was holding down. InuYasha was confused on why she was so sick. Her fever had broke halfway through the night. He thought she was getting better, but by the looks of it, he thought wrong.

“Kagome, are you okay?” Kagome gave a weak nod to the demon slayer. Sango woke upon hearing the sounds of Kagome moving. She was leaning against one arm and looking towards the modern girl. Kagome sat back upon her bent needs, breathing hard. Was she catching something? Kagome hope it was wrong. One thing that she knew would make the hanyou mad was her being sick. It would delay the search for the shards and that was one thing no one tried to do.

Kagome crawled over to her messenger bag and pulled out a light blanket. Laying it upon the ground, she laid flat out resting her head upon her arms. Her eyes held unshed tears as she thought that she was coming down with some sickness. She couldn’t get sick. InuYasha wouldn’t take her home. He already told her after her latest disappearing. She wasn’t suppose to return home for another week, that was his words. Rolling her face against the blanket to remove the tears, she closed her eyes to try and sleep away the sickness.

InuYasha released a snort as he sat close enough to the young miko, but far enough so that she could sleep. Sango shook her head as she took a sip of her tea. “Kagome must be catching something with all this traveling. Maybe, it is a good thing that we are returning back to the village. Kaeda might have something to help her and if not, she could always return home.”

“Damn girl should have been taking better care of herself. I already told her that after leaving the last fucking time, she wasn’t allowed to return for another two weeks. Now, she went and got herself fucking sick.”

“No one gets themself sick, InuYasha. You should know this more than anything. Remember when Kagome was sick the last time. She was burning up. You had to take her home just to get the right medicine.”

“Keh.” InuYasha just snorted to towards the memory as he glanced down at the girl. Occasionally, she would sit up and cough before rolling the other direction and falling asleep. He was sure that when the fever broke she was going to get better. He didn’t expect her to get sick again. The question that bother him, though, was how she got sick. The weather has been fairly decent these past days of travelling. The only times Kagome has ever gotten sick was when she was caught in either cold weather or a rain storm. None has happen, so why is the girl suddenly so sick?

They all travelled back to Kaeda’s Village, arriving around nightfall. Kagome was asleep upon the hanyou’s back. Her fever had return sometime around hlaway through the journey home. No one understood how one moment she would be fine and then the next she was burning hot. InuYasha laid Kagome down upon the straw mat. Kaeda was quickly by her side, wiping sweat away and placing a cool, wet rag upon the girl’s forehead.

“What has cause ye child to become so ill?”

Everyone shook their heads. “We have no idea, Keada. She was fine during the travels towards the village. After we left was when she caught sick,” said Miroku as he glanced from the old woman down to the young miko and then towards his friends.

Kaeda was confused by it all. The modern gril looked completely fine. Her breathing was normal. She didn’t have a fast heart rate. The only thing that seemed wrong was the high fever that she seemed to have. Kaeda shook her head before rinsing the rag and replacing it uon the girl’s forehead.

“I will watch over her tonight. If the fever should not break, InuYasha will need to return her back to her time.”

The fever had not broke over night. Instead, it seemed as if everything got worse. Kagome was now coughing while her breathing was ragged and her heart beat was fast. Sango helped Kaeda as much as possible while Miroku paced back and forth for InuYasha’s return. For some reason, instead of the hanyou being near Kikyou’s grave as he usually was when they were resting in the village, the hanyou was no where to be found.

The snapping of twigs were heard causing Miroku to stop walking and glance over his shoulder. He watched as the hanyou walked out of the forest. A sig escaped the monks lips before he marched over to the hanyou. “Where have you been? Kagome needs to be taken back to her time. She is much worse than before.”

“Keh. None of your fucking business,” snapped the hanyou as he walked into the hut. Everyone inside the hut tried asking the same questions, but InuYasha just snapped back with the same response before grabbing the girl’s bag and lifting her up into his arms.

With no last response, InuYasha walked out of the hut and made his way towards the Bone Eater’s Well. Kagome had finally relaxed and fallen back to sleep. Glancing down at the girl, InuYasha was unsure what was wrong. He has never seen the girl get so sick. She was one to take care of herself, afraid that if she got sick that the journey would be delayed. This wasn’t like her to catch so ill, especially with something that seems to get worse.

Holding the girl close, InuYasha leapted into the well allowing the blue time stream to wrap around them.

Mrs. Higurashi released a sigh as she closed the door behind her and shook her head. It had been three hours since InuYasha had arrived with her daughter. At the time, she was surprised to see her daughter so sick. She spent most of the time trying to break the fever Kagome had. It lowered, but never broke. Walking down the stairs, Kagome’s mother noticed the hanyou standing near the open door. The wind was moving his hair as he stood, arms and legs crossed. “InuYasha?”

The hanyou glanced over his shoulder to see the woman stepping off the stiars. He glanced up the stairs and then back at her. Mrs. Higurashi tried to smile for the hanyou, but just shook her head with a slight frown before turning into the kitchen. “She’s not getting any better, is she?” asked InuYasha.

Mrs. Higurashi turned away from the cabnet to face the hanyou. She only shook her head regarding to his question. “I don’t understand what is wrong. Her fever isn’t breaking and her illness seems to be only getting worse. I don’t know what else to do.”

A sigh escaped the hanyou’s lips. He turned to look up the stairs before finally climbing them. At the top, he looked down towards the girl’s room before slowly walking in. The only sounds in the room was the soft breathing from Kagome and the gentle breeze through the walked towards the side of the bed. Sitting down, he traced a claw down the side of her face. He wished he knew some way of helping, but no idea came. I can’t lose another one, not this soon. Please, Kagome, get well soon.

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