Imagine in Words

Chapter 3 Unexpected

A week had passed since Kagome made the decision to return home. While the choice was the best decision on keeping her safe, it didn’t mean the idea sat well with her. When she had returned to her time, InuYasha came to visit her but only for one night. Kagome wasn’t sure what that was about exactly. Usually, he was too stubborn about leaving her alone without any protection even if she was home in her era.

After another week without the hanyou checking on her and such, Kagome made the decision to finally return to the Sengoku Jidai. Sure, she could wait around and hope Sesshomaru defeats Magatsuhi soon enough, but what would waiting around do for her. Nothing. They were not sure if all the Shikon no Kakera were even found. Kagome might not have her miko powers, but she could still sense the jewel.

Kagome quickly packed her bag with extra goodies for Shippou and InuYasha. She had a feeling that by returning early, the hanyou wasn’t going to be too thrilled upon seeing her. Heck, before she left for her time, she wasn’t sure what was bothering him. It was weird for him to throw the whole protection thing at her.

Kagome stopped to sit on the edge of the well. No, it wasn’t that Kagome didn’t trust him to protect her. She was more worried about him transforming. He had such a death grip upon the Tessaiga during that fight, that even the sword itself didn’t prevent the transformation. While Kagome wasn’t naive on what that strange youkai was going to do to her, it wasn’t the youkai that scared her the most. If something like that should happen again, would she have the strength to allow the bow to repeat and convert that hanyou back to normal?

Dropping the bag into the well, Kagome followed allowing the blue time warp wrap around her. The air was so much cleaner as she pulled herself over and dropped the bag upon the ground. Kagome sighed with a bright smile. InuYasha might not be happy she was back, but she was.

Miroku was sitting outside the small hut. He was staring at the flames of the small campfire. Sango was out with Shippou gathering berries while the hanyou was somewhere unknown. InuYasha returned the night after when the young miko returned to her time. He explained that he needed to travel for a few days. While both Sango and Miroku protested about him leaving, he said this was something that needed to be done.

InuYasha had returned two days’ prier with nothing but a hot temper and a mouth full of curse words.

 Miroku was shook from his thoughts as the small kitsune youkai came bouncing in yelling that a certain young miko was back. Right away, the young monk looked towards the direction that said hanyou had traveled. If he learns that Kagome returned with no protection, there was going to be hell.

“You know it isn’t wise for you to travel alone,” lectured Sango as both taijiya and miko walked out of the forest.

Kagome shrugged. “I was getting tired of waiting. Plus, we don’t know if there are any shards left. We could look while we wait for Sesshomaru to defeat Magatsuhi.” She dropped her bag beside the hut door and dug into it to grab a box of cookies. The kit was happy as he quickly ran away to eat the yummy ninja food.  “Where is InuYasha anyways?”

“Here, wench,” grumped the hanyou. He walked out from behind the hut, hands within the sleeves of the haori. “What in hell are you doin back?”

The young miko sighed as she pulled out a bag of potato chips and handed it to him. “I didn’t like waiting around doing nothing.”

While InuYasha was happy for the dried potatoes, it still didn’t stop him from bellowing out at the young woman. “Are you fucking stupid? Doin nothin is what you need to do. Being here ain’t safe. You should fucking know that. Damn bitch!”

Kagome stood, hands in tight fists at her side. “If someone would have come and kept me updated on everything, I wouldn’t have returned. Instead, you stayed one night and left for almost two weeks.”


“Don’t keh me. You know it’s the truth, InuYasha.” Kagome turned away. Snatching her bag, she marched inside the small hut leaving three people completely shocked.

Sango and Miroku both looked at InuYasha. He just rolled his eyes and stomped away.

Purple eyes watched carefully upon one of the high branches of the many trees near the small village. Naraku had him watch the small group carefully. It was the evil hanyou’s idea after all to let both youkai and humans know about the miko’s ability. Byakuya, of the Dreams was sent to keep an eye on the small party seeing what changes were happening because of the rumors.

Naraku had plans for them. He knew for a while how strong the young miko was in her spiritual powers. When they became sealed because of Magatsuhi, he counted it as a problem solved on his side. However, other ideas started to swim within his mind. One, while wasn’t exactly an idea he didn’t think about before, was becoming high-ranking before all other ideas. His new incarnation was already sent to accomplish this new plan. Byakuya, of the Dreams is only needing to keep an eye on the small group but also make sure that the new incarnation completes its primary job.

Rumors about a strong youkai with possibility of shikon shards had the small group moving once more. While InuYasha didn’t like the idea of Kagome traveling with them instead of staying on her side of the well where she was safe, the young miko was the only person who could detect the shards. It was probably why the hanyou was in a sour mood ever since learning about the said rumor.

“We should arrive at the village tomorrow around sundown,” stated Miroku. The group had stopped for the evening. InuYasha had already gone hunting returning with a plump rabbit cleaned and ready to be cooked. Miroku even helped Shippou catch a few fish.

“Strange,” observed Sango. She was sitting near the small campfire, one hand under her chin. “We haven’t heard any rumor regarding the Shikon no Tama until now. Why?”

“I was wondering about that, too,” replied Miroku. “Naraku has nearly all of the shards. Why would there be rumors of more?”

“Keh. It doesn’t matter. Rumor or not, I ain’t going to allow that bastard to get it.” InuYasha walked into the clearing before dropping a small pile of wood next to the fire and crossing his arms within the sleeves of the fire-rat haori.

“Still, do you not think it is strange, InuYasha?” questioned the monk.

“Nothin strange about it.” InuYasha turned and hopped onto the one of the high branches of a tree near the small campsite. He knew he was lying to the group. He knew it was strange after all this time. InuYasha figured it had to do with either Naraku scheming something or because of Kagome’s spiritual powers being sealed.

Either way, InuYasha was going to make sure that nothing happened to the young miko. He recalled what the ookami had told him. It constantly bothered him especially when the girl was travelling with the party. He wanted her to stay on the other side of the well in her time, safe from all humans and youkai that might attempt to hurt her. However, upon hearing the rumor of a shikon shard, there was no stopping the miko from travelling.

While the young miko was on the other side of the well, InuYasha decided to do a little investigating of his own. Unfortunately, that strange youkai wasn’t the only one searching for her. There were rumors about a strong miko with immense spiritual powers every direction he went.

After finding nothing that would satisfy him, he decided to return back to the village and possibly check up on the wench. That was when Myouga found him and explain some things that InuYasha was hoping wasn’t going to be true.  He wanted to ignore what Kouga told him, but after the flea youkai’s words, it was hard to ignore them.

When he arrived back at the village and found the young miko, though, his logic and reason disappeared. Instead, he was all out mad that she had return and put her safety at the risk.

It didn’t matter what Myouga or Kouga had told him. He was going to protect Kagome no matter what even from that.