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One Cure 002

Her eyes were wide with fright as she backed up against a tree. The demon was yelling for the shards. She tried to reach for her bow, but the demon quickly used it’s tail to move the weapon away. Bringing her hands over head, she tried to protect herself when she heard the sound of the Hiraikotsu come swing by. It caused a branch to break and fall on the demons head. The demon moved back allowing Kagome to run free. InuYasha released a curse before dropping his sword, watching as the Wind Scar race through the forest and destroy the demon.

“I knew you were completely useless.” InuYasha released a snort as he shoved his hands into the sleeves of haori. Kagome gave him a glare as she walked over to the jewel shard and picked it up. The shard completely went white as she brought the bottle near it. Placing the shard inside, she watched as the shard fuse together with the jewel. The jewel was only halfway done. They still had a long way to go, but one thing that was good was that there was no one stronger than Naraku that could use the jewel for bad.

“She didn’t mean to get caught, InuYasha. It just happen that the demon ambushed us and chased after her. No one knew that would happen,” said Sango as she drop down by Kirara and rubbed her tummy.

InuYasha just released a snort and jumped into a tree. He crossed his arms over his chest and watched as Kagome walked over to her bedroll. She dropped down with an exhausted sigh. He didn’t realize how much went into escaping the demon. If Sango didn’t release her weapon, could there been a chance Kagome could have been hurt or worse, killed? InuYasha shook his head. I wouldn’t allow something like that happen. I will protect her, always.

Kaeda was happy to see everyone returning. Kagome gave the old miko a warm smile as she wrapped her in a warm hug. Digging into her bag, she brought up seeds that could be planted in a garden. Some were herbs, other were beautiful flowers. Kaeda thanked her before allowing everyone inside the hut to rest. Sango and Miroku talked about the rumors that were thought. Sango even brought up about the demon that was brutally killed. Kaeda was shocked to hear something, but she confirmed that there were demons with two hearts.

Finally after tea was served and an idea of staying for a while was confirmed, Kagome decided to break the news that she was returning home for a while. InuYasha was no where to be seen. He never was when they visit the village. Instead, he was found kneeling at the grave of Kikyou. Kagome thought that after a year InuYasha would have recovered over the loss of Kikyou; however, with every return back to the village, it seems old wounds are always recut open and left to bleed.

Waving goodbye to her friends, Kagome stepped out of the hut and made her way to the path back to the well. She stopped at the bottle of the stairs to look up towards the location of the grave. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned and walked down the path. Arriving at the well, she dropped her bag in and watched it disappear before she pulled herself in and let go. Unknown to her, the hanyou was sitting in a tree watching her disappear.

Kagome released a sigh as she dropped down upon her bed. After arriving home, she right away took a warm bath to escape her thoughts. With her bath done, she decided a nice nap would nice. It had been a long time since she was in a normal bed. Rolling around, she finally pulled the covers up and drifted to sleep.

When she had finally awoke, the sun was starting to set. She released a yawn and sat up to stretch, only to notice that the window was open much wider than what it was before when she laid down for her nap. Her eyes going wide, she quickly threw the blankets off and ran out of her room. Her brother was sitting at the table doing homework. He gave her a smile and pointed to the living room. Cautiously walking over, she noticed her grandfather reading some scroll he found and her mother reading a book.

Mrs. Higuarshi lowered her book upon seeing her daughter and gave her a smile. Kagome returned it before slowly walking into the room. She glanced around for any sign of the hanyou before glancing to her side. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she noticed him leaning against the wall with his hands shoved into the sleeves of his haori. His eyes were closed as he held his head down. There was no smile on his face. It made it almost impossible to read the expression he had. Was he mad? Was he just waiting for her?

Kagome slowly made a step back. Her mother watch with curosity wondering what was bothering her daughter. InuYasha had arrived sometime late in the afternoon. He mentioned that he came through the window, but noticed that Kagome was sleeping. Mrs. Higurashi mention that Kagome must have laid down while she was away and that it was better for him to wait till she awoke. She had no idea that the hanyou had changed ever since the battle of Naraku and the death of Kikyou.

A golden eye slowly open and turned to glance her direction. Kagome released another soft gasp as she came back against a chair sitting in the kitchen. “Kagome?” Souta noticed Kagome’s somewhat frighten look. She tried giving him a reassuring smile and it seemed to work for he went back to working on his problem.

Kagome shook her head and turned to walk up the stairs. She should have no reason to be frighten of the hanyou. He never did a thing to hurt her. True, he was a little snappy compare to other times, but Kagome understood his reasoning. Naraku tricked InuYasha into choosing which person he wanted to live. Even with saving both her and Kikyou, he still lost Kikyou to Naraku. It was like there was no choice even if InuYasha was given a choice.

Stopping at the top of the stairs, Kagome turned to lean against the wall. She let her head fall back as she looked down the hallway towards her bedroom door. The sun was shining through, casting a shadow across the floor. Even if her mind understood everything that was happening, it still didn’t make her heart understand. Her heart ached to know that even with Kikyou’s death, InuYasha thought only of Kikyou. Sometimes, she wondered, if returning back to her time and letting InuYasha move on would be better. He would be able to grieve with no annoying girl behind his back. He wouldn’t get mad easily. Returning home brought so many solutions, but there was always one reason preventing it. Kagome still loved the hanyou.

The sound of the steps creaking caused Kagome to turn her head. She watched as InuYasha walked up the stairs and stop in front of her. He turned to lean against the rail, his arms crossed over his chest and his hands within the sleeves of the haori. Kagome released a sigh as she dropped her head back against the wall. “If you are going to yell, get it over with. I am not in the mood to deal with anything at the moment.”

“Keh.” It was the only respond Kagome got from the hanyou as he turned and walked down the hallway. He entered her bedroom, leaving her alone in the hallway. A gasp of relief escaped the girl’s lips as she slid down the wall, pulling her knees to her chest. It was there that she saw her mother walking up the stairs.

“Kagome? Are you alright?” Kagome gave her mother a smile as she nodded her head. “Are you sure? Lately, everything you do around the boy seems edgy, as if he is going to yell at you. Did something happen on the other side?”

Kagome released a sigh as she glanced towards her room. “Naraku was defeated over a year ago. I told you about that, right?” Kagome’s mother gave her a nod. Mrs. Higurashi knew some of the details. InuYasha turning full demon and saving her daughter, but nothing more. “There was something I left out.”

“And what would that be, dear?”

“Kikyou was killed that day. InuYasha was forced a choice between saving me or her. He saved us both, but in the end, Kikyou’s life was lost. For two weeks, we went on with him grieving behind. During a battle, the jewel was shattered. He isn’t too happy about that and by that cause, we occasionally don’t get along with each other.”

“Have you ever brought any of this up with him?”

“What would I talk to him about?” asked Kagome in a quick tone. “I am almost twenty-three years of age, mom. I can’t actually tell him to grow up about the situation. He is practically older than me”

“Age doesn’t matter in a situation like this. He probably doesn’t know that you are affected by what he does. Maybe, if you told him about it, he would change whatever is wrong.”

Kagome released a sigh. “It is not that simple.”

“Nothing is ever simple, Kagome.” With that said, Kagome’s mother moved to the master bedroom. Kagome watched as her mother turned on a little lamp near the bed before turning towards the door. Mrs. Higurashi gave her a small smile before closing the door.

Nothing is ever simple. Those words rung through Kagome’s mind. She knew her mother was right. With InuYasha, nothing was simple. She had to explain things to him that he didn’t fully understand. A small laugh escaped her lips as she remembered a certain time that InuYasha was confused on.

InuYasha could always find where the scent of blood was coming from. On one day when no battles happen, he started to smell the scent of blood. It bothered him and made Kagome mad that he was trying to find the solution. In the end, Kagome had to explain about a certain moment that she went through. It shut the hanyou up, but it also marked an embarressing day for Kagome.

Releasing a sigh, Kagome pushed up from the ground. Sitting out in the hallway away from the hanyou was not going to prevent anything from happening. It would only delay whatever is going to happen. She walked down the hallway and entered her room. The hanyou was sitting on the windowsill, looking out the window. He turned his head to the side to glance at Kagome, but only for a second before turning his head back to look out.

Kagome just shook her head as she closed her door and walked over to her bed. Sitting down, she glanced up, unsure what to say. “InuYasha?”

“Save it.”


“Don’t. I don’t want to hear any excuse. Just save it and get ready. We are returning back before the sun sets.”

Kagome just shook her head and moved from her bed to her messenger bag. Packing her needed things, she watched the hanyou as he glanced down at the well, up at the tree, down at his sword, and then at her before resuming the whole process. This was one of those moments that Kagome didn’t understand what was happening between them. He was once again snapping at her, but there was no reason behind it. He just seemed irritated. Without speaking a word, she packed everything that was needed when she disappeared through the well once more.

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