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Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to YuGiOh or any of characters from the series. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

One storm, two people, a completely different effect. Will the answer remain isolated or will the truth emerge?

Author’s note: I haven’t written any stories to this series in a very long time. This pairing is one of my top favorites. It is an idea that I wanted to go with for a long time. If there is a flame, the story will be removed. Please keep in mind, that I do put them as two separate people especially when the puzzle is removed. I also use the English names and not the Japanese. Enjoy!

The moon was shadowed by the clouds causing the stars to shine even brighter upon this evening. Each road held a strange silence as if wandering if someone was watching them from a distance. A rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance with the smell of rain not far behind drifting upon the gentle breeze. A few friends were gathered together within a small rundown building they used as a hangout after school. It was silent between them all except for the occasional flip of a card. There was a strange history between some of the members, but this history was something that no one was going to find out soon enough. It belonged to only the people who knew it.

“Yugi,” asked Joey as he poked Yugi’s arm. He noticed that for the past hour his tri-color hair friend wasn’t paying much attention to the game but to what was happening within the group. Could he blame him? Well, it was hard to say especially when not all the information was present. “Yugi?”

Yugi snapped from his thoughts and glanced at his best friend. He was waving his hand in front of his face. “Huh?”

“It’s your move,” replied Joey waving his hands over the game of Duel Monsters that both were trying to finish.

“Oh. I’m sorry, Joey,” replied the tri-color haired boy as he looked through his hands of cards. He placed one face down before glancing around the area once more.

Joey shrugged and gathered his cards. “It’s cool. The storm is starting to get close anyways. Let’s call it a day.”

“I think that’s best,” agreed Yugi as he gathered his cards.

Joey walked over to talk with Tristan while Yugi watched the only two girls in the group whisper to each other. It wasn’t long before Joey’s sister Serenity spoke. “I’m walking with Tea back to her place. We will see you guys at school.” With that both girls walked away as another rumble of thunder echoed through the building.

“That’s weird,” said Tristan as he and Joey stopped by Yugi’s side. “Usually, she walks with you, Yugi, especially since Serenity and Joey live across town and you live a lot closer.”

Joey crossed his arms over his chest. “She’s been acting a bit strange these past weeks. Yug, do you have any idea why? You spend more time with her than us. She must have said something.”

Yugi shook his head, “Not anymore than what you guys know. To be honest, it is almost as if she has been trying to avoid me, but I do have an idea on who to ask.” He glanced around Joey and Tristan to one of the broke walls of the rundown building. Leaning against with one leg bent and arms crossed over his chest was the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle.

“Well, if you find out, let us know.”

Yugi nodded and watched as his friends parted ways back to their homes. He glanced back at where the spirit once stood but noticed that he was no longer there. Feeling a slight chill, he glanced to his side to see the Nameless Pharaoh standing next to him. “You’ve been avoiding me lately.” He stated.

“Not avoiding,” acknowledged Yami as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m concerned about Tea. It’s as if she is trying to avoid me.” replied Yugi.

Yami turned putting his back towards his other half. “I am sure it is nothing. She’ll talk to us when she wants.” Yami soon disappeared leaving Yugi alone.

Yugi sighed and made his way home. As he walked home, he thought about what possible idea could be bothering the young dancer. She was fine two weeks ago, always smiling and cheering him and his friends on. However, it was just two weeks ago when things started to change with her. A powerful storm ripped through Domino leaving quite a bit of destruction. Yugi and Tea were out near Domino Pier when it all happened. Yugi doesn’t recall much of the night during the storm. He only recalls what Yami told him that he made sure that Tea made it home safe and was protected. Maybe something else happened. Yugi just didn’t have any idea on what it could be.

Inside the puzzle, Yami took a seat upon one of the many stairs of the confusing maze. Resting his arms upon his knees, he thought about what was happening with Tea. Yugi and Yami realized a couple of months ago something interesting with the Millennium Puzzle.  If the puzzle was removed from said body, the connection would break temporary allowing whoever existed outside to be solid, whole with no connection to the other. Yugi did it occasionally allowing Yami to have some time outside the puzzle.

Unfortunately, Yami recalled the day the young dancer started to act a bit different. It was right after the devastating storm that hammered Domino. The day of the storm Yugi and Tea escaped Yugi’s grandfather from him showing his new collection of cards. Both Joey and Tristan were unavailable, so both decided to head to the pier and enjoy the unusually warm afternoon. Nevertheless, that is when everything went bad.

The clouds started to construct causing the sky to go dark. The wind began to howl with pounding thunder echoing across the sky. The storm came quick and hard. Yugi and Tea were located on the pier when the storm hit. They tried hard to find shelter, but most of the locations were closing or putting boards around their windows as the storm started to increase strongly. They both made the decision to head to Tea’s place since hers was the closest.  Yugi was running ahead with Tea following behind. That was when she tripped and fell, twisting her ankle in the process, and since Tea couldn’t walk and Yugi couldn’t carry her, it was decided for Yami to take over.

When they arrived at Tea’s place, Yami noticed that Tea’s parents were not home, and he didn’t like the idea of the young dancer staying alone which is why she suggested for him to stay over. Plus, it wasn’t safe for the pharaoh to travel back to the Game Shop while the storm happening. Inside the house, she told him to remove his wet shirts while she went to find candles since the power was knocked out and some towels to dry off with. Yami remembered removing his shirts along with the puzzle and leaving them both by the door and following Tea’s voice where she had returned with the towels, blankets, and candles. He also remembered the rest of the evening including the conversation that followed. He was the first to wake that following morning. He recalled the brief conversation with the young dancer as both stayed wrapped in blankets. He didn’t sleep much of night, watching as the storm raged on outside. Once he knew that she would be safe, he quickly pulled his shirts back on along with the puzzle. Yami soon left the young dancer’s house and switched places with Yugi before entering the Game Shop. Yugi never asked what happen but did thank him for watching over her and keeping her safe.

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