Imagine in Words

One Boy, One Girl


It was night like any night as she arrived at the building to hang out with her friends and possibly go out to one of the clubs. As she walked into the building, she noticed him sitting on a bar stool near the edge of the bar. He glanced her direction and stared. She only smiled before walking over to her friend. He kept his eye on her, though, which made her curious.

“Are you doing anything tonight?” she asked her friend.

“We were planning to go to the clubs later and then back to my place,” he responded. He watched with curiosity as she glanced back at the man sitting at the bar. He knew that both had a history, both had a past that sometimes didn’t make any sense. However, after sitting down with a couple of people, he had a bit of an idea on what was happening. “You don’t have to do this to yourself.”


“I’ve listen to a bunch of people who knew what was happening between you and him.”

“So, you know what I have been telling you isn’t a lie.”

He nodded, “We won’t allow him to hurt you anymore. Just stay with us.”

She stayed near her friend for part of the evening, but eventually she walked up to the bar to get a drink. He walked over to her and took a seat. “Do you need something,” she asked, giving him a sideway glance.

He shrugged, “I was hoping you could do something for me.”


“Run to the store for me. I can’t since I am working. I’ll pay you back.”

She rolled her eyes, but agreed. It wouldn’t be a hard task. Plus, it would allow her to get something to eat before they all went to the club. She told her friend where she was going before disappearing. She wasn’t gone long and brought back the package. “You owe me.”

“I will pay you back before the nights over.”

She just rolled her eyes and walked over to her friend. Everyone was closing everything down for the night. She helped with some of the small tasks before everyone walked outside. Another one of her friends was riding with her. She thought he might come, but he was already walking away.

The club was a good distraction for her. Her friends stayed near her as they took a table near the middle. She wasn’t drinking since she was the driver, but she didn’t allow that to destroy her fun. After about an hour, though, he arrived and took a seat in front of her. Both of her friends eyed him carefully, but he didn’t say a word or do anything.

Another friend came over to her and asked her to dance. Both of her friends that were sitting at the table didn’t know him, but she knew him from campus. She said yes and moved to floor. The dance was smooth, but at the same it wasn’t smooth. He would twirl her out and then bring her back. Each time, though, she glanced back at the table, at him. He was staring at her with a strange look in his eyes. He was watching her every move.

Her friend dipped her down and brought her up. He spun her out and wrapped his arms around her, causing her body to become flushed with his. She closed her eyes and swayed with the music before glancing at the table. She watched as his fist clinched and unclenched. She pushed against her friend, causing him to spin her out one last time. Finally, the song came to an end. She thanked him and moved over to the bar where her friends were standing. Again, she looked at the table. He was standing now, but never lost eye contact with her.

“Looked like you were having fun,” commented her friend as he took a sip of his drink.

“I have classes with him,” she responded with a light blush to her cheeks.

He chuckled lightly, “That didn’t seem like just a friendly dance, though.”

Her face started to heat up even more. “We always dance like that.”

Her friend swirled his drink in his hand before finishing it off. “Interesting. Let’s get out of here and head back to my place.”

He was at their side before all three of them could walk out the door. Even though, she had both of her friends with her, he still stood near her, protected her, watched her with a possession like look. When she closed the door to her car, he was still there standing watching. Her friend was talking to him, but if he was listening, she had no idea.

They stopped at a store quick to get her something to drink, but to also pick up more alcohol for the party. While her best friend was inside, her other friend decided to question her about him.

“You know, a lot of people talk about you and him.”

She only nodded, ‘So I’ve heard.”

“When we ask him if he likes doing what he does to you, he only responds that he hates you. I don’t know if that is true, though.”

She looked back at her friend, a surprised look on her face. “Why do you say that?”

He shrugged, “Tonight showed plenty. He watches you. If a person hated you, why would they watch you? Why would they get jealous?”

That thought was on her mind as she sat in the round booth that was part of the table. She had one of her friends sitting beside her, but what surprised her the most was on who was sitting just a short distance down the bench. It was him. He arrived about an hour after they arrived at her friend’s house. He was invited along with another friend of theirs. Her friend had already disappeared into the back room leaving her alone with him.

“He wants to talk with you,” said a young woman. She was the girlfriend to her best friend.

With a nod, she looked over at him. “Let me out, please.”

He smirked, “Crawl over me.”

“I rather not.”

“I’m not moving. Either crawl over me or the table. Your choice.”

She sighed and tried to move over him quickly. He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her down. She gasped as she glanced into his eyes. He was smirking at her as he traced his fingers against her skin right above her jeans. She tried to move out of his arms, but he kept gripping her tightly. Finally, with a light chuckle, he let her go.

She quickly moved and followed the woman to the other room. Her friend wanted her to stay the night. He didn’t think it was safe for her to head home. However, she knew he had other ideas instead. There was no denying the chemistry that was felt in the room. That alone caused her to shake her head. She was probably going to head home and call it a night.

When she walked back out, everyone was standing including him. One friend had already left while the other was still sound asleep at the table. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. The girl came out shortly. “I think this it, guys. We all are tired, and it is getting late.”

With a nod, everyone walked outside. She watched as her friend left leaving her alone with him. As much as she was confused by everything that was happening, it still didn’t push her away from him. She followed him over to his vehicle.

“Are you heading home,” he asked as he opened his car door and started the vehicle.

“I suppose so. Rather not since I will wake a lot of people I wish to not disturb. Plus, you still haven’t paid me back.”

“Come back to my place. I promise, nothing will happen. Leave your car here. I will bring you back.” She looked back at her vehicle and then at the house before returning her eyes back to him. He was tapping his fingers on the door. With a nod, she crawled into the vehicle.
She sat silently as he pulled away and drove down the street. He pulled onto the highway and glanced her direction. The lights from outside were casting an eerie glow upon her. She stared out the window avoiding all eye contact with him. He just rolled his eyes as drove down the highway.

They arrived at his house soon enough. He opened the door and allowed her inside. His place was small consisting a small kitchen on one side, a living section near it, and the bedroom on the opposite side. She moved to take a seat in the big sofa chair, but he caught her arm turning her towards him.

The first few words out of his mouth surprised her, “I’m sorry.”

“For what,” she asked.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her flushed against him. “Everything. On how I have been treating you, leading you on, almost anything and all that you can think of.”

She wanted to believe him. For over four months this was going on between them. She could see that they were more than friends, but most of the time, it made it hard for her to believe. One minute, he would be saying sweet words and kissing her like crazy while others, he would yell at her to leave him alone.

She pushed against him, “How can I believe you?”

“I deserve that, but look at me? I don’t deserve you. Maybe that is why I always push you away.” She shook her head, and started to take a seat. He reached for her arm, pulling her towards his bed. She tried shaking her head, but he wrapped his arms around her. “Lay with me, please.”

She laid on the bed with her back against his. He started to trace his fingers across her stomach before he reached for her to roll towards him. It was there that she saw what was hiding in his eyes. He stared at her with a hungry look, a confusing look, a heated look.

She tried to roll away, but he placed his hand under her chin. “Payment for my package.” His lips dropped to hers, searing her with a heated passion. She gasped, but slowly returned the kiss. He gripped her tight against him, pulling her towards his heart. She kissed him with a fever like no other. It burned her soul, made her heart pound in her ears, made her want him all over again.

He slowly dragged his hand down her side, lifting her shirt to feel her smooth skin against his callus fingers. She moaned against his lips as he reached between them before messing with the belt and button of her jeans. Having no luck, he rolled them putting her underneath. His hands fumbled with the buttons on her jeans before finally pulling them off. She was breathing hard as he stood to remove both his jeans and shirt. She sat to reach for him. He reached for her helping her remove the shirt. A blush crept across her cheeks as he straddled her between his legs. Leaning down, he grasped her lips into another heated kiss. He teased her with his tongue before she opened allowing him to take her breath away.

There were times she wanted him like this, felt that their attraction was enough. Each time, though, he would push her away. Only when they were hanging out with their friends and were somewhat alone would he pull her into his arms and kiss her. She tried explaining that there was no one else that she loved, but he played with her heart, breaking it multiple times to the point that she almost wanted to give up.

A gasp escaped her lips as he trailed his warm lips across her shoulder, slowly dragging the straps of her bra down. It ached with a strong, burning desire that she felt for him. It heated her straight to her core, twisting and turning. His mouth glided softly over her breasts as he teased each one of them. His hands danced across her skin, trailing to the edge of her silk panties.

He broke away to stare into her eyes, hazy from the passion and desire he had for her. He helped her remove both the bra and panties before removing his boxer. She heard the wrapper tear before he slowly draped his body over her once more. Positioning himself between her legs, he caught the side of her face with his hands forcing her to stare into his eyes as pushed into her with agonizing slowness. She yanked her face away as a painful gasped escaped her lips. He stilled for a moment allowing her to slowly adjust to him. When he felt her move, he continued with gentle movements, movements that were causing an aching burn deep inside.

Digging her nails into his shoulders, she met each of his thrusts as he quickened the pace. He stared into her eyes as she moaned and gasped, her heart beating with his. He pulled out with such slowness causing her to close her eyes tightly. With a light non-human growl, she opened as he thrust once more into her warm, tight body. The feeling was strong, burning with an ache. It was turning and pulling. It was the light at the end of a dark tunnel. She felt it come, leaving her breathless as her release dragged out of her body. He followed as he slammed into the hilt, arching his back. Rolling to the side, he dragged the blanket over their sweat covered bodies. It was shortly after that when sounds of soft breathing could be heard echoing throughout the small room.

The alarm was what woke her up. Her eyes went wide as she glanced around the room trying to figure out where she was. He reached over, shutting the alarm off. It was morning. She slowly sat up, pulling the blanket around her. She couldn’t look him in the face, even after what they did that night. Walking away from the bed, she grabbed her clothing and disappeared into the bathroom. He just sat there with one knee bent and the sheet draped over his waist, a confuse but calm look on his face.

When she emerged from the bathroom, he was already dressed drinking a cup of coffee. “You ready to leave? I need to be at work soon.” He asked her as he placed his cup in the sink. She nodded and followed him out.

“What happens now?” She asked as he pulled out of the driveway and onto the highway.

“What do you mean?”

She shrugged, “Do we go steady or what?”

“I don’t know.” His voice held no emotion as stared out the window, concentrating on his driving, avoiding all communication with her.

Her best friend was standing outside as he dropped her off by her vehicle. Without even a goodbye, he drove off leaving her unsure on what to think. “You left with him.” It wasn’t a question. He knew the answer as she leaned her back against the vehicle.

“I don’t know if that was right decision,” she responded softly.

After last night, she thought things might have changed. However, now she wasn’t sure. He has been known to play games with her, teasing her to the point that when she thinks something is going to happen, he breaks her down with some lie. Was last night just a chance for him to get her into bed? Did she spend something special with him that would soon be forgotten? Tears started to fall down her face as she slid down her vehicle to sit upon the hard ground. Her best friend was there, holding her in his arms as her small body trembled with each sob. Everything was just so complicated, and it always seemed it would be especially with this one boy and one girl.

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