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Isolation 006

Two weeks have passed since that’s night conversation in the pouring rain. The young dancer was once again seen at school speaking with her friends. The young duelist had also agreed to participate in Kaiba’s tournament so occasionally a duel monster game would happen. Things were going smooth for the time being, or at least, it seemed like things were going alright. Since that night, Tea has noticed that the pharaoh has not been seen. The Millennium Puzzle still hung around Yugi’s neck, but she doesn’t know if the pharaoh has been around or not.

The group was currently resting within the rundown building they used as their hangout. Already, another duelist had asked Yugi if he would kindly duel him. Being the type of duelist Yugi is, he agreed to have the duel later that evening. Most of the tournament was happening downtown with small stages set up for people to conduct their duels. If Yugi was to duel anyone, there was a center arena where everyone including Seto Kaiba would be able to watch the duel.

“What time are you dueling the kid, Yug?” asked Joey as everyone started standing, stretching their arms.

Yugi shrugged as he stood, grabbing his leather jacket and pulled it back on. “Any minute. I should be heading to the stage and getting ready.”

“You probably don’t need it, but good luck anyways.” Yugi smiled as he took off running. Tea watched as the young duelist left the area. Was the pharaoh going to dueling like he usually does? She didn’t know.

“Let’s go find a place to watch,” spoke Joey as he stood and began walking in the direction Yugi went.

Joey, Tea, and Tristan arrived at the location where the duel was going to take place at. There was already a huge crowd gathered around the center arena. Yugi was standing at one end of the stage while a young boy was standing at the opposite side. Even Seto Kaiba and his younger brother were located near the stage, sitting up in one of higher stands.

The young dancer gasped as she stared at their friend. Instead of Yugi standing upon the stage, the nameless pharaoh stood ready to duel. Her hand slowly made it to her throat as she stared at the young man before her. His face showed no emotion unless you count the emotion that he was ready for the duel to start. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he had this strong, cold, determine stare. Tears started to gather within the cerulean eyes of the young dancer as she remembered the conversation from that night as it started racing through her mind once more.

Tea turned to her side, taking one more glance up at the stage, at him. As she slowly closed her eyes, allowing a single tear to run down her face, she turned completely and started walking away. Duels. They were the reason why she said everything during that night. Every single duel that he seemed to participate in always put someone in danger. She was afraid, afraid that there would be a duel that he wouldn’t be able to come back from. It hurt to know that she loved someone so strongly but was also afraid of losing that person. Was it even fair for her to have these feelings? Was she even human to feel this isolated from the truth?

Tea never noticed as she hung her head low and kept walking away that the pharaoh glanced her direction. He saw her emotions, her defeated look. He saw the shining liquid upon her face as it dripped onto the ground below. How he wished he could take back the words that were spoken that night? However, he would be lying to himself. If she didn’t care, if she was planning on hardening her heart, why did he have to worry? Why did he have to care? When the words, start the duel echoed throughout the arena, Yami pulled his attention away from the young dancer. He saw out of the corner of his eye as she took off running, never staying to watch the duel.

It wasn’t a long duel only lasting about ten turns. Yami thanked the kid for playing a great game before he turned to his friends that ran to congratulate him. “I knew you win, Yug!” stated Joey as gave the pharaoh a high five.

“Was there any doubt?” laughed Tristan as he hung an arm around Joey.

“Did Tea return?” He asked as he glanced around the area. People were moving, migrating in different directions. Joey and Tristan both shook their heads. “I’ll meet with you guys later. I need to find her.”

Yami moved around people. He glanced in one direction then the other. Even Mokuba stopped him, congratulating him on the duel and then questioning him what he was doing. He turned in circles thinking that he caught a glimpse of the young dancer. It was only when a huge group of people parted ways causing an opening to widen did the young pharaoh notice the girl. She was standing in an opening with people walking around her in different directions. She stood, looking as if she had lost a duel.

Yami walked cautiously, reaching for her arm. He watched as her body went rigid. Slowly, the young dancer glanced over her shoulder. There were no words spoken between them as tears like shining pearls ran freely down her face. He reached his hand slowly up to wipe the tears away. She only shook her head, pulling her hand out of his grip.

The young pharaoh tried reaching for her once again, but the young dancer could only shake her head as she slowly walked backwards. Her hands slowly ascended before stopping over her mouth. She gasped as she tried to contain a broken sob. Yami took a small step, but only watch as she shook her head once more before turning and running into the crowd.

Yami peered to his side. Yugi stood staring where the young dancer once stood. He looked up at the pharaoh, a confused look upon his face. “This isn’t like Tea. The night of the storm when you took her home, what was said that started this all?”

The young pharaoh dropped his head before breathing deep and looking up into the clear sky. “She brought up things regarding the hunt for my past. She mentioned that she was afraid.”

Yugi nodded, “That makes sense. Each duel during Battle City put both of us into harm ways. Marik was after you. Remember when Joey was knocked out? She wanted you to stop dueling. It wasn’t that she was afraid of me getting hurt, she was mostly afraid of losing you. She didn’t want to think about consequences if we lost.”

The pharaoh clinched his hand into tight fists as he dropped his head to stare at the ground. “I told her I was doing everything possible to make sure no one else got hurt. I also told her that attachments were not good idea for me.”

“Attachments.” Yugi’s voice sounded like an echo. “That’s why she is hurting.”

“Hurting?” asked the young pharaoh. He watched as his partner walked forward to stand in front of him.

Yugi was staring up into the sky before he quickly turned, facing the spirit. “She understands that there is a chance learning about your past might take you away. However, I think that is a risk she is willing to take.”

“A risk, like in duel monsters?” Yugi nodded and the pharaoh chuckled. “A risk, huh? Maybe, it’s too much of a risk, have you ever thought of that?”

Yugi shrugged and disappeared back into the puzzle, but not before saying one more thing to the young pharaoh. “Maybe, but isn’t love something that you always want to take a chance at? Think of it like Duel Monsters.”

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