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One Cure

Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to InuYasha or any of characters from the anime/manga. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

Summary: There was treatment, she knew this much. It would prolong her life, but it would not cure her. What happens, though, when a cure is found, when the choice of living or dying is given to her? Will she take life even if she knows the stakes?

The lighting flashed as the thunder rolled across the sky. The rain fell as if there was no end. Four people were stuck within one cave watching as the storm waged war outside. Kagome shiverd when a cool breeze escaped inside the cave. She watched as the flame flicker against the wind before finally dimming out. A sigh escaped from her and Sango as both girls tried to keep warmth in their bodies. A loud keh came from the back of the cave as InuYasha came walking up, shrugging off his fire-rat haori at the same time. He dropped it on Kagome’s shoulder before walking up to the entrance of the cave and leaning against the cave wall.

“If I could see in my bag, I would get my matches out. However, the cave is just too dark to see anything.” responded the modern girl as she tried crawling across the ground towards her bedroll and her messenger bag. InuYasha just gave a snort as he turned back and walked towards her.

“Why didn’t you just tell me to do it? I can see better than you humans can.”

Kagome threw him a glare as she tried to reach for her bag. “One, I have certain objects in there that a male should not see. Two, I just need my bag and I can feel through it to find the matches. Hands work just find.” Indicating by wiggling her fingers. InuYasha just snorted at her again and shoved her messenger bag towards her before standing up and walking back to the entrance of the cave.

A few seconds of wondering through the bag and Kagome was a success on finding her matches. Using some old papers, she piled the wood and started to light. Within a few seconds, the room was glowing and the fire was causing warmth around the small area. Releasing a yawn, Kagome pulled the haori closer before moving to her bedroll and laying down. For some reason, she was suddenly tired and the warmth of the haori lured her to sleep.

InuYasha just rolled his eyes as he watched the girl fall asleep. At least now she won’t complain about being cold or tired.

“Fuck!” A loud curse echoed through the forest as InuYasha was thrown against a tree and knocked out. The snake demon hissed as it watched the hanyou slump to the ground. Kagome released a scream and tried to race towards the fallen hanyou. However, she was prevented when Miroku grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind just as Sango released the Hiraikotsu.
The snake demon easily blocked the weapon as Miroku made a run to throw sutras. Kagome watched as both Sango and Miroku battle demon before hearing a low moa. Glancing towards the tree, she watched as InuYasha released a few mumble curses before slowly rising to his feet.

“Damn it all.” He slowly walked over to the Tetsusaiga and pulled in from the ground, watching as it transformed back into the fang. Both Sango and Miroku moved as he came running by. “Wind Scar!” InuYasha slammed the sword upon the ground and watched as three lines of bright light raced over the demon before disappearing and leaving only ash in the wind.

“Finally,” said the monk as he walked over to the hanyou. InuYasha just released a snort as he placed the sword back into the scabbard. Both watched as Kagome walked by and retrieved the two jewel shartds the demon had.

“That demon was a pain in the rear,” snorted the hanyou as he walked back to the campsite that was setup for the evening.

Rumor was talking about a powerfull demon destroying crops and killing anything in its path. The hint upon what the demon could be were by the tracks that it left. The group was just setting down to camp when the said demon attacked. At first, it seemed like an easy battle, but that was before InuYasha tossed around a couple of times and the jewel shards were located.

Kagome watched as the water boil before removing and pouring some into a cup of ramen. Sitting the cup where the hanyou could reach, she sat back and thought about everything that lead up to the current events.

Naraku was dead along with Kikyou. It happen close to a year ago. The battle was fought below a mountain Naraku was hiding in. Naraku used Kikyou as bait for InuYasha to bring the jewel shards he had. When InuYasha refused, Naraku caught Kagome and gave him a choice: Kikyou, Kagome, or the Jewel. In the end, InuYasha transformed into a full demon, saved Kagome and Kikyou, and destroyed Naraku. However, in that amount of time, Kikyou was already poisoned by the miasma and would not recover. By sunset that day, Kikyou passed away in InuYasha’s arms.

The event effected InuYasha for sometime. He grieved for a total of two weeks, not bothering to help when a demon attacked causing the Shikon Jewel to be shattered once more. If anything, the event caused Kagome and InuYasha’ relationship to go downhill. Their friendship was on the edge. InuYasha was always snappping at Kagome when something small goes wrong. Even if she was home in her time and late back just by a second, he would yell. If she was sick, hurt, etc, he would still snap at her.

Kagome released a sigh as she dropped her chin to rest against her raised knees. She thought their relationship could become something more. She never expected a change to happen once Kikyou died. Occasionally, she thought that InuYasha’s reactions came because she looked like Kikyou.

Kagome was knocked out of he thoughts when she heard the hanyou jump down from a tree and grab the cup of ramen before jumping back into the tree. He gave her a glance-type stare, but nothing more. Another sigh escaped her lips before she stood up. Grabbing her bathing supplies, she started to walk twards the stream they had passed when the hanyou’s voice stopped her. “Oi wench, no bath tonight.”

Kagome turned to the hanyou and placed her hands upon her hip. “Why? I am cover in dirt from the battle. I need a bath.”

InuYasha just released a snort. “I don’t give a damn. You are not getting a bath tonight. Now, get to bed.”

Kagome just stared at the hanyou before swallowing hard and yelling one word, “Sit boy!” She watched as the hanyou fell from the tree and landed face first in the dirt. With a smug smile on her face, she turned and walked off.

InuYasha released multipule curses before pushing off the ground. “Damn that bitch. She never fucking listens to me when I tell her no.”

“It really doesn’t make sense, InuYasha. What was wrong with Kagome wanting to take a bath?” asked Sango as she arched a brow towards the hanyou with curiosity.

The only reply from the hanyou was a loud, “Keh.” With that, he pushed off the ground and raced into the forest, towards the modern girl that was disobeying everything he said.

Kagome swam through the water rinsing the condition from her hair. When her lungs were starting to burn, she rose about the water to inhale the needed air only to come face-to-face with a certain hanyou. Out of reaction, Kagome said the word and dove under the water. Upon surfacing on the other side of a rock, she hard the hanyou curse and the splashing of water. “Damn it, Kagome!”

Kagome released a squeak and dove under water upon seeing the hanyou standing beside her. She tried to swim away, but was prevented when InuYasha reached out and grabbed her arm. “Let go!” she yelled.

“I said no bath,” replied the hanyou as he dragged her back to shore. He dropped her near her clothing and turned away, shoving his hands into the sleeves of his fire-rat haori.

“I don’t understand you, InuYasha,” said Kagome in a soft voice.

“Keh. What is there to understand? I said no bath.”

Kagome shook her head before she walked around the hanyou and looked up into his golden eyes. “I am not talking about that. I am talking about everything that has been going on. You snapping at me constantly.”

InuYasha just grumpled to himself before turning away. “Keh. You are thinking to much. Let’s head back.”

Kagome just released a sigh and followed the hanyou back to the campsite. She watched as the hanyou jumped back into the tree he was previously in. Another sigh escaped her lips along with a yawn. Moving to her bedroll and laying down, she glanced up at the hanyou before finally closing her eyes and drifting to sleep.

They were on the move again. Another rumer was heard, and InuYasha was pushing to retrieve it. He had already been sat twice and was on his third if he didn’t shut up and leave the modern girl alone. “Oh, just leave me alone. I will ride with Sango,” yelled Kagome a she turned away from the hanyou and walked over towards the demon slayer.
“Keh. If I don’t carry you, Miroku will slow us down. Now get over here before I do it myself.”

Kagome just gave a shrug with her shoulders before releasing a sigh and dropping her shoulder. Giving off a light laugh, she climbed on Kirara behind Sango. InuYasha released a curse and started marching over just as Kirara took off into the sky.

“Damn it, Kagome. You are making me fucking pissed by this!”

“Who cares,” she yelled down before leaving towards the horizon with everyone following. InuYasha was still mumbling curses, but kept up with everyone. There are times I just don’t understand her. Is she trying to make me mad? A sigh escaped the hanyou as he watched her glance down and then back up.

The rumor was easy to find for the demon was already slayed. Some group of men were going around slaying demons for money. Sango thought it was wrong for the way they killed the demon was completely brutal. The men didn’t even take the jewel shards, just cut the limbs off the demon, ripped it’s heart out and stuck an arrow through it’s throat. Kagome had to turn away when she smelled the demon. Her stomach was turning.
“Who would do something like that?” Sango gave a shrug as she sat down by the modern girl. Her stomach had finally calmed down after they all left the area. Miroku had buried the demon after having the body burned. He gave a little prayer and finally everyone was on their way to a new location.

“I wouldn’t know, Kagome. However, I know this. Killing a demon in that fashion is not demon slaying. It is almost as if these men are playing with the demons. Taking the heart and limbs, but leaving the head and only an arrow through the throat. There are some demons that don’t even die if the heart is removed for the real heart is actually located somewhere else.”

Kagome’s eyes went wide as she turned to look at the demon slayer. “Are you saying that there are demons who have two hearts?”

Sango gave a nod. “My father ran across one. He said it was a journey worth travelling and demon worth fighting. No one knows where the heart is located. You can kill and kill, but untill you find the heart, the demon still lives.”

“Kind of reminds you of Naraku when he had his heart hidden for so long,” said the monk as he handed two tea cups to the lady. Kagome gave a nod as she understood Miroku’s reasoning. Before Naraku was defeated, the heart was finally found. It escaped back to Naraku, but InuYasha was able to defeat both Kanna and the demon that was protecting the heart. To Kagome, she thought it was strange that Kanna would be protecting the heart. She thought Naraku would have hidden the heart, but her guess was wrong.

The rest of the evening went into silence. Kagome sat upon her bedroll and read while Sango played with Kirara. Miroku sat against a rock meditating while InuYasha sat up in a tree, watching for anything to happen. For that evening, everything was quite. There was no arguing, no thing. Just peace.

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