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Isolation 005

The first drop of rain fell as thunder echoed throughout the area. Tea stood in front of her bedroom window glancing out as the wind began to blow. A single storm was how everything started. She remembered every detail from leaving to the pier with Yugi to waking the following morning.

The day started like any other. Yugi was trying to avoid his grandfather as his grandfather had just received a new set of Duel Monster cards that he wanted to show the young duelist. He tried calling Joey, but he was visiting his mother along with his sister. Tristan was bugging Duke at his game shop. It was just a coincidence when Yugi was about to give in that Tea walked through the door and asked Yugi if he wanted to go down to the boardwalk for some ice cream.

It was an unusually warm day as both the young dancer and the young duelist walked down the boardwalk both eating their favorite flavor of ice cream. They had small talk asking what their plans were especially since Battle City was over with. Of course, Tea smiled when Yami’s name was mentioned. Yugi wanted to help the spirit learn more about himself especially since the spirit learned that he was once a pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

The day was going relevantly well, but things quickly changed when the storm started blowing in. Clouds started to develop follow by strong gust of wind. It wasn’t long before thunder was echoing, and rain was beginning to fall. Both Yugi and Tea were near the pier looking out at the water when the waves started splashing dangerously hard against the wooden parts. Both Tea and Yugi knew the dangers of staying on the pier and quickly started running back to the boardwalk, hoping to find shelter. Most locations were closing or putting boards around their windows as the wind began to howl strongly. They both made the decision to head to Tea’s place since hers was the closest. However, trouble soon followed.

Tea ran behind Yugi but end up catching her foot along one of the boardwalk boards twisting her ankle as she came down. Yugi saw her fall and dropped to her side. She could hardly stand upon her leg making it impossible for her to run. They didn’t have time for her to wait. They needed to get to safety before the storm got worse, that is why Yugi made the decision to allow Yami to carry the girl to her place. They would be safe from the storm, and she wouldn’t have to walk on her ankle.

Unfortunately, Yami and Tea didn’t make it to the girl’s house before the onslaught of rain drenched them completely. Lightning was seen streaking across the sky causing the lights along the street to flicker out. Tea was finally able to stand and invited Yami inside the house. The conversation was one thing the dancer remembered. Maybe the conversation shouldn’t have happened, but it did. The whole night happened.

Once inside, Yami shook his head to release some of the water droplets. “Go ahead and removed your jacket and shirt. I will find us some towels to dry off and some candles to use,” said the young dancer as she walked away down one of the hallways.

“Are your parents home,” asked Yami as he shrugged out of the wet jacket, placing it along with the puzzle on the ground. He followed it by removing the black sleeveless shirt.

“No,” echoed Tea’s voice from one of the rooms. “Business trip. Won’t be home for another week.”

“Is it safe for you stay here alone?” He asked as he walked over to the living room. The girl had already changed out of her wet clothing into a spaghetti strap shirt and flannel shorts.

Tea placed one of the candles upon the end table before looking out the living room windows. “It’s safe. They usually do this at least once a month, so I am pretty used to it.”

Yami walked to stand next to the young dancer. She glanced to her side and handed him a towel which he draped casually over his shoulder. A scarlet blush could be seen dusting the dancer’s face. “I won’t leave you alone tonight, not with this storm,” he said.

The girl smiled softly, “I wasn’t expecting you to leave. You won’t make it safely back to the Game Shop, not at night or with the storm.”

Tea turned from her bedroom window and sat down upon her bed as the memories of that night swam through her mind. It surprised her as she glanced over at the chair next to the desk. The leather jacket smelled like him, nothing like Yugi which always held a bit of a childlike scent. Just thinking about the pharaoh reminded her of what happened the rest of that night.

The conversation ended for a bit. She knew he was watching her and tried to stay busy to avoid the stare. She would disappear from time to time to find blankets and pillows for them to use. She also went to the kitchen and made them both hot cups of tea. It was awkwardly silent most of the evening until Tea brought up a question, one she didn’t think he would answer.

“Are you worried about what you might find about your past?” The young dancer asked the question, not only to be curious, but she also wanted to know if he had any thought upon it.

Yami sighed as he leaned back upon his elbows. “I don’t know, honestly. I knew there was something hidden about me. I just didn’t expect it to be that. Maybe, that is what makes me a tad bit scared.”

Tea laughed as she laid down upon her side propping her head up with her arm. “You, the King of Games, scared?”

He peered over at the young dancer. “Yes, I get scared. I might not show it, but every time I duel, I am scared about the outcome of a single card.”

“Battle City scared me the most. I didn’t want you to duel. I was afraid… to lose… you.” The last sentence was a soft whisper as the young dancer dropped her head. The blush she was trying so hard to hide became prominent upon her face.

Yami blinked before reaching over and cupping the face of the young girl. “Tea, I was doing everything possible to make sure you were safe. Right now, though, attachments are not a good idea for me. I am a spirit after all.”

Tea rolled away before sitting, bringing her knees to her chest. Tears were starting to collect within her cobalt eyes as she dropped her head, resting it upon her raised knees. “I don’t care, though. I love you and right now, you are you not anyone else.”

Yami was shocked by what he heard. He watched as the young dancer pushed to stand and began walking away towards the window, wrapping her arms around her small frame as if to protect herself from harm. The pharaoh quickly jumped up and walked over to the girl. He noticed as a sole tear ran down her face. He lifted a single finger and wiped the tear away as he cupped her face within his hand slowly tracing his thumb against the soft skin.

“Tea.” His voice was strangely soft as the young dancer glanced up into his crimson eyes. He stared into her own looking for any answer but finding just one. Dropping his lips, he grasped the young dancer’s lips against his own. His lips moved gently over hers as he brought his other hand to cradle the other side of her face. They both slowly walked backwards with her body coming flushed against the wall. He trailed hot kisses down the side of her neck stopping at her shoulder. His breath was warm against the skin as both worked to calm their racing hearts. “This is wrong. I shouldn’t. We can’t,” he whispered against the bare shoulder of the young dancer.

The young dancer brought her hands around using one to lift the face of the young pharaoh to stare at her. “Please…” One word, it wasn’t much of an answer but an unknown question instead.

Yami couldn’t deny what he was feeling or the unanswered hidden question that was presented at him. Wrapping his arms around the young dancer, he pulled her flushed against him as his lips captured hers once more. They twisted and turned before both fell upon the blankets with the young dancer below. He held most of his weight off the girl as his tongue battle for dominance with hers. Pulling away with a small pop, his hands began tracing her arms stopping at the straps to her shirt. His eyes held a hypnotic look as they were rolled down baring her supple chest to him.

The young dancer gasped sharply as his lips moved along her neck, down upon her bare shoulder, and upon the round flesh of her breasts. His lips grazed, nipped, and teased as he slowly pulled the shirt followed by her shorts down along her long legs before tossing them behind. She saw the husky look in his eyes as he stood and removed the leather buckle from around his neck and quickly undid the belt pulling it from the loops. She watched with glazed eyes as his fingers undid the buttons and his pants fell to the ground where he kicked them behind. Her eyes never left his as he dropped down to his knees and crawled over her allowing his hips to grind against her inner thigh. Her body arched against his as he chuckled lightly dropping light kisses upon the hem of the white material and slowly dragging them down her legs. He returned by trailing warm, hot kisses along her stomach before consuming her lips into a frantic kiss.

A sigh escaped the young dancer as she pushed off from her bed and walked over to stand near the window but not before stopping and grabbing the blue leather jacket. The rain was falling in sheets. Tea remembered the night. The pharaoh was so gentle with her, taking his time to please each part of her body. He touched her, made her feel wanted and full of desire. Tea dropped her head as she recalled the morning afterwards.

The morning sun was shining through the window as it began to rise. Tea rolled pulling the blanket over her chest. The pharaoh was standing, a sheet wrapped around his waist, staring out with his back to the girl. Tea stood, wrapping the blanket even tighter before walking over to the young man. She wrapped her arms around his chest, leaning her head against his back.

“I hope you slept well.” His voice was gentle as he placed his hands upon hers. He felt her nod. “Good. I must return to the Game Shop. Yugi is going to be frantically worried.”

“Please, don’t say anything to him about this. I want this to be something that we shared, our secret.”

Yami turned in the young dancer’s arms and placed his hands gently around her face. Placing a chaste kiss upon her lips, he walked around and quickly pulled on his clothes. Tea heard as the door closed as she laid down upon the blankets, closing her eyes to rest a bit more.

The memories of that night, on how gentle he was with her, it all surfaced. Tea clutched the blue leather jacket to her chest and dropped to her knees, tears rolling down her face and splashing upon the ground. Was she a fool on trying to harden her own heart even knowing that no matter what he does there will always be that chance? Was she a fool trying to avoid what has always been there?

Pushing from the ground, the young dancer ran out of her room. She ran out of the house straight into the storm, the rain drenching her as she raced through the streets and stopped at one door. She banged her hand upon hard wood until the lights lit the windows and the door open with one person standing inside the frame.

Yugi was dressed in his pajamas. He rubbed his eyes and glanced up at the young dancer. She was drenched from head to toe, rain splashing upon the ground from the pathways across her face. She was breathing hard as she stared at the young man below her.

“I’m…” Her voice cracked as she saw the metal chain around Yugi’s neck leading to the Millennium Puzzle. Thoughts about the pharaoh dueling, about each risk he took when danger was always present, it surfaced relentless upon her mind. Shaking her head as tears began to fall mixing with the rain that was plastering against her face, the young dancer turned and took off running back down the street.

The young dancer wasn’t far when a hand reached out and grabbed her upon her forearm forcing her to stop. She shook her head as she glanced up into the darkness of the sky. “Tea.” His voice was calm, smooth, deep. She shook her head again, not wanting to turn around and face him.

“I can’t.” She pulled her arm free and walked just a few steps away, stopping. The young dancer looked defeated as her arms hung down by her side.

“Can’t what?” He demanded. His voice held bite, darkness that the young dancer was not familiar with.  “Damn it, Tea. You are not making any fucking sense. Go ahead. Harden your fucking heart. I don’t care anymore. I tried, alright. I fucking tried, and I can’t try anymore.”

The young dancer heard as the splashes of retreating footsteps echoed around the area. Quickly turning, she watched as the young pharaoh walked away. He stopped and turned, peering at her with a strange, burning glare in his crimson eyes. Tea swallowed a strong gasp and turned. She understood what that look meant. She understood what she finally did to him. She finally understood the damage she caused when she decided she couldn’t have the attachment or the feelings either.

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