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Isolation 003

Over the next few days, Tea did as much as possible to stay busy, avoiding Yugi as much as she could. The day Yugi allowed the pharaoh to speak with Tea was something unexpected. Yugi doesn’t recall what Yami said to the girl. He only remembered switching places with him. When they had switched back, Yugi could only watch Tea’s retreating back as she quickly left the school building. Yugi tried asking the pharaoh what happened between them, but he would only cross his arms and shake his head before disappearing.

“Have you heard?” asked Joey as he stopped by Yugi. The group was currently heading to the rundown building they all hung at. Both Yugi and Tea shook their heads as the continued walking. “Kaiba is planning on hosting another tournament. As if, the last beating wasn’t enough, eh Yug?”

Already memories of the Battle City tournament were spiraling through both Tea’s and Yugi’s mind. They were probably similar thoughts, too. The memories of the tournament were full of good ones that made Yugi a better duelist, but there were also some hard times that put him and his friends into danger. It is no wonder when he glanced at the young girl, he saw almost a bit of fear race across her face.

“I honestly hope he doesn’t succeed. I’m not ready to watch another tournament,” stated Tea softly as she wrapped her arms around her small waist.

Joey shrugged while Yugi glanced over at the cautious girl. Another tournament might not be so bad. It would help the group loosen up. However, Yugi does understand why some people wouldn’t be so interested. The Battle City tournament had darkness that put so many lives at stake. Yugi continued to stare at the young dancer as she wiggled in place, holding her arms tight around her waist as if she was trying to protect herself from harm. At first, Yugi thought it was his imagination, but as he continued to watch her, he started to notice something. It wasn’t the tournament that Tea was against, it was who would be involved. When Yami talked with her, something else must have been stated and with the idea of a new tournament, that might have just been too much for her.

After Joey ran to speak with Tristan, leaving them both out of hearing range, Yugi walked up to the young dancer. “Tea, you do realize that if another tournament should happen, it would be nothing like Battle City.”

Tea’s body went rigid. “I know,” she acknowledged softly. “I just thought maybe you would want a break from it all.”

“I doubt that is the truth, am I right?” Yugi walked in front of the girl. She turned her head glancing away avoiding his stare. “No, a tournament wouldn’t be an issue. It is who would be involved. It would cause you to see Yami. He talked to you the other day. What did he say?”

Tea shook her head. “It was nothing, just something completely meaningless,” she said quickly.

Tea started to walk away, but a hand reached out and grabbed her. “Meaningless? How was it all meaningless?” Tea swallowed hard as she clinched her eyes shut and looked up into the sky. She heard as he walked in front and placed his other hand upon her opposite arm. “Answer me, Tea. Why was everything we talked about meaningless?”

Tears were beginning to burn within the cobalt eyes of the young dancer as she slowly open them to see the nameless pharaoh standing before her. Shaking her head, she responded to his question. “You need to forget about. Forget all that has happened.” With that, the young dancer quickly turned and started walking away as the tears she was trying so hard to hold ran down her face freely.

“Damn it, Tea,” cursed Yami as he clinched his hands into tight fists. “Everything I said that fucking night was the truth.”

Tea stopped, dropping her hands to her side. She turned to glance at the young man. “That is why it hurts. I should have never slept with you if I was going to feel like this.”

The words hit Yami as if he was slapped across the face. He could see Yugi standing to the side with a shock expression upon his face. Yugi knew the young dancer had strong feelings for the spirit. He just didn’t know that the nameless pharaoh had felt the same.

Yami shook his head, getting out the daze he was in, and quickly raced over to the girl, reaching for her arm causing her to stop. “You don’t believe that, do you?”

Tea shook her head once again. “I don’t know anymore. I love you, alright, but after that tournament, I’m so scared.”

Yami dropped his hand and stared upon the ground. “I know,” he stated. “There was a lot of danger, and I hated every moment of it that you were involved. However.” He walked to stand in front of the young dancer. Reaching with his hand, he cupped the side her face causing her to stare into his crimson eyes. “what we shared that night, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Tea shook her head as she took a couple steps backwards. “You just don’t get it. I can’t, not with what a duel, any duel, might cause. There is just too much at risk.” The girl took off running, never giving a chance for anyone to stop her.

Yugi watched as the whole scene took place before walking in front of the pharaoh. He was still starting at the location the young dancer once stood. His voice was surprisingly quiet and strangely smooth as he spoke to his other half. “So, now you know. I never left her side that night.” The nameless pharaoh quickly switched places and disappeared leaving Yugi completely alone.

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