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Isolation 008

The young dancer shook her head as she tried to get out of his tight hold. “Let me go, please. You said enough. You don’t care anymore. You don’t need the attachments. Let’s just drop it, okay?”

Yami pulled her towards him, tightening his grip upon the young woman. He turned, smashing her against the bricks of the building causing a small gasp to escape the dancer’s lips. “You just don’t fucking get it.” He growled out. “Attachments are something I don’t need because of who I am, but I fucking have them. I fucking care about every fucking person that is around me, and that fucking includes you.”

“Damn you.” She whispered warningly. Tea started shaking, pulling her arm free and wiggling around. She came across him below the waist twice causing him to growl deep and dark. She would stop for just second surprised by the sound before beginning to twist once again. Finally, she was able to pull one of her hands free. Raising it high, she brought it firm against the pharaoh’s face.


The sound echoed through the alley. Yami backed away, cursing as he slammed against the other wall. Tea didn’t give him a chance to recover. She quickly ran out of the alley and down the streets. There were a couple of buildings that were being renovated that she could disappear into and hopefully hide till the pharaoh went home.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t falling for one of those disappearing misleads. Yugi was right. They had a complicated mess. He pushed her away when in truth, he didn’t want any of that to happen. He was a spirit, not long for this world. He shouldn’t be wanting anything. He shouldn’t be caring about anyone. However, each emotion that was within him was spiraling out of control. He cared… no, he loved the young brunette that being apart from her was destroying him.

Yami chased the young woman down the streets. He saw her disappear into one of the renovated buildings. The storm was coming. He could see it in the distance. He couldn’t leave her alone. For one, everyone was worried about her including Yugi and her mother. Two, they needed to finish their conversation no matter how infuriated the young dancer got towards him.

Tea stood leaning against one of the partially built walls. Her breathing was coming in puffs as she leaned her head back against the cool wood. She wasn’t sure what to think. Since the night that she slept with the pharaoh, everything seemed to be falling apart. At first, she thought maybe she could express her feelings to him, and everything would be fine. However, as memories of what he kept doing, of all the duels, of him looking for his lost memories, she felt it was wrong to have these feelings for him. She felt that it was wrong that he would share those same feelings when the pain of possibly losing each other would destroy them.

“Life, it is like a game of duel monsters. You never know what the outcome of what a single card might do.” Tea gasped as she turned, trying to locate the voice of the nameless pharaoh. His voice was smooth, deep, hypnotic. It left a strange feeling within the young dancer.

“You just don’t get it,” called out Tea exhaustion gripping each word. “I understand what you are saying. Things will change with everything you do, though. We don’t know what could happen.”

Yami shook his head. “No, we don’t,” he stated softly. Behind one of the hanging white sheets, he carefully took one step at a time as he approach the nervous woman. He slowly rolled his shoulders as he removed both his leather jacket and the Millennium Puzzle placing them both upon the ground. This was one conversation he needed to be alone in. “However, that doesn’t mean we give up.”

Tea turned once more. His voice sounded close but far at the same time. “I never said to give up. I just said to forget. It was a one-time thing. We don’t have to let it cloud our thoughts especially with what you have to do. It will be easier for us.”

The young pharaoh chuckled. “One-time thing, huh? You really don’t believe that do you?”

Tea stopped turning and gazed down upon the ground. “Not really, if I was honest with myself. Ever since you saved me, I always wanted to know who you were. I have always wanted to be with you.”

“And now?” Yami stood behind the young woman. His arms were crossed over his chest as he stared at the young dancer. She looked defeated, lost.

The young dancer closed her eyes, tears spilling down the side of her cheeks and dripping upon the ground. “I still do. I still love you.”

Yami took a step forward and reached for her hand causing the young dancer to gasped sharply. She quickly turned causing him to drop her hand in the process. “Then let go. Stop isolating yourself. Let’s see what happens.”

Tea gave the pharaoh a weak smile before walking backwards and then turning, disappearing behind one of the hanging white sheets. “How can I let go knowing that the pain will still be there? How can I let go knowing that there is always that chance of losing you?”

Yami shrugged before following the dancer. She was still walking, tracing the draping sheets and partially built walls, stopping to look up before moving on. He stood leaning against one of the walls with his arms crossed over his chest. “That’s the thing, you don’t know. A flip of the card. Just like in Duel Monsters. You just need to take that risk.”

The young dancer stopped at one of the newly constructed doorways. She studied the young pharaoh before resting her head against the door frame, a simple question echoing down towards him. “Is that a risk you are willing to take?”

Yami dropped his hands and with confidence in each step, he approached her. Grabbing Tea’s hand and pulling her towards him, he used his other hand to trace it along her soft cheeks. “Yes it is.” His lips pressed to hers in such a gentle way that she gasped upon the sudden touch. His hands wrapped around her body, pulling her flush against his chest. He teased her lips, nipping along the bottom one, forcing her to open. He devoured her thoughts away, her rejection, her isolation. He made her feel, made her realize a risk is what they needed to take.

Moving slowly, Yami pushed her against the wooden wall, his hips grinding against her lower body. She broke away, gasping as he traced his lips down her throat stopping at her shoulder. Both were breathing hard. Their hearts beating to the speed of hummingbirds. He brought his hand up to trace the side of her face. She stared into his crimson eyes with a unmistakable desire, and it was the only look he needed. His mouth molded against her once more as his hands wrapped around her, pulling her hard against him. He turned and pushed her gently, following her slowly down to the ground.

White sheets were spread along the floor. She gripped them tightly within her hands as his mouth continued teasing along her neck, stopping to nip and suck against the tender flesh. She felt as one of his hands moved to tease her along the hem of her shirt, raising it slightly for him to trace against her warm skin. He continue tracing, reaching to where her breast were clad within smooth material. He pushed up to grasp her lips into another heated kiss, his breath warm against her skin.

Moving to sit upon his knees, Yami reached for the belt buckle upon his neck, removing it along with the other metal jewelry, tossing them in a corner. He bent once more, placing his legs on either side of young dancer, and grasped her lips against his. Nipping upon the bottom one allowed him access, allowed him to explore. Her hands reached around, pulling him closer to her. His body reacting with a slow grind against her lower body. She arched against him, wanting to feel what he had to offer.

A small chuckle escape the young pharaoh’s lips as he leaned back to sit upon his knees once more. He reached for the young woman, pulling her against him. His mouth once more began nibbling against her throat. She felt as his fingers found the zipper upon her back. His hands were leaving a trail of warmth as he pulled upon the zipper, stopping only shortly to undo the clasp to her bra. She rolled her shoulders, allowing the shirt to fall forward, baring her to him.

Yami grabbed the material and threw it behind them before laying the young dancer down upon the white sheets once more. He kissed her strong before trailing small kisses down her throat, over her shoulder, and across each supple mound. He teased the harden nubs with his tongue, pulling and nipping at each one. He felt as she moved left and right, gripping the sheets once more. One hand broke free as it began tracing over the hem of the black shirt. A sharp hiss escaped his lips when he felt her slip that hand under the shirt.

Pushing back to be on his knees once more, the young pharaoh reached for the hem of his black shirt and pulled it over his head, throwing it behind him. Tea’s eyes were wide with passion as she stared at young man above her. His chest taut with muscles, she slowly reached, tracing her hand over each side of his chest. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply before arching inwards, lowering his body against her. She gasped against the feeling causing him to chuckle in respond.

Rolling, Yami pulled the young dancer on top of him. His hands reached to mold each mound as he flicked a finger over each nipple. Tea arched her body allowing herself to brush against him. He pushed up with his hips causing the dancer’s eyes to widen and a shallow gasp to escape her lips. He quickly reached for her, pulling her to his chest, their lips meeting once more. His hands trailed over her legs, down the inner parts of her thigh. She felt as one of his hands disappeared underneath the jean skirt. He rubbed one finger against the smooth cloth. He chuckled against the woman’s lips as he watched her tremble against his hand. He traced once more, feeling the heat radiating from that one location.

Pulling away, the young pharaoh wrapped his arm around the woman and rolled, putting her below him once more. He kissed her passionately before trailing wet, warm kisses down across her breast, across her stomach. He dragged his hands down her legs and back up, pushing the skirt forward. His lips began teasing her inner thighs as his fingers found the two small buttons to the skirt. She felt as he broke the snaps and pulled upon the zipper. His hands left a burning ache as he slowly pulled the material down. His mouth returned leaving small kisses upon her legs, stopping at the heated source. Slowly glancing up at the young dancer, he watched as her eyes clinched shut and her hands began tightening themselves within the white sheets once more.

Grabbing the hem of the simple material, he dragged it slowly, kissing each spot it went over. She felt the cool breeze over her body, but it quickly disappeared when warmth was replaced. She withered back and forth as she felt him use his hand to trace upon the wet lips finding that one sensitive spot. He rolled it within his hand before leaning down and licking against it. The young dancer arched against his mouth. He chuckled lightly as his hands began to explore even more. She felt as one finger slowly entered. She tried twisting against the feeling, but he placed soft kisses gently upon her hips to ease the tension. He slowly explored, watching as the young dancer arched and turned. Her breathing started coming in short swallows as her body began to constrict. He removed his finger and watched as her face contorted as if in pain. Once again, he chuckled.

Leaning back onto his knees, Tea watched as he undid the belt pulling it through the loops and tossing it behind him. She watched as he undid the button to his jeans along with the zipper before leaning forward and dragging wet kisses along her stomach, across her breasts, only to seal her lips in another heated kiss. His hands were tracing against her skin as he moved to lean upon his arms and knees once more.

Tea was unsure what he was doing, but soon watched as he pushed down his jeans and boxers, kicking them both away. He gently placed his knee between her legs causing her to spread them slightly before moving his other knee in between. Her eyes were only on him. He cupped her face gently before sealing a kiss upon her tender lips. Holding one side of her face, he reached for her leg, bending it at the knee. She felt as he positioned himself, and her eyes closed on instinct.

“Tea, open your eyes.” His voice was smooth. She opened them to stare straight into crimson eyes. “Every risk I take, I take it because of this. I love you.” The young pharaoh seized her lips tightly against his as he slid inside. She pulled away, gasping sharply. He stopped, placing small kisses upon her shoulder.

“Relax,” he whispered softly against her lips as he traced a chaste kiss upon them.

The young dancer moved gently against him causing him to close his eyes tightly. With each smooth thrust, he dragged her to a higher destination. She arched her body against him as his mouth dragged warm, wet kisses down across her chest. He pushed, filling her with his love, the risk that he was willing to take. The walls of isolation broke as each movement, as each plunge pulled them to next level. He watched her as her eyes glazed over and clinched shut. They were close. He could feel it. He kept rocking to each motion, bringing both to the desire location. Another thrust by him followed by another arch by her. Soon, though, the ending was a blinding light at the end of a tunnel. Her body rolled with her release and soon he followed.

Rain was splattering against the roof of the building. The young dancer laid in the arms of the young pharaoh, a smile upon her face. She was tracing her finger upon his chest as he laid upon the ground, one arm resting behind his head.

“Where do we go from here,” she asked softly, afraid of what the answer might be.

Yami wrapped his arm around the young woman, pulling her down for a chaste kiss upon the forehead. “No one knows what the future holds. Just like Duel Monsters, we need to break our isolation and trust in our hearts.”

Tea returned his response with a responsive smile. Tracing her hands upon his face, she cupped his cheek gently before sealing her lips against his. The only sound echoing throughout the renovated building was rain pouring outside from the current storm.


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